[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 35 Guests: EXID Solji & Hani


Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

The theme is AmaSat Company’s year-end party. Deputy Han is already drunk. Chief Mun is in the middle of power trip new employee, Dong Geu-rae. (T/n: Like Im Siwan’s role, Jang Geu-rae, in Misaeng.) Boom introduces Shin CEO of renter car business. Dongyup complains, “Look at them preparing something extra again.” Deputy Key and Deputy Lee bring in chicken-n-beer Narae. Key likes today’s concept. Dongyup points out, “It was hard for [Hanhae] to prepare his concept already, why you overlap with him!” Hanhae adds, “I worked hard for this…” Boom asks about Deputy Lee Hyeri’s business trip. Deputy Lee just came back from a business trip in Paris. Boom asks, “Hopefully it isn’t for a vacation?” Dongyup adds, “She came back with lots of money.” Approved business trip: photoshoot for Marie Claire. Boom announces, “Everyone needs to congratulate our father… ah no, our CEO. After 35 episodes, we have a drink sponsor like Dongyup has always wanted. [Flashback, Dongyup told them that famous shows always have drink sponsors.] We got our 1st drink sponsor. Drink them!” Key directly explains benefits of the drink, but he is muted since it’s impossible to broadcast. Caption: AmaSat follows the rule. Boom tells them to enjoy wholeheartedly since he has the company’s card, which turns out to be the drink.

Boom says there’s something Hani must tell Hanhae. Hyeri says, “They do that you know.” Dongyup asks, “What do you mean by that?” Boom asks Hyeri to finish her words. Narae wonders what’s up with Hani and Hanhae. Hanhae responds, “Ah, Hani featured on my song. I’m sorry for her. [The rest: Why?] I was supposed to buy her a meal afterwards, but I couldn’t contact her.” Hyeri adds, “Idk about the meal, but he didn’t ask for my number. He just didn’t wanna meet up.” Hanhae explains, “I’m your fan. I was really touched, but I couldn’t face her.” Hyeri reports, “He couldn’t face her! Even in the video!” Seyun suggests Hanhae to get her phone number and adds, “Give me yours too. I won’t contact you though!” Narae asks, “Why did you ask for it then?” Seyun will show it off that he has celebrity’s contact. Dongyup adds, “But give your number to Hanhae. Tell me now, so I’ll let him know.”

Boom says, “Y’all need to choose for this round.” Dongyup realizes, “Ah, it’s between an EXO’s song with another group song?!” Hyeri reminds that they didn’t get Lotto’s lyrics. Narae points out, “Ah, it was ‘hae nal’.” Hyeri adds, “We shoulda chosen word spacing then.” Narae adds, “Word spacing doesn’t betray us.” Dongyup assures, “We already did an EXO’s song, let’s choose another group’s this time.” Boom says, “Okay, let’s see the other song. EXO’s rap. There’s a big difference in song and rap.” Dongyup says, “Isn’t it easier to choose the song?” The rest agrees, but Key argues, “Nah, it’s prob the same song! Those evil-minded people def thought about us saying ‘Isn’t the song easier?'” Hanhae stutters, “Ah…but… the song… is harder. I think rap is better.” Boom asks if they should call a driver for Hanhae. Narae predicts that he can’t go to 2nd round. Dongyup praises Hanhae’s acting. Seyun suggests, “Between rap and song, we prob feel burdened with rap. And the guests here are the best vocal line! We don’t need to choose a rap. Everyone except Hanhae is vocal line!” Narae asks if she’s also a vocal line, then she realizes that she’s the main vocal in Poison Apple. Key says, “Nuna is lucky that she plays many roles.” They decide to choose EXO’s song. The song is Overdose. Key starts to clap his hands, so Seyun asks, “You know this song?! Okay!” Key clarifies, “Ah no. The song starts with 👏👏👏”

