[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 34 Guests: Soyou & K.Will


Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

The theme is musical stars. Boom is Le Petit Prince. Yup is Prince Dong-yeob from Beauty and the Beast. Boom asks, “You might need to change your eyes, nose, lips?” Narae is Dancing Queen in Mamma Mia, and Hyeri is Black Hyeri in the musical Chicago. Boom guesses that Hyeri seems like a normal employee of funeral service. Narae comments that it’s boring here [since they don’t receive any praises.] Yup praises, “Mamma Mia suits [Narae].” Narae asks if Seyun is the Genie, who corrects her to say that he’s Din in Aladdin. Donghyun is Dracula. Demon Barber Key from Sweeney Todd walks in. Yup points out, “Ah, he respects and doesn’t kill his elder.” Key replies, “It’s overkill to do something to you.” Manner Mode. Hyeri wonders if Hanhae is the Red Mark. Hanhae denies and says that he’s the Grinning Man. Narae complains, “His torn mouth is a bit disappointing. If you’re gonna do it, make it better!” Boom points out that they have a makeup artist Teacher Park <Corner Within Corner> Yup comments, “It’s a tragedy here that Hanhae doesn’t know how he turns out.” Seyun agrees, “Now you look like a real musical actor! It felt like ketchup earlier.” Boom says, “As expected of Narae’s retouch.”

[Guests are vocal king, K.Will, and vocal queen, Soyou. K.Will is the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera while Soyou is Snow White.]
Boom says, “Soyou and Key are famous [as best buddies] in celebrity world. I heard y’all are very well-matched?” Soyou responds, “We live near each other. [Key: So we meet often.] We chat, eat good food, and drink alcohol together.” Key adds, “Soyou featured for my first solo single. It’s a duet. So we’ve gotten close while promoting together.” Soyou complains, “We were talking about me, but why are you promoting your album all of sudden?” Boom informs that Key was a bit upset bc Soyou has been rejecting his featuring offer. Key adds, “I’ve asked her so many times.” Soyou explains, “He only mentioned work to me right after my success with ‘Some’.” Hyeri chimes in, “He’s a jerk! Sorry.” Key says, “Hey, I heard your thought.” Hyeri apologizes again. Key explains, “I used to teased her voice back then. [K.Will: 9 air, 1 sound] Yeah. Yeah.” Yup and Narae ask them to elaborate. Key adds, “I needed her for my song! [Yup: That air!] So I begged her.” Soyou says, “He didn’t beg like this.”

Boom asks for K.Will’s favorite food. K.Will replies, “I like many food, but I couldn’t pick one. In my interview, I was asked to choose my favorite food. I wondered for 4 hours. I thought so hard about it, so I answered ice.” Seyun asks, “Ice? Your favorite food is ice?” K.Will explains, “I really like ice water; it’s refreshing and I always need it.” Seyun comments, “I need to take a note about it. K.Will likes ice.” Ddong Yuni’s shocking note already included Kibum’s salad, radish, earl grey, and potato. Seyun says, “This is a Food World Cup. Kimchi jjigae vs. doenjang jjigae. Choose 1. [K.Will: Doenjang jjigae] Choose between doengjang jjigae and pork galbi. [K.Will: Pork galbi] Oh? Really? Me too.” Narae points out, “It’s about himself.” Yup adds, “How could you agree when you were the one who asked?” Seyun confirms that there’s nothing wrong with K.Will’s taste. He asks, “Pork galbi vs. pork belly? [K.Will: Pork belly] Oh~ Me too ❤︎ His taste is the similar to mine.” Key wonders what kind of Food World Cup is this. It’s more like a telepathy game.

