[English Recap] New Journey to the West 5 Ep. 2

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Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

It starts with everyone on the bus to their hotel in Hong Kong.
Sugeun:  Why does it feel like the sea?
Hodong:  It feels like sea? It is the sea.
It’s Sugeun first time to Hong Kong, so he’s very excited.
Sugeun:  Whoa! Look at the drinking water!
Hodong:  We have it in our country too!

Sugeun laughs at the sleeping Jiwon.
Sugeun:  Jiwon really looks like he’s dead. Look at his eyes, very dead looking!
PD Na and Hodong laughs. PD Na summons Hodong to talk separately. Hodong is nervous.
Hodong:  Don’t call me alone.
PD Na:  While we were discussing, there were small games that were not funny, but scrapping them off was a waste.
Kang Hodong Insider Making Project
PD Na:  Hyung explains about the games that only hyung knows. (Making Hodong to tell the games to members)
Hodong:  Right now, I’m not in the mood. Is it ok?
PD Na:  You can do it.
The game is called Category Game. The first person choose the topic (i.e. pork belly); the second person says words that related to the topic (i.e. pork neck). The third person has to say words that are described in the category (i.e. pork parts) to be correct. Another example is 1st person chooses samkyupsal (pork belly); 2nd chooses samchon (uncle). Everyone else needs to say words that start with sam.
Hodong: I did the show Great Escape. I was the ace in there.
Staffs still need to explain the game to Hodong.
Hodong: Understanding 2nd person’s mind is the most important. (He wrote down “mind”.)
Hodong finally understands the game. Staffs gives hime 10 minutes to play the game, and everyone must have fun while playing. If he succeeds, all members will get 1 dragon ball. If not and/or everyone is confused, PD Na will give Hodong money to go buy coffee (Kang Honashi runs errands).
Hodong: Oh myy Godddd
Hodong:  Ah, that’s my punishment .. wooah..
Hodong cannot tell the guys about this mission.
Hodong:  Yeongseok (PD Na) ah, back then, when I did ssireum, I figured out 1 thing. Becoming a ssireum’s champion is easier than explaining the viewpoint of winning.
Everyone laughs and claps their hands.
Hodong:  In this world, it is the hardest to explain something. “How did you win?” I couldn’t answer that.
Hodong:  Ah waking up Jiwon is the hardest job.
Hodong:  I have to tell the guys that this is a fun game. I have to raise my voice and ask them to gather, but that’s old way.
Hodong:  Okay start!

Hodong comes into the room and tells the guys that he just receives a text from his writer in Seoul about a game. He wakes Jiwon up, telling him about Category Game.
Sugeun:  Please speak slowly. (Hodong is rushing everyone.)
Meanwhile Jaehyun peacefully puts on his blush sticker.
Hodong tells them that he receives a game from his favorite writer, pulling out his phone to prove it. He goes to wake Jiwon again, helping Jiwon with his microphone. Jiwon is still sleepy.
Hodong: This is Category Game.
Hodong asks Sugeun to explain the game. 5 min has passed.
Hodong rushingly explains about the game.
Sugeun:  Why are you so rushed? Explain the game slowly. Look at Jiwon. Is this the face to play game?
Everyone laughs.
Hodong stutters to explain the game; Sugeun tells Hodong to explain the game again. All laughs at Hodong’s bad attempt at explaining the game.
Hodong (raises his fist at Sugeun): Just stay still..
Hodong tries to explain the game again, talking about it’s important to get the 2nd person’s mindset.

Hodong *starts the game*: Jjajangmyun (black bean noodle)
PO:  Jjambbong (seafood noodle)
Category: Chinese food
Mino:  Tangsuyook (sweet and sour pork)
Jaehyun: Danmuji (pickled radish)
Sugeun: Palbojae (stir-fried seafood and vegetables)
Hodong *points at Jiwon and says*: Come here. You lost.
Mino:  If it’s like this, danmuji is wrong.
While everyone is confused, Hodong pulls Jiwon to the middle for the punishment. They slap Jiwon’s back, aka Indian bap.
Hodong *points at Jiwon*:  Now you are the main. Let’s start.
PO *raises his hand*: I have a question.
Hodong: No question. Let’s start.
Everyone else is still confused, so Hodong explains once more.
Hodong: We don’t have much time left. Let’s just play.
Sugeun: Let’s hurry and play it within 30 minutes.

