[Brief Summary] Weekend Playlist Ep. 7 Special Guest: Kang Daniel

Weekend Playlist
Weekend Playlist

This show follows Ra Miran, Kim Sook, Jang Yoon Joo and Lee Se Young as they spend their weekends doing something that they have always wanted to try. The concept of the show is to introduce different ways to have fun during weekends. With these four ladies as the main cast members, they will also reveal a bit of their person lives and share their inside tips on trendy destinations.

I decide to do a simple translation for these videos since they are fun to watch.

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea should roughly be the same.

Yoon Joo says, “Are they gonna curse at me? Please make them happy about this trip. Welcome to Yoon Joo’s tour.” Miran coldly asks, “It’s your tour today…? You make us to come here in this early morning? Do you have a death wish? So where are we going?” Yoo Joo says, “I’ll let you know when all are here.” Miran says, “1 hour later is the perfect time for flying, but this is dawn.” Yoon Joo soothes, “You wore pretty makeup this early?” Miran replies, “That’s why I couldn’t sleep!” Yoon Joo asks, “My face is too bare right?” Miran says, “Nah, it doesn’t stand out!” Yoon Joo says, “It’s good to be young.” Se Young says, “Eonnie, ah..” Yoon Joo repeats, “I’m the only.. bare face here.. I should have wore makeup.” Se Young says, “You’re pretty.” (Cute!) Miran says, “Don’t lie.” (lol savage!) Se Young clarifies, “I like…your.. kind eyes.” Yoon Joo asks, “Se Young, how’s your condition today?” Miran says, “I’m uncomfortable when she keeps asking this question.” Yoon Joo says, “It’s my turn today, but you know me right?” After Leader Sook arrives, Yoon Joo welcomes them to her tour. Sook asks, “Ok, what time is it? This b!tch, what time is it!” Yoon Joo replies, “It’s 4:30am. But 3 of you wore full makeup this early.” Miran cuts in, “She’s just worrying about her bare face!” Sook asks, “Sorry, but can you return our Yoon Joo to us? That’s not the Yoon Joo that I know. Yoon Joo’s grandma, please give us your granddaughter Yoon Joo.” Miran adds, “Ya, untie your hair.” Se Young adds, “You’re wearing pearl earrings too.” Sook wonders why they need to bring their passports.

Sook apologies, “I’m sorry, she’s playing around. Stop it now!” Sook and Miran figure out that they are going to Hong Kong. They are impressed with Yoon Joo’s tour. Miran asks, “Do you have lots of money?” Around 35,000 Won per person is needed for a weekend day trip to HK, which doesn’t include lodging. Yoon Joo explains, “It’s a day trip, so it’ll be short!” The rest is worried. Yoon Joo continues, “We only spend exactly 1 day in HK; 4 hours for flying. [Sook wants to pack more.] Nah, we’re just going for the delicious food.” Sook wants to stay longer, and Se Young reminds that traveling alone takes 7 hours already. Yoon Joo reassures, “But it’s enough to have fun.” Miran asks, “Enough to exhaust?” Yoon Joo clarifies that they can plenty of rest time on airplane. It’s a 3.5 hours flight. There’s a 1hr difference, i.e. 10 o’clock in Korea is 9 in HK. Miran says this is Lady Over Flowers version since the trip is unannounced. Yoon Joo hypes them up by saying they might have a special guest. Miran asks, “Tell me honestly, is Kang Daniel in HK?” Yoon Joo replies, “Idk.” Sook suggests to look up where he is right now. Miran is finally interested and praises Yoon Joo. Se Young asks, “This isn’t round-trip ticket?” Miran clarifies, “We’ll get the return ticket when we leave.” Sook is honestly excited for HK, and that makes Yoon Joo beam. Miran says that she’s been to HK with her child but only to Disneyland. Se Young says that it’s her first time filming oversea. They like the tour so far.

Miran lies down to make herself comfy. Se Young looks at Miran once and looks at Sook once. She confirms that eonnies are sleeping, but she can’t fall asleep easily. She watches a movie while smiling, surprising, smiling, frowning. When she’s about to fall asleep, a flight attendant comes with a breakfast cart. She orders breakfast by herself. She checks on eonnies once more. Miran asks, “What are you having?” Se Young replies, “Seafood rice.” After eating her breakfast alone, Se Young finally falls asleep. (So adorable~)

