[Brief Summary] Weekend Playlist Ep. 8

Weekend Playlist
Weekend Playlist

This show follows Ra Miran, Kim Sook, Jang Yoon Joo and Lee Se Young as they spend their weekends doing something that they have always wanted to try. The concept of the show is to introduce different ways to have fun during weekends. With these four ladies as the main cast members, they will also reveal a bit of their person lives and share their inside tips on trendy destinations.

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea should roughly be the same.

Yoon Joo explains, “Bc this is a day’s trip. We can take a brief look and move on.” Sook Leader says, “Idk who but people are taking our photos.” They wonder if those people know them. Sook tells them about the encounter earlier with a store owner, who knows Sook personally. Yoon Joo says, “Oh. World star.” They find it amazing that people recognize them. Sook says, “They don’t know us. They just took our pictures.” Not God Sook but just Kim Sook. Miran says, “They don’t know us, but they took our pictures.”

Miran realizes, “Ah. She takes the tram to go home.” Sook says, “Houses here must be expensive.” Yoon Joo tells them that it’s a good neighborhood, so houses here are expensive. It’s the area of rich Hong Kong people. Sook says, “It’s like we’re lying down to see these views right now.” Sook tries to show them how a guide from 13 years ago would do in the tram. It’s the same as lean dance from MJ. Sook says, “The guide always tried to do this.” Everyone is happy to see the pretty view.

Miran says that they need to eat Hong Kong egg waffles. Sook says that they look yummy. Se Young realizes the sweet smell is from here. Sook says, “let’s eat it. Let’s order it.” Miran asks, “What flavors? Vanilla? Choco? Strawberry?” Yoon Joo wants chocolate, so Miran wonders if Yoon Joo only wants 1 flavor. Yoon Joo adds, “Choco and vanilla.” Sook asks for lemonade. Sook asks Miran is holding. Miran replies, “It’s like jerky. Let’s try it!” Sook laughs, “Ah. You’re crazy.” Yoon Joo asks, “How is it?” Miran replies, “It’s like seasoned jerky.” They are satay dried fish. Yoon Joo says, “It must be made to order.” They like the pretty presentation of egg waffle. Miran says, “We need sugar to stay focus.” Sook asks, “Done?” Miran points out that Yoon Joo is going to finish it. Sook asks, “Ah, Yoon Joo is gonna retire from modeling?” Yoon Joo says, “Ah, it’s yummy.” Miran says, “You eat it. I’m happy to see you eat.”

Miran asks, “So what’s next?” Yoon Joo says, “There are too many people here, so they’ll go to a more private place. Then… [Miran: then?] That’s it!?” Miran asks, “Are you giving up now?” Se Young says, “Ah. It doesn’t matter!” Sook tells them to move on. Yoon Joo says, “You can see the peak from here. And it’s free.” Sook says, “We’re going bc we believe in Yoon Joo!” Yoon Joo says, “I feel burdened.” Sook asks, “Now you know your eonnies’ feelings?” Yoon replies, “Yes. I’m gonna just follow you now.” Sook adds, “You better end our first oversea trip well!” Yoon Joo says, “Of course.” They move from Victoria Peak to private observatory deck.

Sook asks, “Is it here? It’s here! Hey. We can only see the observatory deck here. Guide Jang, the observatory deck is over there. But we’re all the way here. This is the best view for that observatory deck!?” Yoon Joo soothes, “Wait a moment. Let’s have Se Young take our photos.” Se Young laughs, “Do you know the title of this photo? War.” Yoon Joo tells them to follow her. Sook says, “Ya. I can finally see something. Ya, this is it.” Yoon Joo asks, “How is it?” Sook apologizes for doubting Yoon Joo. This is different from the observatory deck with many people. The left is their view vs. the view from Victoria Peak on the right. Sook apologizes again for doubting Yoon Joo. Sook comments, “But we have to walk 400m down.” Yoon Joo is happy to see their happy expressions. Yoon Joo asks, “Have you seen this view before?” The rest replies, “No. it’s daebak.” Miran adds, “You can’t see this from Victoria Peak.” Sook adds, “This is beautiful, like a painting.” They take a selfie but they can’t see the view behind. Miran jokes, “Why did you only take a picture with our faces and leave out Hong Kong?”

