[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 32 Guests: Jeon So Min & Kim Ji Seok


Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

The dress code’s theme is island villagers. Dongyup is the island’s mailman; Narae is the president of women’s association. Dongyup asks if Narae just got remarried. Narae says that his joke is good. Donghyun is the town chief and Seyun is the fatty fisherman. Hyeri is the teacher and her teaching subject is AmaSat. Hanhae as the island village’s doctor calls out, “Where is the patient?” Police officer Boom points out that Seyun’s pants need treatment. Key is the bachelor of the island village. Boom says, “Hanhae is island’s mania. Did you like your trip to the island recently?” Hanhae says that he likes Jeju Island. Hyeri and Key ask, “Why did you go there last time?” Hanhae replies, “Oh, I usually take my break in Jeju Island.” Seyun and Dongyup wonder if Hanhae needed to see a certain person there. Hanhae replies that he went with his friend to eat and have fun. Narae comments that he shouldn’t go with his friend. Boom wonders why Hanhae and his friend go to a pool villa. Hanhae replies that it’s a good place to stay. Dongyup comments, “It’s this cold though.” Boom introduces that for the 1st time the show’s guests are an actor and an actress. Guests are Jeon So Min and Kim Ji Seok.

Boom says that So Min is too into her drama’s character that she starts to speak with a dialect. So Min says, “I didn’t have much time to prepare for my character, so I was stressed out. When I’ve drunk alcohol, I’ve started to speak in dialect. I’ve cursed in dialect too.” Dongyup points out that Narae’s hometown is Mokpo, so they suggest So Min and Narae to converse in Jeolla dialect. Narae explains, “For greeting, Seoulites usually say ‘How are you these day~?’ But it’s “What did you do?” for us. It’s our normal greeting, but it may sounds aggressive for 1st timers.” In her interview, So Min said that she likes Hanhae. Writers asked So Min to rank the guys’ visual appearance, so she gave Hanhae 1st rank. Hanhae happily comments, “I was always last.” So Min asks, “Why? You’re handsome though. [Boom asks what about Key.] Oh, Key didn’t rank high.” Boom says, “Usually Hanhae vs. Key, Key always won.” So Min continues, “Right after Hanhae was Dongyup oppa.” Key realizes, “Oh, got it!” Dongyup yells, “Why did you say that to me? You should have said that to Hanhae.” Key is like, “Oh, you heard me? I was just talking to myself.” Narae asks, “Who was the last place?” So Min politely points to Donghyun, who repeats, “Got it! Got it!” Key says, “You can’t use it like that.” So Min explains that Hanhae is a good boyfriend material. It’s So Min’s 1st time meeting Hanhae and he looks better irl. Ji Seok clarifies, “So Min has been living on the island, so she’s excited to meet outsiders, esp. those on mainland.” So Min adds, “I only meet Ji Seok oppa everyday.” Boom suggests them to say something to each other. So Min shyly says, “Please take care of me.” Hanhae says, “I like island too.” So Min invites him to visit her island and advices, “It doesn’t have a supermarket and B&B.” Hanhae replies, “If it’s an island, I like it.” Seyun jumps in to say that Hanhae likes pool villa. (lmao!!!)

Boom says, “This group created AmaSat’s NICE sign, Calpis and organic idols, SEVENTEEN.” They complains that it’s going to be hard. Doremi Market and SEVENTEEN are tied 1 to 1. The song is Pretty U. Hyeri says that she has listened to this song many times. Key asks if it’s the song with this dance point. Boom is surprised that Key even knows about it. Key clarifies, “I was the MC of M Countdown then.” Boom asks, “Does Ji Seok know this song?” Ji Seok replies, “I think I’ve heard it before..” Seyun points, “Seems like he hasn’t hear it.” Dongyup asks, “Have So Min ever heard of Pretty U? [So Min shakes her head.] Ah no, as a compliment.” So Min likes those words. Hanhae says, “She must have heard them many time.” Key and Seyun urge Hanhae to say those words to So Min. Hanhae says, “Irl, you’re a very beautiful lady; you’re pretty.” Hyeri points out Hanhae’s red ears. So Min thanks him and says it’s hot in here. Ji Seok wonders if So Min really likes Hanhae and yells that he’s jealous. Key irritatedly says, “Just go to Blind Date Coffee House please.” (lol) Narae adds, “Why are they like this here?” Key continues to complain, “It doesn’t fit with the content of this show.” Dongyup says, “What a scene from both sides!” Narae adds, “Shin Dongyup sunbae is like an island.” Dongyup complains, “Oh, Hanhae is weird. He’s helping and asking her where she lives at the same time.” Narae comments, “That’s a sickness, sickness…”