Jiwon:  Eun Jiwon
Sugeun: Adios
Category: Eun Jiwon’s songs
Mino: Dangerous
Hodong: Hip hop(?)
Jaehyun: Goodbye(?)
PO: Byebye!!!
Sugeun: It’s supposed to be Jiwon’s songs. Hip hop is the genre.
Everyone slaps Hodong’s back. (No time left, just get hit first.)
Jaehyun: Why is this interesting?
Time’s up. PD Na walks in.
PD Na: Is it exciting?
Hodong *answers alone*:  Ya~ It’s exciting!
PD Na *first confirms with the guys*:  Understand the game vs No clue
Jaehyun, Mino:  Understand the game
PO: 100% I have no clue what’s going on.
Hodong *feels betrayed*: This is 100. What you knows is 100. That’s 100 for me too.
Failed mission
Hodong *complains to Sugeun*: You why…
Sugeun: I didn’t do anything. I like the game though. I played the hardest.
PD Na drops money on the table. Everyone is puzzled.
Hodong *explains*: If everyone is excited, they would have gotten a dragon ball.
Jiwon:  Then why did he give us money?
Hodong: It’s my punishment. I have to run errands (wearing Kaonashi’s clothes). Jiwon ah, I have to wake you up, help you with the mic. Don’t you think it’s strange?
Sugeun:  I thought it’s an individual mission.
Hodong: Even so, thank you.

Sugeun suggests a different game that they’ve played before. PD Na assures if they have an exciting mood while playing that game, they will get a dragon ball.
Sugeun *explains*: Let’s start with “Give me the beat!” If I say Lee Moonsae, each of you guys just need to sing a different song of his, and the last person will get Indian bap.

Mino: Yo~ Give me the beat!
Mino: BlockB (Category: Block B)
Jiwon and PO sings a part of Block B’s songs. The three guys left play rock, scissor and paper to see who is the loser. Sugeun lost so Indian bap on him.
Sugeun: Yo~ Give me the beat! Yo Yo Yo DJ pump this party! Seotaeji pump this party!
Jiwon, PO, Jaehyun each sings a different song from Seotaeji.
Hodong makes up some lyrics and get punished.
Sugeun: Give us the beat!
Hodong starts the beat without saying “Give me the beat!”, get punished again.
Hodong *raises his voice*: Yo yo DJ pump this party~ Sechskies~
Sugeun and Jiwon each sing a song from Sechskies. The three other play rock, scissor and paper to see who is the loser. Mino lost so Indian bap on him.
Mino:  Ay yo, drop the beat! Yo DJ pump this party! Yo DJ pump this party! Yo Winner!
Jiwon and PO each sing a song from Winner.
Jaehyun: Heo mu hae … (mistaking kung heo hae, empty, for heo mu hae)
What is that?
Jaehyun gets punished.
Jaehyun: Ja, give me the beat! What’s to say next?
Hodong: Yo DJ pump this party
Jaehyun, can’t get the rhythm right, gets punished again.
Jaehyun: Ja, give me the beat! Yo J DJ’s party
Jaehyun gets punished again while everyone falls over laughing.

The guys receive their dragon ball for making staffs laughed out loud. They suggest playing once more time to see who get to run errands of buying coffee.
PO: Yo~ Give me the beat! Check it! Check it! Lee Hyori pump this party!
Sugeun, Hodong and Jiwon each sing a song from Lee Hyori. Jiwon though sings a song from PinK, which Lee Hyori was a member of. Jaehyun also sings the same song as Jiwon, so he loses. While everyone argues, Hodong falls off the chair laughing.

