[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 20 Guest: Hwang Chi Yeol


Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

Dress code is “Wannabe star”. Donghyun dresses up as Bruce Li; Hyeri as Ariana Grande; Seyun as Charlie Big-plin; Narae as Audrey Hepburn; Dongyup as Ryan Yup-sling. Seyun comments, “Did something bad happen to that side?” Narae asks, “Why are we so gloomy? Even Key [as Michael Jackson] is wearing black too.” Hyeri adds, “We should discuss about our outfit ahead of time.” Seyun asks, “Don’t they look scary?” Key asks about Hanhae’s character, who tells him to take a guess. Key answers, “You are dressed as a sloppy Shin Dongyup sunbae!” But Hanhae dresses up as James Dean… Boom introduces the guest Hwang Chi Yeol, whose character is Bruno Mars.

Boom says, “[Chi Yeol] is the human copy machine of voice imitations. His nickname is Hwang [Do]riko. Narae can call any number from 1 to 10, and he’ll do the voice imitation of that number.” Narae asks for voice #3, which is Lim Chang Jung’s. Dongyup comments, “Hwang Chi Yeol sings really well!” Narae realizes #3 is his own vocal skill. Chi Yeol says, “I’ll do Ha Dong Kyun’s voice.” Boom asks for Heo Kyung Hwan’s voice. Chi Yeol explains Kyung Hwan and he played golf together. The caddie was confused when both of them spoke simultaneously. When Kyungsang-do natives try to speak in Seoul accent, it becomes like that. Boom says, “Chi Yeol is really the ace. He wrote down everything he heard from his memory of pop songs. He didn’t write English words and wrote lyrics in Korean. Can you sing a bit of your practice pop song?” Chi Yeol says that he used to practice Sisqo’s Incomplete. Hyeri says, “It’s my first time hearing this song, but I can get those lyrics.” Chi Yeol brags that he went to LA recently, so he can speak English. Narae says, “He feels awfully like a sham.”

Boom says, “Hanhae and Key definitely like this singer/group.” Hyeri asks, “Girl’s Day?” Boom introduces the first song is from BLACKPINK. As expected, Key says, “I really like them.” The song is DDU-DU DDU-DU. Narae says, “Isn’t it very famous?” Hwang Chi Yeol says, “Of course, I like them. Recently, we filmed Running Man together. I heard DDU-DU DDU-DU wrong at first. I heard ‘durup durup durup’ (fatsia fatsia fatsia). They’re celeb-level famous, so I wondered if they were promoting forestry.” Boom says, “It’s pretty serious if you can’t even hear the song’s title.” Key asks if there are any English words. Boom replies, “There are some.” Chi Yeol complains, “It’s worse.” Boom points out, “You said you’re good in English.” Chi Yeol replies, “I’m learning Mandarin these days, so I forget English.”
1st listening round~
Chi Yeol asks, “What? That’s it? I only heard ‘curious badge’.” What kind of game character is that….

Donghyun says, “I heard the 2nd line completely.” They question his words’ context. Donghyun admits, “Seems like I heard them wrong.” Boom says, “They don’t match.” Donghyun says, “I’ll work hard on 2nd round.” Dongyup points out that Chi Yeol is cheating by using some of their lyrics. Narae explains, “Hwang Chi Yeol, it’s meaningless to cheat among ourself.” Boom adds, “You all are a team, why are you cheating? This is a team play.” Chi Yeol only wrote “curious badge” on his board. Dongyup says, “He was ashamed for writing only those words, so he added “kallo mul begi” (cutting water with a knife). So I told him that he didn’t need to write those, and he erased them.” Chi Yeol sighs, “I couldn’t hear much.” Boom says to open the board of the person Hwang Chi Yeol thought was a guest. Key thinks the last 2 words of 3rd line are Korean. Dongyup suggests “bae jjae”. (‘I deny your request’ but literally means ‘cut my stomach’.) Boom says, “Those words are outdated.” They think that it’s either “Bae Chilsu” or “patch” or “idiot”.