Listening Round 1~
Narae says, “It’s this 👏👏👏.” Hyeri asks to turn up the volume. Boom points out that everyone is writing except Hani. He tells Hani to write whatever she heard. Solji says, “I feel good about this.” Boom lets them know it’s Baekhyun’s part. Key wonders why it sounds like a foreigner. Hyeri tells Key to scold them. Key says, “I can’t lecture EXO.” In the midst of that, Hani is looking left and right. Dongyup realizes, “Hani keeps on cheating.” Narae reminds, “It’s not individual play, so cheating doesn’t work here.” Key adds, “There aren’t much to cheat with.” Boom asks to show Key’s board. Hyeri thinks that they are doomed. Seyun adds, “Already [open ace’s board?]” Solji points out his 2nd line matches with hers. Narae says, “I don’t know what ‘Hummer’ is about. [Key: Is this a car’s name?] Idk but it’s at the end of this line.” Donghyun’s lyrics about ‘discover/excavate’ make them laughed. Sudden archeology. He asks if anyone heard ‘overdose’. Key says, “Afaik, the after-lyrics include ‘overdose’.” They question Seyun’s ‘Boni Hani’ lyrics. Hyeri asks, “Isn’t this Seo Taiji sunbaenim?” Narae adds, “You know you sing every song in Seo Taiji’s voice, right?” Seyun asks, “Me?”

Dongyup asks to change his seat bc Hani talks to herself way too much. He adds, “For those lyrics, ‘I sent you away, but I desire you more’, she was like ‘Heung! Then don’t send her away!'” Narae asks who Hani was talking too.
Chatting bot Hani ver. 01. [Q. How’s Overdose?] Hani: It’s hard. [Q. You came to eat?] Hani: I think so. [Q. Do you like octopus?] Hani: No. [Q. Butter scones?] Hani: That must be really yummy. [Q. I sent you away, but I desire you more?] Hani: Then he shouldn’t send her away.
Hani explains, “I was solving them, but those lyrics are weird right? I understand if the girl left him, but he was the one who sent her away. Why does he desire her?” Dongyup says, “I heard ‘sonkil’ (touch).” Hani adds, “But the after-lyrics includes words like ‘breath quickens’ and ‘a sigh’, I think it’s ‘sumkyeol’ (breath).” Solji says, “I heard ‘sonkil’ (touch) at first, but ‘sumkyeol’ (breath) matches with the song’s meaning more.” Dongyup asks what hint they should use. Key suggests spacing words. FAIL!!! Narae and Key apologize that they should have told her before about the popcorn. Haetnim says, “Can you hear this? It’s chewy. This makes me craved for soju.” Seyun exclaims, “What to do? Suddenly I wanna eat it. The next dish is pork, but I want this more.”

Listening Round 2~
They agree on ‘on neo’ (you came). Hyeri and Key wonder what those lyrics mean. Narae confesses, “I don’t even wanna look at those lyrics. [Boom: Let’s see Narae’s board.] ‘nollineun geu sonkil on neo’ (you came teasing me with your touch) [Boom: How do you tease?] Like this. [Boom: Ah, hate to see that.] See.” Hani says, “When you hear those lyrics, you can imagine something. But ‘teasing’ is a bit.” Boom adds, “You can’t understand it?” So what is the meaning of 1st line? Hyeri has ‘airway’ while Dongyup has ‘forest trail’. Boom asks, “Do you also have ‘[Jeju] Olle Trail’?” Hani disagrees, “I don’t think it’s ‘forest trail’.” Seyun comments, “The after-lyrics are, ‘After my breath quickens and chokes’. He either ran or had something stuck in the airway, so he needed to be saved quickly. ‘ddallineun geu somkillo’ (that slowing airway)!” (LMAO~) Donghyun thinks it’s ‘deollineun’ (anxiety). Boom asks, “Is that what you’ll experience in the future?”
[They decided to write ‘nollineun geu sonkil on neo’ (you came teasing me with your touch) and ‘bonaeneun neoreul galguhae jom deo’ (I sent you away, but I desire you more). FAIL!]

