[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 33 Guests: Block B Jaehyo and P.O


Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

[Today’s theme is autumn men and women. Seyun is Neoguri detective and Hanhae goes for autumn boyfriend look. Dongyup is a noble autumn man; Donghyun is Chow Yun-fat. Hyeri is Tang Wei, called Tang Hyeri. Narae is an old cartoon character and Key is just another autumn man. Guests are Block B Jaehyo and P.O.]
Boom says, “I heard you’re filming a drama with Song Hye Kyo and Park Bogum.” Narae shouts, “Boyfriend (aka Encounter).” They ask for his role in the drama. P.O stutters, “I play Jin Myung… Park Bogum’s younger brother.” Boom asks if P.O is close to Park Bogum. P.O says, “We do contact, but it’s a bit awkward.” Hyeri chimes in to say, “Talk about me. He and I did a drama together.” They laugh at Hyeri’s absurdity. Dongyup adds, “It’s an oldie’s typical [com]ment.” Hyeri repeats, “Talk about me when you’re filming.” Boom advices when P.O is uncomfortable, he should talk about Hyeri. Hyeri also adds that Bogum sometimes watches this show. Narae is happy to hear about it. Hyeri once again assures P.O to talk about her when they have nothing to say. Jaehyo also likes to watch AmaSat that he even watched live broadcast when Block B’s HER was played. Boom asks how Jaehyo does with hearing lyrics. Jaehyo confidently responds, “I’m the end type. [Hyeri asks what he means.] I can get them all correctly. I listen to a lot of music, so I can guess lyrics right.” Boom informs, “Jaehyo said that he’ll end the show early for everyone to do their next schedule.” Dongyup realizes, “Ah, there’s a reason that he’s close to Hanhae.” Hanhae adds, “Ya, it’s like I’m seeing myself.” Key says, “There are two extra Hanhae hyungs coming today.”

Yukhoe tang tang tang round: 1st listening~
P.O asks, “What? That’s it?” Boom points at P.O’s menboong and hard working Age of Wanderer team’s Seyun and Donghyun. Boom thinks that viewers are probably menboong too. Key laments, “What a dirty play…” Boom adds, “Old rap as expected. Oh, hold on! Narae!” Key begs, “I really wanna eat that. Please! Just this one!” Narae proudly announces, “Give me that raw beef and octopus for my birthday dinner!” They celebrate, “She’s so cool!” Dongyup agrees with Hyeri’s ‘geukkureu gokkureu’ and his lyrics are ‘bugeul bugeul’. Let’s see P.O’s board. They ask why he’s written down ‘margherita’. Hanhae says, “He was embarrassed of his lyrics that he tried to cover his screen like this.” Boom tells P.O to look at the back. His lyrics are shown on the big screen.

Dongyup asks, “Do these lyrics make sense?” Key replies, “They don’t make sense.” Hanhae adds, “The lady doesn’t care about breakup, but the man wants to hold her back?” Dongyup thinks that the rap is about a man’s point of view. In the midst of that, P.O is distracted; his captions are ‘Ha?’, ‘What am I doing?’ and ‘What’s this?’. He whispers that he can’t focus. Boom asks if P.O figures out anything. P.O confesses that he is distracted and is trying to get back his focus. Narae asks why he is distracted. Hanhae responds, “He thought that we’re too serious.” Dongyup clarifies, “You feel that way bc you’ve been to NJTTW5.” Seyun wants to know the next food. Narae says, “There’re lots of food in Gwangjang Market. [She starts to list out all of the food in the intro video.] However, I think it’s pretty easy this time. For sanchae bibimbap (wild vegetable bibimbap) alone, there were 3 screens, including shots of veggies, mixing and eating (t/n: she calls it ‘mouth shot’ lol). So it’s definitely wild veggie bibimbap next.” Hyeri adds, “But bibimbap sounds yummy too.” Key whispers to Hyeri, “Let’s save some [raw beef and octopus] to eat with bibimbap!” Hyeri reports, “Key oppa wants to keep this food to eat together with [the next food].” The rest likes that idea.