Start in 1:13! 1st listening round of pork belly kimbap~
Donghyun says, “That’s too long.” Key says, “Argh, I can’t follow them.” So Min says, “I can’t hear the early part.” Key says, “I think I need to receive compliments.” Dongyup says, “It doesn’t help to cheat at all since we share what we heard.” Hyeri comments, “Ah, it has been awhile for my close-up right?” Ji Seok looks at Hyeri’s boards and says, “Oh? Completely different from mine.” Hyeri points out that his lyrics are funny. Ji Seok adds, “I wrote seriously though.”

So Min wrote “drink from the face”. Key is like, “Is this how you sing the song?” Seyun adds, “She’s really shameless.” Let’s see Ji Seok’s board. Dongyup says, “His lyrics are even scarier.” So Min asks, “Can we broadcast this?” They wonder why. So Min explains, “Why his nose grew when he only drank water.” The rest is confused with So Min’s explanation. Dongyup says, “I usually really quick to catch hidden meanings, but idk. She was like ‘No, don’t broadcast this’ all by herself.” Ji Seok says, “That was what I heard. I’m sure of ‘his nose grew’.” Boom jokingly says, “Let’s reveal visual high ranker’s board.” Donghyun also wrote ‘nose’. Donghyun asks, “Did anyone hear ‘let’s hold hands’? No? Okay, pass.” Narae complains, “Oppa, don’t erase them. Never know you might be right.” Seyun comments, “Seems like his skill is slowly decreasing.” Donghyun explains, “It’s not that my skill is decreasing. We started as elementary students at first. Others slowly graduated to high school and college while I’m still an elementary student. [They ask for more details.] I’m a grade 4/5 student, and Seyun is my partner. [Seyun’s] 1 subject better than me. Dongyup hyung is a smart elementary student. Hyeri is just a strong elementary student and Narae is her partner. Hanhae is a high schooler and Key is the professor.” Boom says, “That’s how Donghyun thinks, but please pay attention to the lyrics.”

Hyeri asks, “We don’t count those before-lyrics right?” Narae asks, “Idk when to start writing…” Key says, “Nah, don’t worry. I’ll take care of that part.” Key adds, “I took a trip down memory lane just now. I remember asking myself, ‘What were those lyrics?’ when watching them performed.” The rest exclaims, “That’s good!” Key wrote, “saebyeoke mureul” (a glass of water at dawn). Seyun agrees, “‘Saebyeoke’ (at dawn) is right. ‘Nae bap-eun’ (my rice) was right then.” Narae asks, “Hold on. Why are saebyoke and nae bap-eun the same?” Seyun replies, “Both have ‘b’ (byok and bap).” (lol) Narae says, “I think we just need to combine Key’s and Hyeri’s lyrics.” Hyeri is annoyed and orders Key to erase her lyrics in his board, saying she wants the close-up. Key shouts, “It’s my close-up anyway.” Boom says, “Don’t fight. Let’s see who will get the close up.” Narae tells Hyeri to write something down. Hyeri says, “I won’t write anything. My face alone is the caption.” Key promotes his solo debut in his paper.

