[Playlist] Three Hundred Performances



Eight groups of singers include Loco & Gray, UV, Kim Yeon Ja, Weki Meki, Wheesung, iKON, Vibe Yoon Min Soo and Lovelyz. Each singer or group attempts to gather 300 fans to form teams and pit her/himself or themselves against one another in a battle of performances.

Ep. 1 with Loco & Gray and UV Yoon Seyoon & Muzie


Ep. 2 with Kim Yeonja and Weki Meki


Ep. 3 with Wheesung and iKON

Ep. 4 with Vibe Yoon Min Soo and Lovelyz

Final ep. with Wheesung, Yoon Min Soo, Kim Yeonja and Loco & Gray



I love these performances, so I decide to make a playlist.
I keep having goosebumps when I hear 술이야 – Drinking from Vibe Yoon Min Soo. What a great song!!!! His choice for final song was a letdown for me. (Don’t get me wrong; the song was great but not for this performance!)
I was surprised by Loco & Gray when I watched the 1st episode. And I kept re-playing their video actually. I feel like they won because of their 300 fans!!! What an energetic crowd that was!!!
Wheesung and his fan absolutely won me over. They were so endearing and entertaining. I know Wheesung had been through tough times, so I was glad his 300 fans made him smile.
Other groups’ 300 fans did great too. This show was quite entertaining for the interactions between artists and fans. That was adorable!!!

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