[Boom demands to see Solji’s and Hani’s talent before running his car hint.]
Solji raises her hand to do a voice imitation of actor Im Won-hee. Hyeri raises her hand to try it out. Narae comments, “She picked up some talents in Paris. What’s up with Hyeri?” Hyeri says, “I’ll do AOA’s Jimin-nim’s voice.” Key adds, “Why am I nervous?” Narae says, “Yah, don’t go around and say that’s your talent!” Key adds, “Just don’t do anything!” Narae adds, “Let’s cancel Jimin’s voice imitation.” Hyeri asks, “Why? Don’t I sound the same?” Hanhae says, “If it’s that level, I can do it too. [Boom: Oh? Who?] DinDin’s voice.” Narae and Solji say, “Oh, it’s the same.” Hani says, “I’ll do a voice medley [of Lee Sun Gyun, Park Hee Jin, Shin Moon Sun].”

Listening Round 3~
Hyeri asks, “Isn’t it ‘bonineun’ (I/myself)?” Key suggests ‘bonraeneun’ (originally). Dongyup tells Seyun to write ‘bonineun (I/myself). Narae comments, “EXO needs to come here. As a sunbae, you should call them here.” Key whines, “Ay, EXO is hard.” Seyun complains, “Isn’t it weird??” Donghyun asks, “We can use ‘bonrae’ right?” Key asks, “Maybe it’s ‘John Lennon’?” Dongyup says, “We’re wrong anyway. Let’s use John Lennon!” Hyeri tells them not to give up. Narae asks, “Then what are the correct lyrics?” Hyeri responds, “Idk.” Dongyup tells Seyun to decide between ‘bonraeneun’ (orginally) vs. ‘bonineun’ (I/myself). Seyun chooses ‘bonraeneun’ (originally). The correct word is ‘bonneungeun’ (instinct). Dongyup says, “Why did no one think of that?” They got caught up in ‘bonineun’ (I/myself). Narae apologizes since she started to say those words. Boom says, “So your fate doesn’t match with EXO.”
[Lyrics: You came teasing me with your touch. My instinct desires you more.]

Key is correct with IU. Hani asks, “How did he know? I had no idea.” Dongyup agrees with Hani. Seyun asks if they all know it’s IU.  Solji whines, “That was close.” Key says, “How do I describe this taste?” Boom advices, “Drink some coffee and you’ll see!” Dongyup adds, “Actually, whiskey is better…” Narae respects Dongyup. Key says, “Butter is the killer.” Donghyun is wrong with actor Gu Bon-seung. Dongyup is wrong with Yoo Ah-in. Narae is wrong with DinDin. Solji is correct with Song Minho. Hani asks, “How did you figure it out?” Hanhae comments, “I can’t believe it.” Key says, “You definitely need to eat this!”

[Dongyup predicted the left-over people, Seyun, Donghyun, Hanhae, Hani and himself to battle at the end. Seyun asked who aren’t mentioned to leave ASAP. Narae and Hyeri soon got out of the competition. Narae: Oh, it’s as Dongyup sunbaenim’s prediction!]
Donghyun is correct with Park Sangmin. He broke Dongyup’s prediction. Hani says, “I thought that was Cha Seung Won.” Key comments, “We might have a guest losing this snack game.” Hani is correct with Song Joong Ki. Boom says, “This person is our family.” Key adds, “He’s really our family!” Seyun asks, “Is that a beard?” Boom hints, “This person’s rival studio is next to our…” AmaSat’s studio. The studio right next to it is? SMTM7 Final LIVE! Seyun is wrong with SMTM7’s MC Kim Jin-pyo. Dongyup asks if they all know this person. Seyun asks if this person is a celebrity. Boom responds, “Of course, he’s a celebrity.” Hint #1: This person is from the rival studio next door! Hint #2: We meet this person many times while filming. So who is this person? Back to the studio next door… That day on live stage, rival #1 is Zico; on the former stage, rival #2 is Gaeko. In the past, Boom has been mentioning that there are 3 great diction kings, aka 3 ko’s, Gaeko, Zico, and Choi Baekho. Seyun says, “Ah, it’s crazy.” Seyun timidly answers, “Choi Baekho seonsaengnim?” CORRECT! Seyun says, “Korean’s 3 great ko’s.” Key informs, “Hold on! This hyung here told us it was the picture of [basketball player] Han Kibum. [Since it was family, Hanhae + Kibum = Han Kibum] If you think about him, it’s exactly the same.” (LMAO!!)

