[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 31 Guests: Jang Dongmin and Parc Jae Jung


Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea should roughly be the same.

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

[Not in the video: Dress code is amazing Aesop’s Fables, including Hare Key, (Han)Hae Tortoise , Park Fox (Narae), Hyeri Bear, Dong(hyun)nakwi (donkey), Fattie Piglet (Seyun), Middle-aged Shepherd (Dongyup) and Boom Lamb. Guests are Jang Dongmin (Jang Nolbu) and Parc Jae Jung (Youngest Piglet).]
Dongmin and Jae Jung went on a cruise trip together. Dongmin mentioned that Jae Jung made him exhausted. It was for a new tvN show. Dongmin tells everyone that they might already feel exhausted next to Jae Jung. Hyeri asks if this energy is unceasing. Dongmin, Narae and Key reply that Jae Jung doesn’t get tired. Jae Jung clarifies that he needs to raise up the energy during travels. To Jae Jung, Dongmin is the best entertaining partner that he has ever met. Jae Jung says that without Dongmin, he would be in trouble. Jae Jung continues to praise+praise+praise Dongmin. Hyeri chimes, “[Dongmin] oppa must be tired.” Dongmin comments, “Idk when it is released, please support us and watch our show!” Dongmin says that he always looks out for Seyun. To comedian hoobaes, Dongmin is a trustworthy hyung, so Seyun jokingly recommended Dongmin to become the president of Comedian Association. However, seeing a flustered Dongmin, Seyun thought of singing a campaign song for him. After that, Seyun became Dongmin’s one-pick. Dongmin feels happy to hear about it once again. Seyun adviced Dongmin to take #4 as a candidate, so he made a song, called Number 4 Jang Dongmin, borrowing melody from Wingless Angel. “Choose president #4 #4 #4. In this many candidates, my favorite number is not #1, not #2, not #3… think about #4.” (Roughly translated)

Potato Dough Soup: 1st listening~ [The song is Mad from Bada.]
Narae asks, “Isn’t it too hard?” Dongyup adds, “Isn’t it harsh?” Dongmin comments, “This is our language/words (mal)?” Boom immediately points, “Horse (mal) is next to you.” Jae Jung has written, “Please come (Wajueoyo)…” Narae asks who he wants to come. Jae Jung replies, “[Anything] just comes to me.” Dongmin has written, “Deukeudakdak deukeudakdak (sounds like horse galloping),” so he blames Donghyun bc a horse is next to him. Dongmin clarifies that he’s not joking but he can’t hear words. Dongyup comments, “It’s possible to hear those lyrics like Dongmin’s.” Dongyup’s own lyrics are “Yours is smaller than mine.” (lol) Dongmin asks whether Dongyup wants to send a message. Narae heard something similar to the guys. Hyeri is confident with her 2nd line. Jae Jung asks Dongyup to evaluate the context of Hyeri’s lyrics. They tell him to calm down. Dongyup adds jokingly that Jae Jung has hyperbulia. Boom asks to see Donghyun’s board, who reveals that they don’t have to see it. Dongmin says that Donghyun’s lyrics sound like Japanese words.

Jae Jung comments, “Oh [Key’s lyrics] sound right.” Key says, “There aren’t many words, but Bada nuna has stressed those words out.” Key gets one-shot. (His caption is one-shot stagnant water.) Hyeri disappointingly comments, “I was really expected this time…” Key has written on his paper, “Precious King Hare-Key, moving slowly Tortoise Hanhae.” Boom announces, “A good news everyone, Hyeri’s lyrics are very close behind Key’s.” Hyeri comments, “That was why I was posing and getting ready for camera.” Dongmin asks, “Do y’all know the meaning behind this song?” Boom says that he’s going to tell everyone about it. They all think Dongmin knows, so he is like, “That’s my question.” They explain that Boom is going to tell them. Boom tells them the song’s meaning and before/after-lyrics. Dongmin says that it’s about feelings, so it’s like “My feelings are ‘deukeudakdak deukeudakdak’.”

