[Brief Summary] [Playlist] The Great Escape Ep. 9 & Ep. 10

The Great Escape

Six members of the cast are Kang Hodong, Kim Donghyun, Kim Jong Min, Shindong, Yoo Byung Jae, P.O. As the name of the show suggests, the members rely on teamwork in order to escape locked rooms, which are completely isolated from the public.
This is a brief summary of each Youtube videos.

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

Ep. 8

Hodong says that a star makes a home run while a superstar makes a final home run. He think P.O found important clues at the very end. Byung Jae adds that P.O found the basement’s location, got hit with flour and discovered the phone and key. Hodong comments that he figured out the clue for basement. The leader for this week is Hodong. Hodong demands to show his achievements. Byung Jae mentions that he keeps thinking about star and superstar in his head. Jong Min asks if Hodong is superstar.

“I lost my memories.” “I don’t know when I was here and where this place is.” “My name is Jang Dok Dae..!!!!” “I can only remember a day and there are clues in my body.” “This place is a bunker. Why am I here at this bunker?” “I think that I can figure out the gate’s passwords instinctively.” Byung Jae shouts, “It’s Jang Dok Dae!” Dok Dae asks who they are. Hodong asks if Dok Dae knows him. Dok Dae replies that it’s his first time seeing a big face like that. He tells them that he wakes up remembering nothing. Hodong remembers that he won the genus twice. P.O admires him. Hodong asks if he remembers. Dok Dae answers, “Idk…”

Hodong asks, “How does he know that he lives here for 4 years?” Flashback, Dok Dae answered that he lives here (live and four sound alike in Korean). Dok Dae tells them that every day he loses his memory. They shout, “Let’s strip him!” Hodong tells Dok Dae that they’re not here to bully him. He has written things down on his body bc he knows that he has memory lost. “My name is Jang Dok Dae.” “I have to check on my plant family everyday.” “I can’t get out of this bunker.” “Jigsaw puzzle.” “I have an allergy to can peach.” “Let’s aim to reach the scores everyday.” There’s a map in his back. The key to wardrobe is “b g s”. They try to strip his pant. Dok Dae says that nothing is there. Jong Min tells him how he knows when he forgets everything.

Hodong suggests to get the hint out of Dok Dae. Donghyun says that he can hold Dok Dae for 6 seconds (since he might pass out in 7 second). Dok Dae begs that he doesn’t know the hint and stop bullying him. They need to figure out what word contains “b g s”. Donghyun shouts, “Byunkisok (Inside toilet).” P.O aks, “Baegaesok (Inside pillow)?” They’re happy that P.O finds the right word!

There are guns and a key in the 1st cabinet. Donghyun says in his interview that he has a faster reaction than others bc his job requires dodging punches. Hence, it’s not that he is a coward, but it’s his occupational disease. Donghyun asks them if they need the gun and let him carry 1 for safety.

There are butterflies in the 2nd cabinet. (Fyi, Nabi (butterfly) is the name of Jang Dongmin’s ex girlfriend lol savage.) They asks if he remembers Nabi. Third cabinet has a birthday cake for Kang Hodong. He tells them that it’s his real birthday today. Fourth cabinet leads to the theater. Hodong asks them if the door they’re seeing is a fake.

They exclaim that this show is too cool. Donghyun says that he wants to live here. Dok Dae tells them that there should be a video connected through the monitor room. There are videos with titles “Make sure to watch this,” “Watch this when depressed,” “Watch this when sad,” “Watch this when bored.” Shindong asks which video they want to watch first. Jong Min chooses “bored”. They decide to leave 1 person here while the rest goes to watch in the seats. Byung Jae volunteers. Hodong is amazed by the cool air of the bunker. Jong Min asks whether that is the atomic bomb. P.O says that he’s scared. Shindong tells them that the bunker is made to hide from atomic bomb. Byung Jae says, “Jang Dok Dae has prepared this bunker in case war might occurs with the North. But he doesn’t know the relationship of two countries is getting better, so he keeps on living here.” They suggest to see “Watch this when depressed.” Donghyun keeps repeating that he doesn’t remember his actions. P.O asks, “Donghyun hyung, you are embarrassed right??”

The next video is “Watch when sad”. They change the song. Byung Jae asks if they see anything passes by. It’s “EIGHT”. They figure that the rest of videos must also have numbers on them. Hodong says that there’s 4 numbers for password, so they must have missed the 1st video’s number. They want Byung Jae to catch the number on the screen so everyone can see. The word is “TWENTY”.

