[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 52



Mariko remembers Niram’s words about not using the harem and making Padma’s son as his successor. Mariko tells him that his plan may not work with his current status, but she is ready to face anything that comes in their way. She won’t let him go unless he lets go of her hand first.

Officials gather to discuss about Niram’s announcement. They don’t agree with Niram’s decision about abolishing the harem, which has been a part of their political system. However, they think both brothers’ honors can be maintained, and they don’t have to go through an unnecessary factional dispute. It’s also too early to worry since His Highness is still young. They are certain he will get a wife someday. Servants gossips about His Highness falling in love with a foreigner. Passing by Mariko, Niram and Nidi, they whispers how she has seduced their prince and calls her a tramp. Nidi immediately punishes those servants.

Niram tells Bharat that he never said to end the harem, and Rama can use it later. Padma named his son after his father. Since the King passed away, they can’t celebrate for a year. Niram assures that after the mourning period, people will get excited once they hear the festival cannon. Niram confesses to Bharat that Mariko is ready. He wants to respond to her feeling. Bharat asks whether that ‘ready’ is to become Niram’s wife. Niram is confused. Bharat explains that maybe she meant to let Niram go for his sake. Bharat then informs Niram that some dissatisfied people under Queen Krishna and Prime Minister might sneak into the palace to harm Niram. More guards are assigned to protect Niram in the upcoming months.

Anila leads Mariko to meet Mina, who is happy to see her. Mariko holds her laughter when she sees a big bird cage. Mina explains about Padma’s gift, which makes her relaxed before going to bed. Mina is not supposed to see Padma or any other guests for 10 days. Mariko is also happy to see a healthy Mina. Mariko praises the pretty bird cage. Tara, who is there with them all this time, comments, “Don’t you think that you can place people in there? Sheesh. It’s like he’s telling us we’re the birds in the cage.” Mariko is bothered by Tara’s comment. Mina stops Mariko by saying that she doesn’t mind and is fine with it. Mina continues to say that she prefers to be placed in the cage since it’s more comfortable inside. However, such action has restrained Padma. Mina enjoyed being with Mariko on that adventure since she was able to fly and touch the sky for the very first time. Flashback, she was happy to hear that Padma praised her strong wings and allowed her to go fly sometimes if she wishes. Tara realizes that the bird cage doesn’t have a lock. Anila brings Rama to Mina. Tara tells Mariko that she will be leaving this palace tomorrow. The sinner Krishna made an engagement for Niram and Tara, so now Tara has to carry this bad reputation to go back home. She thinks that no other states will want her as a bride. Mariko furiously questions about this unfairness because Tara didn’t do anything.  Tara calmly responds that ‘didn’t do anything’ is the reason. She accepts her fate of being locked up at home alone until she dies. Mariko excuses herself and angrily runs out of Mina’s room.
Mariko questions why others affected innocent people’s happiness while remembering her time with Shun.
Tara calls Mariko a weird one. She asks Mina why Mariko cares for a rival. Mina replies that Mariko is a kind person. Tara’s court lady criticizes Mariko of self-deception. She cries if it’s not for Mariko, Prince Niram will never betray Princess Tara. Tara makes her court lady to stop crying since they have a baby here. She apologizes Mina for the commotion and is about to leave, but Mina asks her to stay a little longer. Because the last King had allowed people to spend their time freely here, Mina has always felt comfortable being in this palace. In Tara’s home state, her people are more strict about separating women from men. Tara adds that she has never met any of her relatives other than her two brothers. Tara laments that this is her fate. Mina and Tara walk out of the room to unexpectedly meet George, who tells Tara not to say such a sad thing. Tara notices him and immediately covers her face while blushing. Mina is also flustered. A court lady quickly explains that she told him to wait outside until Princess Mina and Princess Tara were done talking. Tara and George tenderly stare at each other.

Mariko questions Niram about Tara’s situation. He explains that none of the state will accept a wife who was rejected by her fiancé and received a bad reputation. Mariko asks how Niram can be so cold. They need to be responsible for Tara, who is also a victim, since they exposed Krishna’s sins. Niram asks Mariko how to take responsibility because he doesn’t know mercy. Niram remembers Bharat’s words that Mariko meant to let him go for his sake. While walking toward the balcony, Niram says, “I’ll need to welcome Tara as my wife… Are you gonna order me to do that? My heart is yours. You may do as you wish.” Mariko responds, “It’s not right. For example, my heart’s mine and your heart is yours. But me that you love and the world that you love are all mine. I will never let go of your happiness and/or sorrow. Those are all mine too. Don’t get used to trample on people’s happiness and hurt my things. Please think of a way to save her with me.” Niram chuckles and tells Mariko to say that first. BANG! Someone fires a gun at Niram. A shocking Mariko quickly runs to him, who is about to fall down from the balcony.

To be continued (Click here for the next chapter)


My best girl, Tara, appears yet again!!!! She is so real. I really like her attitude. That was my thought to when I saw the huge bird cage!!! What an odd gift to give your wife!!!
It was so cool that she immediately shut up her court lady.  Am I seeing a ship sailing??? I totally ship her with George!
Please make it happened after what appeared at the end of this chapter~
(I would definitely read their spinoff story if it came out. Imagine role reversals, an Indian princess with a British man!!! Remember he tripped Niram’s feet for overlooking Mariko’s feeling?! Tara is our blunt and savage princess. What an interesting plot~)

Seriously, no peaceful day for our main couple at all?!!!

There are 2 more chapters to go. We are almost there, y’all!!! Stay tuned~

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