[The song is “Yayaya” by Baby V.O.X.]
Not Gucci but Crab Gukji (Soup) Round: 1st listening~
K.Will asks, “That’s it…? You’re too mean!” Key says, “We’ll use the chance, so please play it again.” Narae agrees, “We want the chance right away.” Boom tells them not to use it in advance. K.Will asks, “What are you writing?” Hyeri replies, “Just write whatever you heard.” K.Will says, “They were just ‘You and I blah blah blah…” Soyou says, “Nah. This girl is watching the other girl’s expression.” Hyeri comments, “They exude ace fragrance there.” Soyou is worried about the later lyrics, but Key says that he heard them. K.Will asks, “They heard those lyrics?” Boom keeps talking about Baby V.O.X’s members. Key says, “TMI.” Let’s see K.Will’s board. Boom says, “Oh, you have a unique handwriting.” Hyeri says, “Doomed.” Let’s see Shin Dongyup’s board. Boom says, “That’s not even old rap but oldie.” K.Will adds, “It’s Kim Sat-gat’s flow.” Let’s see Soyou’s board. Dongyup yells, “What’s the difference from mine?” Soyou also has Kim Sat-gat’s groove. Boom says, “Soyou is no doubt a singer.” Key imitates her 9 air 1 sound once again. Boom asks Soyou to use that voice to sing her written lyrics. Soyou complains, “It’s weird bc of this dude.”

Boom gives them the song’s meaning. KWill and Soyou point out that it’s a some. Boom also tells them about the before/after-lyrics. After-lyrics are ‘And with you, I learned how to hug someone snugly.’ Hyeri asks, “Neowa hamkke (And with you) ‘nan’ or ‘na-neun’?” Boom answers, “Neowa hamkke na (And with you, I). [Hyeri: ‘Na’? OK.] Feels like I was robbed.” Key says, “Hold on. The rhythm for after-lyrics is exactly like these lyrics [we have to guess]. There are 16 words. Three lines are the same.” Narae adds, “Then it’s not ‘nan’ but ‘na’!” Key adds, “There’s a high chance that they have similar word spaces.” K.Will realizes, “Ah, this is an educational program.” Key says, “We’re more serious than you thought right?” K.Will feels like he’s in a quiz show. Hyeri comments, “We need to relisten to this part.” Yup says, “But I think it’s better to see word spaces before we listen to this part again.” Narae says, “We need to decide if we should use relistening chance for this song or not.” Hyeri adds, “Then let’s hear Narea eonnie’s [food note].” Soyou asks, “Eonnie knows? The staff didn’t tell us though.” Narae replies, “Idk either, but I wrote them down.” Key points out that Narae is only guessing. Narae explains, “It’s my battle with the editing staff.” <Food Detective> Narae vs. <Amazing Saturday> Editing Staffs. Narae starts, “First of all, Taean Seobu Market is a flower crab paradise, so it’s a crab-chaos. They did so many cuts, like 5-6 cuts, on crab gukji alone. Then we got seafood kalguksu, ganjang kkotge-jang, something like seafood with seasoned veggies, steamed seafood, grilled jumbo shrimp, and hotteok. [Yup: Snack is hotteok.] Yes, hotteok for snack. [Boom: So what’s the next round’s food?] All of these food were 2D, except 1 was [zoomed-in]. That was ganjang gejang.” Boom asks, “You saw that? [Narae: Yeah!] So are y’all gonna use the chance?” 4 people vote for crab gukji. Donghyun clarifies, “We can share crab gukji, but gejang disappears fast… If we don’t have a big amount of it, we won’t get to eat much.” K.Will says, “Idk if I should say this, but I can’t eat ganjang gejang bc I’m allergic.” Seyun asks, “Then shouldn’t we use it on ganjang gejang?” Soyou yells, “No! It’s crab gukji! I already ate yangnyeom gejang (spicy raw crabs) yesterday.” Ignoring the guest’s comments, they all agree to choose ganjang gejang. K.Will asks, “What kind of program is this?” Key comments, “We have many siblings to feed.” Yup adds, “The portion of ganjang gejang is small, so it’ll be gone quick. However, we got here an allergic person and eaten-yesterday person.” K.Will repeats, “What kind of program is this?” Hyeri chimes in, “It’s a relief. A relief.” Yup tells them to cheer for today’s best guests.

