[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 40

Madame Petit

Palace Baroda is Prince’s Niram’s residential area. Mariko plays with a lot of rabbits in the courtyard. Niram’s secretary, Nidi, states that those rabbits are for dinner. Niram quickly tells Nidi to be quiet. Nidi stands before Mariko uttering, “How disgusting..You’re trying to get close to people by speaking in their native language.” Nidi turns to Niram, “I can’t allow this! I can’t even tell if this Chinese is a man or woman!” Mariko corrects, “I’m Japanese and I’m just pretending to be a man.” Nidi counters back, “Prince Niram, she’s just a person who doesn’t know her place and going after the seat of Prince’s wife.” The mood is intense.
Nidi asks if it is true that Mariko risked her life to save Prince Padma and Princess Shanti. Niram confirms and tells him that Queen Krishna has repeatedly telling Princess Mina that the brothers are fighting over the thrones. Princess Mina will never talk to Niram if it is not for Mariko. Niram, pulling Mariko to his chair, confesses that he is the one who doesn’t know his place and going after her husband’s seat.
Nidi, ignoring them, asks, “What’s the intention of calling Princess Mina here? She’s bird in a cage captured by that witch.” Niram states, “That means she is our most suitable informer.” Nidi assures, “You’re going make her a spy?”
Pad was drugged by his own mother, Krishna, and became opium addict. He was Krishna’s puppet prince. Then, he accidentally killed his half brother’s mother. Finally, he decided to fight against his mother. As a result, Padma became the target for Krishna’s revenge.
Mariko asks do they need to tell Mina all that details, and it is not good for a pregnant lady to be in shock. However, Mina overhears them talking about Padma.

At the King Residential’s Area, Queen Krishna is by the King’s bed. She asks what does Bharat need. Bharat just wants to know the King’s feeling. Krishna mentions that she gives him some medicines. King sees Bharat and tells him to bring him his work. King asks how Niram is doing. Bharat tells him an interesting incident happened yesterday.
A farmer went to the palace to request for pest control, mentioning his cows and horses got killed by a tiger. While waiting in the horse barn, he met a stableman, who advised him to get some new horses. The stableman immediately took the gun and went to the farm. The stableman was Prince Niram. No one would have thought he was the Prince in that outfit.
The King says that he saw Niram’s report after he was back. Niram was feeling down after he lost his enemy Padma in London. King apologizes Queen Krishna because it is a painful story. The King says, “Unlike Padma, Niram will be loved differently form the people of our country.” Bharat asks, “So he deserve the throne?” The King prefers not to speak about that right now. The Kings remembers that Niram brings home a Chinese guest, who saved Shanti from falling off a carriage, and he wants to thank this person. Bharat suggests to have a banquet with the family and guests (Mariko included) since Princess Mina has been alone in her detached palace these few days. The King says he will be glad to welcome the guests of the Prime Minister. Queen Krishna coldly sighs, “How annoying.”

Princess Mina now knows the truth; she coughs. Anila yells out why they are telling this now. Niram replies, “Because Padma is still suffering and Sister Mina is his only wife.” Princess Mina is scared of Queen Krishna saying she is the master of the harem. Anila asks how are they to tell if these are true. Niram signals Nidi to hand over a dirty cloth with letters. Mina takes a look and is fainted.
A while later, Mina awakes in the detached palace. Anila tells her that Mina has a mild anemia and there’s nothing to be worried. Shanti comes over to visit her mother.  Mina pulls Shanti into a tight hug. Princess Mina, Shanti and Anila go to pray.
Mina tells Anila that the cloth is a part of the shirt she has specially ordered the servants to weave for Padma. Mina has no doubt because the coat of arms were weaved into it and those were Padma’s letters, “Dear Niram, see you in two months. Till then, farewell. Be safe from that horrifying mother Krishna.”
Mina says that in the world she lives in, powerless women are protected by a burqa and pray for the family; women must wait for her husband to come home; women must give birth and raise their children. Mina says that is how we live and there is no way she can save him. Mariko, dressing like Indian woman, rushes out from behind the curtain and shouts out, “That’s not true!” Mina asks, “Mariko, do you think I can help Padma?”

Niram tells Nidi to leave it to Mariko to convince Mina. Nidi says, “I think you are being to soft on [Mariko]. I can’t understand why you trust her that much.” Niram chuckles, “I can continue to persuade Mina, but with my status, it sounds like a threat to her. There is a limit making people obey with terror.”
An attendant comes to announce a message. The king will be going on a hunting trip with the guests in the palace, and he wants Prince Niram to join with his friend as well.


To be continued (Click here for the next chapter)

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