[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 50



Bharat and Niram meet with Prime Minister and British ambassador, Mr. Dench, to announce that they obtain the evidence of their crime. Bharat tells Niram to show them how the next king handles evil. Mr. Dench complains about the sunlight, so Niram hands him his parasol. Niram says, “I already took out the inside item, so it’s light to use now. In a few days, someone will get in touch with both of you. Don’t you dare to take any further action that will irritate my mood during Father’s funeral.”

Padma and Mariko see Niram from the window. Padma explains that the case is closed by Niram presenting the evidence directly to their faces. For the opium trade, Mr. Dench signed in the contract to have the British army residing in the princely state. He also receive power to use princely state’s army. The contract seems to cut and sell the country like a cake. Padma can’t believe that his uncle and mother agree to such things. Mariko asks why they are so desperate. Padma flicks her head and explains, “This country didn’t have a successor during the period of Great Great King, so the King summoned two brothers, who were somewhat related to him, to become princes. Those two are uncle and father. The younger one, our father, was gifted to be king. Mother almost lost me when I was a baby, so Niram became her threat when Maya gave birth to him.” While Padma explains to Mariko, Krishna stands on a window sill from a high place and jumps down. Padma continues to say that his uncle, Mr. Dench and his mother lost their human hearts.

In the old fortress, Bandit leader comes out to greet Prince Padma. Padma meets Julia, who has heard news about Krishna and asks Padma if he’s alright. Padma goes to see Mina, who welcomes him back. Padma apologizes for leaving Mina alone for a long time.

Fukiko asks if Mariko’s okay and offers to go back to Japan with her. Mariko is confused, so Fukiko continues to say that Mariko can stay at Fukiko’s store in Paris. Fukiko advices, “Please don’t forget that you have the freedom to use your path yourself.” Fukiko leaves and asks Bharat to give her a call if something happens to Mariko.
Bharat tells Mariko that he agrees with Fukiko. He knows Mariko has a great personality, and it is proven by Princess Mina, Prince Padma and Prince Niram’s servants. However, Mariko stands out as odd because she’s from another country. There are complicated rules regarding marriages in the palace, which creates more hardship for the odd one. No one will approve Mariko as a queen.

Niram walks over to a depressed Mariko sitting on a window sill. He states that her eyes are red. She blames it on the sunlight. Niram tells Mariko that they have decided to announce to the citizens that Krishna left this world to follow the King. His uncle and Mr. Dench are under house arrest until their official punishment is given. Niram asks bitterly why Mariko gave her ring away even though the case is ended early thanks to that action. Niram reprimands, “Scarifying your feelings might have made you feel good, but you never had to do that.” Mariko runs away from Niram, who yells at her to stop. He chases after her but gets tripped over by George, who tells Niram that was the worst. George says that Mariko gave the ring away for Niram’s sake. Niram argues, “That makes it even worse! I will never be happy about scraping her soul.” George advices that Niram should have said that first and asks if Niram only thinks of the ring. Niram thinks that he’s pathetic for still trembling over that man’s shadow.
Mariko keeps on running and thinking that no one will approve her. She stops to catch her breath and starts crying. Mariko thinks, “I just wanted you to remember about my feelings. I wanted a place inside your heart.” She realizes that she selfishly wanted his love for her own sake. Mariko thinks she should sleep over at Fukiko’s place tonight to cool down her mind. Niram grabs Mariko’s hand so she asks where they are going. He answers, “Wherever… to a far place where it isn’t here.”

To be continued (Click here for the next chapter)


They saved Krishna from poisoning for her to jump off the window?? She should have stay alive to atone for her sins. Oh well, that was the end for those evil minded people!!!

Seriously Mariko, it’s not selfish at all to want his love all to your self. I doubt Niram will elope with her, but what is he gonna do? Lead her to somewhere far away?

Btw, idk about the relationship of Padma and Julia. They gave me a very wrong vibe. He touched her face when she asked about his health. I hope I’m just being paranoid. Padma has Mina waiting and risking her life for him so he’s better not two-timing her!!!!! He has like 2 adorable children to look after too.

There are 4 more chapters to go. How will the ending turn out? Stay tuned!

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