First food in HK is congee with fish balls, which is the local breakfast favorite. Se Young comments, “It’s like eating chicken congee. It’s good for digestion.” Miran comments, “The meat is melting in my mouth!” Sook also likes the pork’s texture. Second food is wonton noodle. After that, food just keeps coming out, like fish ball noodle and fried wonton. These are HK natives’ breakfast meal. Sook, Yoon Joo and Se Young shout, “Omo! Omo! Omo! You have to get this!” Miran coldly says, “I’ll evaluate after I eat this. Omo! You have to try this!” Yoon Joo slips, “Hubby(?).. ah wrong. Try this noodle. It’s really long.” Sook yells, “Don’t cut the noodle.” Yoon Joo says, “It’s so long.” The rest tries to eat noodle without cutting it. Se Young and Sook encourage Miran to finish the noodle without cutting it. Sook recommends shrimp wonton to Se Young, saying shrimp wonton noodle is her type. Miran asks, “We’re not on a food tour right?” Sook says, “Let’s eat first and sightseeing later.”

This traditional pharmacy has been operating for 100 years. The price of 1 cup of tea is 10-18 HKD so ~1,400-2,500 KRW. Sook asks whether she’s tasting flower tea and wants to try herbal tea. Hence, Yoon Joo is nervous asking them if they want to drink 3 cups. Sook and Miran just want to taste the tea while Se Young asks to have 2 cups. Yoon Joo suggests to get ginseng tea instead of herbal tea. Se Young says, “Now I know the taste of ginseng.” Yoo Joo says, “Okay, let’s move on. There’s no place to sit.” Sook asks, “We’re moving on? Just go?”

Yoon Joo introduces Mid-Levels escalator. Miran asks, “Jang Yoon Joo! There is a nice cafe at your left, so why did we try the tea at the other place?” Yoon Joo replies, “This is the course for your body.” This is the Itaewon of HK, SoHo district.

Yoon Joo suggests to drink teas to move on. Leader Sook is a shopping fairy. Yoon Joo comments, “Sook eonni likes these things.” Sook asks if Se Young wants her to buy the pillow and to choose 1. Se Young suggests to buy some souvenirs. Yoon Joo reminds, “We don’t have much time left, so move on to the cafe.” However Sook and Se Young can’t hear her, so Yoon Joo walks up and tells them directly. Miran wants cold milk tea. Miran complains, “It’s 12 already.” Miran steals a look at Yoon Joo’s guide and wonders when to eat real meal. She doesn’t see the plan for food. Yoon Joo tells Miran that the place doesn’t have milk tea, so she ordered fresh juice instead. Miran asks, “Is this how healthy taste like?” Yoon Joo says, “This is a very healthy taste…” Miran says, “That has the same healthy taste.” Yoon Joo complains about Sook and Se Young’s shopping habit. Miran says, “You know, usually when ladies go shopping, men just keep checking the time.” Se Young and Sook want to buy team couple mugs. Sook wonders, “How does she know me? Oh, you saw me on TV. I was so surprised when she called my name! I thought she said ‘kimchi’.”

Daniel says, “The meat is really good.” Sook comments, “This is from Miran’s genuine heart. I said that you only eat instant food, so she wants to make a hot meal for you. We really cooked rice here. Just think of this as a fan’s concern.” Daniel says, “I only ate at 8 today.” Miran is surprised by that and says, “Ah, bc you had to work!”

Miran says, “I put abalone inside.” This is abalone musubi, Miran’s third dish. Daniel says that he’s allergic to seafood. Miran whispers, “Sook… our Daniel has seafood allergy. [Sighs] I should die…[Sook asks if Miran didn’t know.] Uhm, I’m not his real fan.” Daniel soothes, “But the meat is very delicious.” Miran starts to make beef musubi for Daniel and clarifies, “This is beef, so you can eat it. I’m sorry.” Miran also brought side dishes from home. The food includes a caprese salad, japchae, doenjang jjigae, bulgogi musubi and grilled beef. This is a perfect meal.

Everyone says, “Thanks for the food.” Sook asks, “All of this.. is for 1 person?” Miran explains that he have a bite in each dish. Sook says, “Not joking, but look at this abalone. There are 8 of them in here. But…” Miran continues, “But he can’t even it it.” Sook adds, “I get to eat it thanks to you! Uhm, it’s delicious.” Daniel says, “Kimchi is really good!” Miran says, “Bc I washed each with my sweat. That’s a relief. Let me know that tasty one, I’ll get you more. Am I putting you on the hot seat?” Daniel denies, “I should have come early to help you out. I’m ashamed to come when the food is done.” Miran reassures, “Don’t worry. Eat more.” Daniel says, “I really like these food~”

