[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 24 Guests: Oh My Girl YooA and Seunghee


Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea should roughly be the same.

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

Dress code is fall picnic. Dongyup asks Hyeri if her family is rich back then. Hyeri replies that it’s her outfit for the present. Boy scout Key and girl scout Narae enter. Boom tells them that the greeting used to be “Ready”. Dongyup looks at Hyeri and asks, “You don’t get it right? Only well-to-do family can afford it.” Hyeri sadly comments, “My mom couldn’t send me there.” One has to spend money to join boy/girl scouts. Boom is curious of the leader Dongyup’s clothes. Dongyup shows them the trendy pants of the past. Hanhae says that Dongyup’s legs are too pretty. Donghyun tells them that he doesn’t workout anymore. Boom asks if Donghyun is resigning from sport. Donghyun says that he eats ramyun 3 times a year. Boom asks whether all 3 times are in AmaSat. Donghyun says, “Last year I only ate it 2 times, so I have 1 more time to carry over [to this year].” Dongyup tells him, “If you step into the entertaining world, you can’t do sport anymore. Look at Hodong.”

The guests are Oh My Girl’s YooA and Seunghee. Narae thinks that they were going to do tumbling in the middle of the song. Boom heard that YooA and Seunghee come to the show because of someone. Seunghee goes to the same salon with Hyeri. In a separate room, Seunghee could hear Hyeri’s laughter from watching a video, so she got curious. It was the video of the 1st episode during BTS’s song DNA. Dongyup comments, “Oh, she watched and laughed at her own part.” Boom is embarrassed for Hyeri. From then on, Seunghee started to pay attention to the show. Dongyup adds, “I go to the same salon as them. When someone laughs out loud, the hair designers outside complain that they start again.” Hyeri corrects him to say that it’s a different salon. Hyeri and Dongyup go to the same hair salon while Oh My Girl and Hyeri go to the same makeup salon. Dongyup gets caught for adding MSG to the story. Dongyup angrily says, “What? I should be honest?! Shall I be honest from now on?” Seyun soothes, “Just let him be!”

Boom heard that YooA’s heart flutters for one of the cast members. YooA points out that it’s Mun Seyun, who mentions that it’s for entertaining ideal type. Key adds that she has a huge ambition. She clarifies that she loves watching mukbang (eating show). Narae chimes, “Of course, it’s that.” Seyun says, “What do you mean ‘Of course, it’s that. She’s speaking the truth though! Let’s hear her sincerity.” YooA wants to see Seyun eating right in front of her; even though she likes sitting next to Dongyup, her first choice is Seyun. YooA picked Hanhae to be her least favorite in her interview. Boom asks YooA to say something to Hanhae. YooA tells Hanhae that she likes him. A member of Oh My Girl Hyojong got an invitation to Narae’s Bar, but their company refused to let her go saying, “You can never attend that!” Before moving, Narae’s Bar is nearby Oh My Girl’s dorm, so Narae invited them over a few times. They could have just discussed among themselves, but they notified their company. Hyojong said that she would take YooA along. YooA loved the drinking culture, so she was happy, but their company wouldn’t allow them to go. Dongyup says, “From the company’s point of view, it’s better for them to meet up with a male celebrity.” Seunghee asks her company’s CEO to allow them to go to Narae’s Bar. Narae affirms their CEO that she will treat the girls well and send them home in the morning. Boom asks what if their CEO wants to join them. Narae asks YooA and Seunghee whether their CEO is married and join them if he’s single. (haahah)

Hyeri mentions that she really loves kalguksu. Dongyup asks for more soup when they succeed figuring out the song’s lyrics. Boom says that Dongyup’s famous phrase will probably come out on about 6 commercials. Seyun asks whether they get rice along with the soup. He is slightly upset that they can get more soup but not more rice. Boom mentions that Dongyup always loves hangover soup for a good digestion. He tells the guests not to be surprised by the ambulance waiting outside since it’s reserved for Dongyup. Dongyup asks about YooA and Seunghee’s alcohol limit. YooA replies that it depends on the type of alcohol. She likes Kaoliang liquor. Dongyup tells her that he has around 6 bottles in the car. Key comments that Dongyup always has liquors in his car. Boom asks if this is a going solo car. Seunghee thought her limit was 3 bottles, but she would quit drinking. Dongyup tells her not to worry about quitting. Narae adds, “Just drink more after that.” Caption is “People who sometimes quit drinking.”

