[Brief Summary][Playlist] Weekend Playlist Ep. 6 Special Guest: Kang Daniel

Weekend Playlist
Weekend Playlist

This show follows Ra Miran, Kim Sook, Jang Yoon Joo and Lee Se Young as they spend their weekends doing something that they have always wanted to try. The concept of the show is to introduce different ways to have fun during weekends. With these four ladies as the main cast members, they will also reveal a bit of their person lives and share their inside tips on trendy destinations.

I decide to do a simple translation for these videos since they are fun to watch.

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

Miran says that it looks like land bc of the tide. Dongmak Mud Flat is in the top 5 mud flat of the world. Yoon Joo really likes this place. They ask the kids what to catch in mud flat. Sook asks, “Where is [Miran] going? She’s like their mothers.” Miran asks the kids where the clams are. They tell her that there are many clams here, so Miran asks if they can cook those. Sook asks, “Miran, what clams are those?” Se Young finds a worm, which makes her scared, so she wants to run away. Miran explains to the kids that Se Young is a bit sick [mentally]. (lol) Sook likes the feel of walking bare feet.

Sook goes first saying, “You have to take as many as you can.” Yoon Joo starts getting anxious. Se Young says, “It needs to fall quickly.” Yoon Joo is mad at Se Young’s action, so she spanks her and nags, “You bad girl!” It’s Yoon Joo’s turn, but she makes a crack right in the middle, so the rest is like, “You can’t take your hand out.” The kid Yurim pats the sand, so Yoon Joo screams out her name (lol). Yoon Joo complains, “What am I gonna do? Arghhhh!” Sook nags, “Miran is so sly.” Sook complains, “Ah, this is dangerous!” Se Young tells Sook to hurry up. Miran says, “I thought it’ll be done in 3 rounds.” Sook shouts, “Oh, [Se Young] is really brave. It’s the worst to go after Se Young.”  Yoon Joo screams, “[My heart] bounce bounce.” Se Young says, “Now it’s the fighting against the time.” Sook yells, “Miran hurry up! You have to be fast.” Sook is in charge of washing the dishes [since she lost.]

Miran makes Thai glass noodle salad (yum woon sen), which includes 7 tbsp of fish sauce, 4 tbsp of sriracha, 3 tbsp of lemon juice, 4 heaping tbsp of sugar (4 pours), 1 tbsp of garlic, 2 tbsp of chopped chilies. Yoon Joo tells chef Ra that it tastes good. Sook tiredly says, “I can’t leave the sink today.” Yoon Joo comments, “You look tired.” Chef Ra soaks glass noodle in water for 30 minutes, then pours hot water to it and prepares seafood and veggies. She adds everything to a bowl and mixes them well. This is dish-washing hell. Se Young exclaims that she might have seen this dish before. Miran wonders about the flavors. Se Young gives her a thumb up and praises, “What? It’s really delicious~” Yum woon sen is done.

Yoon Joo and Se Young are addicted to the taste. Miran says, “I can hear Kim Sook’s voice. I can hear her laughing. That’s a relief.” Sook is taking a break from dish-washing hell by doing interview. She asks, “Do you have any other question for me? Ah I’m in big trouble. My T-shirt is wet. Is there any way I can get out of that dish-washing hell? Please tell me the direction to Seoul. I have to leave. I’m so scared.” Sook records them singing and reports, “Those people are crazy. They have become food slave. [Se Young] says that she won’t eat anymore but her hands are still busy.” Miran tells Sook to boil some hot water. Yoon Joo feeds Sook, who complains, “I don’t eat onion!! But it’s tasty.” Sook is also addicted to the taste. Yoon Joo stops her from eating more and asks, “Are you going to be a food fighter?”

Sook says, “Welcome to the diner. We can do it.” Miran announces, “Eating relay race.” Miran is director Rice Away. Can they finish these food after eating kalguksu, whelk cold noodle, abalone kimbap, samgye tang? Miran says, “I run this diner for 35 years, so customer satisfaction comes first.” This diner is for exhausted and unmotivated customers. Sook asks, “Director, please say something before we eat.”  Sook compliments the meat. Miran tells them that it’s easy to make yum woon sen at home. Sook compliments the squid. Yoon Joo likes the potato pancake. Se Young says that Ravely’s potato pancake is soft and savory. Miran says, “It’s bc of green onion and egg. Gangwon-do’s only has potato, zucchini and green chili. But adding green onion and egg make it softer.” Se Young says, “It’s crispy outside and soft inside.”

