[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 39

Madame Petit

Mariko asks Vimar why everyone’s touching Niram’s shoes. Vimar explains that it’s a Hindu tradition to show respect towards noble or people they love and Niram is taking the king’s place today. Mariko remembers the time Niram touch her shoes, “towards the people we love [that was the meaning of his sweet smile].”

Niram is back to his room but with a bad mood. Niram mentions that he heard from Vimar that Mariko went out by herself to meet Padma’s wife. Mariko starts, “I want to talk to you about that.” Niram lectures her about being alone in the palace. Mariko argues, “You got mad because of that? I was snatched away as soon as Vimar left me!” Mariko reminds Niram her story about Padma’s wife, asking him to listen to her.
Mariko tells Niram that Padma’s wife doesn’t know anything about Krishna’s plan, and that his wife was crying and asking for Padma’s location. Mariko asks if she can tell the truth to Padma’s wife. Niram replies, “Are you insane? She is a pawn to Krishna. How are you so sure that Padma’s wife won’t spy on us?” Mariko argues that what if Padma’s wife doesn’t know; besides she’s pregnant and need someone by her side. Niram signs, “We’ll talk after doing her background check!” Mariko happily agrees.

Niram meets up with Bharat and tells him about Padma’s wife, Princess Mina. Bharat is happy at the sudden coincidence of finding a witness to Queen Krishna’s crime. Niram reminds him not to make their selfish plan and Mariko’s pure kindness the same. Niram also orders Vimar to keep an eye on Mariko. Vimar responds that Niram already told her to stop and they don’t need to worry about it. Niram thinks that Mariko is not the type of person to stop.

Mariko runs towards Princess Mina’s detached palace and get caught up by Vimar. She bumps into Princess Shanti, first child of Padma and Mina. Princess Shanti leads Mariko to a horse carriage. She meets Anila and Princess Mina. Princess Mina says that she receives a letter from Prince Niram, who tells her to meet with Mariko where everyone can see.  Princess Mina is desperate because she wants to know Padma’s current situation. Mina has begged Queen Krishna to see Padma to no avail, and her brother’s letter probably scolds her for doing such a stupid thing. Mina doesn’t have anyone that she can trust anymore. The wind blows the curtain away revealing a crying Mina. Anila reminds the Princess to take care of her health for the baby’s sake and tells servants to pull the carriage away.
Anila explains to Mariko that Queen Krishna, with the excuse of keeping Princess Mina safe and quiet surroundings, locked her up in the detached palace, so Princess Mina is alone.
Mariko notices the dangerous speed of carriage. Shanti is about to fall out of the carriage, but Princess Mina holds onto her. Mariko takes Anila’s horse and runs to the carriage. The carriage loses balance and Mina drops Shanti. Mariko catches Shanti from her horse and falls down.

Niram opens the door with worry face to see Mariko lying on the bed. He sits besides Mariko, caressing her face and touching his forehead to her forehead. At a corner of the room, Princess Mina and Shanti sit on a bench quietly.  Princess Mina explains to Niram the situation and that nearby landscaper has witnessed the scene. Niram reprimands Mariko that she is lucky to just have bruises. Mariko tells Princess Mina that she is glad Princess Shanti did not get hurt. Mariko asks Princess Mina to be her friend. Princess Mina emotionally agrees and touches Mariko’s foot.

To be continued (Click here for next chapter)

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