[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 53



Mariko runs to Niram, who refuses to let her come closer. The man still points the gun at Niram saying, “This is for Kubera-sama.” Niram holds himself against the balcony and realizes that this man is Uncle’s subordinate. Niram quickly approaches and gives the man a punch, who drops his gun on the floor and is unconscious.
Niram kneels down in pain afterwards. Mariko calls out to him and asks if he’s okay. Niram assures that he’s fine, but Mariko doesn’t believe him since he was shot in the chest. She looks at his wound but finds no blood. Niram’s cigarette case blocked the bullet. Niram asks, “Do you remember? I keep your hair in here. It’s my lucky charm.” Mariko starts to cry. Niram is still in pain because of the impact.  Niram knows if he didn’t intercept, Mariko would have jumped in again. He thought of jumping down to the pond but decided not to since there are crocodiles in there. Hugging Niram tightly, Mariko is surprised by hearing crocodiles. Niram further teases her and makes Mariko to raise a fist at him. Niram confesses that they are alright for now and he’s strong when he’s with her.
Niram’s guards and Bharat run in to check on Niram, who asks what their guards were doing. Bharat, holding onto Niram, replies that there was a traitor to let this man in. They are interrupted by Princess Tara’s court lady, who pushes Mariko to the balcony while yelling if it wasn’t for her, Princess Tara would have been Prince Niram’s wife. Niram quickly catches Mariko’s hands, but he loses his balance and falls down to the pond.
Bharat tells the servants look all over the pond for Niram and demands to get all the doctors here ASAP. Mariko is looking from the balcony and suddenly jumps down. While crying, she tells Niram to wait for her.

Padma arrives at the scene. The servants rescued Niram and Mariko, but she’s still hugging Niram tightly and refuses to let go. Bharat, Padma and others astound at her action. A servant asks Mariko to let go of Niram and promises to save him. They quickly take Mariko and Niram to the doctor.

George asks Niram if Mariko is awake. Niram is sitting by Mariko’s bed side. George continues to say that they are both healthy, and he couldn’t find any injuries on them. Niram tenderly holds and kisses Mariko’s hand. Mariko abruptly gets up screaming crocodiles. Niram sticks our his tongue. Mariko yells, “Seriously? You liar!” Niram laughs.
Bharat walks in to see them both well. He thought he was going to get a heart attack. Bharat says, “Madame Mariko, you’ve won. Yes, for Prince Niram. I guess he needs a lady like you.” Niram asks if Bharat is approving Mariko. Bharat responds, “Your Highness, it’s important to grab people’s heart. After witnessing yesterday’s event, many people in the palace have changed their minds about Mariko-sama in a good way. You have to do the same thing for our citizens. I believe I don’t have to ask if you’re ready for that. The point is … Will you able to love each other even if you two become separated? Separate for about, let’s say 10 years… If Prince Rama is able to grow up healthy and able to succeed the throne from you, although Prince Rama is still young. I believe not that many people will blame you for marrying Mariko-sama. Can you two wait until that time comes?” Mariko asks if they get to see each other during the 10-year period. Bharat thinks it’s not possible. Niram quickly rejects Bharat’s suggestion.
Bharat sighs and asks them to rethink it over. He asks Mariko to start learning the proper etiquettes as the king’s consort and offers his help. Bharat reminds that Niram has a duty to protect the civilians’ souls. Bharat leaves Niram and Mariko alone.

Niram says, “I can [fulfill my duty] even if you’re around. If you’re not here, I can’t…” Mariko tenderly calls Niram but stops herself and looks out at the view outside. Hugging Niram, Mariko says, “It’s strange. After coming [to India], I went through a lot of scary experiences, but I remember this country’s view is always… beautiful. My heart is in so much pain, but the view is still [beautiful].” Someone says, “Have you seen the real view? It doesn’t matter where you are. If you’re with someone you love, that place will always be filled with that person’s warmth, and it’s just beautiful.”
Which path are they going to choose…!?

To be continued (Click here for the next chapter)


I was really surprised that Mariko jumped down right after Niram. What a girl!!!! I wish Niram’s people accept Mariko already. She was willing to sacrifice herself to rescue him (though crocodiles were a joke! Mean Niram~) I understand their culture though. But but 10 years of separation is a bit too much??? So what are they gonna chose?

There is 1 more chapter to go. We are almost there, y’all!!! Stay tuned~

P.S. I need suggestions for the next manga.  I don’t know what to do next as I am still deciding. (Usually I will pick what is ongoing but barely translated.) Please make a suggestion!!!!

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  1. Hello!

    Thanks for translating this! I’ve been looking for the ending of madam petit and luckily saw your blog. Patiently waiting for the next chapter! 🙂


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