Hyeri and Key discuss about what to fill in for 2 missing words. Seyun suggests “jana’ (sleep) since it’s in the early morning. Narae thinks it’s “han jan” (get a drink). Ji Seok walks out and says, “Wait. The important thing is… [starts to explain about the song].” Donghyun says, “You have to stay in your seat.” Boom warns, “Walking is not allowed. You can’t walk out.” Dongyup comments, “He’s smart. He knows that he’s being neglected over there.” Ji Seok complains, “Y’all only talk among each other… It should be an action before saying ‘you’re pretty’, so it can be ‘practice’ or ‘monolog’.” The rest applauds his reasoning about ‘monolog’ and they like the word. However, it doesn’t fit the boxes. Hanhae points out that it makes sense with “honja” (alone) when combining with before-lyrics. “I want to pick and gather all the pretty words for you. They stick in my throat in front of you. While drinking water at dawn alone..” It’s a situation when the guy practices repeating “you’re pretty” by himself. Hyeri says that she heard “nege kkok” (you must). Key says, “It’s not nege but naeil kkok (tomorrow I must). Ji Seok agrees bc he heard “kko” (nose). Key tells everyone to clean their hands. Fail!

Donghyun says, “It’s ‘nege’ (you).” Dongyup argues, “It’s ‘naeil kkok hagesseo’ (I must do tomorrow). Hanhae agrees with Donghyun about “nege”. Ji Seok says, “I’ll stand up too. Kimbap! Kimbap!” Boom says, “Bc y’all stood up all of a sudden that Mun Seyun’s thing broke.” Key asks, “Y’all heard ‘at dawn’ right?” This is Key’s magic. Dongyup says, “I even imagined the scene of drinking water at dawn.” So Min agrees and talks about grabbing a bottle of water from a fridge. Hyeri says, “I said… ‘tomorrow I must’ right?” Dongyup points, “She ate everyone’s words earlier, shouting nege nege.” Donghyun says that he heard “nege”. Seyun comments, “You need to practice more. You keep falling behind. Right now, you’re not an elementary student. You’re wearing diaper.” (LMAO!) So Min asks if “honja hajima” are correct. Narae says, “Key finally heard that part.” So Min says, “He’s amazing.” Key explains, “Why did I heard ‘honja dajimhae’ (I promise myself)? They sing these lyrics like this.” Seyun realizes his “dasima” is similar to “dajimhae”. Ji Seok suggests that it’s “dajimhan“. Dongyup says, “But the context is not right.” Ji Seok adds, “We all heard  ‘-man’ though.” Donghyun agrees with Ji Seok, who claims to run out of the studio if “dajimhae” is the correct one. Ji Seok says, “I’ll strip and run.” Dongyup asks, “Naked?” Key says, “I’ll decide on what to write.” Boom says that Key’s pants makes a lot of noise. CORRECT! Key shouts, “I told you so.” Dongyup says, “We’ll only show this much.” Hyeri is like, “I wanna see.”
[Lyrics: While drinking a glass of water at dawn, I promise myself to tell you. I will confess what has been on the tip of my tongue tomorrow.]

[The game is to answer a word with a given dictionary description.]
This word describes a situation where a lot of people are scrambled or jumbled. Hanhae answers, “Amazing Saturday.” Key answers, “Round 2 of Amazing Saturday.” Boom says, “What you said is right, but I want [the noun] from the dictionary.” [Ji Seok: hordes of people], [Hanhae: a mess], [Narae: rowdy] and [So Min: crowd] are incorrect. Narae is correct with “chaos”. You are watching chaos. Narae expresses the deliciousness of the tofu pocket. Hyeri comments, “It sounds better now!” (Donghyun won 1st but his descriptions lacked details.) Narae adds, “Don’t add a lot of red pepper flakes. How much did that oppa add?” Key asks, “Are you eating spicy soup?” Donghyun replies, “It’s a bit salty. And spicy!”
This word describes a foolish person who does not have the ability to judge things properly. Ji Seok is incorrect with “idiot”. Key answers, “Jung Hanhae.” (lmao) [Key: dummy], [Hyeri: blockhead] and [Somin: dimwit] are incorrect. Key is correct with “fathead”. Boom asks what Dongyup was going to say. He replies that he was going to steal ”dummy” from Seyun since his answer wasn’t announced. So Min thinks “fathead” is cute. Seyun asks, “Can you give us left-over kimbap to eat with this?” Key agrees, “That sounds great. I should have left some for this.” Boom says, “They will mix together inside.”