Dongyup says, “Ok, coming back after 2 months… Let’s welcome Boom’s acting.” Key pleads, “Please let us eat that crab gukji.” Dongyup adds, “You can only see it 5 times a year!” Boom is not confident with his acting. Boom asks them to not expect too much. Key realizes that the 3 missing words are ‘dajeonghi’ (affectionately). Soyou asks, “That acting is affectionate?” Boom complains, “I told y’all that I couldn’t do it.” Narae advices Soyou not to doubt Boom. Yup adds, “He improves tremendously.” They suggest ‘secretly’, ‘friendly’, and ‘disgustingly’. Yup said that ‘affectionately’ fits with the context. Key lists out ‘softly’, ‘affectionately’, and ‘snugly’. Seyun says, “That’s it. Let’s do it!” FAIL!
[They finally got them right after 3rd listening round. Dongyup figured out ‘do’ (too). Lyrics are: ‘With you, I learned how to laugh softly. With you, I learned how to whisper affectionately too.’]

[Snack is hotteok. Game is Translating Quiz – Kpop songs.]
Round 1: Boom hints, “Oh whoa, this is a song we all love.” Key answers correctly with “Blood, Sweet & Tears”. Hyeri points out, “He is desperate. Dance to the song! Wow, so cool! He did all the cool moves.” Boom tells them to perform after answering the song correctly. Boom says, “Key answered so fast that I only remember that person’s voice.” Key asks, “This kinda bread is? [Narae: Nan!] It tastes like brown sugar inside nan.”
Round 2: Soyou is wrong with Lim Chang Jung’s “A Guy Like Me”. Hanhae answers incorrectly with “naran nom-e dab-eun neoda”. K.Will is correct with Leessang’s “You’re The Answer To A Guy Like Me” (naran nom-ui dab-eun neoda). Boom says, “K.Will’s dance is outdated. Hanhae gave away his own answer.” Soyou explains, “I only heard “A Guy Like Me” and thought it was Lim Chang Jung seonbaenim’s song.” Seyun comments, “They raised up the difficulty level.”
Round 3: Boom hints, “All must have heard this famous song before.” Yup is correct with Cho Yong Pil’s “I Can’t Find The Nightingale”.
Round 4: Hanhae answers, “Red flavor, I’m curious honey.” [Boom: It’s that long?] Red Flavor.” Key points out that Hanhae always do the same dance.

Round 7: Only Soyou, Hyeri, and Narae are left. Narae yells, “Sorry Sorry Sorry!” Wrong! Soyou yells, “Sul Sul Sul (Alcohol x3)!” Boom asks if Hyeri knows this song. Hyeri also answers, “Sul Sul Sul.” Boom says that this is a song from 1988. Narae is correct with “Seoul Seoul Seoul”. Boom says, “Oh, it suits you. It was 1988 [Summer] Olympics!” Soyou and Hyeri both don’t know this song.
Last Round: Soyou raises her hand. Lee Hyeri used to be our ace in snack games. Soyou is correct with “Do You Know Hiphop?” Boom asks Soyou to choose from 1-10 to dance to another rap song. Soyou picks #7. Key points out that Snow White is a delinquent. Snack game’s ace Hyeri isn’t able to eat hotteok.

[The food is ganjang gejang (raw crab marinated in soy sauce). The song is “Cereal” by Crush (Feat. ZICO). They picked Crush’s part.]
Hyeri likes the song. Boom says, “Hyeri is excited.” Key whines, “Ah, I couldn’t follow him…” K.Will asks if Key got the 1st part. Soyou replies, “I couldn’t get the first part, but I definitely got the later lyrics.” Hanhae got the later part. Boom asks, “Donghyun, did you get anything?” Dongyup replies, “I got them. Unexpectedly, I wrote many down.” Key points out that he got that 1 English word. Many also got it. Let’s see Donghyun’s board. Donghyun’s lyrics “jiltu naseo” (I’m jealous) sound like a verse from the  historical period. Like Donghyun, Yup also heard “jiltu naseo” (I’m jealous). Yup adds, “The last line is  ‘I want you to hold me tonight.'” Seyun’s lyrics include, “I’m jealous, so I want to follow you tonight. Wifi!” Key agrees with “follow”. Key, Narae, and K.Will all have “the wifi on my body”. Yup asks, “But can we broadcast this? ‘dallyeoissneun wi-fi’ (connect wifi)?”