Miran asks if they should make ramyun. She says, “These are all side dishes.”  Yoon Joo comments, “Omo, burner + ramyun = faint” Miran tells them that they don’t have a stew (soup) and that’s why they need to make ramyun. Miran says that most of diner’s employees are on diet. Sook is a current variety person. Miran and Se Young are current actresses. Yoon Joo is a current model. Sook says, “These are healthy food(?), we wont’ gain weight!” Se Young adds, “All are veggies. Meat is protein.” Miran nags, “Teacher Kim~ If you scoop it faster…” Yoon Joo feels like that they keep eating today. Se Young says, “[The ramyun] matches perfectly.” Yoon Joo says that she’s full. Se Young advices, “No, eonni… Don’t be weak.” Miran asks, “It’s between plus size model vs top model.” Sook comments, “Isn’t it good to look at a new view on life?” Yoon Joo says, “In plus size…” Sook says, “Seeing you eat ssam ssa; it seems like you have the right ability. Find your new dream if you are together with the diner.” Sook comments,  I shouldn’t be saying this, but the best food in here is ramyun.” Yoon Joo says, “I don’t really eat instant food.” Se Young screams, “This wicked food!!! This powerful food…” Yoon Joo says, “It’s this one. This one!”

It’s not over yet, food stay guests. Kang Daniel is here. It’s Ravely’s food stay special guest. Ra Miran is a successful fan. They all answered Kang Daniel as their special guest bc it’s Miran’s happiness. Miran says that Kang Daniel is like a sect leader, who has the charms to lure her in. She tells them to think about Daniel.

Miran makes drinking snacks by cutting dried fruits, browning bie cheese and plating crackers. Yoon Joo asks, “What are you making again?” Miran replies, “Ah, just some simple wine snacks.” Sook says that Yoon Joo looks cool. Yoon Joo acts as The Ring. Sook asks, “Yoon Joo, does your belly deflate?” Yoon Joo denies it. Sook says, “Miran is making something again! I smell cooking oil. It’s scary but I think it’ll be tasty.” Miran pours maple syrup on top. Se Young sighs, “It’s a visual that makes you want to eat. How do you make this delicious looking food~” Yoon Joo complains, “What is she bringing again? It looks delicious again… Eonni!!!” Sook praises the good looking snack. Yoon Joo says, “It’s really tasty~” (t/n: Isn’t it usually served as an appetizer?)

D-Day of meeting Kang Daniel~ Sook says, “Like a mother-in-law, I came here. I’m already nervous, but why isn’t she here yet?” Miran asks, “What is that?” Sook brings a successful fan cake. Sook says, “You came out pretty even though I gave them your ugly picture.” Miran complains, “Daniel is not in here~” Sook says, “Look at your face. It’s like Daniel’s face.” Miran says, “This face looks like another person.” Sook says, “You’re the one that look different!”

Miran says that it’s not much. Sook asks why Miran brings so much meat. All are neck meat. Miran says, “Our Niel is a big eater.” There are pickled olives, pickled chilies, ssamjang, washed ripened kimchi. These are for sauces but no veggies. Miran needs to prepare everything before Daniel comes. She’s worried that he’s hungry. They need to buy for more stuffs.

Sook asks, “Is this real?” Miran says that Daniel is probably hungry after work. Sook says that it’s Miran’s chance to talk. Sook explains, “He’ll just finish his schedule and have a bit of time to drop by.” Miran says, “We’ll let him eat and send him home.” Sook says, “That’s enough food for him. Let’s buy mandu. That’s place looked delicious. Let’s just give him pho. She’s cold.” Miran buys more meat. Miran will also make japchae. Sook asks, “No ramyun?” Miran turns serious and asks, “You want him to eat MSG? Come to your senses. Kim Sook! It’s Daniel.” Sook comments, “He might like ice cream? Miran, let’s buy beer.” Miran agrees, “Ok, let’s buy raspberry wine. No beer since it’ll give him headache.” Sook comments, “But you don’t know what he likes.” Miran assures that Daniel likes raspberry wine. Sook wants to buy both to let him decide.