Round 7 of Korean dictionary competition~
This word describes a person who does nothing a day and lives his/her life idly. Ji Seok is wrong with “jobless” and “lazybones”. Boom hints, “Donghyun received this many times bc of his frown.” Seyun is about to answer but remembers Ji Seok’s comment about them being inconsiderate to guests here. Seyun says, “Ah, nothing… It’s ‘gundam’.” (so nice!) Ji Seok is correct with ”good-for-nothing”. They praise Seyun for his action. Boom asks Ji Seok to walk out like a good-for-nothing. Ji Seok says, “Ah, it broke! I won’t get that.” Seyun asks, “Broken tofu pocket?!” Dongyup comments, “I’m ok with the broken one too.” Seyun says, “I’m watching if he also takes the broken one.” Hyeri tells them that the soup is a must get. Hanhae adds that it’s Dongyup’s favorite. Dongyup says, “After eating kimbap, I took cold meds during break time, so my cold will disappear just by drinking this soup.” Seyun asks, “You already took meds but still want to have the soup.” This is a ruthless battle of nerves. Boom says, “He thought Seyun would give up by saying ‘I got sick’ [Dongyup sneezes.] Aigoo, please give him a tissue.” Dongyup says, “Nah, it’s okay.” Seyun’s caption is, “Don’t falter!!!!”
Last round. This old word describes how others’ son or a young lady calls a husband or a lover. Seyun is incorrect with “hubby/groom”. Boom hints, “It’s used often in saguk (historical) drama.” Seyun says, “This sh!t(?)” (lmao) Dongyup answers, “Your father.” Boom hints that this word is used in the title of a recent drama. Dongyup is correct with “dear husband”. Boom says, “Suddenly got sick, he gets a great hot treat from the staffs, and it’s really easy to eat.” Narae adds, “Yup, super easy.” Key adds, “Everything went to the soup.”

[The 2nd food is cold salad jokbal (braised pig’s trotters).]
Boom introduces, “Since their debut, this group’s songs are men’s favorite to sing in karaoke. It’s rock ballad band Buzz.” Everyone is like, “Isn’t it easy since most people know Buzz’s songs?” Dongyup asks, “Min Kyung Hoon doesn’t rap in Buzz’s songs right?” The rest agrees. Boom says that he can rap like that. They call out Buzz’s famous songs, like Coward, Thorn, You Don’t Know Man and Trip to Myself. Boom says, “In 2014, from their 4th album, the title song is Namu (Tree).” Since it’s a recent song, they can’t take a trip down memory lane. Key reminds them of relistening chance. Dongyup complains, “Make it clear… this guy.” Narae adds, “Seems like he lost his strength in the last minute of the song.” Seyun comments, “It’s like a babble of the after part.” Dongyup says, “I heard every lyrics [in the beginning], so I thought there were around 120 words this time.” Key adds, “Speed war.” Hyeri asks, “It contains English word(s) right?” Boom denies it.

The close-up is divided between Seyun, Narae and Key. Seyun’s paper is “Season of eomuk (fish cakes) open~❤︎” Key reuses his promoting paper from the previous round. Narae invites Ji Seok to Narae’s Bar in her paper. They wonder what’s going on. Boom announces that all three have the same numbers of correct lyrics. Narae says that her and Key’s “gajge” are the same, but Seyun doesn’t have those words. It’s more confusing with a shared 3-people close-up. They try to point out what words the 3 have in common. Hyeri reasons, “Since Seyun oppa and eonni have ‘neo’ (you) and eonni and Key oppa have ‘gajge’, either ‘dae’ or ‘nan’ from Seyun oppa’s board is right.” Seyun adds, “It must be ‘nan’ bc only I wrote it.” Dongyup says that it’s not definite since they might have some lyrics wrong in the middle.