Hanhae says that he wrote a lot. Let’s see Hanhae’s board. K.Will and Soyou agree that “jiltu” (jealous) is right. Boom says, “Soyou, be ambitious. Who will get the close-up?” Dongyup whispers, “I don’t think it’s me.” Hyeri advices, “They can make a mistake to zoom-in our face.” Hanhae got the close-up, and his paper is, “I can’t think of what to write for close-up.” Key says, “The 3rd line fits exactly.” Soyou adds, “We got the last line. We can get them all.” Key thinks that it’s “the wifi put on (dal-a noh-eun) my body”. Dongyup agrees that it’s better with “put on” (dal-a noh-eun) than “run on” (dallyeoiss-neun). Key comments, “It sounds a bit weird. These lyrics perfect match with those numbers.” Hanhae complains, “I got them right, but it seems like Kibum got them instead.” The rest says, “No. Don’t say that! We need to eat crab’s top shell. Crab’s top shell.” Boom warns Kibum to shorten his words. Dongyup explains that they need to eat ganjang gejang.

Key asks, “How many people heard ‘put on’ (dal-a noh-eun)? [Only 2.] I changed them to ‘put on’ because it sounded weird earlier. If we take ‘wifi’ into account, it makes more sense with ‘run on’ (dallyeoiss-neun).” Soyou comments, “If you nitpick it like that, wifi at home is supposed to be installed.” Narae agrees, “Yeah. It’s up to the songwriter to choose ‘put on’.” Dongyup asks, “How is Crush’s usual style? Tough?” Key responds, “He has many suggestive songs.” Boom says, “His real name is Shin Hyo-seob.” Dongyup says, “He’s my nephew’s generation [in the Shin family]. He’s in Seob line. I’m in Yup line. That means ‘run on’ is right.” Answer based on blood line. They don’t remember the song’s melody since Donghyun’s “jealous” is so strong. FAIL! Key says, “I was hopeful about our lyrics though…” Soyou and Narae agree with Key. Dongyup asks Haetnim to quickly eat it. Soyou asks if Haetnim wrapped seaweed with it. Key whines, “Haetnim gets to eat by herself. She should share food with 9 people. [Haetnim: Why?] Like all of us.” Dongyup says, “We can eat half of that.”

Hyeri stutters to say ‘da…dagagallae’ (approach). She screams and makes everyone surprised. Key complains, “Dressing like that, she’s like Franceska.” Dongyup says, “She made many mistakes like that.” Hyeri explains, “Instead of ‘dda’, I heard ‘da’. But [K.Will] oppa wrote ‘dagaganeun’ (to go) earlier. ‘dagaganeun’ sounds like ‘dagagallae nan’ (I need to approach you).” Donghyun agrees with Hyeri. Key says, “If you’re wrong, you need to send 10kg of ganjang gejang to my house.” Hyeri replies, “Oh, I’ll do it. Then oppa will send 10kg to me if I’m right?” Key argues, “But I didn’t hear it like you do.” Seyun points out that Key got cold feet. Boom tells stingy people to leave the bet. Key writes ‘ddaragallae’ (follow). Narae asks, “You chose ‘follow’?” Hyeri complains, “I didn’t hear ‘dd’ though…” Key puts them on mute. (LMAO!) Interpretation: (Kibum is crazy!!!) (Key’s ears are turned off. It’s off). Coward who doesn’t care. Boom asks, “What?” Key says, “Let’s hurry to finish this song.” The rest disagrees with Key’s ‘follow’. Coward’s dictatorship. Soyou asks if Key can do that. Dongyup says, “He’s been correct thus far…” Hanhae asks, “You can do that?” Soyou confirms, “He did it.” Hyeri complains, “For what? It’s wrong anyway.” Narae asks, “What are you doing, Key?” Boom tells them to stop Hyeri. Key clarifies, “We need to get it over it.” Donghyun warns, “Avoid his neck and don’t use your elbow.” Hanhae says, “It’s never happened like this.” Narae complains to the staffs that they live in a democracy and his action is not acceptable.