[The song is A from Rainbow. The food is bulgogi on the grill.]
Listening Round 1~
Key says, “We filmed a lot for round 1 already right? [Boom: Yes.] Angry. Thinking. We’ve done those right?” Hyeri regrets, “Ah, I shoulda fight more. Shoulda pulled his necktie.” Key agrees, “I know. Should we go for a dramatic way?” Dongyup disagrees, “No. No. We have enough screen time already!” Boom adds, “And y’all didn’t eat in 1st round.” Dongyup says, “I used to wonder why bother when I didn’t hear any lyrics. Now I was the only serious one who didn’t dance when they all did.” Dongyup’s lyrics has ‘ssal’ (rice), and Hyeri agrees. Hani’s lyrics has ‘home shopping’. Hani explains, “I know ‘home shopping’ don’t make sense, but I think those words sound similar.” Hyeri also agrees with ‘shopping’. Solji thinks ‘hyeonlanhan’ (dazzling) is correct. Seyun also has ‘hyeonlanhan style’ (dazzling style). Boom concludes that most have ‘dazzling style’, and they just need to think about the 1st line. Boom says, “Ok. It’s been awhile to see our ending fairy. Same ears. Same head. How did Key hear those lyrics? In the same studio. Same speaker. [Boom tries to drag screen time.] Open Key’s board.” Key sings his lyrics and ends with ‘Your Amazing Saturday’. Key reminds that they still have relistening chance. Boom says, “It will be a twist if Key doesn’t get the close-up.” To advertiser, did you see this? (LMAO!!!)

Relistening chance~
Hyeri yells, “It’s ‘cautiously’. Why did you say ‘secretly’?” Narae adds, “See. I wrote ‘Your cautiously hidden’.” Key says, “You act like this to me!!!” Hyeri complains, “It’s weird. How did we hear ‘home shopping’?” Dongyup asks, “Hani, are you listening?” Seyun asks, “Has she stop functioning?” Hyeri repeats her question. Dongyup adds, “Other than talking to herself, she doesn’t care about anything else!” Hani agrees, “It’s really amazing~ Ooooh that’s right! But this! [Yup: She caught something. Say it!] It can be ‘pyojeong’ (expression) instead of ‘pojang’ (cover).” Hanhae comments, “I wrote ‘expression’ earlier, but then I heard ‘cover’. ‘Cover’ is right!” Seyun comments, “He doesn’t match with Hani.” Deputy Han is insensible.

[1st try was correct!!!! Lyrics: It’s only hiding in a shabby cover. Your cautiously hidden dazzling style.]

Next week guests: Red Velvet’s Wendy and Joy

Key: Usually, when people I know came, they would sit next to me.
Joy: We don’t have experience.
Key: That is experience, girls!
Narae: What is this? [Why am I over there…?]
Joy: The guy is bad. The guy is really bad.
Dongyup: She only focuses on the bad guy.
(T/n: No Hyeri?😕 But we have Joy~ Good luck to Key next week!)

Ah, it might sound like a broken record, but every week is so hilarious!!!
This show is such a stress reliever~
P.S. Please do check my Twitter for additional translations that weren’t included in these videos.

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