Boom mentions that Hanhae was Hwasa’s rap teacher. Hanhae clarifies that he’s the rap teacher of Byul and Hwasa. They had been in the same company before, and he has written lyrics for their song before. Hanhae says that he’s really confident. The rest is like, “Ay, we’re in trouble. When he says that, we’re anxious.” Boom asks if Hwasa’s part is out, it’s game over. Hanhae agrees confidently. Seyun comments, “When somebody says that, they should have ask, ‘Really?’ However, they are staying still bc of Hanhae.”
The song is Yes I am from MAMAMOO. Narae confesses that in a different show, Jeon Hyun Moo sang this song and lyrics were shown on the screen. However, Jeon Hyun Moo changed lyrics of the song. Key asks why she raised up their spirit. Boom is relief.
After listening to the song, YooA comments, “Whoa, what am I gonna do? I like this song though.” Donghyun says that he heard everything. Seyun states that Donghyun has mentioned this all the time. Donghyun’s common phrase is “I heard everything” while Hanhae’s is “I’m confident.” And Dongyup’s is “Can I have more soup?” (hahaha)

For Hwasa’s part, they should see her teacher’s board. Hanhae wrote, “I only taught them in 2014… I’m so sorry. MAMAMOO Hwaiting” Boom concludes that almost everyone heard ‘doremi” and “re”, so they need professor Mun to organize everything for them. Seyun states, “Until when are they gonna rely on Key? Listen carefully, everyone. I’ll feed y’all kalguksu. You should quit the show if you can’t hear ‘Naro malhal geot gateumyeon’ (As for me). If you can’t hear it, you should have a checkup at a hospital.  I heard ‘gyeoure’ (winter) ‘yeoreumi’ (summer).” The rest was so sure of “doremi” instead of “gyeoure”. Seyun continues, “Seunghee heard ‘doeneun geoya’ (I’ll be [it]), so it becomes ‘I’ll be in summer.’ OK, then she has to do something in winter. I kept hearing “misolle”… ‘minsomae” (a sleeveless shirt).'” That was why everyone heard “doremi”. Boom tells them to write on their paper if they’re confident about getting the most correct lyrics. Seyun asks if Hanhae has written anything down and advices him not to. Seyun gets one-shot and in his paper, it’s “The hope of fatties~”

Seunghee figures out that it’s “ibeumyeon” (If I wear) for the missing lyrics. “If I wear a sleeveless shirt in winter, I’ll be in summer.” They discuss to use the relistening chance. Seyun asks Narae what the next food is. Narae lists out all the food she has written down. Narae is sure of mandu bc of its two-shot; the staffs didn’t show it once but split the mandu twice in two-shot. Dongyup thinks mandu is for snack game. Narae thinks that it’s either fried chicken or pork intestine. Boom reminds them that this show is to guess lyrics not to guess food. Narae is certain about meat for next food. Seyun tells everyone to use the chance now is a bit much when the meat is next. Key persuades them to work hard on the next song and to use the chance right now. Dongyup says that YooA completely agrees with the decision bc she also needs to eat a hangover soup. It’s Haetnim’s birthday but she might not even get to have a bite.

They get it right on their first try. Everyone congratulates Seyun for his correct lyrics. Hyeri reminds everyone that Seunghee contributes some lyrics too. Seyun announces that from now on, he’ll take responsibility for the hope of fatties. Key takes a picture to commemorate this day; Haetnim is also in the picture. YooA says that it’s really cool, so Hyeri asks if YooA drank a lot yesterday. Seyun is going to tell his family and company that he comes out cool today. He is also going to brag to his hoobaes.

