[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 37 Guests: IZ*ONE Eunbi & Yujin


Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

[Theme is My Rookie Days. Key and Hyeri are rookies when their group just debut. Hanhae has his own name tag. Stun gun Donghyun walks in. Seyun is a character from 11yrs ago. Narae is in her fashion No.5 from 7yrs ago. Shin Dongyup is the legendary rookie. Boom is in his costume from his solo “Let me play”.]
The guests are IZ*ONE’s Eunbi and Yujin. Eunbi starts to say the group’s greeting, but Dongyup also stands up. He is a special center. The rest laughs at him. Eunbi says that they have member 13 here.  Seyun says, “Let me say this…” Narae asks, “Wait a sec. Why are you jumping in?” Seyun clarifies, “Me. Me. Me. It’s me. I like IZ*ONE. [He was an extra member of IZ*ONE in tvN show “Heol Quiz”.] [He starts to explain his role during that time.]” Narae comments, “He sounds like a rookie.” Boom explains, “When he’s in those clothes, he has to contain himself.” Seyun says, “I played the thief then.” Eunbi asks him to go the greeting together. Key steps in, “Why are you so tensed? Relax your shoulders.” Boom introduces that it’s Eunbi and Yujin first time to meet Shin Dongyup and tells them to look at him.

Yujin is 16 years old. Hyeri and Narae ask, “You’re 16?” Yujin is in third year of middle school. Eunbi and Yujin are 8 years apart. Eunbi says, “We have generation gap. I like “Already One Year”, but she asked what song was this and why I was drunk in it. I asked if she didn’t know this song. She said she had no idea since it was a 2001er song.” Narae asks, “She didn’t know this song?” Key adds, “This song was like the national favorite.” Eunbi comments, “That was when I thought Yujin is really young.” Boom asks about Eunbi and Hyeri’s relationship. Eunbi replies, “When I was 17, I was a Girl’s Day’s backup dancer. I’m 1 year younger than Hyeri sunbaenim and we went to the same high school. Hyeri sunbaenim knew about it.” Hyeri explains, “Since we were always together, we talked a lot. Suddenly, she said, ‘Eonnie, I want to be a singer.’ [Eunbi: That’s right.] Inside, I knew it wasn’t easy and was worry for her, but I encouraged her. Then suddenly, she was on Produce. I recognized her right away. [Eunbi: Really?] She went there.” Dongyup adds, “Isn’t it good? IZ*ONE is the best now.” Boom promises to give them time to hang in kids cafe later.

Soondae Gopchang Round:
Yujin says, “I haven’t eaten soondae gopchang before.” Hyeri says, “She’s middle school 3rd year.” Boom adds, “So it’s like her 1st dish in her life.” Yujin adds, “I’d never had a chance to eat gopchang.” Hyeri wants to take Yujin to a yummy gopchang place, and Key agrees, “We have these.” However, gopchang and soju go well together… Boom says, “Soondae gopchang with yogurt… ooh. It’s the best.” Boom introduces the song is from IZ*ONE’s debut colleague. Eunbi thinks it’s JBJ95 sunbaenim. Hyeri suggests, “Or it can be a solo act debut, who is in a group? Is it oppa?” Key realizes, “Oh?! It’s Forever Yours.” Boom says, “It’s Celeb Five.” Boom realizes Narae is close with Celeb Five members. Narae says, “I’m really close with them! I know where the song was made and where they practiced it.” Boom asks, “Key promoted with them right? ‘Shotter’? Ah no, ‘Shutter’?” Boom says that song is Shutter from Celeb Five. Key complains that it’s a fast song. Seyun asks if anyone else has listened to this song. Yujin replies, “I watched their MV once.” Dongyup says, “I don’t really wanna see those girls on stage. I mean their visuals are so strong. I’ve only watched to see if they’re funny or not.” Seyun adds, “They focus on performance more.”