Spoiler: they will play games similar to Category Game again for dinner~

Jaehyun takes drink order. Most people wants ice americano; Jiwon wants hot latte but cool it before bringing it to hime, making them laugh.
The caption for Jiwon, “This hyung is … such a warm-hearted hyung.”
Jaehyun goes to buy drinks in his costume.

They are going to a famous restaurant in Hong Kong. They take a group picture at the entrance and exclaims that the restaurant is pretty/cool. Hodong says that the idea is pretty cool, who would have thought there is a restaurant on a ship. PD Na says that this is whole group game which they will need to answer in a roll.
PD Na: For example, name of Girls Generation members?
Sugeun: Seolhyun
Mino: Yoo..Nat
PD Na: Wrong
Mino *looks at PO*: This is how it’s wrong! Get it?
Sugeun: You know why did you die right?
Mino: Why?
Sugeun: You can’t get the answer right. You’re embarrassed to death. You don’t remember getting embarrassed to death?
Mino: NO

Deep fried crab meat balls
Suguen suggests whoever lose to eat the decorative flower at rock, scissor, paper.
Suguen: We’re ghost anymore, who care if it has poison!
PO loses, dips flower to the sauce and eats it. He crumbles his face afterwards.
Everyone asks what is the taste.
PO: First, it tastes like cabbage. Then it kinda tastes like curtain.
Everyone laughs.
Hodong: Wait a min! Have you eaten curtain before?
PO: I haven’t, but it tastes like that.
After drinking tea, PO’s face crumbles again.
The caption for PO “Elementary Taste”

Round 1
PD Na: Name classical music composer. One! Two! (No answer from Sugeun) Ddeng!
Hodong: Sugeun ah, when PD said something, listen carefully..
Sugeun: I keep thinking Pd will say (blank) (blank) then I answer.
Sugeun: Then how about we combine this dish with the next one?
Hodong: Let’s not do that! Let’s focus!
Sugeun: It’s not me.. There’s another me talking, not me. (There are short Chucky 1 and short Chucky 2.)
Hodong *nags*: Please let’s listen with your both ears when PD is talking. Do me that favor! You only listen with 1 ear and you talk. You do that…
Sugeun: This is the longest nag in the world.
Fail to obtain crab meat balls
Second dish is Hong Kong’s signature dish, spicy crab.
Everyone plays rock, scissor, paper to see who gets to taste this dish.
Hodong *points at Sugeun and nags again*: It doesn’t look good if you eat it. From what I see, 200,000 ssirreum athletes in the country … (It gets cut to “Hwaiting”.)
Sugeun (as Short-ky 1): A different me gets to eat!
Jaehyun wins, but asks PO to feed him because his hands can’t bend.
Everyone: No, you have to eat it by yourself.
Jaehyun: I can just use my mouth. It can’t be hard.
Kangsi Show Part 1: Jaehyun struggles to eat the crab
Kangsi Show Part 2: Acrobatic, drop the crab leg back to the cup
Hodong: That is also a skill.

Round 2
PD Na: Name celebrities with 2-letter word.
Sugeun: Won Bin
Mino: Min Ho
Jiwon: Lee Hoon
Jaehyun: Lee Joon
Sugeun: Shin Yoo
PO: PO (saying his name to win)
Writer: But who is Shin Yoo?
Sugeun *sings a song from Shin Yoo*: You don’t know Shin Yoo? Trot Exo! He is an idol. You will get curses from Shin Yoo’s 5 thousand fans.
Hodong: Sugeun, you eat first. So that people will curse at you.
Nagging continues.

Next dish is egg white fried rice.
PD Na: This is staff’s most favorite.
Sugeun: Then where is the egg yolk?

