Current Manga/Webtoon Reading List



The reason I’m making this list is to remember manga/webtoon I’ve read so far; in case I want a quick review later on. I’ve finished reading so many manga, there were great ones and not so memorial ones. If I have time, I do want to reread, but I just don’t remember their names right away. Hence, this is the reason of this post.

On top of my head, the only manga that I always remember to reread is Red River, aka Anatolia River. I read this together with my sister and cousins back in Vietnam. I remember we would wait every week for the manga to be released, then rode my cousin’s bike to borrow the manga. Renting manga was the trend back then (hah); we would only buy complete sets if we were really into them. The renting bookstore was actually functioned like a library but with a payment subscription. And with my cousin broken bike, she would take either my sister or me or herself alone to go to the closest renting bookstore. I was really young back then, and Red River had scenes that were not appropriate for, let’s say, pre-teens (hah). Because I read what my sister and cousins read and I was really was young then, I didn’t think much about it (too innocent hah). Ah memories are coming back~
I can go on and on about our memories of reading manga in the old days, but I will save it for another day. It’s not the purpose of this post anyway.

Before I go on, I need to mention my preferences, the genres that I usually read.
Definitely-read genres: shoujo, romance, fantasy, school life, drama, slice of life, mystery
Need-to-consider genres: adventure, action, comedy, historical, isekai, shounen, game, psychological
Though I must say, nowadays I’m really into isekai for some odd reasons (hah). The idea of reincarnation to another world really tickles my fancy. (I’m a dreamer after all.)
My must-read manga are those that involve solving crimes like detective Conan or Kindaichi. Yes, I was raised reading these manga even before shoujo kinds. (Same for dramas, if I can watch only 1 between detective and romcom, guess what I will pick?!)

This is my current reading list, obviously for ongoing manga/webtoon. (I might make another list for the completed ones.)

Tower of God (totally recommended for the fantasy kinda story)
Kakao 79% (love discovery of childhood friends but very stuffy plot)
– Kochou no Yumeji (superb arts, isekai and very dreamy~)
– Shen Yi Di Nu (refreshing story plot in the historical period)
– Wo Zai Hougong Dang Ju Ju (cute couple and good comedy)
– Cover the Sky (not really into it, but it’s good to kill time)
– Prince Don’t Do This (same as above)
– Wangjuede Siyou Baobei (love her twin children)
– My Phoenix’s On Top (isekai but chinese version)
Queen with a scalpel (double isekai?! hahaha but interesting)