Soondae gopchang round: 1st listening~
Key asks, “What kinda lyrics have money in it?” Dongyup comments, “I heard many words, but they don’t make sense.” Seyun also says that he heard everything. Key is surprised that Yujin wrote more than him. Hyeri adds, “You know, usually families watch AmaSat together, so I heard youngest children can hear the best… even they don’t know the song. [Dongyup agrees.] So Yujin can hear the best out of us.” Boom adds, “Yujin is a lot younger than our viewer target.” Key agrees with Dongyup’s lyrics. Boom repeats, “‘Give me money’?” Hanhae comments, “It doesn’t make sense.” Dongyup and Narae criticize Hanhae’s lyrics about ‘dirty parents’. Hanhae justifies, “That was how I heard them.”

Eunbi stutters, “Oh.. It was.. like that.” Hyeri asks, “You said it yourself?” Boom clarifies, “That’s my job to say it.” Most have ‘naeilhae’ (tomorrow). Let’s see Middle School Syndrome Yujin’s board. Yujin has ‘we want to be on main page of portal sites’. The rest applauds. Yujin explains, “At first, I heard ‘naeil’ (tomorrow) or ‘maeil’ (daily), but it doesn’t fit with the context. ‘Shutter’ is about taking photos, so I figured it was ‘main’.” The rest says that she’s smart. Key asks if the 500,000 won is related to that. Narae thinks it’s the fee for advertisement. Hyeri asks, “So it’s a fee to pay for getting main page?” Narae argues, “No. It’s the fee to displace your banner ad.” Seyun comments, “I know why they use 500,000 won.” Boom asks him to sing his lyrics. Seyun asks, “Do I have to?” Narae says, “Sing them. What’s with you?” Seyun points out that he’s a rookie today. He thinks the cost to perform on stage is 500,000 won. Dongyup and Narae think Seyun’s lyrics don’t make sense. Key has ‘bumae-e’; Dongyup has ‘pume’; Narae has ‘dunwie’. Hyeri asks, “Is it ‘Boom-e’?” Narae asks, “Did you give them 500,000 won?” Dongyup asks, “Ah, broker?” Key adds, “For Boom, it’s 500,000 won.” Boom comments, “Don’t praise me. It’s a sensitive topic.” Donghyun knows why they need to pay 500,000 won. Narae asks, “Is that black magic?” Key says, “Just give him today’s close-up please.” Boom asks Eunbi and Yujin to learn close-up poses from Hyeri sunbae. Eunbi praises, “You’re so pretty.” Key gets the close-up; his paper is ‘Hello! Shiny contemporary band It’s SHINee❤︎’. (LMAO!) Key adds, “I will work hard.” Boom comments, “Like a mind of a rookie.”

[They failed the 1st listening round.]
Everyone agrees to choose the hint of revealing a word. They choose #11, which is ‘pul’ (full). Narae shouts, “Full make[up]!” No wonder Key heard ‘bumaee’. Dongyup reminds them of his ‘pume’. Narae says, “It’s not ‘hair’ but ‘full’.” Hanhae adds, “But nuna, we did have a good approach.” Hyeri adds, “Ah! They wore wigs, so they didn’t need it.” Narae and Dongyup agree. Hyeri says, “We’re almost there.” Key adds, “Can’t believe ‘full makeup’ is there.” Seyun asks what Boom is doing. Boom asks, “No. What’s coming?” Key points out that Boom is checking on his talent list. Boom asks, “So what’s everyone’s opinion? [Narae: Full makeup.] There are 3,000 words with the word ‘full’.” Key asks, “Is there any pool-ppang (t/n: breads or cookies) that cost 500,000 won?”
2nd listening round~
Boom says, “Y’all don’t have [the right answer] yet. Please write them down.” Dongyup realizes, “But it’s so different from the previous round. I can hear very clear.” Key asks, “Did you fix the music?” Hyeri and Narae ask, “You took something out right?” Boom replies, “Song Eunyi actually sang it herself this time.” Narae comments, “No wonder. Live is different.” Boom clarifies, “It’s the same as the previous one.” Boom tells Haetnim to slow down and don’t make it obviously. Narae tells them to clean their hands. Boom asks, “What is Eunbi’s role in the team?” Eunbi replies, “I’m a leader… and in charge of light purple.” The rest is confused. Boom explains, “We want to know if you’re a vocal, sub vocal or rap. Light purple?” Eunbi replies, “I’m in charge of both vocal and dance in the team.” Boom suggests Eunbi to create a dance on the spot. Key complains, “What do you mean ‘create a dance’?” Eunbi says, “I’ll dance to this song.” Narae and Dongyup applaud, “Good job.” CORRECT! Key comments, “That was fast. Ah, we need to check on the right lyrics.”
[Lyrics: We want to be on main page of portal sites. So we paid 500,000 won for full makeup.]