Round 3
PD Na: Say words that end with “ri/li”
Hodong *hesitates, fails the mission*:  What? What? I didn’t understand, like minari I don’t get what it is
Jiwon: You can say minari…
Sugeun returns the nagging to Hodong.
PO: It’s lit, the phrase you use all the time.
Everyone looks at Hodong accusingly.
Hodong *returns*: What shi?
Hodong *talks to Mino*: Really, this time you go first.
Jiwon: Are you stepping out?
Mino: Hyung, hip hop is like a bulldozer, keep going!
Hodong: Am I hip hop? What am I to hip hop? (Kang Hodong (49) – comedian) I don’t even get spelling right, chopin or chopine.

Next dish is chilli sweet and sour pork.
Hodong: We eat this many times in our country.
Something touches Hodong and he screams. That surprises Mino and Jiwon. The culprit is Short-ky Sugeun; it’s a nagging revenge.
Mino: I was really surprised.
Hodong: I didn’t see Sugeun, so I thought he went to the toilet.
A minute ago, Sugeun signals Jaehyun and PO to keep quiet while he slips under the table to tease Hodong.
PD Na: So we start with Hodong?
Hodong *points at PO and stutters*: Do you want to start? You go first. You do it. We’ll start with PO.
PD Na: It’s the same as previous round, ends with the words I give you.
Round 4
PD Na: Say words that end with “jang”
PO: Ganjang (soy sauce)
Sugeun: Ssamjang
Jaehyun: Dwenjang (fermented soybean paste)
Jiwon: gochujang (red pepper paste)
Mino: wanjang (armband)
Hodong: gyojang (principal)
Everyone celebrates.
Jiwon: I feel weird saying gochujang.
Mino: I thought of dwenjang, wow, I was so nervous.

Next dish is abalone slices with cabbage, best for boosting stamina.
Hodong suggests to exchange places. It starts with Mino, ends with PO.

Round 5
PD Na: Do re mi fa sol la “si”… Say words that end with “si/shi”
Mino: Kamsi (watch/observe)
Sugeun: Dosi (city)
Jaehyun: Crazy! Idk
This is probably our first time seeing this new crazy Jaehyun…
Jiwon is touched.
Everyone shouts out words that end with “si”. Even PD Na starts listing out time (1 si, 2 si for 1 hour, 2 hour).
Jaehyun: Like I said, “crazy”. Why don’t I know. (Caption: My name is Kangsi [Chinese hopping vampire])
PO: I was so surprised.
Jaehyun: Ah! I could say missy. Missy is a good word.
Sugeun: You didn’t hear what we said and thought of missy?
Hodong: Remember kaonashi too. (It’s my name, Kang Honashi.)

Next dish is creme sauce shrimp balls.
Round 6
PD Na: This is a very easy question! This time is a variety, like animal variety, car variety etc.
PD Na: Name countries around the world.
Jaehyun: Swiss
Sugeun: Nigeria
Mino: Japan
Jiwon: South Korea
Hodong: Malaysia
PO: China
Hodong: Japan
PD Na: Wrong!
Mino *hears Japan again*: Ah, wait a minute…
PD Na: Why didn’t you listen to other?
Hodong: Shuhhhhh
Jiwon *points at Mino*: Ah~ you already said Japan~
Mino *looks at Hodong*: You should have paid attention, hyung!
Sugeun: There are many countries in Africa.
PD Na takes the dish away from them.
Sugeun: It’s not ours anyway. If we think like that, it’ll be easier.
Hodong: I have to eat when I’m under stress.