3rd listening~
Soyou says, “It’s ‘geon’.” The rest argues, “No. It’s ‘nan’. What’s wrong with you?” K.Will is also confused with ‘geon’. Hyeri shouts, “Why? Why?” Key says, “I won’t say a word.” Narae tells Hyeri to decide. Boom asks Narae to take care of K.Will. Narae apologizes to K.Will, who bursts out, “I don’t eat ganjang gejang anyway. Figure them out yourself. You told me to listen those lyrics and I did, but when I talk about them, you won’t listen to me. What is this?” (lol) Narae asks what are K.Will’s lyrics. He pouts, “You don’t need to know. Since earlier, I kept saying ‘dagaganeun geon’. [Hyeri immediately disagrees. (lmao)] ‘nae mome dallyeoissneun wi-fi’ (The wifi ran on my body). I kept pressing on these lyrics. [Hyeri: You’re right with ‘dallyeoissneun’ (ran on).] I kept talking about ‘dallyeoissneun’ (ran on), but others said something else.” Hyeri asks who said different words. Narae comments, “I’m gonna lecture Crush the next time I see him.” K.Will says, “We should be happy if we got these many lyrics right. It’s hatred instead.” K.Will wonders what song is Hyeri singing. Yup points out, “This show broadcasts for 1 hour, but it’s been 5 hours filming for us here. Our program can’t finish early.” Hyeri is receiver of ganjang gejang while Key is the sender. CORRECT! Key says, “What do we do without you?” Hyeri reminds, “Oppa, send me 10kg.” Dongyup helps, “First, send her 10kg of soy sauce. K.Will did well with ‘run on’.” Hyeri adds, “[K.Will] oppa also wrote ‘dagaganeun geon’ at first, so I figured out ‘dagagallae nan’ (I need to approach you), thanks to him.” K.Will adds, “I’ve really only listened to Hyeri’s words.” Soyou comments, “This program gives many injuries to people.”
[Lyrics: I’m so jealous; I can’t help it; I need to approach you. The wifi ran on my body wants to connect with you tonight.]

Next week guests: EXID’s Solji and Hani

Solji says, “I know many songs.” Hani says, “I’m more on the solving side.” Hyeri says, “If you come out confidently from the start, later…” Solji and Hani are the ghosts of close-up.

Pwhahahaha~ What a hilarious episode!!!! The guests didn’t shy away from showing their reactions.
I feel bad for K.Will, who sat in the middle of Narae and Hyeri. The girls’ wall blocked him from saying his opinions. On top of that, he can’t eat ganjang gejang!!! I laughed so hard when he bursted out. Oh, his comment about ice was funny too. Seyun was totally in disbelief to meet such person. (Well, Seyun has been meeting Key, so he should have adapted to that kind of mindset already~ hahahaha)
I can tell that Soyou and Key are really good friends. He teased her voice, 9 air 1 sound, and even imitated it. So funny~ (Btw, I only know JYP’s technique half air half sound~)

OMG Key and Hyeri were in another world today. It was one of the rare time for Hyeri to win triumphantly over Key. Had Key listened to Hyeri, they could have gotten to eat more ganjang gejang. I do think that she deserves to get her 10kg of ganjang gejang!!!! (Key, you better start buying “10kg of soy sauce”~ lol) That was priceless when he muted their voices too. He was really sassy at it, eating popcorns and didn’t even care. LMAO!
I adore Key-Hyeri’s love hate relationships so much. It’s like an ongoing sitcom~

Btw, I wonder how ganjang gejang tastes like in Korea. I ate it here in America but was disappointed. We have a similar version of it in Vietnamese cuisine, but ours is made with very small crabs, called ba khía, and we use salt instead of soy sauce. I wonder if they taste the same?!

P.S. I want to point out that I’ve tried to tweet funny scenes, which aren’t included in Youtube videos. Hence, if I don’t tweet a lot about a guest, it doesn’t mean I don’t like that guest. (I’ve tried to include them as much as possible~) It’s just that their extra scenes aren’t funny and/or all funny ones are in the Youtube vids.
(If you follow my Twitter, you’ll see some funny extras. Sorry for this shameless plug.)


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