[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 36 Guests: Red Velvet Wendy & Joy


Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

The theme is the amazing pajama party. Donghyun, Hanhae and Seyun are 3 sleepy idiot brothers. Boom praises their improved acting. Seyun says Hanhae’s pajama is cool. Hanhae: Check swag. Seyun says, “It’s like he lives alone in an officetel with the view of Hangang (Han River), right?” Boom asks if they’re wearing pajamas for pajama party. They agree. Donghyun: Even my head. Seyun says, “I’ve heard that I’m cute in many reviews. What do you think?” Boom replies, “Your blood circulation doesn’t seem good again. Your head is so tight.” Good relationship Naraeko-Key is here. Seyun asks if they are a couple. Key: Ah, she’s my Mom. Seyun: Ah, mother. Narae says, “Aigoo, I’ve heard a lot about you. Please take care of our Kibum.” Seyun adds, “Seems like you forgot your own child’s name.” Boom adds, “When they walk in together, Key feels like her aide. Narae is like a CEO.” Dongyup says, “Our Hyeri took 3 hours to change to Park Jisun!” Seyun: Hyeri ya! Narae: She did well. Dongyup says, “Comedy Big League’s makeup team is the best.” Narae says, “Hyeri ya, I couldn’t recognize you.” Jisun says, “Aiyo, I turn to Park Jisun.. It’s hidden well, right? No wonder he asked to come in with me. Very witty!” Boom says, “Hyeri is absent bc of an overseas photoshoot. She went to Paris.” Key yells, “That is a lie! Why would that girl went to Paris!” Boom adds, “Looking at her airport fashion, it’s like she dressed to ride a mustang in a warm weather. Joking. She has a photo shoot in Paris right now.” Dongyup points out, “Key doesn’t approve Hyeri at all. Earlier, he asked, ‘That girl has an overseas schedule?'” Nara: She’s a celebrity. That’s why Jisun is here to substitute for Hyeri. Jisun appreciates that they call her here again. Jisun has a good memory and solving context. She also graduated from a great school. Making singers lol is Park Jisun. Boom says, “She said that Zico is dead if he gets Ringer’s (IV).” Key adds, “She’d sue him.” Flashback, Jisun said, “If I see Zico gets Ringer’s, I’ll really report him!”

Cute squirrel and chick are here. They are Red Velvet’s Wendy and Joy. Joy introduces herself and says that she will work hard for today. Wendy introduces herself and says that she’s gullible, but she’ll try her best to figure out the lyrics. Key says, “Gullible is my favorite character.”

Key says, “Fyi, Wendy has a really unique character. Just think of her as Parc Jae Jung the girl version.” Narae asks to confirm it. Joy adds, “She’s serious!” Jisun says, “Wendy is good in English. She’s smart. Miss Shon Seung-wan. It’s a name for someone who is good at studying.” Dongyup agrees, “Oh, it seems like it.” Dongyup asks, “Joy wants to be close to Narae. Your mom doesn’t care?” Joy asks, “Why? What makes you said that?” Dongyup replies, “No, just asking…” Boom points out, “Joy said in the interview that Narae will show her a new world.” Joy clarifies, “My members and I are the same. We debut early, so we didn’t get to play around as much. When I told eonni about it, she said if I come to Narae Bar, she’ll open my eyes to a whole new world. I haven’t gone there yet, so I’m curious about her new world.” Boom asks, “Your company doesn’t stop that dream?” Joy replies, “We don’t have that much experience.” What about SM rep’s opinion? Key says, “That IS experience, girls.” Caption with LSM: Kibum-ie, good job. That is how they won’t get to go to Narae Bar. Dongyup says, “They don’t seem to worry that much about Narae Bar.” Narae adds, “We’re the same~ You know me~” In about 10 years, Joy Bar will be opened.

[1st song is My Childhood Dream by Turbo.]
Dim sum round: 1st listening~
Joy is embarrassed of Wendy eonni. Key is the thick-faced sunbae from the same company. Wendy: What was that? Joy openly cheats. Hanhae asks, “Oh? Did I hear it wrong?” Narae tells the girls to write whatever they heard. Wendy is in a cultural shock. Boom asks, “Doesn’t it feel like a rollercoaster?” Wendy says, “I was about to follow it, but it ends.” Key adds, “Haetnim is checking on dim sum right now, you know? I give up. Please take my mic away. [Boom: Ehe, sit down please.] What is this every week? Making 95ers guess a song from 1995. They don’t even know National Exercise!” Joy agrees, “We’re from New Millennium Workout.” [New Millennium Workout adds taekwondo and talchum (Korean mask dance) to the routine.] Let’s see Kim Donghyun’s board. Donghyun says that he heard ‘rollercoaster’. Boom asks, “When the song ended, that was the comment I made.” Donghyun: You did? Really? Donghyun whispers, “Ok then it’s not that…”