Next dish is beef noodle soup.
PD Na allows the guys to taste the soup, just 1 spoon each.
Hodong reaches out for another spoon.
Sugeun *complains*: Ah~ Just taste 1 spoon. Why do you eat 2 spoons?
Hodong: Whoa~ too much

Round 7
PD Na: It’s very easy and for the whole group back and forth. Name Korean movies that everyone knows.
Hodong: The Host
Sugeun: Nowhere to Hide
Mino: Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War
Jiwon: Uroemae 1
Jaehyun: Nameless Gangster
PO: Christmas in August
Jaehyun: Romance
Jiwon: Uroemae 2
Mino: The thieves
Sugeun: Uroemae 3 (!!)
Hodong: Uroemae 4 (!!!!!!)
Wait, time out!
Jiwon: There is no Uroemae 4!
Sugeun: Uroemae ends with 3 right?
While the OB (old boys) guys makes a big deal out of Uroemae… the YB (young boys) guys don’t even know Uroemae.
PD Na: Wait a min!
Jiwon *repeats*: There is no Ureomae 4!!
PD Na: As far as I know, Ureomae only had 3 seasons.
Hodong: No no, there is season 4.
However, the staffs check on Naver to see Ureomae 4.
Hodong *points at Jiwon*: Why did you mention Ureomae?
Jiwon: Then what?
Hodong: There is the famous “Along with the Gods” but…
Jiwon: You should appreciate Ureomae (for having many seasons)!
Sugeun: Hodong thought of something else.
PD Na: Oh?
Everyone *repeats*: Oh???
PD Na: I thought Ureomae had only 3 seasons, but there were seasons 4, 5, 6…
Jiwon: We get to eat even when we name all the Ureomae seasons.
Ureomae has up until season 9.
Hodong: Oh woo~ really lucky!
PD Na: Wait! Put down your chopstick. Who said Romance? That’s a drama!
PD Na: So, Ahn Jaehyun? You admit your mistake?
Jaehyun: Yes, that’s right~
PD Na: Since you’re honest, I will give you another chance. This time we’ll take the dish away.
Sugeun: Really take it away! Staffs are too generous~

Round 8
PD Na: Tell me a noodle dish.
Hodong: Ramyun
Jaehyun: Bibimmyun (mixed noodle)
Mino: Jjachangmyun (black bean noodle)
Jiwon: Ulmyun (cold noodle)
Sugeun: Uyuk tangmyun (Chinese beef noodle soup)
PO: Jjambbong (seafood noodle)
Sugeun: Sweet and sour pork(?) .. aigoo
PO feeds Sugeun sweet and sour pork. (Caption: Eat sweet and sour pork and get better.)
PO: You keep looking at it anyway~!
Jaehyun *points at Sugeun*: That’s a hard place.

Next dish is shrimp fried noodle.
Mino: It looks really tasty!
Sugeun: We agree not to be disappointed!
Hodong: No disappointment! But my ears are very stuffy right now.
Kang Honashi gets serious. He pulls out his ears.
Hodong *checks mirror*: Is this too much? Is this too much?
Jiwon: hahahaha
PO: cute..
Hey! This right here is entertaining!
Sugeun: Anyway, we’re a (ghost) group, but idk what kind of group we are now?
Hodong: My ears were blocked. It was so stuffy!
Jiwon: It’s not a lie… hyung’s image is gone!
Please succeed this time!
Jiwon: Ah please let us succeed. What did we eat so far?
Sugeun: So far we ate Hodong hyung’s insult!

Round 9
PD Na: Word ends with (blank). Word ends with “yong”.
Hodong takes his time.
PD Na: Hey! Over there! Hey!
Hodong: Lee Yong (singer)
Jaehyung: 1 in yong (1 quotation)
Wait a second… This pattern is …?
Mino: 2 in yong (2 quotations)
Jiwon: 3 in yong (3 quotations)
Sugeun: 4 in yong (4 quotations)
PO: 5 in yong (5 quotations)
Same as Ureomae, put a number before in yong.
Jiwon: Who said “1 in yong”?
Everyone applauds his effort.
Jiwon: In the middle of that, who said “lee yong” to save his own self?
This is Jaehyun’s big picture.
Hodong: Oh~ I wanna cry! I wanny cry!
PD Na: Warning for Kang Hodong!
Sugeun: Please sing a song from singer Lee Yong~
Hodong: Seoul Seoul Seoul
Sugeun: This is Lee Yong’s song? This is Cho Yong Pil’s song!
Jiwon: We’re gonna enjoy eating this.
Jaehyun tells Hodong to eat it.
Caption for Hodong: I feel like crying-yong
Hodong: It’s too hard, really.
Jaehyun: It’s because you take your time that I can come up with that.
Jiwon puts a lot of noodle on his plate.
Younger bro are all very hungry.
Suguen: Um~ really clean taste! You can really eat this whole thing alone! There is no pungent smell at all!
Mino *feeds Jaehyun*: Hyung, present for “1 in yong”
PO feeds Jaehyun water.