Sook asks, “How is your first meeting? Auntie~ how do you feel?” Miran says, “I’m usually shy to present awards. But for Golden Disk, I asked if Wanna One was coming. They said ‘Of course’; that was why I came. They passed by me when going to the stage.” Sook says, “You should have acted like you know them and wave your hands like this.” Miran says, “I was like this next to them. I watched Broduce 101 from the start, and I kept replaying those episodes, so I know him better.” Sook asks if Miran started to be his fan from then. Miran says, “This friend acts really well… on stage. He matches his expression for each song with his acting and dancing. He is really good. He’s cute irl too. Is this what they call puppy smile? He’s cute when he smiles but cool when he performs on stage. I thought that friend’s expression is really great! I wish I can act that well. I hope to meet you in a movie or drama.” Sook asks, “What if Daniel is shooting for his first main lead role in a movie, but his performance fee is expensive, and they ask Miran to donate your talent.” Miran says, “Aiyoo~ I’ll def do it!” Sook asks, “Really? You’re serious? No pay for 30 ep. and it’s Daniel’s mother role?” Miran answers, “Of course, I’ll do it! I’ll even do passerby 1,2,3,4,5.” Sook advices, “Just cast him for your movie!”

Miran says, “If I’m casting for a movie, I’ll def. recommend Daniel! I really enjoyed your acting in Davichi’s MV.” Daniel is embarrassed. Miran asks, “Does it make you cringe?” Daniel replies, “It was hard for me. I couldn’t even watch the monitor.” Miran wonders why since he did well. Daniel explains that he was supposed to act with a sad expression for his 1st time, so he needed to think about being hungry and even skipped his meal. Miran says, “If I watch the MV again, I’ll think ‘ah, our Niel was hungry then~'” Daniel adds, “Bc I was hungry, I was able to show a sad expression.” Miran laments, “Ah, I got tricked!” Miran says, “I really enjoyed his acting in the MV, so I thought he was good at acting. But he said it was due to his hunger.” Daniel says that he couldn’t monitor his acting then.

Sook likes Daniel’s cute dialect. Sook says, “I know [bc she’s also from Busan,] but others don’t know. We know our hometown fellow even though we don’t speak in dialect.” Daniel says, “My friends in Seoul asked if I was angry, but I wasn’t. That was why I thought to change it.” Sook asks, “So how was it? You know in drama, there are scenes like this.” Miran replies, “I’m feel bad.. I know it’s exhausting but still he came out to the show.” Sook agrees, “Yeah, [bc of comeback preparation] I feel bad that he didn’t eat a lot ~” Daniel says, “I think I def. ate a lot!” Sook says, “In the pov of an auntie, we’re worried about your health. You need to lose weight for this comeback?” Daniel explains, “It looks better if I lose weight.” Miran complains about his already small face, so Sook tells her that they are thinking from an auntie’s mind. Miran asks, “That was why I looked like that on TV? Irl I don’t look swollen right?” Daniel agrees, “I’m also on the swollen side.” Sook says, “I’ve always seen his face, so I thought he’s short. [Miran chimes, “Sook, what are you saying?”] Ah, since I’ve only gotten to see his small and cute face, I found out that he’s quite tall. [Miran annoys, “He’s 180 tall, what are you talking about?] No, I know. I’ve met him too, but I was talking about his face. Ah, it’s hot in here.”

Sook says, “I prepared a special event.” Miran laughs at the cake, so Sook explains that today is a special day to celebrate. Sook asks, “You’re also good at peeling the tape?” Daniel asks if Sook made the cake herself. (lol) Sook replies, “Nah, I couldn’t make it..” Miran asks, “Yah, does this make sense? ‘Daniel is lucky! Bc Miran is his fan.'” Sook says, “It’s from my pov.” Miran corrects, “It should be ‘Miran is lucky! Bc she’s Daniel’s fan~'” Sook explains, “I thought of that, but changed it to ‘Daniel is lucky bc a great actress is his fan~’ [Daniel agrees.] I’m on your side. I thought you like the cake, but you sheesh..” Daniel likes Sook’s idea. He asks, “Where to place the candle. Should I make a hole on the face?” Miran asks, “We won’t cut the cake right in the middle like this right? And I have to eat my own face? (lmao) [Sook put the candle.] Why does we need the candle?” Daniel replies, “For ambiance.” Miran requests to pour bokbunja wine into a glass like red wine. Daniel says, “I thought of it too!” Miran asks, “Yah, give me those wine glasses!” Sook flusters to find wine glasses.