They are making japchae. There’s only 1 person, but Miran makes a lot of food. Sook tells Miran that Yoon Joo and Se Young can’t make it. Miran is like, “Oh, that’s a relief.” Sook complains that Miran asks her to do many things at once. Sook asks, “Where is the rice? It’s not too late to order food. There’s a good restaurant right in front.” Miran says that she’ll make Vietnamese spring rolls. Sook says, “Even I’m lazy to cook rice at home.” Miran complains, “Why did [the staffs] call him here?”

They don’t have time to pick up Yoon Joo’s phone. Sook says, “Ya Yoon Joo, we don’t have enough helping hands. Can I hang up?” Sook tells Yoon Joo to think of this as the 2nd Ganghwa Island. Sook says, “These ingredients are for 11 people.” Yoon Joo asks if Miran is nervous. Sook complains that Miran packs everything from her home and that Miran might cry later. Yoon Joo asks them to call her when Daniel is here. Yoon Joo says, “I love y’all.” Miran asks, “More than your hubby? Oh it’s a relief that she hangs up.”

Sook reminds Miran that only 1 person will come. Miran tells Sook that it’s harder to cook for 1 person. Sook repeats that it’s for 1 person. Miran tells Sook to prepare abalone. They have 50 minutes until Daniel arrived. Miran tells Sook to wash lettuce. Sook complains, “Why do I have so many things to wash?!! Let’s just eat.” Ravely’s japchae is finished. Miran needs to make doenjang soup. Sook once again says that this is for only 1 person.

Daniel is finally here. He’s really on the way.

Miran sighs, “Is this too thick for him?” Miran finally sees Daniel. Sook asks, “What’s wrong with you?” It’s like a dream. Sook asks, “Can you go the bathroom for a bit? Let’s exchange greetings.”

Sook calls out, “Eonni! Ah not eonni. This is Ra Miran. It’s your first meeting right? And this is Niel. Let’s shake hands.” Miran is worry about her wet hands. Miran asks, “How did you come here? You must be tired.” Daniel replies, “I want to meet you once.” Sook welcomes him. Miran complains, “I told them not to call you since you would be tired. Look at how busy he is that his collar is like that.” Sook says, “Niel looks thinner.” Daniel replies, “I lost weight from exercising. We’re preparing for our comeback.”

Miran says, “That’s why you’re thinner.” Sook asks if they should serve him japchae first. Miran tells her to give him something to drink. Sook says, “You’re done with your schedule and go home after this right? So do you want beer or raspberry wine?” Daniel answers raspberry wine. Sook tells Miran to cook rice. Miran tells Sook to grill meat for him. Daniel asks if they need help. They don’t allow him to come to the kitchen.

Sook asks, “How many portion of meat do you eat?” Daniel answers 3 portions. Miran knows he is a big eater and asks, “You eat without thinking about it right?” Daniel replies, “We only buy cereals at the market. We call for hamburger delivery.” Sook tells Daniel to eat japchae. Miran wants him to eat it hot. Daniel says, “Thanks for the food.” Sook asks, “We can open a diner right?” Daniel agrees.

Sook is busy serving meat for Daniel. He tells her that he can grill it himself. Sook says, “Miran says that you like meat, so she got these sent through air delivery. Daniel comments, “They are really thin.” Miran tells him to eat with scallion kimchi and washed kimchi, making a meat wrap. Sook says, “Let’s eat! She wore pretty makeup but it’s gone.” Miran sighs, “It’s ruined.” Miran says that it’s her first time seeing Daniel directly.

What a fun episode!!!!!! Miran continues with her food terror hahahaha. These ladies can’t escape~ I think the idea of running a diner by them will be fun to watch if they execute it.
I wish tvN would combine all Daniel videos into one. Seriously each vid is only a minute!!!!!
Miran is like a young girl meeting her crush and Sook is like her wing woman. Sook supports Miran even though she complains most of the time (lol). It must be awkward to meet Daniel alone, so an easy-going Sook is needed to lighten up the atmosphere. They are adorable to watch~
Seriously, Miran cooks way too much for Daniel. He should take the leftovers for his members afterwards.

I’m gonna just do simple translations for this show from now on. Please stay tuned~

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