Sugeun *mumbles*: This is really good; the taste is just right.
Jiwon: Idk about the flavors, but this is really good!
Everyone stares at Jiwon eating a mouthful of noodle.
Sugeun: He eats very well~
Jiwon: It tastes good~ It’s not that I eat well, but I have to finish what on my plate!
Sugeun: You put a lot on your plate! And why is this kid angry?
Jiwon: No when I’m eating … you keep talking about it!
Sugeun: He eats by himself, he gets angry by himself!
Hodong is in the middle of digesting!

Last round: Revival food (crab balls and egg white fried rice) + 1 dragon ball
Mino: This round is really important.
PD Na: This is for a round trip
The guys complain that they are not in agreement with each other, so PD Na agrees to do single round but the speed needs to be fast!
Hodong: Is it “words end with (blank)”?
Except Hodong, they gather together to discuss possible words and come up with strategy.
Sugeun: Where is the 4th lota (4th base)?
Jaehyun: Who mentioned 4th base?
Sugeun: PO whispers hyung hyung, word ends with ta, lota. 1 lota, 2 lota, 3 lota, 4 lota (first base, second base, third base, fourth base).
Sugeun: No disappointment ok? If we get it wrong, I’ll buy it for y’all.

PD Na: Words end with “tang”
Hodong: Tang tang tang (?) small octopus tang tang tang
PD Na: Ah, that’s right (?????)
Sugeun: Su tang (?)
PD Na: Wrong!
Hodong: There’s a dish called tang tang tang, small octopus tang tang tang
PD Na *corrects*: It’s small octopus tang tangie!
Hodong: small octopus tang tang tang
Sugeun: What is tang tang tang?
Jiwon *talks to Sugeun*: Hyung, why did you hesistate? It’s your turn!
Sugeun: I thought that we were out when I heard tang tang tang.
Jiwon: But tang tang tang is right!
Hodong: PD Na let me pass
Sugeun: Tang tang tang is right?
PD Na: Nah, for me that time was…
Caption: Sorry, I am nice. I was wrong.
Sugeun: I have to think for my answer, but tang tang tang is like bullets shot through my head. I couldn’t think of anything else. I already had a word in my head. Do you know what I thought when I heard tang tang tang? Tang tang tang tang hahaha. Jaehyun is tang tang tang tang tang. *points at PO* You the last person is tang tang tang tang tang tang tang tang tang tang tang hahahahahahaha
Mino: That’s not bad at all?
2018 new word: tang tang tang (source: Kang Hodong)
Hodong: Yah. If you see tang tangie in the menu, say “can I order a small octopus tang tang tang,” they will serve it to you. Starting from tomorrow, when you go to small octopus restaurant, just say “can I order a small octopus tang tang tang,” see if they serve it to you.
Hence, a staff goes to check at a seafood specialty store.
Staff: Do you have small octopus tang tang tang?
Store staff: Small octopus tang tang tang? That’s my first time hearing it?
Caption: They don’t serve small octopus tang tang tang.
Jiwon *asks Mino and PO*: You two were surprised at tang tang tang right?
Mino: It’s like being hit by bullet 3 times!
Jiwon *remembers*: What is that hyung doing?
Mino: It’s like us 3 are being hit tang tang tang.
Jiwon: Hyung shot us tang tang tang.
Jiwon: I can’t never imagine that hyung says tang tang tang!
Caption for Hodong: I’m the most surprised person here!
Jiwon: What did Sugeun hyung do? What is “su tang”?
Sugeun: I was thinking nam tang (men’s bath) then it becomes su tang (!!)
Sukeot (male) + tang (bath) = su tang!
Sugeun: I couldn’t come up with nam tang after tang tang tang, so I shouted out su tang.
Jaehyun: Ah my belly hurts.
Sugeun *points at a black reflection*: Can you give me an X-ray? Oh I’m in pain (from laughing).
That’s how on the first night’s dinner in Hong Kong tang tang tang’s corner passed by.