2nd listening round~
Dongmin says, “They’re supposed to be 5 words, but I only heard 1 word.” Dongmin’s board is still “deukeudakdak deukeudakdak”. Boom asks if they’re his buzzwords. Hyeri comments that Dongmin should have earn his keep in this show. Key suggests “deo deo”. Jae Jung and Dongmin agree with Key. Hyeri sarcastically laments, “We’re really have good guests today.”  Key says that he has definitely heard “D”, so Hyeri adds “reul” after “D”.  Key and Dongmin wonders if there’s any English word. Boom replies that there’s an English word. Narae asks, “Is it a word that Boom-ie uses often?” Boom tells them that all use this word often. Narae suggests, “So is it ‘Ninety nine mideo-yo (Trust 99)’? It matches the numbers of those words.”

Hanhae thinks it’s mike bc he’s Boom. Narae shouts, “Boom mic?” Hanhae adds, “Mime?” Hyeri thinks word #14 and #15 are English words since she has heard “maeum (heart/mind)” for #11 and #12. Hyeri suggests, “Isn’t it ‘yeolgu (open) your heart and trust me’? So yeolgu in English is?” Narae answers, “Open..?” Boom comments, “Let’s open Hyeri’s board.” The word “open” gives hope to everyone. Narae suggests to use Boom car service. Boom asks to see individual talent. Jae Jung says that he will do voice imitation. Narae chimes in that Jae Jung is good at it. Jae Jung sings in Sung Si Kyung’s and Kim Young Cheol’s voice. Hyeri comments, “It’s not ‘open’ but ‘heart’ is right.” Boom hints, “Everyone has mentioned the correct lyrics before.” Narae complains, “Ah, that’s harder.” Donghyun says that they’ve been talking about many words. Hyeri says that it feels like 1st episode all over again. Boom continues, “The correct lyric is somewhere in this place?!” Hyeri asks, “Boom? Is it ‘Boom’?” Key asks what to describe “heart”. Narae replies, “Boom Boom?” Dongyup asks, “Haven’t we mentioned Boom before?” Hyeri replies, “Yes, many times.” Narae suggests, “My heart is Boom Up..?” Boom thanks her bc it’s his 1st tittle song. Key points out that the songs are Boom Up and Shout Out. Boom raises his eyebrows and comments, “Key is my mania.” (hahaha) Hyeri laments, “I wish it’s not ‘Boom’ please.” [The correct word is indeed “Boom-i”.]

They choose “Boom Boom” to fill in the missing lyrics. Dongyup asks why Boom is in the lyrics, but no one knows. “Nuguboda do do jashin isso maeume boom-i iroyo. (Have more confidence than others, get yourself together.)” Dongyup figures out that it’s “iroyo” not “mideoyo”. Boom clarifies, “Hyeri was right about ‘iroyo’ in the 1st round and fought with Key’s lyrics ‘mideoyo’, but everyone chose ‘mideoyo’.” Hyeri angrily hits and yells, “See oppa, you said ‘mideoyo’!!” She lightly strangles Key, who belatedly says, “But I got ‘deo deo’ right.” This is a real sibling harmony. Narae comments, “Don’t fight.” Hyeri continues to yell, “You said it’s ‘mideoyo’?!” Key consoles, “I’ll buy you stir-fried pork afterwards,” and shoos her away. Narae warns, “How can you order stir-fried pork when that [Fattie Piglet] oppa is here?” Seyun’s caption is “Don’t touch me.”

[The game is called translating quiz. They have to guess drama titles from Japanese and Mandarin speakers.]
This is the drama in the old days. Seyun stops at “Paran Manjang Miseu Kim…” and doesn’t know the rest. Hanhae says “Paran Manjang Miseu Kim 19geum mandeulgi (Making Miss Kim R-rated?!) Dongmin yells, “Ya, what does that make Miss Kim?” Hyeri answers, “Ms. Kim’s 19eok (1.9mil) Dollar Quest.” Boom tells her that it’s a wrong number. Dongyup’s answer “Miss Kim’s Million Dollar Quest” is correct. Dongyup comments the snack is perfect with beer. Dongmin is happy bc Donghyun is here with him. Dongmin looks at Donghyun’s ring and says, “Aiya~ he’s out here wearing his ring and all.” Donghyun explains, “It’s my wedding ring! Wedding ring!”
Dongmin answers correctly with “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince”. Dongmin also wants to eat the snack at home.