Miran advices, “Just live you life comfortably. Do all the things you want to do.” It’s suddenly turn into a restaurant? Sook asks if they want to taste wine. Miran tells Sook to do it, who just quickly sniffs it. Miran asks, “Why are you smelling it?” (lol) Sook asks, “Do you want to pick this? Ah.. approve?” Sook asks them to hold on and lights the candle. (OMG she’s so funny~)

Daniel says that Miran looks fine. Sook laughs, “This is too funny. [Miran asks her to hurry up.] Mother and son.” Miran asks if Sook used filter and complains after seeing her picture. Miran asks for a full shot. Sook complains, “Ah, it’s getting hot in here bc of her.” Sook tells them to smile. Miran and Daniel wonders what the sound was. Miran says, “It’s better like that..For Kang Daniel’s bright future.” Sook suggests Miran to dance for celebration. Sook says, “Not good enough. Niel, you do it! You two talk until this candle burns off.” Daniel enjoys watching Youtube videos of this show. Miran realizes, “Oh, it broadcasts today!” Wanna One members also enjoy the show. Daniel wants to like like them. Miran says, “You can’t.” Sook adds, “I live carelessly.”  Daniel clarifies, “I want to live cooly with my friends like you two. My mother really likes this show.” Sook says, “Tell your mother to join us~” Daniel adds, “My mother can eat for 11 people.”

Miran gives some life advices to Daniel. Sook reminds, “I said it jokingly, but we really talk until the candle burns off.” Miran concludes, “Let’s live our lives mindlessly.” Sook and Miran want Daniel to blow the candle alone. Succeed! But why are they shocked? Sook points out the candle wax on Miran’s face. Miran comments, “Looks like you had hoe’s sauce on your face..”

Daniel tells them his schedule for tomorrow. Miran asks about the new song. Daniel says, “Since this is the last album, it’s a bit sad. It’s a promise to meet again. I said too many spoilers.” Daniel is amazed by moon drop grapes. Miran says, “White grapes taste like apple.” Sook says, “If you want to eat home food, just give Auntie Miran a call~” Daniel says that he will buy them food next time. Sook says, “We remember this kind of promise really well. We’re gonna keep talking about Daniel’s promise to treat us food.”

Sook says, “Miran ah, let’s send him home now..” Miran says, “Hold on! Let’s pack food for him.” Sook asks, “Will your members eat these food?” Daniel says that they’re going to eat. Sook wonders what’s in the box. Miran says, “Looks like someone threw that away on my way here. Just a box.” Sook asks to see inside. There are lots and lots of jellies inside. Daniel exercises a lot recently, so he needs sugar. He can survive with these jellies for 2 months. He thanks Miran. Sook asks if he likes the present. Daniel replies, “I think it’s the best for my heart.”

Sook asks if he likes alcohol. Daniel replies that he often drinks wine alone. Sook asks, “Among the members, who is the best drinker?” Daniel answers himself and adds that members doesn’t really drink. Sook says, “That’s a reverse charm.” Daniel says, “Jaehwan likes drinking too.” Miran says that they probably don’t drink much. Daniel agrees. Sook says, “I think Woojin is adorable.” Daniel says, “He turned 20 this year, so he drinks beer sometimes. He’s cute.” Sook tells Daniel to definitely give these food to his roomies. Sook and Miran ask, “Do you want kimchi, meat, beer?” Daniel tells Sook that they have a lot of beer and bukbunja wine in their dorm. Basically, Miran and Sook pack everything they have for him and his members. Daniel says, “I think the box is lighter.” Sook says, “Nah, it’s not right to let the guy carry heavy things.” (lol) Miran adds, “It can hurt your hands.” Daniel keeps thanking them. Daniel decides to give them signed albums, saying he doesn’t have anything else. Miran says, “If it’s nothing, just go~ This is Kim Sook and I’m Ra Miran~” Miran says, “Don’t drag on, just go~” Daniel says, “That was the best!” Sook asks, “Are you ok?” Miran replies, “Nah, I’m ok~” Sook asks, “Our Miran is good, right?” Miran replies, “I succeeded!” Sook assures, “Yup, you’re a successful fan!” Miran adds, “I succeeded something in life.”

OK~~~~~~~~ That was long! I thought of doing translation for just Hong Kong’s tour. However, since I started last episode with a few clips of Daniel, I must finished this one with him in it as well. Oh well~
That was fun though!!!!! Ra Miran was like his attentive mother and Sook was the carefree aunt. They treated him so well. I followed Broduce on and off, and it was my first time hearing he’s allergic to seafood.

Anyway, Hk tour was quite amusing. They were all worried at first bc it was Yoon Joo’s tour, but were happy to visit HK. If Yoon Joo is a weirdo like she mentioned, she should have plan a bizarre trip and that would be hilarious to watch. So far, it’s pretty tame (or maybe I’m expecting too much from her?)

Se Young is so adorable!!!! She’s the perfect maknae to these powerful eonnies.

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