[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 28 Guests: Girl’s Day Sojin and Yura

Amazing Saturday

Girl’s Day members are always funny and so chill. I kinda miss this kind of variety from older generation idols.
This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

This week’s theme is Show Me the Amazing Saturday, inspired by Show Me the Money. Shin Dongyup is a hip hop godfather, MC Shin Bum. Mun Seyun is Swing, MC Snack (Swing Snack brand). MC Hyeri has strong force but is bad at rapping. Key is fake Hanhae. Hanhae is himself wearing his formal suit from SMTM’s performance. MC Narae looks exactly like Jessi, even her voice is similar. Because of last week’s purnishment, Donghyun is Cone-head MC. Guests are Girl’s Day Sojin and Yura.

Boom: Lower your volume for these people. Really daekbak! Lower their appearance’s cost, they come to support their youngest member. Living under hip hop spirit (?), they have come out to the show. Please welcome the reliable big sisters!
Baby sis, big sisters are here.
Girl’s Day: Sojin X Yura
Sojin: What do we do?
Hyeri: You didn’t watch the show?
Boom: It’s been awhile, Hyeri, join them.
Hyeri: What awhile? You always ask me to dance.
Boom: Let’s do Expectation.
Everyone celebrates.
Hyeri: What’s this?
Why are they so shy?
Oldest sister takes the lead.
Turn on idol eyes.
No matter how you look at it, it’s a seducing yet charming dance.
Everyone applauds.
Narae: They’re really a girl group.
The big sisters have come to support Hyeri!
Explosive Intellectual Beauty Oldest Sister
Fatal Happy Virus, Catching Two Hares in Her Hands (means in drama and TV show)
Lovely Girl’s Day: Sojin X Yura

Boom: I heard Hyeri told Girl’s Day members a lot about Amazing Saturday cast members?
Narae: Really? What did you tell them?
Sojin: She said Hanhae is an angel.
Hanhae: Why do you ignore me here?
Hyeri: When did I do that?
Key: Isn’t it from the start?
Hyeri: I treated you nicely though!
Hanhae *self-exam*:Coming to this show, I realize I have an inferiority complex.
Dongyup: He agreed with what Hyeri said, that’s why.
Angel Hanhae who accepts everything
Boom: And next?
Sojin: Seyun oppa is always so nice.
(All are nice?)
Sojin: Everything is nice, and I realize that she must meet a lot of good people here.
Boom: What about Narae?
Yura: Narae eonni too, an angel, who takes really good care of Hyeri
Boom: But the expression “angel” is …
They use a lot of “angel” for expression.
Hyeri (self-diss): Unlike me, I think all are nice.
Ah, Hyeri was the standard?
Boom: Comparing to Hyeri, all are angels.
Dongyup: True, true!
Boom: What about Key? Because they are like real siblings.
Yura: She didn’t say much. No mention at all.
Narae: But truthfully, these two are like best friends.
Yura: Ah, really?
Key *not angel but bum*: I don’t think I’m an angel in her eyes.
Boom: This person eats as much as Hyeri, Small Appetite Haetnim.
Haetnim: Yap~ It’s Small Appetite Haetnim, but my belly ain’t small.
Boom: Fail!