It’s Dongyup time to shine. Dongyup says, “Hyeri realizes something just now. Let’s listen to her.” The rest is disappointed. Hyeri suggests “gajge doel” (will have), so it’s “I will have~ you.” Key asks, “Can you go high-pitched from ‘na’  to ‘ya’?” Narae says, “Ah, he’s approaching it from the singing style.” So Min complains about her headache. They decide to let So Min write those lyrics out. Key asks, “What’s wrong with [Hyeri]?” Dongyup and Ji Seok report that Hyeri is fiddling with her foot while immensely feeling the lyrics. They want some extra time to discuss about those lyrics again. Key has 2 words extra from the close-up; he has 18 words in total while Narae has only 14. Hence, they think ”yeogiseo” (here) is right. Key adds, “You can sing ‘here’ from that part,” and Hyeri confirms it. Key asks, “What’s up with you? Who are you? Get out from her body.” Hyeri’s caption is “Song the Hyeri”.

Boom asks, “Ji Seok wrote something down?” Ji Seok says, “I didn’t.” Key screams. Hanhae says, “I like that sound.” That person is here. Dongyup adds, “I will set it as my ringtone. I really like it.” Seyun repeats, “Yup, I really like it.” Key says, “Whoa, I’m crazy.” Ji Seok says, “He’s so cool.” Dongyup says, “I like this time the most.” The rest is like, “Why? Hurry up!” Key says, “I kept hearing ‘gatge haedo’, and all heard ‘do’ right? [The rest agrees.] However, the initial consonants were ‘g d’, so I assumed it was ‘gedo’ and they started with ‘ga’. Hence, the words are ‘gayeopgedo’ (pathetic).” So Min says, “Whoa, he’s a genius. It’s true.” The rest is amazed by Key. Boom asks, “Do you have a mike, Hyeri? That feeling earlier was great. Grab your mike. Ready. Cue. Omona, look at her.” Narae asks, “What’s with her?” Boom explains, “She can suddenly laugh in the middle of the song.” Hanhae adds, “Then cry later on..” Bingo! Narae adds, “It’s an emotional song.” CORRECT!
[Lyrics: I’m here, so stay by my side. I want you, a pathetic me want~ You]

Next week: Block B Jaehyo and P.O.

P.O. says, “I’m not that dumb.” Jaehyo says, “I’m the end game.” P.O. asks, “That’s all?” Jaehyo yells, “That’s not a Korean word!!” Jaehyo says, “I heard of ‘eh’.” P.O. agrees, “Jaehyo hyung is right.” Jaehyo says, “I think P.O will get it right.” Narae complains, “You said you’re smart?!” Narae says, “Heat up that soup.” Ace Key is here again. Hyeri says, “I was right!”

Wow! What a hilarious episode!!!!!
Both songs were amazing (I was more happy bc I found English translations for those songs woohoo~) I thought I was gonna be doomed like last time with the snack game (that I gave it a max. difficulty), but this episode’s game was not too bad. Google Translate was quite helpful this time around. (Obviously, I have to fix a few words here and there to make sense~)
Oh btw, I didn’t really know what to translate 이놈쉬키 (inomswiki), so I used Google Translate (heh), which came out to be “this sh!t” (lmao). I thought that was funny to put down. (Though I was gonna go with “this jerk”.)

So Min and Ji Seok are just perfect as the guests. They are funny and it is a nice change to have actor/actress here. So far, 2 guys from Problematics Men came to the show. Is there anymore in the future? If so, I can’t wait for Lee Jangwon or Ha Seokjin!!!! So Min and her flirting (plus dirty mind) are always amusing to watch. She’s just the same in RM. I will definitely watch out for So Min and Ji Seok new drama, Top Star Yoo Baek.

OMG, KEY hard carried this episode!!!! I disagree with Park Ji Sun about sending him to bigger shows. Key is just perfect in this. His sassiness and intelligence are well-received by the members (who always hype him up bc of his “AH” screaming.) His bickering with Hyeri like real siblings is always entertaining too!!!

Donghyun’s analogy about each member’s school level was super hilarious. Seyun’s comment about Donghyun being the baby was just priceless!!! Dongyup and his sick excuse were funny too. Hyeri’s over-sentimental version of Namu, Hanhae’s love for island/pool villa, Narae’s Bar invitation, Boom at pointing out the patient pants were seriously entertaining. These people are very very well-matched. They are like a real family! This show has a God bless chemistry of all members yo~

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