[Brief Summary] Weekend Playlist Ep. 7 Special Guest: Kang Daniel

Yoon Joo says, "Are they gonna curse at me? Please make them happy about this trip. Welcome to Yoon Joo's tour." Miran coldly asks, "It's your tour today...? You make us to come here in this early morning? Do you have a death wish? So where are we going?"

[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 24 Guests: Oh My Girl YooA and Seunghee

Dress code is fall picnic. Dongyup asks Hyeri if her family is rich back then. Hyeri replies that it's her outfit for the present. Boy scout Key and girl scout Narae enter. Boom tells them that the greeting used to be "Ready". Dongyup looks at Hyeri and asks, "You don't get it right? Only well-to-do family can afford it." Hyeri sadly comments, "My mom couldn't send me there."

[English] Soomi’s Side Dishes Ep. 22 Guest: Park Sun-young

Today's snack is taffy flavored ginger. Writer Kim Poong says that it has been a long time for him to see it. Chef Mikael says the smell of taffy is good. That is a plane, which is used to cut large ginger taffy. The local fair in Insadong sometimes sell it. Teacher Soomi used to trade empty bottles for those taffies. Chef Yeo used to trade broken or unused nickel kettle or bowls. Writer Poong used to steal unscathed pot to trade for taffies, so his mother used to scold him. Teacher Soomi says that he deserved the beating.