Hodong volunteers to do it bc he’s the leader. Hodong will chase out the chickens to get their eggs. Byung Jae suggests, “Hyung, just use your hands to take those eggs out.” Hodong says, “That’s not the spirit of The Great Escape.” Hodong is ready to go in, but stops and asks, “Is there a story about chicken biting human until death?” All denies him immediately. Hodong continues to asks, “They won’t pierce my face right?” Donghyun scares Hodong by telling him to test his finger. Jong Min says, “Don’t break those eggs.”

Dok Dae tells Donghyun to get inside the chicken coop. Dok Dae tells them to get out. Byung Jae asks, “What about Donghyun hyung?” Donghyun begs, “Open the door for me.” Dok Dae suggests to combine the egg’s label with LANG. A was found in chicken coop; N in soondae; L in carrot; G in fish. Byung Jae thinks there might be some more hints. Hodong asks, “Hold on! Isn’t it an abbreviation?” Jong Min likes that idea.  Dok Dae says, “Try ANGEL.” They miss the E from the chicken coop. Hodong suggests, “How about type it in Korean?” Shindong asks, “1004 (cheonsa = angel)?” They get 1004 from Hodong to Dok Dae to Hodong to Shindong.

The 4th room is a food storage. They wonder what to eat. Hodong yells, “Hold on! Hold on! There should be some hints here right?” Byung Jae replies, “But we’re hungry. Let’s eat first…” Dok Dae exclaims, “I’m living good! Really good~” According to Dok Dae’s tattoo, they have to be careful of peach cans. “Don’t eat peach cans.” Jong Min says that this is like a diner. Byung Jae says that he didn’t shake the Cola.

Ep. 10

They look for hints. “Aim for the score.” Dok Dae tells Donghyun to keep riding the bike. Donghyun complains about his hurting legs. Hodong says, “Whoa~ Dongmin is good at sport~? Hold on! Are you Jang Dongmin?!” Dok Dae replies, “Ah, idk. Really idk.”

Jong Min says, “It’s prob nothing.” Shindong says that he’ll solve the Dementia Test, which is “Please live a long long time.” Hodong calls out, “Time. Oh (5)! Oh (5)! Sa (4)! Se-yo (3). 5543!” Dok Dae comments, “He solved the 1004 earlier, so he keeps trying different combinations. They’re like oldies.”

“Don’t eat peach, if possible.” Donghyun suggests, “How about choosing the can with the the farthest expiration date?” Byung Jae says, “May 22nd, 2020 is the longest date!” They think there’s maybe something inside the can. Where did it go wrong? Byung Jae suggested, “Should we just eat it?” Dok Dae agreed with that idea. Shindong said, “I think there’s an empty can.” They messed up the arrangement of those cans. Rewind time! Hodong asked, “Can’t you see a word? In peach?” Ah, a thought comes to mind! Byung Jae explains, “These have white and yellow labels and weren’t arrange in order. I didn’t see any word by looking at them side way or up-side-down. They’re not words but braille.” “Don’t eat peach, if possible” means “Don’t touch them.” Dok Dae asks, “We have to live here forever bc we messed up the arrangement?” Jong Min asks, “Can’t we just put them back together?” Hodong asks, “How do you remember the order?” Is this… failed escape..? Hodong nags, “We should have never touched those cans in the first place.” P.O suggests to flip over the puzzle, and Dok Dae suggests to solve the puzzle.

Hodong says, “Everything was obviously falling down from the shaking table. You think they made us put them back again?! Shouldn’t we get a hint after taking everything off? Think the opposite way.” Donghyun suggests, “Maybe a word comes out after those puzzle pieces coming off.” Jong Min asks, “Will the answer come out if we finish the puzzle?” Byung Jae thinks to finish the puzzle and flip it over to see its back. P.O asks, “How about the back of the cloth?” Jong Min thinks it’s braille. Byung Jae thinks it’s not braille, but like the 6:30 in zombie episode. They decide to flip the cloth over and not worry about the puzzle.

Donghyun teaches them to punch to get high scores. He tells Hodong to punch like he’s hitting someone. Hodong’s punch score is lower then Byung Jae. Hodong has the lowest score.