They are back to their hotel rooms.
Jaehyun asks PO if he’s ok with the bed. They talk about PO’s first time here and his adapting to the show.
Jiwon: It’s ok if we just open the door and look right?
Sugeun: You are thinking something weird again kk. Just be your usual self!!!
Breakfast mission

PD Na: For tomorrow, breakfast mission is at 8am. Before 8, don’t come out of the room. At exact 8 o’clock, open the door of your room and you will know about the mission.
Jiwon: Is this per individual?
Won’t tell you!
Jiwon: During breakfast mission, don’t be surprised when you see me because I’ll be sleeping. Don’t worry about me, do whatever you want!
For someone who said don’t worry about him, Jiwon wakes up intermittently to check the time.
Jaehyun *wakes up Mino*: There’s 8 min left.
Some noise at exact 8 o’clock wakes Hodong up. Hodong steps out to see 3 cone-heads.
Breakfast mission is guggal guggal. The cone top has a small hole that is your vision. They’ve played this in previous seasons.
Jaehyun: I hear Hodong’s voice outside?
Jaehyun steps out of his room.
PD Na: When you see the tool, put it on.
PO copies whatever friend Mino is doing.
PO: oh… You can’t really see with this at all. But my philtrum hurts.
Hodong: PO ah… I see your right ear. Mic
PO: Ah.. you can see from this???
Hodong: You’re covering your mic.
PO: How did you know?
Hodong: You just took your hand off your mic. Covering it. Just took your hand off.
PO: Whoa
Hodong: Ah this is too tiring. What’s this game? PO, you just disappear. Did you still sit there? PO ah, where are you?
Jiwon *wakes up from the noise*: I woke up occasionally to check the time but!!! *spots the cone* What is this? *reaches out to Mino and asks* Who is this?
Mino *imitates*: I’m PO!
Jiwon: Uhm!
Meanwhile PO stands at distance wondering…
PD Na: The game is really simple …
Mino: I can see PD Na.
PD Na: Oh? You can see me? Can. You. See. Me.? Mi. No. Yah.?
Mino: Yes, I can see your hand!
PD Na: Can you see this too?
Mino *reaches out*: Oh!!! Oohohooh!
Breakfast mission is to find 3 correct meal tickets among 6 tickets using the cone.


PD Na: Ok everyone already checks the meal tickets right?
Hodong: PD what color are you wearing?
PD Na: Black
Currently, Hodong sees black, but that’s Mino’s black T-shirt, standing in front of Hodong. Then he turns around to see another black, Jaehyun’s black T-shirt.
Hodong: Sorry PD… Can you use the ball pen to piece my cone? Something is stuck in the hole, it’s so stuffy.
Problem solved
PD Na tells everyone to look up then scatters the tickets.
PD Na: Tickets are on carpet. Just take one ticket please.
PO: On carpet?
Sugeun *finds a ticket*: How do you see this?
Jiwon: What is this? How to see it?
PD Na: Come to me if you want to check the ticket.
Sugeun: Is the ticket green?
PD Na: Yes it’s green
Jiwon: Idk … but it looks right?!
PD Na: If you wanna check, take my hand.