[Seyun suggested to use the relistening chance since he thought they could figure out correct lyrics in their 1st try.]
Narae asked for Wendy’s opinion. Wendy hesitates, so Dongyup says, “It’s ok. Say it.” Wendy says, “I’m not comfy…” Key agrees, “Yea. We’re not a comfy making program.” Wendy adds, “Everyone’s eyes are on me.” Especially Seyun. Boom says, “It’s ok to say your opinion. What about Joy? Dim sum or dakgalbi (spicy chicken stir fry)?” (T/n: The editing staffs admitted defeat, and VCR already mentioned the next food~ lol) Joy answers, “Dim sum.” Wendy chooses dakgalbi. Key adds, “It doesn’t hurt to say whatever you want.” Boom clarifies, “So except Wendy, the rest wants dim sum.” Wendy startles, “Ah no. I like dim sum.” Narae points out that Wendy is really gullible. Wendy reasons, “We don’t know about the 2nd round. That’s why using a hint on a hard song will be hard… Oh, wow. What is this?” Key says, “See, I told you…” Narae adds, “Like Parc Jae Jung…” Boom says, “It’s my 1st time hearing ‘what is this?’ in an interview.” Jisun adds, “I thought we were watching a personal broadcast.” Wendy says, “The paper dropped.” Key says, “Nonsense…” They decide to use the relistening chance. Seyun asks them not to blame anyone if they don’t get it. Joy wiggles, “Awoo, really idk.” Key asks, “Oh? Am I hearing it right?” Donghyun stands up to say that he heard those words. Wendy finally stands up to say that she couldn’t hear anything. Narae asks if she got the 1st line. Wendy says, “I heard something totally different.”

Let’s see Red Velvet’s boards. Wendy and Joy both reject. Dongyup clarifies, “You girls have to know that the boards of people, who write terrible lyrics, need to be shown first.” Wendy volunteers, “Then I’ll go first. I only wrote the 2nd line, but I heard the 2nd line’s lyrics from the 1st line.” Narae is confused. Jisun sighs, “Seung-wan-ie aigoo…” Her lyrics: I like that my lovely father liked the president. Key says, “She wrote whatever words she wants again.” Boom asks, “Are those words you wanna say to your father?” Wendy says, “Dad, I love you. I’m sorry, everyone.” Joy has ‘in geo ya’ after ‘president’. Key complains, “Yah, all can clearly tell they end with ‘president’.” (LMAO) They like Jisun’s lyrics. Narae says, “Wait. 2nd line doesn’t have enough words.” Jisun points out that her 1st line has extra 2 words while her 2nd line is missing 1 word. Narae adds, “Then it’s ‘nae’ instead of ‘naeui’.” Jisun agrees, “Then 2nd line should have ‘ga’.” Seyun timidly asks, “There was something before ‘our’, right? Like ‘neul’ (always): The president always liked my father.” Wendy asks, “Could it be just a vowel from the 1st line? Like pressing on the feel.” Seyun argues, “But that doesn’t match with Turbo’s strong [image].” Dongyup asks, “But did y’all hear that one word ‘neul’ before ‘our father’?” Key says that he didn’t hear it. Narae says, “But when [Seyun] oppa said it…” Hearing<<<Seyun’s memory. Seyun complains, “I can’t believe we get stuck on this.” Seyun is certain that the word ‘neul’ (always) is there. Jisun agrees, “I didn’t hear it, but Seyun’s nose got burn not his ears.” Narae asks if Jisun means his sense of hearing is heightened. Seyun assures, “My [nose] might get blocked, but my ears are good.” Dongyup says, “Ok. Let’s do it.”

Key says, “It should be about ‘my dad wants me to be a judge’.” Joy points to herself. Wendy asks, “…Your dream was a judge?” Boom points out that Wendy is shocked. Joy replies, “Yea. My friends used to call me ‘Your Honor’ though?” Jisun asks, “Wendy, why are you surprised?” They are surprised by Wendy’s action. Wendy clarifies, “After debut, it’s my first time hearing it from her.” Boom asks about Wendy’s dream job. Key says, “She seems like a good interpreter.” Wendy says, “I’m embarrassed to say it.” Narae adds, “In the middle of simultaneous interpretation, she might be like ‘Dear president… Aiyoo, what’s this?’ She’d be in trouble.” Jisun comments, “If we keep talking about the president, he should buy flowers for my dad.” Is this Kim Jung Nam? FAIL! Boom points out that the squirrel is really surprised. Dongyup says, “Seyun doesn’t look at [our] side.” Flashback, Seyun was really confident.
**********Spoilers************[Lyrics: (Rap is) the precious dream that I’ve always had and grown. That dream of president that my father liked.]