They switch to hammer game. They need to get the score over 850. They ask if Hodong is ok since it seems like he has gotten hit by the hammer. Byung Jae complains about the high score. Donghyun says that he’ll end it. Shindong asks, “How do you do all of these normally? It’s Dok Dae’s, so do it. What if the machine requires Jang Dok Dae to do it since it’s his.” Dok Dae complains of being hurt. Hodong suggests to cheer for Donghyun, so he gets more strength. Shindong suggests to keep trying until they get it. Hodong thinks it’s better to push it instead of just hitting it. They tell him to be careful. They figure out 0 for basketball and 3 for hammer. They need to do punch and soccer next. Hodong whispers, “If we get 3 numbers, we can figure out the last one easily. Let’s just do 1 more.”

Hodong cheers, “Donghyun, let’s end this.” P.O comments, “Where else can you see Kim Donghyun hit a punching machine?” Jong Min adds, “He’s in top 7 of the world.”

Time for soccer (uhm football). Byung Jae comments, “Just the sound is loud.” Dok Dae thinks that Hodong has gotten old since wining ssireum championship. Hodong didn’t do well in punching or hammering or kicking. Hodong’s strength is behind Shindong’s and Donghyun’s, which makes Dok Dae to feel bad. They keep on kicking to no avail. Shindong suggests to guess the last number since it’s hard for them to get the right score. Shindong points out the broken game still works and thinks a hint may be in there.

Byung Jae comes in mother’s room. He remembers that Dok Dae’s mother was blind and used braille. Byung Jae says, “His mother has to pass gate 3 to get out. But she doesn’t its passcode.” He finds something in the word GATE 3! Byung Jae yells, “What is this? Oh! I need scissors. Ah, Kim Donghyun. I figure out something. Look! Touch here. Can you feel it? I’ll tear this out, ok?” The scores are useless. Donghyun complains about the arcade being too much.

Dok Dae thinks to press those numbers at the same time. They praise Dok Dae for finally figuring out something. Byung Jae shouts, “Aheeee! You have to keep pressing on them!” They figure out that they shouldn’t take their hands out after a passing through. Byung Jae yells, “Who took their hands off? Why?” Byung Jae clarifies, “Ok, we have 7 members. I’ll do the calculation in the front, so let’s have a pair to hold these numbers down.” 1st stage is P.O and Jang Dok Dae. 2nd stage is Hodong and Jong Min. 3rd stage is Shindong and Donghyun. Byung Jae asks the 2nd pair to come along. Hodong passes by and says, “Thanks for your hard work~”

They get through 2nd stage. Byung Jae says that it’s the last one, so Donghyun asks how he knows. Byung Jae replies that they only have 7 members. Jong Min denies, “I think there are more. Byung Jae is good with calculation.” Dok Dae says, “If there are more, P.O and I will go over there.” Jong Min says, “No, you can’t take your hands off.” Hodong says, “Byung Jae, you press those by yourself.” P.O tells Byung Jae to use his foot. Jong Min comments, “Oh, you’re short…” Shindong sighs, “Ah, he’s short.” They think each needs to press those numbers down by himself. Jong Min asks, “What’s if he’s short?” Jong Min says, “You have to hold it in!!” Byung Jae and Shindong complain, “Don’t joke around.” Byung Jae tells Hodong and Jong Min to stop playing on Dok Dae.

I watched this show when it was broadcasted. As an old fan of The Genius, I really like this show’s concept and the cast members; hence, I decide to do a brief summary of each video. Thankfully, this show has more action, so it’s easy to translate.
I believe tvN Asia has already released episodes 1-9 in English subtitles. Look them up if you are interested. As always, please watch the official video when it gets released!!!

I really like these 2 episodes (well I like everything about this show anyway. The concept and story line are very interesting!!!

Oh I kept typing Dongmin name instead bc I sometimes forgot that Dongmin’s character was Dok Dae hahahaha. The guys treated Dongmin really hilarious at first. They didn’t believe Dongmin at all (well even I didn’t either lol). It was a good way to add a guest to the show for a more dynamic interaction. They seemed very close to Dongmin, so they easily joked around him. (Rmb Nabi? That was hilarious but savage as heck. lmao)

That video about Donghyun is always hilarious to watch!!!!! “Watch when you’re sad/depressed/bored,” even the editing staffs won’t let Donghyun live in peace. He’s such a scene stealer~

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