Hanhae signals Boom to show his board. Hyeri says, “Look at Hanhae oppa’s face.” Hanhae says the key point is “fact check”. Boom warns Hanhae for speaking English. Hanhae explains, “It’s been awhile for me to show off my skill.” Who will get the close-up? They cheer for Hanhae and Key asks, “Hyung, you didn’t prepare anything?” Hanhae replies, “I didn’t… in case I got humiliated again.” Narae yells, “You should have done it.” Dongyup asks what Hanhae wrote previously. Narae reminds everyone about “You will regret giving me this song.” Hanhae says, “If only everyone believes in me. I’m pretty strong with YG’s songs.” Hyeri asks, “Really?” Seyun thinks Bae Chilsu matches with the lyrics’ numbers. Hanhae suggests, “How about ‘our hands are full of gold badge’?” Dongyup asks, “Is this about political satire? Take everything if needed.” Narae adds, “Look at the fact check. Nothing comes out of it.” Boom reminds them that this is BLACKPINK’s song.

Seyun asks for more side dishes since the main food is braised seafood. Boom immediately rejects Seyun’s idea. Most suggests separating numbers, so Boom asks Chi Yeol about his choice. Chi Yeol points at initial consonants, which is always the guests’ favorite pick. Boom asks amusingly, “Do AmaSat’s guests have a separate site? Why do they keep choosing initial consonants here?” Chi Yeol explains, “We don’t know those lyrics anyway, so what’s the point of separating words? Am I right? Am I?” Hanhae agrees, “It’s true.” Chi Yeol continues, “We can at least figure out something with initial consonants.” Key explains that “if you’re curious” can be in the front, and Dongyup adds that “fact check” can be wrong. Key continues, “That’s why we choose separating numbers to check.” Chi Yeol realizes that Key is definitely the ace here. Key says, “I’m not a guest.” After seeing the hint, Dongyup says that “really curious” are incorrect, and “if you’re curious” are in the front.

Chi Yeol says, “Wait… let me do this first.” Dongyup reports that Chi Yeol is drawing 36 square shapes. Hanhae comments, “He’s so cute.” Boom asks them to let Chi Yeol do it since he’s the person who has written English with Korean alphabets. They start to divide listening parts. Donghyun wants to focus on #24, #31 and #32. Key and Chi Yeol want 3rd and 4th lines. Hanhae says that he’ll do the whole song. Seyun will double check with Hanhae. Boom asks, “You listen to them well?” Seyun replies, “Double check like double burger; I like it.”
2nd listening round~
Chi Yeol says, “Ah, I heard ‘Our hands are full of a fact check.” Chi Yeol’s ‘fact check’ are on 3rd line, and he checks with Hanhae’s ‘fact check’, who thinks that those lyrics are on 4th line. Chi Yeol is sure about his lyrics. Dongyup sighs, “No way.” Boom reminds them once again that Chi Yeol is the expert at writing English words with Korean alphabets. Chi Yeol tells them that 3rd line ends with “fact check”. Narae asks, “What about line 4?” Chi Yeol replies, “I didn’t hear it.” Dongyup explains to Chi Yeol that “fact” (paek-teu) is a 2 words in Korean, so it can’t fit #24. Chi Yeol says, “That’s strange.”