Manga: (these only include the ones that are 10 chapters and above or the sure-reads even with less than 10 chapters)
Kusuriya no Hitoritgoto (currently also read the light novel released weekly on Monday, mystery with historical setting)
Yakusoku no Neverland (wow, awesome plot, seriously recommended if you’re into fantasy with great twists, my Monday weekly release)
– Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika nai Akuyaku Jeijou ni Tensei shitte shimatta (the start of my tickles, eye opening and funny plot, Bakarina; also read light novel)
– Jishou Akuyaku Reijou na Konyakusha no Kansatsu Kiroku (isekai, girl gets reincarnation but the main character is her crown prince fiance)
– Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita (isekai, very chillax)
The Vengeful White Cat Lounging on the Dragon’s King Lap (isekai, cute girl and boy, good potential but not much going on yet)
– Otonari Complex (childhood friends to lovers, discovery of love)
L❤︎DK (live together unexpectedly and later on start dating, actually read the raw ending already and watched the live action)
– Pureun Yuri (wow at the arts, story is a little messed up thou)
– Niehime to Kemono no Ou (very different from what I’ve read so far, nice change)
– Detective Conan (possibly the longest and oldest manga that I’ve read and still am reading/following)
– Otoyomegatari (pretty arts and good information of a very distinct culture)
 Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami (isekai, main plot is not really my cup of tea)
– World’s End Harem (harem is not my style, but I do appreciate the main plot)
– Tomo chan wa Onnanoko (simple and cute, just 1 page, easy read)
– Mousou Telepathy (same as above)
– Horimiya (main couple is just perfect and their friends are amazing!! Monthly release is a pain thou 😒)
– Momoiro Heaven! (‘pure’ love story, nah joking, there’s up and down but relationship is strong)
– Koi desu ga Koi Janai (finally a shoujo where the girl is not permissive, but the guy is?!)
– Hoshi to Kuzu – Don’t Worry, Be Happy (student council president and vice-president couple)
– Maid kara Haha ni Narimashita (isekai in the world of magic)
– Tenju no Kuni (pretty arts, good info on Tibet’s culture in the old times, similar to Otoyomegatari)
– Suijiin no Hanayome (isekai, historical, supernatural, what’s not to love?)
– Tensei Ouji wa Daraketai (isekai, just started so not much going on)
– Dragon in the Kitchen (intriguing story about a lonely girl raising a pet dragon)
In Another World, I’m Called: the Black Healer (you guess it?! Isekai haha)
– Houkago, Koishita (cute arts but not really cup of tea, on the verge of dropping)
 Ore Yome. – Ore no Yome ni Nare yo (childish but why am I still reading?! one of those manga that draws way too much blushes on girl’s and boy’s, not feeling it~)
– Koiiro Devil (really wanna drop but I think it’s about to finish?!)
– Shinobi Quartet (ninjas and a kind rich girl)
– Tsubasa to Hotaru (stuffy plot but nice art so forgivable)
– Isekai de Cafe o Kaiten Shimashita (hello keyword ‘isekai’, cooking with cute knight)
Tonari wa Nani o Kuu Hito zo (cute neighbor who knows how to cook, read the raw ending already)
 Strange and Beautiful (all I wanna know is who is the goblin bride???)
– Watashitachi wa Koi wo Shiranai (wow, just started but super cute~)
– 37 Year Old Kindaichi Hajime Cafe Files (why is he a coward now after 20yrs?)
 Game – Suit no Sukima (smut, change of mood, grown-up world)
– Sokushi Shigani: Road to Bath (isekai with a clean-freak girl)
 Watashi-tachi no Himitsu Jijou (she’s terrified of men; he’s scared of women)
– Mahoutsukai no Konyakusha (isekai, magic world, and hot boy wizard! enough said)
– Saving 80,000 Gold Coins in the Different World for my Old Age (isekai but allow to travel between 2 worlds)
Koi toka, Kiss toka, Karada toka (typical shoujo, good read regardless)
Mikami Sensei no Aishikata (a little weird, teacher-student relationship is not my cup of tea, but he’s her childhood’s friend.. making it a tiny bit better?!)


Iffy manga: (just-starting, need to wait for development to decide, so I won’t have much to say about it)
Chouchou Koi (girl + ex meet again)
– Zettai ni Tokimeite wa Ikenai! (girl gets a hot stepbrother)
Kantan Dakedo, Mendokusai (girl falls in love with anyone who is kind to her)
Satsuriku no Tenshi (mystery and psychological, really dark!)
 Yagami-kun wa, Kyou mo Ijiwaru (typical shoujo)
Atsumori-kun no Oyome-san (girl escapes arrange marriage by leaving for Tokyo)
 Shirobara-sama no Iu toori. (aka Cinderella)
 Sakuraba-san wa Tomaranai! (typical shoujo)
Detective Lady (oh hello, attractive title~)
 Apart Mate (smut, ecchi .. a change of mood)
– Mahou Tsukai to Hoshi Furu Niwa (magic, enough said!)
– Ohayou, Oyasumi, Aishiteru (love and live in the same house)
– The Unusual Life of a Retired Demon King (isekai but boring plot)
– Ato nimo Saki nimo Kimi dake (stupid girl and her player bf!! why am I reading this?)
– Ashita, Naisho no Kiss shiyou (secret love, hottie bf, reverse high school debut wut?)
Shunkan Gradation (typical shoujo)


Dropped manga: (Usually I don’t drop manga, but it’s the manga that is being dropped from translation.)
– Chang Ge Xing (writer has copyrighted problem; really want to read further~)
– The Sound of Your Heart (still on my list but I haven’t read for a long time)

After making this list, I think I should make a list of “ancient” manga. To me, ancient is one of those I’ve read and/or finished a long long time ago back in Vietnam. For example, Doraemon, Detective Connan and Red River would definitely be on this list. I do have some other manga in mind, but I can’t remember their Vietnamese titles. I need to do a thorough search before I even make a post about them.

So what is on your list? Are we reading the same manga? Let me know in the comment below~

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