[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 46

  Nidi takes Mariko to see Niram. She sees that he's holding a gun to a group of prisoners and asks him what is he doing. Nidi tells her that those are fake bandits who has attacked Mariko and him. Mariko stops Niram from aiming the gun at a bandit. Niram mentions that those bandits … Continue reading [Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 46

[Spoiler Alert] [Tiếng Việt] Truyện Kakao 79% Chương 28

Tsubasa mặt mày mệt mỏi chợt thức dậy trên giường. Mình chưa đi tắm mà lăn ra ngủ rồi.. Trời hơi tối. Tsubasa *suy nghĩ*: Trời sáng rồi..? Hôm nay là Chủ Nhật? Mấy giờ rồi? Phone đã hết pin. Tsubasa nhớ lại đã nói chuyện với anh trai hôm qua Tsubasa bước xuống giường nhìn thấy chiếc lắc đứt và nhớ lại chuyện xảy ra đêm hôm qua....

[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 44

  (Mariko is surrounded by these neelam color feathers on the cover.) Mariko asks Niram about the royal family's treasures in the protected area. Niram confirms that only the king and his successor of Princely State can enter here. He sadly adds that the successor was supposed to be Padma. Mariko touches Niram's back to … Continue reading [Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 44

[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 43

  Niram is by his father's bedside. His father hands him a box that contains letters from Edward Payton. His father says that he doesn't have much chance to leave from Krishna's sight, so George Reel has brought him those letters. George's father is one of the King's doctors. Except a few private letters, most … Continue reading [Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 43