The game is to match the correct fan club name to the celebrity.
Fan club Hyebaragi: [Key: Hyeri], [Narae: Kim Hye-soo], [Donghyun: Park Shin Hye], [Hanhae: Hwang Shin Hye] are wrong. Seyun’s answer Song Hye Kyo is correct. (Combine Song Hye Kyo and haebaragi-sunflower)
Fan club Bolteochi (blusher): Hyeri is correct with Bolbalgan4. Hyeri asks how did Seyun eats the mandu in 1 bite. Seyun replies that Hyeri can do it too. Hanhae comments that Hyeri acted like she couldn’t do it.
Fan club Ration: [Donghyun: Jinusean], [Narae: SNSD], [Seunghee: Narae] are incorrect. Key is correct with Vibe. (Vibration)

The song is Everything To You from D.Bace. Dongyup says that this is extreme. YooA says that she couldn’t hear anything. Seunghee asks annoyingly, “Do you hate to give away makjang (pig entrails) that much?” Boom says that Key specializes at the free tempo. Boom makes a mistake to give them a big hint. Dongyup tells everyone that Boom is nice. Hyeri wonders why she knows the chorus of the song. Dongyup writes, “I’m eggplant. What are you?” (lmao). Many people has written “kaji” (eggplant).

Donghyun informs everyone that Hanhae is looking for his pen [to write on the bragging paper.] The one-shot is divided with Hanhae and Donghyun. On Hanhae paper, it’s “Delicate man, Jung Hanhae” while on Donghyun’s paper, it’s “No way. It’s me?” They are both new at one-shot, so they take time to find the camera angle. Hanhae and Donghyun both have “naega kaji” (I will) and “neoreul wihan” (for you).  Boom reads out loud the song’s meaning. They regret their choice of relistening for the 1st song. Donghyun asks if they can use the relistening chance [of the next episode] in advance, and keep on using that chance in advance. Seyun suggests to write whatever to get to the next round since they don’t have any other choice. Seunghee fills missing lyrics with whatever words she thinks of. Dongyup comments, “If you girls didn’t come today, we would be in big trouble.” Hyeri tells Seunghee that those lyrics is missing 1 word (27 words instead of 26). Seyun suggests to add “yo” after “message”. Narae corrects him to add “da” instead.

Hyeri, Key, YooA vote to reveal initial consonants of #5 and #6. Narae and Donghyun vote to see word #4. Seunghee and Hanhae vote on #5 and #6. Before Seyun votes, Boom asks him to wash his face. Seyun tells them that flour-based food makes him sleepy. Seyun votes on #4 and #5. Then he changes his vote to #5 and #6. There are 4 people choosing to reveal initial consonants of #5 and #6, which is the majority. Hyeri thinks that “ni ne” is not right for #5 and #6, so Narae asks what Hyeri is going to do if “n n” are revealed? Narae tells Hyeri to shave her head if “n n” come out. Key agrees with Hyeri, so he will also shave his head. Narae yells, “Your head is already shaved. Don’t jump in.” Hyeri questions, “What about eonni?” Narae replies that she will shave her head if “n n” don’t come out. She can just wear a bald cap. The revealed initial consonants are not “n n”, so Hyeri announces, “Narae eonni will wear bald cap next week.”

To show her talent, Seunghee raises her hand to say that she can do pikachu beatbox. Seunghee mimes YooA to dance for her talent. Narae says that YooA will do tumbling in her dress. They praise YooA’s dancing. Boom starts his Boom car hint. Dongyup struggles to say “eoddeon iruneun” (for someone). “For someone” means “others”. Narae questions whether “for someone” was used for lyrics bc of its archaic usage.

Ahhhh the snack game is so entertaining!!!! Guessing celebrity based on his/her/their fandom name is so creative~ I like the meaning of each fan club. Some are endearing while others are hilarious, like Ration (Vibration) or Cho (Psycho) or Sun Cream (guess who?……. It’s UV! Get it? lol).

Seyun was on the roll in this episode!!!! He got the first song’s lyrics correct and was the first to eat the mandu!!!! He was really giving hope to fatties, like he mentioned.
Actually three dudes on the left were great in this episode. It was hilarious that Hanhae and Donghyun couldn’t find the camera angle to show their papers.

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