Boom: The song y’all will listen to is famous to whole world, Fake Love.
Boom: Shin Dongyup, you know this song right? Fake Love~
Dongyup *grooving*: Fake Love~ I know! I know! It’s hard to sing in the middle.
Boom: Key, you remember this song right?
Key: Of course. This song got 1st place and we lost.
Boom: I’m so sorry…
Key *cool*: Doesn’t matter now. You have to slowly get out of the way for hoobaes (young gen).
Boom: Sojin, you’ve listened to this song on the car, yeah?
Sojin: I don’t have the chance to…
Boom: You don’t listen to music?
Yura: Don’t lie. You don’t even know “shy shy shy”.
Key: That shows her age.
Seyun: Don’t treat elderly like that.
Yura: Fans asked her to do “shy shy shy,” she was “shot shot shot shot~ everybody~”
Yura: We were all <???>
Sojin: Mina, HB, what is “shy shy shy”? Shot shot shot shot that?
Mina: Pwahahaha. Eonni, you don’t really know?
Sojin: What is “shy shy shy”?
Mina: Eonni, really, you don’t know?
Sojin: What? What is it?
Yura: Ahahahaha
Sojin: What is it?
Yura: Too funny
Sojin: Tell me. Tell me!
Boom: Even Dongyup knows the dance “shy shy shy” and TT.
Yura: There is no way she knows Fake Love!
Sojin: But “shot shot shot” is also a popular song.
Narae: But that was an old song…
Seyun: She wanna be funny
Boom: That’s a famous song from hip hop club 1st gen.
Boom: When Fake Love was revealed, Sojin wrote something down. Let’s see it.
Seyun: Fan Club?
Sojin: Why? Why?
Hyeri: Today we’re ruined!
Narae: Yea, ruined!
Key rolls on the floor laughing~
Sojin: It’s not it? What is it then?
Everyone: Fake Love
Yura: The opposite of True Love
Sojin *realizes*: Ah, what to do? I’m sorry.
Donghyun *helps*: Sound almost the same
Boom: Help her like you did with Yang Hee Eun
1st Listening Time
Boom: Music! Listen! Like! Bites! Global Advance! Eutjja
Yura: You only know that dance?
Sojin: When is it out?
Seyun: When you hear dididi

Seyun: Now, you can start writing.
Yura: Can you replay it one more time? Oh you can’t.
Boom: You didn’t watch the show right?
Dongyup: Let’s make Girl’s Day members our fixed cast. They’re definitely juniors (hoobaes), but it feels like they are seniors (seonbaenim).
Boom: Let’s see MC Thimble’s board.
Dongyup: You have big ears and you can’t hear much?
Donghyun: When writing the lyrics, my head was in the way. I can’t hear… much.
Boom: Let’s see Swing’s board. (Seyun’s)
Seyun talks like Swing.
Seyun: As I was writing, next to me she said, “Oh woa you didn’t write much.” It hurts my ego. I told her everything like a grandma.
Sojin: I think there’s a problem with the seat.
Everyone: Yup.
Sojin: Huh? That’s true? These two guys have many blanks.
Boom: Sojin, you can give them answers like a leader.
Sojin: My writing is perfect. I heard everything from 1st line.
Yura: Oh I heard everything from 2nd line.
Seyun: Ah this group has always been like this.
Narae: Hyeri is not the weid one! She is well-behaved. *points to Yura* She’s loud.
Hyeri: My ears
Dongyup: Girl’s Day is the most noisy group.
Boom: Let’s see Sojin’s board.
Yura: You don’t know the song?
Seyun: Oh, your rap is not a joke!
Boom: She got acknowledge by Swing!


Hyeri sings out the lyrics.
Boom: Let’s see Yura’s.
Yura sings out the lyrics.
Sojin: That sounds right.
Hanhae: Yura’s lyrics and mine are similar.
Boom: Let’s see Hanhae’s.
Hanhae: Oh really similar
Hanhae: Same last line
Boom: Let’s see the one-shot of who has the most correct lyrics.
Yura: I’m sensitive when it comes to food.
Boom: She won over Key and her members.
Sojin: What did you write?
Yura sings out her lyrics.