Donghyun says that he heard “bat” for #24 and he thinks it’s “bet” (t/n: he misspells bet). Boom asks, “Is that a bat?” Donghyun asks if that word is the animal bat. Key points out that the correct spelling is “bet”. Seyun clarifies, “Bc he won on Woorimal (Our Language), not on Foreign Language.” Boom says, “Donghyun needs to pay for round 2 of company diner since he learned many English words here.” Key says, “If we need to fill a word in that box, “bang” is good.” Dongyup thinks it’s “my check” while Donghyun is sure of “bet check”. Narae suggests, “‘FedEx,’ it turned out to be a delivery man.” (lol) They complain about the hard song. Hanhae thinks that it’s “bag check”. Narae says, “I said “bag check” earlier.” Hanhae repeats, “Our hands are full of bag check.” Chi Yeol adds, “Oh! I saw her throwing out her shopping bags in the MV.” Key asks, “It’s ‘shopping bag’?” Chi Yeol tells them what he saw in the MV. Key says, “Afaik this is Lisa’s part, but Jennie is the one who carries the bag.” Donghyun says, “You need 1 person to sing that part and the other helps out.” Key explains, “No, this is an individual part. When it’s Jennie’s part, she carries those bag and throws them out. However, in this friend’s rap, she suddenly pulls out a sword. The lyrics aren’t related to those bags.” Hyeri comments, “Whoa, Key’s oppa is meticulous.” Hanhae says that he has nothing to say. Hyeri says, “I think they’re “fat checks”. Dongyup says, “Hanhae is weak at hearing correctly, so let’s settle with ‘fat checks’.” Boom asks, “So you don’t listen to Hanhae’s opinion at all?” Dongyup says, “Don’t get upset about everything here.” Hanhae says, “My motto is ‘Don’t get upset,’ but I think that I’ll get upset.” Hyeri asks, “What will you do?” Hanhae sighs, “Ah, his rap is good too…” [Lyrics: When we want, we’ll steal outright. Whatever you do, it’s like cutting water with a knife. Our hands are full of a fat check. If you’re curious, fact check.]

In practice round, Seyun is correct. Chi Yeol asks, “What is the different with Key’s?” Boom answers, “Key’s voice is like a grandma’s.” Dongyup comments about Hyeri, “Now that you’re famous, you don’t act cute anymore?” Narae asks, “Was it a cute act of capitalism?!” Hyeri replies, “No way eonnie.”
Chi Yeol is correct with “half air half sound” from JYP.  Key says, “I thought it’s ‘JYP rejects your casting.'” Dongyup asks, “Isn’t ‘half air half sound’ from JYP?” The rest points out that it is indeed JYP. Dongyup asks, “That’s JYP? I thought that was composer Kim Hyung Suk!”
Hyeri is wrong with “Correct”. Hanhae is wrong with “Incorrect”. Seyun is correct with “Daeng!”. Hyeri says that her heart is beating fast bc she wants to eat.

Boom announces the next song is from Skull. Hanhae is happy bc he kept choosing Skull in the previous episode. They avoided Skull in ep. 16 but Hanhae alone supported him. Hanhae is Skull’s original fan. Dongyup says, “Yeah, take back your stolen glory from Key!” The rest says, “Yeah, become the hero of the 2nd song. You win if you get the 2nd song’s lyrics all correct.” Boom asks, “Let’s see if our ‘heo-eon’ Hae (Liar Hae)…Ah Hanhae. I’m sorry. Let’s see if Hanhae can finish this song cooly.” The song is One Day. Boom asks if Hanhae knows this song. Narae comments, “He doesn’t know!” Hanhae says, “Idk…” Chi Yeol asks, “Why are you thinking so hard when you don’t know?” Chi Yeol wants to know about the female singer that they didn’t choose. Hyeri advices him to watch the show if he’s curious. Chi Yeol says, “I’m B blood type, so it’s driving me crazy! I’m gonna keep thinking about who the female singer is afterwards.”
1st listening round~
Narae says, “I heard something in the midst of this.” Dongyup says, “Hanhae listens to Skull regularly, so he can hear those lyrics better than us right?” Hanhae whispers, “If I get to hear that part once more, I’ll probably can get them right…”

Seyun says, “Don’t know when I became a professor… [continues to explains his words]. But you can definitely hear the words. We have the high chance to get the food.” Who will get the close-up? Boom says, “There is a unusual Grande posing right now. Let’s reveal who gets the close-up.” Hanhae fails to get it, but in his paper, he wrote, “Me again?” Narae comments, “It won’t work if you write something down.” Boom suggests to write “Not you” underneath his “Me again?” and mentions that Narae receives the glory. It’s Narae’s first close-up after 20 episodes. Hyeri says, “So only Donghyun oppa and…” Donghyun says, “I was in a joint first place with someone.” Seyun also says that he has received the close-up before. Key explains, “Hyung, don’t count those close-ups after food intro.” Dongyup says, “It can be confusing to him.” Seyun says, “I wrote something down too in case I get the close-up. We don’t study well, but we do have a dream.”(lmao)