Narae asks, “Should we use the [relistening] chance?” The rest agrees. P.O is uneasy, so Hyeri tells them that P.O can’t eat live octopus. P.O explains that he’s scared of moving food. Dongyup assures that octopus will be dead by the time they get to eat. Seyun comments, “I’m gonna save them no matter what. [He proceeds to do a mock CPR.] Get up! Start moving around!” Key laughs at Seyun’s comment to ‘save them no matter what.” Dongyup thinks ‘ganda-myun’ (if leaving) made no sense for ‘nuguna gadaga’ (any/everyone goes). Jaehyo thinks that it’s ‘nugunga deo’ (someone more) instead. Seyun confirms, “Ah, if someone goes further, there is no need to kneel for a farewell.” Jaehyo adds, “There’s no need to kneel for breakup; the problem is solved.” The rest like his lyrics and explanation. P.O hypes, “Whoaaaa~Jaehyo woo.”
Relistening chance~
Boom shouts, “Hyeri is good.” P.O perplexes, “Ha! What is this nonsense! ‘Mureuggiru geuggiru’! [Boom: Those are right! Those!] Liar.” Boom says, “I’ll prove it when correct lyrics are shown later.” Dongyup thinks it’s ‘ildeul-eun eobsda’ (nothing to do). Hanhae and Donghyun agree with Dongyup’s lyrics; even Jaehyo’s written same lyrics down. Boom points out that Jaehyo switches side to ‘nuguna’ (any/everyone) rather than keeping his lyrics of ‘nugunga deo’ (someone more). There are 2 problems to solve; ‘nuguna’ (any/everyone) vs. ‘nugunga deo’ (someone more) and Dongyup’s ”ildeul-eun eobsda’ (nothing to do). Jaehyo clarifies that he heard ‘nuguna gadaga’ (any/everyone goes) after changing to ‘nugunga deo’ (someone more). Hanhae says, “I wrote both ‘nuguna’ (any/everyone) and ‘nugunga deo’ (someone more) and tried to focus on that part…’ Key cuts in to say ‘nuguna’ (any/everyone) is more obvious. Dongyup asks them about his ‘ildeul-eun eobsda’ (nothing to do). Key says, “But I definitely heard ‘kk’ (t/n: like ‘kkol-eun eobsda (no way), what they had earlier).”

[They tried ‘nuguna’ (any/everyone) and ‘ikkol-eun eobsda’ (there is no such thing). Incorrect though!!!]
Jaehyo asks Haetnim to describe the food. Haetnim says, “First of all, octopus is alive.” Dongyup recommends her to eat raw beef by mixing it with egg yolk. Key comments, “Rather than beef, radish is better!” Seyun hears Key’s comment and gets annoyed, “Aish… seriously! He has it in reverse.” Flashback to previous episodes, Key preferred salad over shrimps; Seyun was surprised to meet such an idiot. Key asked if earl grey macaron was still available; Seyun raged at Key’s disregard for strawberry and cream. Key chose potato over chicken; Seyun furiously asked to send Key for checkups. (LMAO!!!) Back in the present, Seyun says, “I’m really annoyed right now! There’s beef in there and you like radish? Nonsense! [Boom: he has a different taste.] Choose the food that come 1st. It’s not radish and beef. It’s beef and radish! Haish…” (😂) Caption: In AmaSat, we respect individual preferences.