Donghyun: Is this one-sided love?
Hanhae: It isn’t.
Dongyup *explains the lyrics*: He lied to make himself look good, but that hurts him more later on.
Hanhae: When he was tired, he could pretend like it wasn’t.
Donghyun: Don’t live like that.
Dongyup: [Key] just got a lightbulb moment.
Key: Let’s see my board first.
Boom: Open Key’s board!
Key: I actually didn’t hear much, but I think my 1st line seems correct. For the 2nd line, I saw Dongyup’s first then Yura’s. I figure it’s kyeol jeom (flaw). Then the lyrics before it makes sense.
Narae: If it’s yeol jeom (passion), it doesn’t make sense.
Yura: Yeol jeom can be right too bc ladies doesn’t like too much yeol jeom (passion).
Boom: Oh! Yura is so strong, blocking Key.
Yura: Hidding passion to focus on love
Key: But the before-lyrics are “For you, I could pretend like I was strong when I was hurt.” It sounds like kyeol jeom (flaw).
Yura: If you look at it that way, it does make sense too.
Key: There are 3 Hyeri’s right here. It’s tiring!
Narae: Feels like 3 Hyeri’s
Dongyup: Should we use the chance to listen again? Let’s see what’s the next food?
Narae: That place BongPyeong is famous for buckwheat. It means the food will contain buckwheat. In my opinion, buckwheat is weak in that dish.
Everyone: Yup, very weak!
Narae: That’s why it’s either buckwheat roll pancake or noodle.
Dongyup: I think roll pancake is for snack time and after that, it’s buckwheat noodle.
Donghyun: How about roll pancake and noodle come out together?
Narae: But that’s not right. The two were shot separately.
Everyone: Ah, that’s not a set~
Dongyup: So for everyone to have his/her own portion, let’s save that chance for 2nd song.

Boom: Let’s have Yura writing on the big screen.
Yura: Where to?
Boom: The answer seat!
Hyeri: You said you watched this show twice!
Yura: I did! I did! I watched everyone eating.
Narae: You only watched the short clips!
Yura: No, I watched the whole show.
Narae *talks to Hyeri*: You’re super behaved. Ah I like the lavender color.
Hyeri: Instead of kyeol jeom (flaw), is there anything else?
Narae: Yak jeom (weakness)? Yak jeom is weird right?
Hanhae: Yak jeom?
Hyeri: How’s yak jeom?
Sojin: It isn’t pretty to use in lyrics. (Really funny here so read extra trans at the end!!!)
Donghyun: Heo jeom (loophole)
Boom: Just say anything that ends with jeom, like Sin Jeom
Hyeri: Taro jeom (tarot reading)
Dongyup: Wang jeom (big mole)
Key: Jong jeom (Stop sign)
Jeom Jeom (Little by little)
Boom: Now, choose 1 of those mentioned.
Yura: He kept making us changed the words, ours must be right.
Seyun: Go with your first answer.
Boom: Let’s see the result of 1st round!
Hyeri: It doesn’t hurt, just take it.
Boom: Is it right?
Key: Nah, not right.
Narae: Fail… fail..
Narae: Is it hard?
Haetnim: I thought it’s tough, but the pollock is chewy.
Seyun: If you have to pay, choose one, sweet and sour chicken vs. sweet and sour pollock?
Haetnim: The sweet and sour pollock is more chewy and tasty.
Seyun: You dump chicken?

3rd Listening Round
Narae: It’s ram! (saram – person instead of sarang – love)
Hyeri: It’s weird.
Key: Idk if it makes any sense, let’s just use it.
Dongyup: Sarang saram ne mo deun?
Donghyun: After saram, it’s not kyeol jeom (flaw).
Yura: I’m sure of yeol jeom (passion).
Narae: Should we use Boom’s car hint? We can guess 1st and 2nd listening for the next food.
Dongyup: Ah, I see.
Donghyun: For next food, we just have to make sure not to reach 3rd round.
Dongyup: We can’t use Boom’s car hint before 3rd round anyway.
Boom: FYI, I have to see Girl’s Day talents before showing the hint.
Sojin: I’ll do it.
Boom: What are you gonna do?
Sojin: Underground parking garage
Dongyup: That’s new!
Sojin: I discovered it recently.
Hyeri: You found a talent at home?
Sojin: My sibling said the same thing! Ok, everyone closes your eyes and pretend you’re driving.
Dongyup: Omo
Hanhae: Sound similar
Boom: 70% succeed
Hyeri: I’m crying~
Everyone: Yura, save us~
Boom: Yura’s next, or Hyeri can do it too. She’s a member.
Yura: Moving throat talent
Everyone: OH? She has Adam’s apple?
Dongyup: It’s something a guy can be jealous of
Boom: It’s huge.
Yura *talks to Dongyup*: She has a bigger Adam’s apple than you.
Key: Bigger than Hanhae hyung’s
Dongyup: Yea, bigger
Narae: Can you accept it already?
Boom: Pass!
Yura: I found your talent!

