[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 29 Guests: SHINee Minho and Park Jisun Part 1

Amazing Saturday
Amazing Saturday

This is just English translation of video clips from the show.

Justin Still-Bieber Hanhae *walks in*:  You have to lower the pant this much!
Seyun *reveals*:  You walk in as [normal] Bieber?
Key *screams*: BoA-chan!!! Daisuki~~~ [Yellow is BoA’s color.]
Boom *looks at Hyeri*: Wait! What’s wrong with you?
Hyeri *raps*: My name is Lee Hyeri. In reverse, it is also Lee Hyeri. (lee and ri are pronounced the same.)
Boom *asks Hyeri*: What can you do in 10 minutes? (Lee Hyori’s famous song)
Hyeri *points at the food table*: I can eat them all [in 10 min]!
Everyone laughs at Donghyun, who is dressed as Chu Sung Hoon in his airport fashion.
Boom is shocked at Narae, who is Lee Hye Young’s big fan, Na Hye Young. They applaud her effort at dressing exactly like the real singer.
Hyeri: Eonni! You ate something before coming right?
Narae: She caught me!
Boom tells them to greet Justin Bieber.
Hyeri and Narae: He’s supposed to be Justin Babo!!!!!
Hyeri: [Last week] no one mentioned the bet but Hanhae alone.
Seyun: You have to watch what you’ve said!
Hyeri: So true
Boom: Don’t you usually see that person in South America? In makeup section?
Key: Yeah~
Key *comments on Hanhae’s face*: This is way too funny. Don’t get caught in a bet~
Hanhae: My mom is gonna be surprised!
Key: Whatever you say now, you don’t look convincing!
Everyone: Oh, look at him laughing!
Dongyup: Don’t smile just for today~


Minho absolutely hates sitting next to Key.
Key *retorts*: Neither do I want to have goosebumps!
Boom asks Minho to explain.
Minho: There’s a fixed place for each member and he’s always next to me, so we’re together most of the time. Whenever we go, he constantly nags right beside me.
Hyeri *agrees*: Yeah, he nags all the time.
Minho: Currently, Key and I share a room..
All: Aieeee… you must be tired!!
Minho: So I asked to be as far away from him as possible in this show.
Dongyup: We understand your concern thanks to our filming with Key on AmaSat.
Hyeri *shudders*: Eueuk eoheuk
Dongyup: Truthfully, this is Key’s AmaSat.
Narae: Amazing Key on Saturday
Boom has heard that Minho has watched the show regularly.
Minho: I wanna pay attention to Key’s show, but mainly it’s his fault that I have to watch the show many times. He brought his tablet over, turned on AmaSat and kept giggling haha hoho … making me curious. One day, he turned the volume really high, and it was the day that he was very active.
Key: I wanted him to hear, so I laughed aloud to let him know that our show is very entertaining!!
Hyeri *agrees*: Me too, it’s the most fun when I’m on the screen!
Everyone says that he must be good at guessing lyrics then.
Minho: It’s hard for me to remember lyrics. During our song promotion, I’ve only memorized my parts.
Hyeri *whispers to Narae*: We’re ruined…
Minho: But Key memorizes not only his part but the whole song. We have many Korean and Japanese songs. He even memorizes Japanese lyrics of those songs. So just view him as a pervert! Lyric pervert!