Hyeri suggests, “Don’t ‘kkulh-neun geu kkol-eun’ (kneeling down) sound right?” The rest exclaims, “Oh, it rhymes.” However, P.O thinks of ‘kkulh-eul‘ instead. Jaehyo wants to see before-lyrics. Jaehyo asks, “Nuna, shouldn’t it be ‘mureup kkulh-eun‘?” Boom points out that Block B’s members have contrasting opinions; P.O chooses ‘eul’ while Jaehyo ‘eun’. Narae asks for Hyeri’s opinion. Hyeri says, “When I said it… I’ve watched the show. The correct words have been completely opposite from what I’ve chosen?! [Narae: It’s Hyeri’s Law.] I was surprised. I haven’t gotten anything right.” The rest asks for her choice this time. Dongyup confirms that Hyeri chooses ‘eun’. He informs everyone to pick ‘eul’ instead. Hyeri tries to stop Narae by saying, “No! It’s ‘eun’!” Dongyup consoles, “Your approach is good. Look. ‘Eun’ and ‘eul’ are both great choices.” Hyeri denies, “No! I like to eat that [food] over there. I don’t need anything else.” In past videos, Hyeri had been wrong with ‘pitch black’, ‘ragged’, ‘reul’, ‘nailkka’ and ‘bam’. Back to the present, Hyeri appeals, “Eonnie, hold on. [Key] oppa.” To gain trust, she recruits ace Key and Jaehyo to her side. Hanhae decides to go with P.O’s ‘eul’. Hyeri comments, “See. Hanhae oppa is on that side. It’s weird! Eonnie, eonnie! We must eat live octopus. Eonnie, it’s ‘eun’. Wait sunbaenim!” Boom says, “Block them!” (t/n: Hyeri hops from chair to chair?!!! lol) Key orders Narae to sit and write it. Narae pleads, “No. Hold on! Wait!” Meanwhile, Hyeri is kneeling. Narae yells, “He used his finger. It didn’t work, so he used his saliva to fix it.” Dongyup says, “Idk about Hyeri, but even Key is in this.” P.O switches to ‘eun’ side. Hyeri pleads, “See. P.O oppa is here too.” P.O points out that it’s dark over there! (lol) Dongyup tells Narae to make the decision since it’s her birthday. Hanhae finally joins ‘eun’ side. Seyun tells Donghyun hyung-nim to save his words. Narae says, “Ok. I made up my mind!” Narae chooses ‘eun’. Hyeri says brightly, “That’s right!” CORRECT!
[T/n: I think lyrics are ‘If anyone leaves, there is no need to kneel for parting.’]

[The snack is walnut rolled in persimmon. The game is old and new OST quiz.]
Seyun exclaims, “What?” [Narae: Come here Pororo], [Hyeri: Our friend Pororo], [Dongyup: Prankster Pororo], [P.O: Conquering Space Pororo], [Hanhae: Pororo in A Strange Country], [Dongyup: Pororo A Great Excitement], and [Hyeri: Pororo Pororo the Little Penguin] are incorrect. Boom says that Hyeri’s answer is almost there. P.O answers correctly with Pororo the Little Penguin. Dongyup pleads for old cartoons.
Jaehyo says, “Oh, I know this one. Jaehyo! Doochi and Ppuccu.” Boom announces, “Correct! Dance with it.” Narae asks if Jaehyo lies about his age. Dongyup once again asks for cartoons from the 70s. Boom asks Shin Dongyup to pay attention since the next OST might be from his request.
Flashback, he kept asking for old cartoons, but the ones that came out were from year 97 and 89. Back to the present, he finally gets a 70yo cartoon. Dongyup is incorrect with Jjangga Our Jjangga. [Hanhae: Cosmic Boy Jjangga], [Narae: Run Jjangga], [Hyeri: Our Friend Jjangga], [Narae: Earth Warrior Jjangga], and [Hanhae: The Space Adventure of Jjangga] are incorrect. Boom says that Hanhae’s answer is 90% there. Dongyup’s Space Turmoil of Jjanggu is incorrect. Hyeri is correct with Jjangga’s Space War. She is surprised by that. Dongyup points out that it was in black&white TV back then. Hyeri and Key point at the title ‘Jjyang’ instead of ‘Jjang’. Boom asks, “Hold on, Hyeri. I heard you can dance to this music? Girl group is different.”  Hyeri complains, “I can’t do it. Give me that. Hurry up!”

Hyeri screams, “Oh, it’s here. It’s here.” Donghyun is incorrect with Conan. Dongyup’s answer Detective Conan is correct. Hyeri really likes this song. Seyun comments, “Aiya~ it’s the same pattern for those who get right answers every week.”
Jaehyo says, “Ah, this.” Key yells, “How come you don’t know?” Hanhae screams, “Sailor Moon.” Boom says, “Wrong. Full name.” [Donghyun: Magical Princess Sailor Moon], [Hanhae: Moonlight Princess Sailor Moon], and [Donghyun: Princess of Luna Country Sailor Moon] are incorrect. Donghyun is incorrect with Moonlight Fairy Sailor Moon. Seyun hints, “You’re almost there.” Hanhae says, “It doesn’t make sense. Sweet Fairy Sailor Moon?” Donghyun adds, “It isn’t candy sweet though. [Boom: It’s Dal (Moon) blank Fairy Sailor Moon] Moon Dancing?” Hanhae is correct with Luna Fairy Sailor Moon. Donghyun realizes, “Ah, that one.” Key says, “Moon Dancing?!!” Boom asks Hanhae to dance to the OST. Hanhae says that he’s been practicing Block B’s dance. The rest is embarrassed to look at Hanhae.

