[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 29 Guests: SHINee Minho and Park Jisun Part 2

Amazing Saturday
Amazing Saturday

This is just English translation of video clips from the show.
Click here for Part 1

In the same song, they have to choose either Zico’s part with 1 English word or Dean’s part with 2 English words. They discuss the song. Hanhae says that it’s probably Bermuda Triangle. Narae thinks it’s better to choose Zico’s part because he has a clear pronunciation. Dean’s is harder to hear.
Hyeri: But Zico’s part is rapping and Dean’s part is singing.
Jisun: Zico.. just went to North Korea right? He’s done the national affair, so choose him…
Narae: Put up a headline that says “Zico Came Back from North Korea, Surprise Visit AmaSat?”
When they’ve done Dean’s song, they couldn’t hear anything except for JB.
Zico: 6 votes vs. Dean: 2 votes
They choose Zico’s part. The song is Bermuda Triangle.
Boom: The good news is that the word count of Zico’s part is less than Dean’s. Let’s listen to the song!

Narae asks to confirm that Zico’s part has an English word. Key states that Ringer (IV/ Ringer’s solution) is the English word. Hanhae asks if Ringer is in English. Everyone immediately confirms with him.
Narae and Hyeri *ask Hanhae*: What is wrong with you?
Jisun once again gets the one-shot. Her famous phrase is “Isn’t it easy?”
Minho: It has been a long time for me to see Shin Dongyup seonbaenim cracked up.
Key says that the last 3 words are something like “ri gueo ddo”.
Boom asks if it’s like a food. Minho and Narae answer that it’s risotto.
Everyone throws in Korean words that sound like “ri gueo ddo”.
Boom says that they don’t have the relistening chance anymore, so they should decide on who to write those lyrics out now.
Hyeri demands to hear the before-lyrics.
Hanhae suddenly startles. Boom accuses him of falling asleep. Key jokes that Hanhae has a nightmare. Seyun asks if Hanhae knows where he is.
Hanhae asks whether Ringer is in English once again. He thinks “ri gueo ddo” is “rehearsal”.
Boom asks Hanhae to lower his head and look at the table then said, “Ok, moving on!”

Dongyup explains the lyrics to which Jisun writes, “That oppa’s bragging again.”
Seyun *suggests*: How about “wee ro ddo” (up again)?
Dongyup:  Who said that?
Seyun *quickly confirms*: Me!!! It’s all thanks to everyone. [No bragging at all]
Dongyup: Soggy ramyun noodle is also good. It’s easy to cut off.
Narae: I put mine in with egg and a bit of sesame oil.
Dongyup: It’s perfect with soju.
Haetnim describes the taste of budae jjigae. The regular budae jjigae is very cheesy. However, this budae jjigae has kimchi, so the broth is refreshing and spicy and doesn’t have a sweet aftertaste.

Key says that “crime” is in the lyrics. Narae determines that the word must be “illegal”. Jisun says that there is also “criminal”.
Minho: It’s “illegal”. Idk about the middle part, but I’m sure of “illegal”!!!
Hyeri suddenly bursts out laughing. Everyone is confused?! Boom says that she’s finally mad. Key grins and repeats Boom’s words. Minho says that he’s scared.
Narae: When it’s raining, our child becomes like this. She is really mad.
Hyeri says that she figures out the lyrics. They all agree that it has been a long time to see this kind of Hyeri.
Let’s open Hyeri’s board. The word is naeil (tomorrow).
Key: But if gongyeon (giving/performing) is wibeob (illegal), then hyuga bannab (giving up vacation) is habbeob (legal). It doesn’t make sense. Why is giving/performing illegal? I think there’s something missing. Is there any other word to describe the law?
Key screams!!!!! Hyeri asks what’s wrong with today. Key says that it’s “noemul” (bribe).
Hyeri *retorts*: No, what are you talking about?
Key *counters*: No? I said that I’ve heard noemul before. Giving a bribe is illegal. Giving up vacation (like giving a bribe) is illegal.
Jisun: Zico deserves going to North Korea! Lyrics are great.
Narae: Is he gonna run for office?
Dongyup: But before that, we heard “tomorrow” right?
Jisun: He wrote like my father.
Minho: I’ve learned writing from my father.

Key: I’m looking for a perfect word to make sense with everything. Listen to me or not is up to y’all. “If giving up vacation is giving a bribe, I commit an illegal act.” (Sorry this is the literal translation. To make sense, it’s “If giving up vacation (like giving a bribe) is illegal, I’m committing a crime.”)
Dongyup: That’s right! That’s correct!
Everyone agrees. Today Teacher Key does a great deed again.
Narae says that Key is way too big for AmaSat to accommodate.
Let’s send Key off to bigger shows!
Jisun asks staffs to send him to Problematic Men and The Dictionary of Useless Knowledge. Donghyun adds The Genius to her list.
Boom tells Key to go all the way to Pyongyang (FYI, North Korea’s capital). Let’s send Key to wherever.
Hyeri: Now lyrics all make sense with “if”. “If giving up vacation is like giving a bribe, it’s illegal.”
Dongyup: True… The 2nd sentence is perfect!
Key says that he wishes the lyrics are correct. Narae and Hyeri support him saying that they are right.
Seyun sounds like Kang Hodong. FAIL!!
“I do not overwork, fighting spirit with IV. If giving up my vacation is illegal, I’m committing a crime.”
They get 1 word incorrect. It’s “an” (not) instead of “ah”!!
Hanhae explains the meaning of the 1st sentence.

Key complains that Boom should have told them about it.
Hyeri *is mad at Boom*:  Oppa! What are you doing over there??
Everyone *follows Hyeri*: What have you done? Where are you going? Come out!
Dongyup says that they even get the word “if” right.
Jisun: Zico, if you get an IV, I’ll report you!! (since his lyrics say that he does not do Ringer/IV)
Narae *takes off her wig*: Are we finished filming? I’m ready to go home (lol mad props to her!!!)
Hyeri follows Narae to take off her extensions.
Minho: [Narae without her wig] looks like she’s in the movie 300?!!!
Narae: I’m magnanimous.
Jisun wonders what Dean’s part is. She recites a few part of the lyrics.
Dongyup: Are you saying that you know all of Dean’s part?
Jisun recites a complete part of Dean’s lyrics. The screen shows lyrics of Dean’s part.
Key points out a few words that they may have missed if they choose this part. Everyone agrees that those words are confusing, so they accept their predicament.

Jesung: Why is my handwriting like that?
Seyun: It’s crap!
Kyunghwan: What are you gonna do if I get all of lyrics right the first time?
Hyeri *points at Hanhae*: What’s on top of your head?
Hanhae: Antenna~
Kyunghwan: Sorry but is this break time?

Awwww why didn’t they include a clip of Hyeri shooting Key winks/hearts and Key returns her with a fake spit??? That was hilarious!!!!! Hyeri was wrong about initials of a word, but Key was right. To apologize, Hyeri winked and shot finger hearts at Key, who rejected her lovable gestures by jokingly spitting them out. Hyeri playfully wiped her face off his invisible spit!!!! (pwahahaha these two)

Bermuda Triangle’s lyrics are so hard to translate. I actually use the already translated lyrics, so it makes sense in that context. However, literally using all of the words and lining them up together just don’t really make sense (or maybe I just don’t get it?!)

I feel very bad that they don’t get to eat budae jjigae! They, especially Key, work so hard on lyrics (aaw). Also is it just me or the food are not very impressive this week?

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea should roughly be the same.

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