Jisun says that she’s close with Hanhae.
Dongyup *jokes*: As long as the person is handsome!?
Narae: From what I know, Park Jisun is the comedian Warren Buffett. She invests in handsome or do-well idols. [Main investment = SHINee] She raises them well.
Dongyup: But she doesn’t invest in new people. She focuses on long-time idols.
Jisun: I got to know them 7 years ago.
Narae: That’s right. You have to invest early.
Hanhae says that Jisun took really good care of him when he just debuted.
Jisun: So it’s sad for me to see Key-Hanhae’s rivalry. Hanhae is nice, bright and most sincere among hip hop people. But no matter how nice he is, he can never beat a talented person! Key is a talented person. He knows 4 languages, Japanese, English, Mandarin and Korean. Say something in Japanese! These people don’t believe me!
Jisun *continues*: He sings well, dances well, is sociable, entertaining and even acts well. He is an acting genius! Act something! Show a tearjerking act! I think AmaSat is too small to contain our talented Key. Let’s take him to a bigger place. Why are you here?
Boom has heard that there is someone in the cast members that Jisun really respects.
Jisun: I don’t know if I like this person, but I respect him/her a lot. It’s Shin Dongyup seonbaenim. He doesn’t want to be a person who curses and/or sulks on broadcast. So I wrote on my diary that I shouldn’t curse and sulk whenever and wherever. Therefore, my goal for today is not about getting answers right, but showing kindness without cursing or sulking.
Dongyup: However here is a gathering of sulking, bragging and cursing. Though Jisun makes a really good point. We shouldn’t be sulking or bragging or cursing.
Boom introduces Haetnim. Jisun says that she watches Haetnim and has become her fan since a long time ago.
Narae: See, she invests in all of the ones that will turn out well.
Jisun: Now I alone need to do well!!!


During Jisun’s interview, the show’s writers have asked her which music period does she know better, new songs or the 90s songs. She replied that she has been listening to mostly new songs and is confident with them. However, staffs choose the 90s song. She says that one shouldn’t trust the show’s staffs!!!
Seyun: Are you sulking now?
Jisun: That’s why I’m thankful. I take back my discontent. I want to say that I love you, staffs~
Boom: Let’s listen to the song!
Seyun is right about the ddaradira dindin part! But he doesn’t remember it!


Jisun repeats again that Key is a talented person and asks him to say something in English. She tells him to not save it and show it off. To her, Key is like a native speaker. (Please do it, so I don’t need to translate hahaha!)
Let’s see Key’s board! He is sure of “na” and “neun ji”.
Let’s see Minho’s board! Minho claims that he hears “impulse buy” and questions if the term is used in the 90s.
Hanhae: I wrote a lot.
Hyeri *chuckles*: With a face like that…?
Key: I told you that you don’t look persuasive today.
Jisun: Do you know Hangeul (Korean alphabet)?
Hanhae: I feel like a real babo with this getup, but I wrote a lot.
Hanhae is sure of “na eui moseub” and Hyeri agrees.
Jisun says that her lyrics match with the before-lyrics.


They use the chance to re-listen to the song.
Jisung and Dongyup find the missing lyrics.
Key and Hanhae both confirm their same lyrics. Narae hears “chicken”. Jisun hears “ga ggeum” (sometimes), and Dongyup stands up clapping and high-fiving Jisun.
Dongyup: Ok, now everything makes sense. I’m gonna feed everyone each portion of toast.
Jisun: But that is my lyrics! He stole my answer.
Dongyup *clarifies*: If it isn’t for Jisun, Minho and Seyun, I won’t be able to solve the puzzle. [He continues to explain his lyrics.]
While everyone celebrates, Hanhae alone denies it.
Key: Can you please just let it pass quietly for once?
Seyun: Rewind! Rewind!
Hanhae *finally agrees*: Those lyrics are right…
Seyun: Shin Dongyup did it!
Boom: This is the best bragging!
Dongyup: It’s my 3rd win. Please wait for my 4th win, everyone!


Hanhae: Along with the Gods… (Incorrect!)
Boom calls Key’s name. Dongyup bitterly says that he raises his hand first. [All can tell that is cursing.] Dongyup’s caption are sulking and cursing. Everyone is like he curses.
Key: Don’t be sulky!!
Dongyup *changes his words and says softly*: Did you know that I raised my hand first? But it doesn’t matter bc Key probably doesn’t get it. [He let Key go before him.]

Key: Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days (Correct!)
Dongyup: I thought he was gonna say Along with the Gods 2.
Narae: Masquerade (Correct!)
Dongyup: Untold Scandal (Correct!)
Narae: I should have just drawn 1 snot. [Because Hanhae looks extra babo.]
That’s how Hanhae becomes a babo.

To be continued (Click here for part 2)

That lady Park Jisun talked way too much. She’s funny so I let it go.
It was so hilarious about sulking, cursing and bragging. hahahaha
I love the chemistry of the cast members!!!! They can tease each other effortlessly~

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

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