[Brief Summary] Weekend Playlist Ep. 5

Weekend Playlist
Weekend Playlist

This show follows Ra Miran, Kim Sook, Jang Yoon Joo and Lee Se Young as they spend their weekends doing something that they have always wanted to try. The concept of the show is to introduce different ways to have fun during weekends. With these four ladies as the main cast members, they will also reveal a bit of their person lives and share their inside tips on trendy destinations.

I have watched a few clips of this show and I like it. These ladies know to have fun. A show with only ladies is quite rare in Korean entertainment, so I’m keeping my eyes on this.
I decide to do a simple translation for these videos since they are fun to watch.

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

They are going to Mangwon Market. Miran tells them to buy tofu after they’re done with shopping. Miran refuses to let them buy food, so Sook complains that Miran’s like a mom. Sook keeps telling Miran to buy them this and that. Miran tells them that good restaurants keep popping up, so let’s be patient. They can’t eat everything, so they need to choose the best.

Miran tells them that they don’t have much time, so each needs to choose one food wisely. Sook, Yoon Joo and Se Young choose kalguksu (chopped noodles), fruits, flour based food, respectively. However, Sook adds meat and jokbal, and Seyoung adds fried food, odeng, and anything here. Miran thinks they have to share the food, so all can have a taste. The snack costs 500 won each. Miran buys squids, mung bean glass noodles, pork neck, 1 chicken, abalones, apples, peaches, figs, scallions, leeks, cucumbers and perilla leaves.

Miran orders 2 portions of chopped noodles. Sook says there is olden jajjangmyun or bibim guksu, but Miran rejects them all. The cost is 7000 won. “Even if she gets cut off, a model is still a model.” Sook says that you can only get this taste in the market.

Sook asks them what to wash first. Miran tells her to wash the figs. Miran packed all the side dishes and even live small octopus for them. Miran tells them to change clothes before eating.

They agree to take a nap. Sook says that she really likes it here, but complains that her stomach is empty. If Sook doesn’t eat within 30 minutes, she can’t take medicines (lol). Miran says that patient Yoon Joo is resting on her bed. It’s their nap time.

Miran is going to make abalone kimbap, which is famous in Jeju Island but Miran never gets to eat it, so she’s making it out of her own imagination. If it’s bad, they can throw it out. Yoon Joo doesn’t know that she has to take abalone’s mouth out. Sook asks to add more rice since the portion seems small, but Miran stops her. Sook puts rice in the microwave anyway. The rice is stir fried with abalone’s intestines. They slightly grill the abalone slices with butter. They taste the abalone kimbap and exclaim that it tastes delicious.

Miran is making cold whelk noodles. They are surprised by the visual of the dish. Sook asks if Miran is expecting guests today and if the sesame seed container breaks. Chicken baeksu needs to cook longer. Sook tells them to hurry up to eat. The noodle is light and refreshing.

Miran reminds them that they still have samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup). Miran adds live small octopus to the soup while everyone is looking. Yoon Joo complains that she is full. Miran tells them what they had were appetizers, there’s main dish left. Sook says that Se Young is cute since she tells Sook to touch her full belly. Yoon Joo says, “We’re gonna eat again.” Sook asks if they should run away. Sook says they all turn gluttony. They praise Miran for the soup. Se Young tells them that she’s full so she feels sleepy while eating. Miran cuts her off to tell her to eat it with kimchi.

Yoo Joo tells them that she should resign from modeling bc she eats too much. She has to stop out of guilt. Miran tells her to join the plus size model. Sook asks them once again if Yoon Joo and Se Young want to run away. Miran is making kimchi octopus chicken porridge. Chef Ra is a rice terror and gluttony. No one can get out. Miran asks them if they want to eat peaches. Yoon Joo answer, “Eonni!!!! Let’s eat peaches.” They still have some spaces left for peaches. Miran asks, “Do you feel like eating porridge now?” Yoon Joo refuses her. Miran asks Yoon Joo to taste the porridge. Sook is now scared of chef Ra. Sook asks, “Yoon Joo, are you really gonna quit modeling?” Yoon Joo replies, “I’m resigning today…” Miran tells the staffs to eat the porridge since those girls won’t be able to eat anymore. Sook closes her curtain and says, “Tell her I’m not here.”

What a fun episode!!!!!! Rice terror chef Miran makes everyone runs away. hahahaha
I’m gonna just do simple translations for this show from now on. Please stay tuned~

3 thoughts on “[Brief Summary] Weekend Playlist Ep. 5

  1. Oh,I can’t find the subtitle English of this show. I thank you for translating into English , I’m so glad I can understand.
    I hope you to translate from the first EP if you can.


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