[Snack is various tart cakes. Game is North Korean cultural language quiz.]
Boom says, “You just need to switch North Korean words to our words. Red Velvet went [there] and performed on April.” Seyun is jealous that they got to eat Pyongyang naengmyun. Boom asks if they found any words interesting. Narae asks, “I’ve heard they introduce y’all as ‘Bulg-eun Yungdan’ (T/n: literal trans is Red Carpet)?” Wendy clarifies, “We’ve heard that a lot too, but they called us Red Velvet since it’s our name.” Dongyup realizes, “They don’t touch the group’s name.” Narae imitates NK’s voice, “Next singer is Bulg-eun Yungdan.”  Wendy, in her NK’s imitated voice, says, “I remember they called me Shon seonsaeng-nim (Miss Shon) instead of Wendy. And they didn’t call Irene eonni ‘leader’, but called her ‘jojang seonsaeng-nim’ (Miss Team Leader).” Dongyup agrees, “It’s true though.” Boom says, “Just guess it like that. Your approach is good.”
Boom hints, “Everyone shoulda prob heard this first word before. ‘Dojeoggeul’ (t/n: dojeog is thief, and geul is writing). [Key: bad comments] and [Hanhae: diction] are wrong. Boom says that Hanhae’s approach is good. Donghyun raises his hand but forgets what were said earlier. Boom hints that this word relates to singer. Seyun is correct with ‘plagiarism’. Narae: Oppa! Key: That’s not good! Donghyun: Wait a sec! Key suggests Seyun to take grapefruit. Boom takes a picture for Seyun and comments, “Those eyes at the back are scary.” Seyun says, “I’ll take the unpopular one. Chocolate? [Narae & Donghyun: No!] [Key: Please take grapefruit!] Okay, I’ll take grapefruit.” Boom notices, “Shin Dongyup wrote something on his paper. Is that a death note?” Dongyup explains, “I don’t really eat fruits, but grapefruit is the only one I like!” Seyun can’t change his choice anymore. Boom announces, “Bc Mun Seyun insensitively answered the correct word, the next quiz is awaiting y’all. This next one might be hard, but don’t give up. I’ll give y’all hints.” Seyun comments, “Ah, this is really yummy!”

‘Reijajeonchuk’ (t/n: reija is laser and jeonchuk is record player). Dongyup calls out ‘grapefruit’ instead of his name. He is correct with ‘CD player’. Boom comments, “You’re here but grapefruit is not!” Dongyup takes orange tart. Hanhae asks, “Can I get a milk refill?” Seyun says, “I’ll do it for you.” (LMAO) Key complains, “It’s weird!” Narae adds, “It’s terrible!” Jisun complains of losing her appetite.
‘Chagul’ (t/n: cha is car and gul is cave). Donghyun is correct with ‘tunnel’. Boom asks Donghyun to express a tunnel with his body. Narae is sad bc her chocolate is gone.
‘Godchuchigi’ (t/n: godchu is straight or erect and chigi is game). It pikes up Dongyup’s interest. Narae asks, “Can we… say that?” Boom hints, “It’s an English word from boxing.” Narae is wrong with ‘jab’. Jisun is correct with ‘straight’.

‘Danjorim’ (t/n: dan is sweet and jorim is braised). Flashback, Narae mentioned that they have no mercy here, and Wendy showed that she really wanted to eat tart. Wendy is wrong with ‘syrup’, ‘canned food’, ‘corn syrup’, ‘oligosaccharide’, and ‘rice syrup’. Wendy tells Narae to answer if she knows it. Boom hints that it’s a 1-word and hums to a song from Jaem. Narae yells, “She doesn’t know this song!” Wendy suggests, “Can we say the word at the same time and split [the tart]?” Key says, “We don’t allow that here.” Wendy is finally correct with jam. Wendy says, “I got it right, but I feel bittersweet.” Narae’s caption: I have mercy. Narae asks, “I can have the plain milk, right? Drinking from this feels like draft beer. I like it.”

[The song is Bangkok City by Orange Caramel.]
Red Flavor Dakgalbi (Spicy Chicken) Round: 1st listening~
Key says, “I was happy when I thought we got this.” Joy complains, “I remember the.. chorus, but this part idk.” Boom adds, “We can’t help you with that part.” Seyun asks if there are any English words. Boom answers, “Yes. There are around 4 words.” Key openly cheats and is surprised by Narae’s words. Boom reminds, “Narae got the close-up on the 1st round.” Teacher Key is in the middle of checking answers. Boom asks, “Why did you leave disappointedly after looking at [the left side]?” Donghyun demands, “Say something about this side…” Key says, “I went there for courtesy.” Seyun complains, “Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Why did you let him disregard us?” Key adds, “Can you tell I left as quickly as I got there?” Dongyup has ‘My chest is hot like the sunlight’. Key sings, “My chest is hot like the sunlight. You’re my Mona Lisa.” Sudden Cho Yong Pil. (LMAO!) Key adds, “No wonder I’ve heard this from somewhere.”

