[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 49



Prime Minister and British ambassador, Mr. Dench, receive the news that Queen Krishna was captured by Prince Niram, who also hid Princess Mina outside of the palace. They finally know the gender of the baby, but they can’t do anything since they don’t have him. They decide to handle Krishna according to their plan.

Krishna is detained in a cell and is served breakfast with the presence of Mariko and Niram, who tells her that unlike her they don’t serve poison. Krishna drinks her cup of water. Niram continues to say that even if she stays silent, her sin [Prince Padma] is right in front of her eyes. She needs to step down from being a queen for the sake of her grandchildren. In order to keep their status, Prime Minister and Mr. Dench will blame everything on her. If Krishna promises to fight them with Niram, he will at least let her live.
Padma asks Niram to let him talk to Krishna. Krishna scratches her throat and starts to vomit blood. Padma asks Niram to capture the maid who served food to Krishna. Krishna weakly holds onto Padma; Gasping air, she tells him not to trust anyone and taps on her bracelet. Niram quickly orders Mariko to call the doctor.
Doctor tells them that he manages to save her life for now, but at this rate she will only be able to live until today or tomorrow. Her conscious might never come back and she can leave them without saying a word.
Examining the cup of poison, Niram concludes that it must be his uncle, Prime Minister’s work. Padma opens his mother’s bracelet to find a paper with Mr. Dench’s signature. The paper is a contract about securing one of British’s opium processing route for princely state. Niram explains to Mariko that the state has a strict opium restricting law and that no one can make this secret deal by their own. Niram orders Nidi to check if the route exists. To make the deal together, maybe each of them carries the proof of the secret contract, which also becomes their chain, so they won’t betray one another. Niram and Padma think that there are two more contracts. If they find the same contract with their uncle’s signature, it will be a big evidence.

At the British ambassador’s residence, Mr. Dench goes home to see his wife talking to a jewelry dealer, Fukiko. His wife wants to buy the ring Fukiko is wearing, but Fukiko tells them that she is only borrowing it from someone else. Mr. Dench takes a look and tells his wife to give up on it. He will attend the King’s funeral tomorrow. He tells her to visit the palace to send her condolence and bring the parasol along.
Fukiko asks Mrs. Dench if she wants the ring. Mrs. Dench replies that she will pay any price for it.  Then Fukiko asks Mrs. Dench for a favor.

At the presence of Niram and Mrs. Dench, Mariko meets Fukiko, who speaks in French about wanting to see how Mariko is doing and that Edward is worried for her safety. Fukiko tells Mariko to keep their relationship a secret by speaking in French since Mrs. Dench won’t be able to understand them. Mrs. Dench sends her condolence to Prince Niram. She then asks Fukiko if it’s true that Mariko is the owner of the ring. Niram glances at a blushing Mariko. Fukiko explains that she met Mariko at Dover Harbor in England, where Mariko was trying to find a ship to chase after her beloved. Then they found out that they were the same race, so she decided to help Mariko out and in return, she got the ring. Mrs. Dench drops her parasol on the floor. Mrs. Dench laments that the handle of the parasol is too heavy, but her husband pushed her to bring it, so she has no choice. Mariko and Niram suddenly thinks of something. Niram offers Mrs. Dench to let him take care of the heavy handle because the metal part is loose. Niram hands the parasol to Nidi. Mrs. Dench is back to argue that according to Fukiko’s story, the ring is hers, so why she needs Mariko’s permission to sell it. Niram steps in to pay for the ring and offers Fukiko to take anything she wants from his royal treasure room.

They find the Prime Minister’s signature inside the handle of parasol. Niram takes a look at the contract and confirms it to be the same as Krishna’s. Nidi congratulates Niram for finding the evidence and affirms that the throne is his for sure. In the middle of that, Mariko remembers Princess Tara’s words. Nidi advices Prince Niram to keep the parasol as the evidence. When Mrs. Dench hears about it, she wants to trade her parasol with the ring. Mariko asks Fukiko to return the ring to her. Mariko thinks, “I’m soon going to lose my only prince. I was always scared when I kept on losing and losing my important people and things. Still I was able to stand up every time because in the end, I had all those love left with me. [Mariko hands her ring to Mrs. Dench.] I also want to leave this love for you.”

To be continued (Click here for the next chapter)

Okieeeee~ Goodbye Krishna!!!! At least she did a redemption at the end, small but still acceptable. Niram just need to catch the other two and we’ll be on the right track to a satisfied ending(?!) or is it really?

Who would be dumb enough to make his wife bringing an important document, albeit without her knowledge, to the palace???? Though thanks to that dumb move, we got our evidence!!!!  I think this mangaka was tired of this manga and wanted to end it ASAP hahaha….

Mariko’s thought is heartbreaking. “I’m soon going to lose my only prince.” Argh she’s so sweet to give up the ring for Niram knowing that she will lose him in doing so. I really wanna jump into the manga and pat her head or something. She’s been through so much already and is still about to lose her most beloved one. SUPER SAD

There are 5 more chapters to go. How will the ending turn out? Stay tuned!

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