The first menu is…? Miran asks, “Is this pig’s stomach soup?” Dim sum restaurant’s lunch menu: 1. Stuffed eggplant with teriyaki sauce. 2. Vegetable cheung fun. Gingko pork tripe pepper soup. 4. Korean-styled radish. Miran says, “Mom Dad, you both worked hard~(?)” Sook looks at the soup and comments, “Ah. this looks like soondae soup.” Miran volunteers to have the first taste. She says, “I don’t think you girls can eat it.” Se Young asks, “Maybe it tastes good?” Miran adds, “I’ll eat it alone. [Sook tries to taste the soup.] Ah, it’ll be hard for you.” Sook says, “Whoa, it’s 100% soondae soup. Ah, will Se Young eat it?” Yoon Joo adds, “I think Se Young can do it.” Se Young says, “It’s better to eat these together with the soup.” After eating cheung fun, Sook says, “This is too delicious.” Miran asks her to describe the taste. Yoon Joo describes the chewy of cheung fun and the veggies are like veggie mandu. Sook also likes Korean-styled radish. The eggplant is Miran’s style. Yoon Joo says, “It’s the best happiness to eat food together.” Se Young adds, “When eonnies eat, your lovely expressions show.”

Sook asks, “We only ordered 5?” Yoon Joo corrects, “Nah. It’s 6!” Sook says, “I’m getting dizzy. I hope the food is out soon…” Yoon Joo discovers that their food is coming. They harmonize, “It’s our food. It’s ours. Dim sum. Dim sum.” Sook tries the soup dumpling (xiao long bao) first. Next is crab, shrimp and pork siu mai (shao mai). Sook says, “The soup is really good.” This is shrimp vermicelli wonton soup, which has shrimp wonton and imitation shark fin in Cantonese style soup. Miran and Sook like the soup. Sook asks to order one more of each. Yoon Joo complains that they can’t finish it and she is full. Sook asks, “You’re full? Don’t say it, Yoon Joo.” Yoon Joo whines, “Why? I ate a lot though.” Sook adds, “You can’t go on trip with us like that.”

Miran wanted to eat rice. Sook asked what Miran want to order. Miran replied that she wanted chicken and mushroom steam rice. Sook definitely checked that option. However, first and second servings didn’t have rice. Miran asks, “Let’s ask them when is our rice coming out…” Se Young is going to ask about the steam rice, order more siu mai and shrimp vermicelli wonton soup. Miran complains, “Ah, it breaks the flow!” Se Young soothes, “No, don’t worry eonnie. Please eat this.” Sook compliments Se Young’s English. Se Young only asks for siu mai and soup; she forgets about Miran’s steam rice. She reports, “Steam rice will take 5 min. #17 will take 10 min.” Finally Miran’s steam rice is out. This is chicken and mushroom steam rice. Miran says, “It’s my first rice today. My first rice.” Se Young confirms that congee is also rice. Miran corrects, “But that’s corn congee(?). Not rice.” Sook asks, “It’s rice though? [Miran is keen about corn.] Ok… dip with eggplant and eat it.” Sook is surprised by the amount of food. Miran asks, “You didn’t order double right?” Sook asks, “Steam rice is here again?” Se Young asks the staff if she made a mistake. Sook says, “Se Young, you eat it.”

Se Young asks, “What are we going to looking for?” Miran asks, “Hey, we are supposed to find the bakery?” They ask her where that place is. Yoon Joo says, “I think I know where we are.” Sook says, “Yoon Joo, pull yourself together!” They find the famous bakery. Yoon Joo asks, “Isn’t this place perfect to buy souvenirs?” Miran asks, “Oh, you can even try the sample.” Yoon Joo tells Sook to try the sample. She takes a bite and gives Sook the rest. Se Young asks what they are doing. Yoon Joo introduces the sample again. Se Young asks, “Why is eonnie eating everything?” She reports to Miran and Sook. Sook laments, “That XX did the same to me…” (lmao) Sook notices pumpkin seeds and is on rampage about them. As expected, she is a shopping fairy.

Yoon Joo informs, “We’re in trouble… We might miss our boat, so we need to run there.” Miran says, “Then let’s go somewhere else~” Sook adds, “Just skip the boat.” Miran advices, “We don’t have to strictly follow the itinerary. It’s ok to change it!” Yoon Joo says, “We’re supposed to ride the boat twice. Take the big ferry to see the night view. Get on to that luxurious cruise ship! But we won’t make it right now… We have to make it by 7:30 to get on the second boat (but it’s 6:40 now).” Sook says, “We still have time.” Yoon Joo adds, “But the traffic is bad now…” Miran adds, “Traffic tram is bad in Hong Kong.” Sook asks, “Then can I get off to buy more?” They try to console Yoon Joo. Sook asks, “We need to get on the boat right?” Joon Yoo replies, “First, we’ll take the ferry!” Sook asks, “For what?” Miran asks if they should wear dresses. Sook agrees, “Yea. We can’t wear sneakers~ I have many dresses at home!” Sook says, “We’re here! We’re here!” Yoon Joo says, “Kim Sook-nim’s tension is UP.” Yoon Joo tells them to run since they need to buy the tickets and get on the boat. The ticket machine does have Korean instructions. Yoon Joo tells them to each take a ‘1-by’ ticket. Miran asks if she meant one-way ticket.