[The song is Stalker from Humming Urban Stereo.]
Wild vegetable bibimbap round: 1st listening~
Narae comments, “Ah, idk.” Jaehyo says, “I can’t hear already.” P.O asks, “We can’t hear it even now, right?” Jaehyo and Seyun agree. Narae asks, “What are they singing?” Boom reports, “Oh? It’s pretty clear?! Key doesn’t complain right away, so it must be a good thing. Oh, Hanhae said that he heard many lyrics.” Key adds, “I heard them!” Boom says, “P.O seems to hear them as well. P.O, it’s not a ball pen with ink. Shaking it doesn’t make it came out. Later, you might even put spit on it.” Jaehyo put on a serious face. Narae whispers, “Yours is bad like mine.” Hyeri’s lyrics make Boom sleepy. Dongyup tries to harmonize with Hyeri’s lyrics. Dongyup’s ‘you look like oppa’ have everyone astonished. He’s 100% sure of these lyrics. Jaehyo also points out his 100% sure lyrics. They both have ‘you look like oppa’. P.O points at his ‘oppa’ lyrics and explains, “You  jump over ‘pumpkin’ or ‘oppa’.” Key understands those lyrics. P.O keeps laughing at Donghyun’s lyrics. Donghyun comments, “You shouldn’t laugh at mine when yours are like this.” P.O laughs at Donghyun’s funny lyrics.

Boom says to open the yielding man Hanhae’s board. They are surprised that Hanhae wrote many lyrics. P.O points at Hanhae’s lyrics that are similar to his. Let’s see Key’s board. Key is sure of ‘the more I look’ and ‘you look like my oppa’. Donghyun says, “Ok~ I like that~” Seyun wonders how Key’s written them down. Narae adds, “He just did it.” Boom tells them to get ready for the close-up. Hanhae says, “Ah, seems like it’s Key..” Seyun adds, “Nah, we don’t know yet.” Hanhae complains, “Ah, I don’t really wanna write it down.” Dongyup says, “[Hanhae] must be anxious. I gave him the pen, and he quickly took it. Look at my palm! Is it easy to erase?” Boom responds, “3 years.” He tells everyone to prepare for his/her close-up since they will never know. Key shows off his paper ‘Ay…Hyung! It’s me…!!^_^✋’. Dongyup helps to show Hanhae’s paper, which is ‘Kibum ah, finally it’s me.”

P.O sings, “You were born to be loved.” Seyun suggests to fill missing words with ‘uwolhan mom-i’ (superior body), and they agree with his words. Key complains that they are pitiful when checking is so fast. Everyone is jealous of Haetnim. Hyeri tells Haetnim to open her mouth big. Haetnim likes soy-doenjang sauce. Dongyup comments, “Then I’ll also add a bit more of soy-doenjang sauce.”

Boom asks if it’s Wankyu oppa. Everyone is surprised by Dongyup. He asks, “Eonnie? Wonbin? Like [in the movie] Ajusshi (The Man from Nowhere)… Search for us.” Narae clarifies, “It’s not in Ajusshi. But Wonbin had long hair in drama Kwangki (Ad Madness).” Dongyup asks for after-lyrics, which mention that the girl can die for long hair men. Hence, 2nd line is, “You look like Wonbin oppa.” Key asks whether there’s only 1 English word, but Boom avoids to answer. Key concludes that it’s not just 1 English word. Dongyup observes that Boom is calmed, so it’s just 1 English word. Hyeri tries to throw popcorn at Key, but it lands in front of Seyun. He says, “It dropped right in front of me while I was waiting.” Dongyup wonders if Wonbin is right. Seyun adds, “No other long hair men beside Wonbin.” Boom suggests Wankyu again. They shouts out names of long hair rockers……………………………….. INCORRECT!

