[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 30 Guests: Heo Kyung Hwan and Hwang Jeseong Part 2

It's snack time~ Boom asks if Narae figures out the snack from the intro video. Narae says that there's only 1 food suitable for snack and that is bread filled with adzuki bean paste. Donghyun exclaims, "Ok, the circle one!" The snack is filled with walnut and adzuki bean paste. Hyeri says this is the best. The snack is fried soboro walnut cakes.

[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 23 Guests: Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk

Dress code is airport fashion. Reporter from NoItopatch is Mun Ddung (Mun Fattie). Starting a new drama is Shin Actor. Reporter Mun Fattie: I've heard the new drama you're making is also your last one? Shin Actor: No, that's not true. Reporter Mun Fattie: You quit drama bc of its long waiting time? Shin Actor: That's not true. I'm going... [Reporter: Oh, it's Hyeri!] Waiting for her movie premiere is Famous Hyeri.  Reporter: In Monstrum, did you play the monster? [Famous Hyeri: Yes, that's right.] Shin Actor *continues*: That's why the drama....  Idol airport fashion's important items are black/white masks. Reporter: Hanhae's joined Key's anti-cafe, is it true?

[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 29 Guests: SHINee Minho and Park Jisun Part 1

Justin Still-Bieber Hanhae *walks in*:  You have to lower the pant this much! Seyun *reveals*:  You walk in as [normal] Bieber? Key *screams*: BoA-chan!!! Daisuki~~~ [Yellow is BoA's color.]" Boom *looks at Hyeri*: Wait! What's wrong with you? Hyeri *raps*: My name is Lee Hyeri. In reverse, it is also Lee Hyeri. (lee and ri are pronounced the same.)

[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 18 Guests: Twice Momo and Sana Part 2

Pointing at the left side, Hyeri says, "Since those oppa and eonni won't be able to answer, [Sana and Momo] can finally get [to eat]!" Hyeri helps Momo while Key helps Sana. Key calls out Sana's name for her. Sana answers Kimura Takuya. Donghyun timidly asks, "Does [eating] it make you gain weight? Isn't it fattening? Is it ok?" After tasting the drink, Sana says, "Now I understand what Hyeri eonni has said about it. It's really delicious." Boom reminds that only Momo is left, so Momo replies that she can do it...

[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 28 Guests: Girl’s Day Sojin and Yura

This week's theme is Show Me the Amazing Saturday, inspired by Show Me the Money. Shin Dongyup is a hip hop godfather, MC Shin Bum. Mun Seyun is Swing, MC Snack (Swing Snack brand). MC Hyeri has strong force but is bad at rapping. Key is fake Hanhae. Hanhae is himself wearing his formal suit from SMTM's performance. MC Narae looks exactly like Jessi, even her voice is similar. Because of last week's purnishment, Donghyun is Cone-head MC. Guests are Girl's Day Sojin and Yura.