Yang Sehyung’s famous buzzwords
Narae: Should I answer it or not?
Boom: You have to say it exactly the same, hardest question.
We’ll show the viewer the right answer first…
Yang Se Body Yang Se Body Body Body Yang Se Body
Everybody Shake the Body Let’s Go Body Come on Body
Jeju Do en Dageumbari (Jeju Island’s Perch)
Wrong Answer Party Go Go!!
Donghyun: Yang Se Body Shake it Body (Fail)
Sojin: Yang Se Body Yang Se Body Okay Body Shake it Body
Boom: Sound like an old person… Fail
Boom: There are 9 Bodies and 3 Yang Se Bodies.
Dongyup: Yang Se Body Yang Se Body Body Body Yang Se Body
Shake it Body (Fail)
Boom: Don’t write them down!
Narae: Yang Se Body Yang Se Body Body Body Yang Se Body
Everybody Shake it Body (Fail)
Dongyup *reads like a poem*: Yang Se Body Yang Se Body Body Body Yang Se Body Everybody Shake it Body Let’s Go Body Come on Body
Jeju Do en Dageumbari
Boom: 1 wrong word!
Sojin: How do you remember that?
Hyeri: You have to write them down!
Narae: Yang Se Body Yang Se Body Body Body Yang Se Body
Everybody Shake it Body (Fail)
Dongyup: You can’t look!
Hanhae: Yang Se Body Yang Se Body Body Body Yang Se Body
Everybody Shake it Body (Fail)
Boom: It’s not “shake it”.
Narae *look at her cheat sheet*: Yang Se Body Yang Se Body
Dongyup: Can’t look!
Narae: Body Body Yang Se Body
Everybody Shake the Body Let’s Go Body Come on Body
Jeju Do en Dageumbari
Boom: Correct!
Everyone: That was hard!
Narae: He’s my friend but that was too much!
Key: What’s wrong with her?
Boom: Are you two backup dancer?
Boom: Ok, next question! Are you curious? Open!
Hanhae: “It’s.. It’s..” that’s not right?
Donghyun: 500 won
Sojin: Ittneunde~ (Fail) It’s wrong!
Hanhae: If you’re curious, give me 500 won!
Boom: There’s something before that!
Seyun: Are you curious? If you’re curious, give me 500 won!
Boom: Correct!

Dongyup: Right now, we’re in a hurry. His expression doesn’t look good.
Narae: Earlier, he said we had enough screen time. He told us to go ahead and write the right lyrics.
Boom: OH…? Poison apple!
Narae: Should I come back to that character?
Seyun: You don’t even have an MV.
Narae: I shot an MV on Salty Road.
Hyeri: Sojin eonni has another talent.
Seyun: You have another one?
Boom: Yano Shiho? Show us Yano Shiho!
Sojin: I can’t do that well. *looks at Dongyup* He told me not to do that a long time ago.
Dongyup: Who? Me?
Sojin: But I’m really bad at it.
Dongyup: I want to remember why I told her no.
Hyeri: I’ll do Chu Seonghoon. (Yano Shiho’s husband)
Yura: Wheesung …
Key: You don’t have to do it!
Sojin: Dove
Seyun: Dove?
Key: Please stop…
Narae: That’s a sound of dove line?
Dongyup: Just do Yano Shiho!
Hyeri: Me! Me!
Yura: Do y’all know Pingu? (a toy)
Key: Of course I know.
Yura: I know how to imitate its voice. I can do the mom’s voice.
Key: It’s really the same.
Narae – what’s going on?
For those who don’t know…
Dongyup: If Key reacts like so, you have to approve it.
Boom: Ok, approve!