Seyun answers incorrectly with “Sushi Shop Park Sung Kwang”. Hanhae answers incorrectly with “King of Baking, King Tak-Goo”. Key immediately jumps up with “King of Baking, Kim Tak-Goo” (Bread, Love and Dreams), incorrect though. They laugh at Hanhae’s answer King Tak-Goo (king of table tennis). Boom hints that it’s a famous tvN drama, including the word “bbang”. Narae finally gets it. Hanhae is correct with “Prison Playbook”. Dongyup suggests Hanhae to eat the crab without the shelf, so Key asks Hanhae for the shelf. Hanhae says, “Nope, you have to get the right answer.” Hyeri comments, “They’re like 4 year olds!” Boom calls out the remaining ones, so Hyeri says, “I’m not supposed to be [in this group].” Two aces are left, so Seyun complains, “Can you 2 get out already? So I can be comfortable.”
Key answers incorrectly with “Lovers in Paris”. Hyeri is correct with “What Happened in Bali”.

Boom informs them that the next title is the longest. Boom tells them to focus on the last few words. Boom continues to say that it’s AmaSat’s favorite drama. Dongyup adds that Donghyun really loves this drama. Donghyun has answered a few Goblin-related questions before. Donghyun figures out Goblin, but doesn’t know the rest of title. His attempt is “The Wise and Great… Nah, that’s not it.” Dongyup repeats, “The Wise and Great God in Prison – Goblin?” (lol) Boom mentions, “That’s a collaboration of many dramas.” The caption is “Gong Yoo plays baseball in prison.” (lmao) Key is correct with “Goblin/Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”. Donghyun regretfully mentions, “I told [Dongmin] that Goblin would come out.” Dongmin says, “Yeah, you told me, but you couldn’t even get it right.” In flashback, Donghyun told Dongmin that Goblin was definitely on the list.

Authentic Songyi Mushroom Hot Pot: 1st listening round~
Boom tells them that is Gaeko’s part. Narae and Jae Jung complains that those lyrics are not easy. Hanhae complains that it is too fast. Hyeri shows her lyrics, and Dongmin complains, “I thought I’m the only one hearing that part.” Dongyup also hears the same lyrics. Narae says that her lyrics are “bumonim cheoreom” (like parents). Donghyun’s lyrics are “parents, don’t give me lesser money.” Boom comments that Donghyun is a really bad son. Key writes “if parents’ condition is down, oh no.” Seyun defines SEBSJG as SongEBeoSeot JeonGol (Songyi Mushroom Hot Pot). What about the two guys who were excited about song earlier? Jae Jung points out his words’ arrangement. Narae tells him that this is given later. Hanhae adds “byung dwae” (become sick). Everyone confirms that they’ve heard “don’t be down”. They figure out the rhyme of “mireodumyeon” (if you push it) and “daundoemyeon” (if you’re down). Dongmin explains, “Yeah, ‘if you push it, you become sick; if you’re down, it’s not good.'” Hanhae gets one-shot, so he asks which camera to look at. Narae and Dongmin share a joint second place. Dongmin yells, “What did I say? ‘gachi’ is in there.” They think that lyrics contain “gachi” (together) and “cheoreom” (like).