It’s time to choose the hint. Key suggests to see initials of #22 and #23. Narae agrees with him. Key says, “So my ‘walking naegen’ is right. Hah!” [Hyeri has ‘walking-eun naeui’.] Hyeri argues, “No! ‘Wonbin’ is wrong.” Key is annoyed and says, “No, the part after.” P.O laughes, “What are they saying?” Key is very annoyed. Hyeri adds, “Oppa! We need to see how many wrong lyrics we got.” Seyun suggests to follow the majority. There are 5 votes for wrong lyrics and 4 for initial consonants. They settle for wrong lyrics. Hyeri hopes for 2 wrongs and Key 3 wrongs. Hanhae says, “Oh? Hyunbin?” P.O yells, “Don’t get confused!” Then P.O adds, “Woobin. Jobin!” Narae explains, “Jobin oppa has really long hair.” Hyeri and Dongyup agrees, “Yeah, Jobin’s hair is long alright.” (LMAO) Dongyup clarifies that ‘walking-eun naeui’ is right and asks Key to apologize to Hyeri. Narae steps in to say that they don’t know yet. Key thinks that ‘Wonbin’ is right. Hyeri asks, “Then what are those words if ‘-eun naeui’ are wrong?” P.O tells Hanhae that it’s hard. Dongyup points at Key’s apologetic hands. Narae threatens to investigate Hyeri if ‘walking-i’ comes out instead. Dongyup explains, “It’s her regional dialect. [It’s not a curse, so don’t misunderstand.]” Dongyup tells them to check on Won/Hyun/Jobin and #29 ‘jeong’ or ‘seong’, which doesn’t make sense, but Dongyup is sure that the word starts with ‘j’.
3rd listening for wild vegetable bibimbap~
[Spoiler: Key found out #29 is ‘ja’. Combining with #28, they were ‘tuja’ (investment). Hyeri’s grudge about ‘walking-eun naeui’ continued, which he had to give her a thumb up forcefully. Key thanked Hyeri for that.]
[My translation of lyrics: The more I look, the more you look like Wonbin oppa. Your walking is my eye candy investment. (Remember the song’s title is Stalker!)]

Next week guests: K.will and Soyou

K.will and Soyou say that they are confident. Then they become mad. Eventually, Key finds a way to save everyone yet again. All are in a state of confusion. Narae adds, “Like I said, it’s a disaster.” [T/n: Disney theme next week?!]

Okay! This week clips were all over the place. It was hard to string everything together. Hopefully, my translation made sense for y’all.

P.O is cute as always. It didn’t show in the video, but he was the one to come up with ‘walking’. [They had no clue what to choose for the hint and randomly (Yes, randomly!) pick to reveal a word. Donghyun suggested a number, and everyone was happy with his choice. The word was ‘king’ and that was how P.O deducted ‘walking’.] Also his suggestion about Jobin was hilarious as heck. Jaehyo was really active at first, then I couldn’t remember him anymore. Sometimes he was awkward to jump into their conversations.

The highlight of this episode was probably Key-Hyeri’s interaction!!! It was like an emotional rollercoaster. They started friendly, joking about keeping raw beef and octopus to eat with bibimbap at first. In the 1st song, Hyeri even tried to get Key to her side for ‘eun’. Then, it went downhill from there. In 2nd song, they kept on arguing. (lol) However, they eventually came to peace when they succeeded 2nd song~~~~~
What a real interaction of siblings!!!!

Hyeri’s Law was so funny too~ (It reminded me of Yoo Jae Suk in RM!!!)
The correct answer is the opposite from Hyeri’s pick.

Another highlight was when Seyun got annoyed with Key’s food preferences. (OMG hilarious!) Key really has unique tastes. [He will come to Soomi’s Side Dishes next episode, and I can’t wait to see how he will fare.]

Btw, this ep. was filmed around Oct. 25th, which was Narae’s birthday.
Happy Belated Birthday to Narae!!!!!

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