Boom: Wheesung “Love is Delicious”
Hanhae: Oh yea!
Boom: Oh? Hanhae?
Hanhae: I really know all lyrics.
Don’t wanna believe you
Hanhae: Seriously!
Narae: I think we won’t get to eat buckwheat noodle.
Hanhae: Ah! Seriously! I know like 2/3 of the song!
Hyeri: What if the other 1/3 comes out?
Hanhae: This song from Wheesung is mainly rap.
Yura: Ah? Really?
Boom: That’s a fact!
Hanhae: I heard the rap many times. I can really really really do it once I hear it.
Boom: That’s 3 really’s.
Dongyup: But those who got tricked once will get tricked again.
Everyone: So true
Dongyup: It sounds real, last time was the same..
Boom: Fortunately, this song is well-known. Tell us the truth, Sojin, do you know this song?
Sojin: Idk…
Boom: She wasn’t involved in a big accident right? Seems like she has memory lost
Seyun: You know Wheesung at least?
Hyeri: Her memory is bad.
Dongyup: I don’t have good memory too. But those people’s happy index is high.
Sojin: So true
Boom: Thanks for putting it in a nice way. Let’s listen to Love is Delicious.

Hanhae: I’m a big fan of Wheesung. I know his writing habits.
You said that every week.
Hanhae: Everyone, don’t get goosebumps. There are eo, i, eu rhymes. Wheesung always writes vocalic words at the end. That’s why it rhymes. I’m definitely sure of e.
Narae: What’s happen if you’re wrong?
Key: He drew a cone-head Hanhae!
Hanhae: Recommend me something. I’ll do it.
Boom: Anything?
Gollum, cross-dressing, wearing female makeup
Hanhae: I decided to do Justin Bieber next week already…
 Narae: Then you’ll be Justin Babo (Fool).
Boom: Ok, Justin Babo
Narae *tips*: It’s super easy to do fool dress-up with just a marker and toothpaste. You have to draw everything on the face.
Donghyun suggests a different writing style but gets cut off by Hanhae.
Dongyup: Let’s go with e.
Dongyup: If we get it right, it’s a combined effort of those two. We should applaud them. But because of e that we get it wrong then..
Narae: We’re fool again!
Boom: Incorrect!

Next Week Preview: Shinee Minho and Park Jisun

Boom: What Key has been showing in the show is fake?
Everyone: Oh?
Minho: He pretends to be humble.
Let’s expose Key.
Minho: He nags a lot, and is scary. Just think of him as a pervert
Boom: Minho, are you confident?
Minho: Fighting!
Boom: Focus!
Jisun: Ah, too hard
Minho: I really hear this! Really..!
Minho: I’m too ashamed!
Boom: Let’s open Key’s board!
Everyone: Oh!!!
Hanhae: You’re really smart!
Jisun: You can never win a talented person!
Key: Ya, last time I guessed lyrics correctly for “Masquerade”.
Minho: You’re showing off!

OMG This episode is purely lol. I knew Girl’s Day members would do well on variety shows, but here they were in another league. I know it’s too soon, but can we please have them back in the future?

Extra translation that was not in the video: So during the jeom discussion, Narae mentioned the word “yak jeom” (weakness) and that was the correct lyric. Hilariously, Sojin was the first person to reject that idea, saying the word isn’t pretty to put on lyrics. When Boom reminded everyone, Sojin was like “don’t listen to me! What do I know?” hahahahaha

I struggled the most with Yang Sehyung’s buzzwords. OMG how many time do I need to copy and paste and fix just those words?
I watched the whole episode, there were many hilarious scenes left out, like Narae’s TMI shower talk and “Kick out Koyote” from Key. If you have time, check it out.

I always love Wheesung’s voice. His song “Love is Delicious” is def my style. Gotta search for this song and relisten

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

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