[Snack is mugwort rice ball with mung bean paste. Game is initial name of snack. Each will get to eat mugwort rice balls and the chip of his/her right answer.]
Yujin is correct with ‘Bbungiyo’ (Korean popcorn). Boom asks Yujin to express ‘Bbungiyo’ in order to get the snacks. Dongyup adds, “There are many 3rd year in middle school kids, who have never eaten it before.”
Key is correct with ‘Eomma Son Pie’ (Mother Touch Pie). The rest is jealous of Key. Boom points out they sit by a team of 2 and asks to do their cheer, Hanhae & Narae Hwaiting!  Our Victory, Our Snack Hwaiting! Aja Aja Hwaiting! Boom asks, “What’s your relationship status?” Narae replies, “We’re in a some.” Dongyup replies, “She’s my daughter’s friend.” Boom says, “Ok. We have various people here joining us.”
Eunbi is incorrect with ‘Ojing Ojing’. Hanhae is correct with ‘Ojingeo Jip’ (t/n: literal trans is Cuttlefish House, but I looked it up, it’s called Cuttlefish Snack.) Narae comments, “I hate that he’s hard working.” WRONG! Key wants to challenge and gets the snack. (LOL!)

Narae is correct with ‘Dodohan Nacho’ (Proud Nacho). Key comments, “I understand if Seyun hyung, Donghyun hyung and Dongyup sunbae are left, but Eunbi?” Eunbi says, “I like box snack more.” Eunbi is correct with ‘Butter Coconut’ (biscuit). Dongyup demonstrates ‘heot bbada’ (t/n: stuck-out tongue sounds like ‘butter’ and he’s standing next to a coconut tree. lol)
Dongyup is correct with ‘Kkulkwabaegi’ (Honey Flavored Twist Snack). Hyeri says, “He must really wanna eat those!” Dongyup comments, “If I can go back to school, I wanna attend Mokpo Girls’ High School.”

[The song is Good Person by Park Hyo Shin.]
Shrimp Curry Round: 1st listening~
Narae: Ok! Boom says, “Oh, Narae just said ok.” Donghyun wrote everything down. Hyeri wonders about today’s difficulty level. Boom asks, “That much? It’s chaos here. Donghyun, Hanhae and Narae are flying.” Donghyun announces, “If I’m able everything down, it’s a great work.” Boom continues, “But Mun Seyun is not flying.” Seyun comments, “It ends with the 1st verse.” Hyeri says, “Wow. It’s crazy.” Narae adds, “Ya, it’s good! We’ll get to eat.” Boom asks if Eunbi is doing a musical. Seyun is sure with his ‘hurting feelings’ and ‘you didn’t’. They are the same as Yujin’s. Seyun is certain the last word is ‘neol’ (you). Boom asks Seyun to connect ‘you’ from a deep voice (Park Hyo Shin’s singing technique) to cow mooing. Boom says, “It works.” Key adds, “It’s a new discovery.”