Sook yells, “There’s no boat?! Did you check if there’s a boat?” Yoon Joo says, “It’ll arrive at 7:30.” Sook says, “That.. that ship is coming. The red one!” Miran asks, “Are we going to war?” Sook says, “This is good. I feel like a pirate.” Everyone is happy. Sook says, “I didn’t expect a lot, but it’s good.” Miran adds, “It’s nice to drink alcohol at night.” Sook says, “I visited Hong Kong many times, but it’s my first time on a boat here.” Yoon Joo comments, “I was scared at first bc of this pirate looking ship. But now it’s so relaxing here.” Sook likes the cool breeze. Se Young says, “We look like we’re the best here!” Se Young keeps asking about stars. Miran asks, “Is that just a drone?” Se Young mishears and asks, “Thor?”

Yoon Joo wants white wine. Sook and Miran order beers. Se Young wants red wine. They cheer their usual slogan, “Omo! You have to do this!” Sook says, “We’re in trouble. The alcohol is sweet!” Miran discovers Yoon Joo taking her selfie alone. Yoon Joo asks, “Do I look stupid?” After joining Yoon Joo’s selfie, Miran adds, “Double stupid!” Sook asks, “The light show is supposed to be at 8! But idk about now? [Se Young: here?] Yeah. Those buildings are supposed to shine their lights according to the music at 8. When I was over there, matching with music, I watched that laser-fire-light kinda like show. Seems like it’s starting since they suddenly turn off the fires. Now the music is turn off. It’s starting.” Yoon Joo says, “Oh. it’s really starting.” Sook asks if it’s Yoon Joo first time to watch it. Yoon Joo replies, “Yes, it’s my first time.” Sook adds, “Ah~ these country bumpkins.” Yoon Joo asks, “Isn’t it the fanciest thing in this world?” Miran adds, “It’s really dense.” Yoon Joo says, “Other cities’ views can’t compare to this! This mood makes me felt like I’m drunk!”

The live crab is shown to the customers before cooking. Sook says, “This is not the crab that we know. It’s plumb.” Miran adds, “I complained with [Se Young] earlier that we came all the way to Hong Kong. If we only got to eat dim sum, I would beat Yoon Joo to death. I asked her, ‘Shouldn’t we eat some crabs?'” Sook says, “If it’s not enough… let’s order scallop.” Miran says, “We can order other food too. Some thing new like pig’s bladder. [Sook: I won’t eat that.] How about pork tongue?” Se Young asks, “Did everyone finish digesting all of your food?” Miran comments, “You’ll feel alive after you eat. Try [that sauce.] It’s spicy.” Sook says, “Those are spicy peppers! Aw, that’s good. Hey, it’s a good kind of spiciness. I only tried the sauce and I know that this place is good.” This is Sook Leader’s pick, spotted babylon. Sook says, “Uhm.. Yummy. Yummy~” Yoon Joo likes the appetizer so far. These are Hong Kong’s typhoon shelter crab and clam soup. Sook says, “Ah, it’s really chewy!” Se Young yells, “Hot! Hot!” Sook stands up to help Se Young out. Sook says, “Here, Se Young. Eat it!” Se Young thanks Sook. Miran asks, “Why is that claw juicy?” Sook gives Yoon Joo a bite and says, “Crab is all about the claws!”

This is steamed scallops with glass noodle feat. cilantro. Se Young asks Miran if it’s hot and helps her to cool it down. Miran exclaims, “Omo!” Se Young asks, “For eonnie to say it first?!” Sook says, “It’s 100% yummy if Miran said, ‘Omo!'” Miran advices them to eat with garlic. As expected, youngest Se Young eats it in 1 bite. Se Young likes cilantro to go along with scallop. Miran agrees, “Without it, it’s just soy sauce alone.” Se Young says, “Yes. I’d be disappointed. The taste is alive~ I think my taste changes a little. I used to dislike cilantro. Now I find them alright.” Sook speaks in her Busan dialect, “Our Se Young grew up. You know how to eat cilantro too!” Se Young whispers to Miran, “S.” Miran asks, “Huh? Scallops!” Se Young asks, “No. Do you want it? You said you want some more scallops?” Miran orders 4 steamed scallops in Korean. (lmao!)

OMG~ Hong Kong is so so so nice!!!!! I wanna go there too~
The food and everything are my style.

I can tell that Yoon Joo was totally stressed out for this tour. Poor her! It was hard to go after Sook’s and Miran’s trips. Yoon Joo chose a good location though. She did a great job. For a day, they did many things and ate good food.
(Personally, I would hate to be a guide since I would always be anxious to watch my friends’ expressions about my itinerary. So I’ve usually volunteered to be the driver [for a road trip] and let other friends do the guiding. lol)

I apologize for the delay. It’s almost Thanksgiving here, so I’ve been making some preparations for my family dinner.

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