Relistening chance~
Hanhae says that it’s ‘the price of loneliness”. Key thinks that instead of “Mecca”, it’s “price”. Hanhae and Chi Yeol confirm that those lyrics are “pilgrimage to Mecca” and “the price of loneliness”. Key thinks it’s “pilgrimage to price”. Hyeri asks, “What come after ‘loneliness’?” Key is sure that the last word is ‘ga’. Hanhae explains Skull’s diction. Donghyun and Chi Yeol heard ‘kkeut’ (end). Narae suggests to hear after-lyrics since they may connect with these lyrics. Hanhae is sure of his correct lyrics, but he doesn’t have confidence to back them up. Seyun says, “If Hanhae does something, Key tags along!” Chi Yeol says, “Ah, It’s interesting. I definitely heard ‘pilgrimage to Mecca’. When I saw Key’s lyrics, I got convinced about ‘pilgrimage to price’.” Hanhae agrees with Chi Yeol. Key changes his lyrics to “pilgrimage to style” and “the price of loneliness”. Hanhae thinks Key is right. Donghyun feels bad if they get those words wrong. Narae thinks there should be a familiar English word. She asks, “Only Jerusalem?” Donghyun says, “No, ‘Mecca’ has a high chance.” Dongyup says, “Bc lyrics contain the word Jerusalem, I think ‘Mecca’ is right. Let’s use Hanhae’s lyrics.”

Dongyup is happy about Skull’s pronunciation. Narae agrees that she can hear him clearly. Hyeri finds a new talent by imitating Skull’s voice. Dongyup asks, “Can Hanhae recover his reputation or become disappointed again…?” Hanhae says, “I wanna win once, but I failed many times…” They encourage him to have more confident since it’s only 1st round. Key says they can use initial consonants for those words. Hanhae is sure of “daega” (price). Dongyup confirms that only Hanhae heard “daega”. Dongyup says, “If those lyrics are correct, we need to appreciate Hanhae. But if it’s wrong, you really have to pay for daega (the price).” Narae adds, “I might need to brush off this bitterness with alcohol.” Everyone is holding their weapons. They are correct in their 1st try. Key says, “We kept avoiding Skull bc we were sure that Hanhae hyung wouldn’t know…” Boom says, “It’s the first time that everyone congratulates Hanhae.”
[T/N: I think those lyrics are “Toward God’s chosen city Jerusalem, pay pilgrimage to Mecca by the price of loneliness.”]

Hwang Chi Yeol is so funny and fits quite well with the Doremi members. I like his Kyungsang-do accent too. I knew him from the very 1st episode of I Can See Your Voice season 1. I really like his vocal color.

Dongyup, Hyeri, Narae and Key decided to wear black for this episode, making it like they were attending a sad event. (hahahaha) I laughed so hard at the part when they held their weapons ready to punish Hanhae if he was wrong.

The way they interpreted BLACKPINK’s song DDU-DU DDU-DU was hilarious. Chi Yeol thought it was durup at 1st and wondered if they were promoting forestry. Dongyup heard of gold badge and thought about political satire. Narae suggested FedEx and delivery man. Hanhae and his shopping bags were quickly rejected by Key!!!!! Donghyun tried to help Hanhae by saying that Lisa needed to rap, so Jennie held her bags!!!! Pwahahahahahaha

This episode intensified Key+Hanhae’s rivalry. Key actually didn’t care about it, and Hanhae just lacked confidence. Hanhae really needed to believe in himself more. He almost got persuaded to change his correct lyrics, but luckily that didn’t happen.

Please let me know if I translate any wrong lyrics. I don’t wanna take away their meanings for others.  Like stated in the disclaimer, I’m not Korean, so I probably don’t understand the nuances or contexts of those lyrics (not to mention hidden meanings too). I always try my best to search and interpret them as much as I can. Please do correct me if I’m wrong~~~~~

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