Dongmin keeps talking those lyrics, so Hyeri asks to turn off his mic and adds, “He’s exhausting me.” Dongyup yells, “You should be working hard like that from the start!” Hyeri comments, “At first, Parc Jae Jung made me anxious, but now he just stays still.” Jae Jung says, “I lost all my strength.” Dongmin keeps on yelling, so Jae Jung’s ears hurt. All of his energy disappears. Fighting Jae Jung~

Dongmin suddenly suggests everyone to focus on the first line. Hyeri says, “He said it wasn’t fun earlier. Why is he working so hard now?” Boom thinks that Dongmin is songyi mushroom’s mania. Donghyun informs them that Dongmin started to enjoy the show in the middle of filming. In a flashback, Dongmin didn’t know anything and kept on asking questions, so Teacher Donkey patiently explained to him one by one. Dongmin finally finds the show fun and wants to tag along next filming. Dongmin shouts, “[Donghyun,] do you understands me? Then do something about it since you gets pay. [You’re only] showing your ring and all!” Donghyun points out that his ring is thinnest one. Boom asks if Dongmin took something during break time. Key says that Dongmin ate adrenaline. The rest is burden by Dongmin’s enthusiasm. Dongyup yells, “Why are you so enthusiastic not like yourself?” Dongmin sadly tells them that it has been hard for him these days, and he wants the staffs to have a close look at him at least.
They use the relistening chance. Seyun says that “jakku” (keep) is in the lyrics. Jae Jung confirms that they were right about the 1st line except 2 missing words. Dongmin yells, “Make some noise!” Hyeri comments, “He is really excited!!!!” Dongmin says that they will get to those correct lyrics as long as they combine their words. Boom reminds Dongmin that it has been like that for 31 episodes.

Dongyup says, “When we asked how many English words are there, Boom kept avoiding us. However, in the 1st song, he clearly told us that there was 1 English word. Boom didn’t answer us all of a sudden bc it’s a big hint. That means ‘keom’ (computer) has a very high chance [of being the right lyrics.]” Key laughs at the nervous lamb (Boom). They agree with “computer”. However, they wonder what to choose between “mirwo” (wait) and “miryeon” (regret). Key and Dongyup agree on “regret”, but Donghyun thinks that “wait” makes sense too. Dongmin points out that before-lyrics include “having fun and having a good time”, so “regret” is not right. Donghyun adds, “An idiot doesn’t know about ‘regret’.” Only Key and Dongyup vote on “regret” while the rest votes on “wait”, so Key writes “wait” even though he’s still doubtful.

To Key, #17 is “com[puter]” while it is “money” for the other guys. The word #17 is revealed to be “com”, which also means “wait” is wrong. Dongyup and Key are correct with “regret”. Hyeri is like, “We have nothing to say now.” Dongyup and Key release their anger by swaying their bodies.
2nd listening round~
The rest apologizes to Dongyup and Key. Dongyup laughs at Boom’s bad acting on the question about English words. Boom gave them a hint with his acting. Seyun points out that they must be right since Haetnim is eating quickly. They are correct!!!!
[My own translation of lyrics: If you keep regretting like an idiot, you’ll be sick. Don’t be down like your parents’ computer.]


Next week guests: Jeon So Min and Kim Ji Seok

The guys praise So Min’s beauty. There’s a competition between Problematic Man’s sexy brain Ji Seok and Amazing Saturday’s ace Key. If Ji Seok is wrong, he will strip and run out naked.

I thought this would be an easy episode, but the 2nd song’s lyrics is so annoying. I couldn’t find those lyrics’ translation anywhere, so I had to come up with my own interpretation. Hopefully it made sense for y’all.

Anyway, this episode was really hilarious. Jae Jung was really enthusiastic in the beginning, then he switched place with Dongmin, who made everyone exhausted in the later half. They made a really good combination! I really can’t wait to see their new show~

I wish there’s a video about the constant battle of Narae and editing team. It is always fun to watch that section. I’d love to translate it if I find those videos. Narae is like a food detective. Zoom-in+turning-shot is added to her glossary. Everyone agreed that this week’s food intro video was extremely hard, but Narae still got them right. I like how the editing team steps up their game every time but still runs in Narae’s palm. ahahahahah When are they going to defeat our awesome food detective Narae????

The interaction of Key and Hyeri is pretty fun to watch too. They are so real!!!! Hyeri used to say that she was lucky bc Key hadn’t hit her yet. How about now? Hyeri hit and even strangled Key first. hahahaahaha

The cast members are the main reason I enjoy watching and translating AmaSat~~~~~

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