[They failed the 1st listening, so they are discussing what hint to use. There are 2 factions around Key and Hanhae. Key thinks they’re ‘ulmyeonseo’ (cry) and ‘neol’ (you), but Hanhae thinks they’re ‘ohmyeonseo’ (come) and ‘neo’ (you).]
Hanhae says, “I think ‘neo’ (you) is right. Let’s see ‘ohmyeonseo’ (come).” Key argues, “If ‘neo’ (you) is right, I’ll back off from ‘ohmyeonseo’ (come).” Dongyup compromises, “If #9 turns out to be ‘ulmyeonseo’ (cry), we have to listen to Key and go with ‘neol’ (you). Because we were wrong when we have ‘ulmyeonseo’ (cry) and ‘neo’ (you).” Hyeri asks, “What about ‘ohmyeonseo’ (come)?” Key says, “We’ll think about it later.” Boom announces, “Out of you two, one is gonna dress as Christmas chimney if he’s wrong. This is what it looks like. [Key: When did he draw that?] One of you. [Narae: Isn’t that a sauna?] This is where Santa coming down from. You have to wear this for filming.” Hanhae adds, “You can’t even join the company dinner.” Seyun adds, “Seems like you won’t get your performance fee.” Boom asks, “So is it ‘ul’ (cry) or ‘oh’ (come)?” Flashback, Hanhae has never won against Key. Is it different today? He got the close-up and remembered lip movement. He is sure that he is right. So what is their fate? The word is ‘ul’ (cry). Key won. Hanhae lost. Hyeri yells, “Lee Hanhae ya.” Key angrily says, “I said ‘neol’ (you) from the start.” Hyeri and Narae soothe, “‘Neol’ (you) is right.” Boom tells Hanhae to receive his soon-to-be portrait. Hanhae comments, “I feel this once again… I’m gonna stay loyal to Kibum.” Hyeri adds, “If ‘neol’ (you) is right, [Key] oppa needs to quit this show.” Key asks, “I have to quit? [Hyeri: Uhm. Graduate!] Everyone except me needs to quit. What are you saying?” Seyun declares, “We need Key! If we don’t want to starve ourselves!”

Shrimp Curry Round: 2nd listening~
Seyun discovers the way to hear better. Everyone is amazed by that. The rest argees with ‘neol’ (you). Dongyup clarifies, “It was clearly ‘neo-eol’, ‘neo-eol’!” Key complains, “I get hurt every week. My heart isn’t ready to knock out company dinner later.” Narae asks, “So are you saying you won’t come to the dinner?” Seyun adds, “[Hanhae,] you sit here from now on. Don’t be far from us.” Key is writing a big ‘neol’ (you) in red. Seyun praises, “Key is doing great. Genius. He’s good.” Narae comments, “Why are you making it scary?” Dongyup says, “If we listened to Key, each would have his/her own plate.” CORRECT! Donghyun praises, “Key is daebak. He’s different.”  Seyun comments, “[AmaSat] is too small to contain Key.” They let Key to eat a plate by himself since they’re sorry. Seyun says, “We three need to sign up for cram school.” Eunbi says, “Thanks for the food.” Yujin says, “It’s really delicious.” Boom wants to have a taste. Seyun asks him to talk about ‘crying’. Key wants to see Boom’s expression of the snack name with his body. Boom complains, “Eh. How do I do it?” Hyeri shouts, “Incorrect!” Hanhae adds, “Really wrong.”
[Lyrics: You didn’t show me any hurting feelings even though you cried all those days.]

Next week preview: SNSD’s Hyoyeon and NCT’s Doyoung

Doyoung: I know how to do it.
Hyoyeon: He’s not funny, but he keeps doing it. He won’t listen.
Dongyup & Hyeri: Should we tell you our know-how?
Donghyun: Let me tell you my know-how.
Boom: It’s deja vu once again.
Key: Nah. You have to listen well again.
Doyoung: Ah. It’s hard.

HAHAHAHAHAHA Key was hurt once again!!!! This was hilarious. I can’t never get tired of the members’ interactions. They are way to comical, like Hyeri-Key sibling fight, Key-Hanhae battle, Seyun-Donghyun-Hanhae combo, Dongyup the Uncle, Narae the Next-Level Costumer, Secured-screen-time Boom, and Food Taster Haetnim. (That random draw of Christmas chimney was hilarious!!!) At this rate, I don’t see Key losing on a bet. AmaSat needs to bring someone stronger to defeat Key or Hanhae really needs to attend cram school. LMAO!

The translation for this episode was easy breezy. The songs, snacks and everything else were nice~ That snack game was so creative!

Hopefully, I’ll be on time with next episode. Next week, I’m gonna be out of town, so we’ll see~

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