Seyun says, “There are 4 English words thou?” They point out ‘hot’, ‘coffee’, ‘kiss’, and ‘goodbye’. Hanhae asks, “‘Hot kisses like hot coffee, hot’ is right?” Dongyup says, “Ok, let’s write them for 1st listening.” Key reminds, “I still need to get my close-up.” Narae asks, “Your close-up?” Boom asks Key to give the rest some hopes. Key replies, “Except me, it’s hopeless.” Boom says, “OK! Let’s have Key’s close-up. Ah no. Let’s have the close-up of the person who wrote the most correct lyrics.” Key collects his valuable close-up once again. 2018 tvN Amazing Acting Daesang is Key. Narae says, “If Hyeri was here, she would hit him…” Boom adds, “Key gets excited when Hyeri isn’t here!” Key adds, “But it feels empty. We were Bonnie and Clyde of AmaSat… Flashback, Key and Hyeri fought and shared happiness. Caption: Please wait for their realistic sibling interaction next episode ❤︎

Boom asks Joy to write the lyrics. Dongyup suddenly says, “However! ‘At that time’ makes more sense with the context.” Key adds, “If [my] kiss is like hot coffee, ‘at that time’ you can’t meet your girl anymore. You can only see me.” Donghyun adds that ‘maybe’ doesn’t give a confident feel. They switch to ‘at that time’. Dongyup asks, “Key wrote ‘at that time’, right?” Key refuses, “I didn’t.” Hanhae intercepts, “I heard ‘at that time’ though…” Seyun demands to trust our Hanhae. Hanhae asks, “I wrote them down, but he doesn’t believe me. He believes Key, who didn’t write them down?” They decide to choose ‘maybe’, which most heard, instead of ‘at the time’ that no one heard. Narae comments, “Joy is gonna come straight to Narae Bar. Straight to it. For sure.” Fail!!!! Haetnim says, “The meat is from chicken thigh. It’s soft, a bit spicy but also sweet.” Dongyup comments, “Joy, you look like a beggar. Come back here.”
**********Spoiler***********[Lyrics: Shoes send me to you. Hot kisses like hot coffee, hot. Your other girl from before, Goodbye.]

Next week preview: IZ*ONE’s Kwon Eunbi and An Yujin 

Contestant #1: Nuna You’re So Pretty Key                 Contestant #2: Sparkling Lee Hyeri
Contestant #3: Hello My Name is Dongyup                      Contestant #4: Trainee Hanhae
Contestant #5: Finding Humor Mun Seyun      Contestant #6: Stun Gun Kim Donghyun
Contestant #7: Swaaag~ Park Narae
Contestant #8: La Vie en Rose Kwon Eunbi X An Yujin
Yujin: We got them better than expected.
Eunbi: I heard them better than expected.
Seonbaenims, please don’t fight~
Eunbi & Yujin: I’m sure of it.

Yes, it’s another hilarious episode!!!!!! The humors seem endless here~~~

I missed Hyeri’s sassy fight with Key, but it was alright since Joy was able to cover it. (The reenactments were so entertaining!! Sad that Youtube vids didn’t have them~) Key even admitted that he felt empty without Hyeri!!! (LOL) Seriously AmaSat’s Bonnie and Clyde~

Wendy and Joy are so realistic. Wendy is effortlessly hilarious with her reactions. I laughed so hard when she had to guess ‘jam’. (Though thanks to Narae for conceding.) I can’t wait to see if Joy will open her own Joy Bar in 10 years. Narae got her own comedian circle. Joy will definitely invite her idol friends. That would be fun to see!!!

The snack game about North Korean words were really interesting. I thought it was gonna be tough to translate, but it turned out to be easier than expected. It was nice to see completely different words with the same meaning.

[Fyi, I was born in Vietnam. The country has 3 main dialects, the North, the Central and the South. My family speaks Southern Vietnamese, so I only know words from that region. (My mom was born in the Central, but she barely speaks in Central dialect since she moved to the South early.) I remember meeting friends from other Vietnamese regions in American schools. I’ve thought they were speaking in another language!! So when I translated this snack game, it was really nostalgic to me~]

P.S. I’m very busy at this time of the year, so I have to put other translating projects on hold. I’m only able to work on AmaSat bc it releases on Saturday, my rest day. Don’t worry though. I’ll get back to other projects ASAP!!!!!! Thank you so much for reading my blog~~~~~

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