PD Na *announces*: Oh! Someone is holding my hand.
At the same time, PO is also holding Sugeun’s hand, bad hand.
PD Na: Eun Jiwon!
PO: Oh? Who is holding my hand then?
PD Na: Eun Jiwon! It’s a gideukgueon (vested right) ticket. Eun Jiwon fail! I’m throwing this ticket back to the carpet.
Sugeun: What is that ticket? Oh *finds PD Na’s hand* found it! Found it
PD Na: Do you want to check your ticket? Ok, Lee Sugeun, gigueon (abstain).
Sugeun: Woahaha!!! That’s not right!
While another person is checking the ticket, Hodong sits quietly alone…
Hodong: What’s my ticket?
PD Na: You have to hold my hand.
Hodong: PD, I held your hand and gave you my ticket. I just gave it to you?!
PD Na: You gave it to someone else.
Hodong *sighs*: I had it in my hand suhhh.
What happens to Hodong… He found abandoned meal ticket around 5 min ago.
Hodong looked everywhere for the ticket. While resting on the floor, his hand landed on a ticket. While checking its content, Hodong didn’t hear PD Na saying that they have to come to PD to check.
Hodong reached out to give his ticket to check.
Mino (passing by) stole Hodong’s ticket.
Caption: Hodong raises baby tiger (a play on Mino’s name: Minho + horang)..
Mino: Oh yeah~
Hodong: I can’t believe it! (Didn’t know then and keep waiting for the check)
Hodong *grabs on Jiwon*: You took my ticket right?
Jiwon: What are you talking about? Not me!
Meanwhile, Mino attempts to give the ticket to PD Na, who slips right in front of Mino and moves to a different seat.
Sugeun sweeps the floor and finds a ticket.
Mino gives his ticket to check. It is the meal ticket.
Mino shakes Hodong’s hand saying thank you to him.

Jaehyun turns in his ticket, but it’s a gideukgueon (vested right) ticket.
PO: I can’t find PD Na!!!
PO searches and finally touches PD Na’s hand (hahaha good choice for music background!).
PD Na confirms PO’s meal ticket.
Hodong grabs Sugeun and doesn’t let him go. Sugeun hands his ticket to PD Na, who confirms it a meal ticket. Hodong grabs Sugeun’s T-shirt. Sugeun takes off his shirt and leaves.
Hodong: What’s this? Where did he go?
End of the game

Sugeun: There are so many things to eat.
Never ending menu
Mino: We don’t eat these in the game. This is just my style.
Mino: Whoa, this is daebak!
Sugeun: This much quality for breakfast is like for war, right? *looks at Mino* Dimsum?
Mino: Something!

The other 3 that failed to get meal ticket has to eat using the cone for vision.
Jiwon: Idk! I can’t see, just stuff anything in!
Hodong: Don’t stay to close to the food!
Sugeun stealthily takes Hodong’s bowl of noodle soup away from him. Hodong grabs onto the plate with his two hands, thinking it is the bowl, and slurps. Nothing comes out of it and confuses Hodong. He finally realizes what he is doing and laughs.
Hodong *whines*: Don’t tease me! I was drinking the soup!
Jiwon: What what?


Next episode

Jiwon takes picture for Mino.
Short-ky and Kang Honashi interact with people.
Jaehyun and PO go shopping.
Hodong *looks at Elsa’s picture*: Fiona
Mino *complains*: Hyung, you’ve done it before…
Hodong throws tantrum, “What are you gonna do!”
Jaehyun: Stay away from me. This is my wounded anniversary.

Another preview

Ghost’s romance in Hong Kong: Jiwon + Mino, Hodong + Sugeun, Jaehyun + PO

This episode is seriously hilarious. I lol so much that my belly hurts.
OMG imagine me counting and typing all that tang tang tang 😆
No one can top Lee Sogeun for making funny comments.
Mino’s stealing ticket incident, sorry Hodong, lady luck is not really with you. 😂
Netizens now nicknamed Mino as Song Pickpocket hahaha

I read some netizens’ comments about the show. Most say that this is the best variety show this year.

I find it super hard to skip the translation of some parts because they are all exciting. As I’m not Korean or fluent at the language, I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

Happy reading while watching~

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