[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 30 Guests: Heo Kyung Hwan and Hwang Jeseong Part 2

Amazing Saturday

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.
Click here for Part 1

It’s snack time~ Boom asks if Narae figures out the snack from the intro video. Narae says that there’s only 1 food suitable for snack and that is bread filled with adzuki bean paste. Donghyun exclaims, “Ok, the circle one!” The snack is filled with walnut and adzuki bean paste. Hyeri says this is the best. The snack is fried soboro walnut cakes.

The game is to answer a common word with a given dictionary description, and the word is a noun. Practice game is, “When others don’t do well, a person secretly tells on them.” Key correctly answers, “Lee Hyeri” (lmao). Hanhae is also right with “snitch/tattling”. Hyeri is happy that she will get to eat.
This word describes a person making a big deal about spiciness, busily moving up and down. Narae answers, “Lee Hyeri.” Key pleads to let Narae be right. Boom says that it’s half correct. Dongyup agrees that is the real answer. Hyeri confirms, “It’s true! That’s me!” [Seyun: nosy], [Jeseong: disgrace], [Narae: overreacting] are wrong. After initial hints, Donghyun is wrong with “misleading”. Narae is correct with “fuss”. Hyeri says that she can’t think of anything.
This person is cunning, stingy and never loses his money. Key hesitantly answers himself (lol). Let’s just agree that is the 1st correct answer, but they need the official correct one. Seyun and Key are wrong.  Hanhae’s “selfish” is very similar to the correct answer. They laugh at Jeseong’s answer “cheapskate”.
[Not in the video: Key is correct with “miser”. Hyeri says that he answers his own description.]

[t/n: I apologize for these confusing translated words below.]
This word describes a person in a bad situation, but doesn’t get it.
Hanhae answers himself. One by one starts to reveal about his/herself. [Dongyup: dilemma], [Kyung Hwan: awkwardness], [Donghyun: difficulty] are wrong. Jeseong answers “distress”, which is wrong and Boom says that word describes himself. Hanhae’s answer “wreckage” is wrong. Kyung Hwan is correct with “trouble”.
Kyung Hwan describes the food and says his famous phrase, “It isn’t unbalanced, but very balanced.”

Narae says, “This is the picture of every week. It’s not even new.” Dongyup mentions that Donghyun must be under pressure since he won on Woorimal Battle. Primitive man vs. astronaut, who will win. Boom says, “Remember [Donghyun] is the winner on Woorimal Battle.” The rest wonders how he won.
This word describes a casual work or approach to buy or to get favor from your opponent. Donghyun’s answers “rudeness” and “temptation” are wrong. Hanhae’s “job” is wrong. Donghyun’s “flattery” is wrong. Hanhae is correct with “ogle”. Donghyun asks how Hanhae knows. Boom reveals that shockingly everyone gets his/her own matching word. Seyun is “nothingness”. Kyung Hwan is “trouble”. Key is “miser’. Narae is “fuss”. Hyeri is “enjoy [eating] to the fullest”. Jeseong is “disdain”. Dongyup is “power/influence”. Hanhae is “ogle”. Donghyun says that he “concedes”.

1st listening round~
Narae laments that she liked Puyo Puyo earlier. Key tells them that they have a good chance. Boom is too excited that his hands are sweating. Boom asks if Donghyun is praying to the moon to let him eat sundae gukbap (blood sausage and rice soup). Jeseong asks if there’s any curses in the song. Jeseong explains that he’s combining lyrics to match with the rhyme, “jueo” and “ddo”. Seyun says that he’s heard “jjyu jjyu jjyu” and “ke soricheo” (loud noise). Hyeri asks him what is BCSBG. He replies, “Byeongcheon-style sundae guk.” Donghyun’s lyrics include “even sesame seeds dance”. Boom asks him to show sesame seed’s dance. [He’s right with the dance!]

Narae says that Key’s lyrics are the right answer. Key’s paper is “one-shot fairy”. Let’s see Key’s board. Key agrees with Hanhae for 1st sentence. Jeseong asks how Key remembers to write everything down.  Key borrows some lyrics from his members, combining with his own to make complete sentences of lyrics. Key thinks that Daegu is before Daejun bc it goes down from Seoul to Daegu to Daejun to Busan. They tell him it’s from Seoul to Daejun to Daegu to Busan. Hyeri teases, “Eh, babo you got it wrong. He doesn’t even know that.” Kyung Hwan receives poor treatment (from Hyeri and Key lol). Boom warns them not to spit. Key-nious gets his one-shot and presents in his paper “Byeongcheon-style sundae ah, come here ❤︎. One-shot fairy”. Those numbers fit Key’s lyrics exactly. Narae thinks that the show needs to play Poison Apple at the end [for more screen time.] (Fyi, Poison Apple is Narae’s song.) Dongyup asks whether Key knows these lyrics beforehand. Key replies that he doesn’t know and the song is from 6 years ago. Seyun is curious about something from Key. He asks, “All can hear and write down the 1st line, but we forgo 2nd or 3rd line. How do you write them all down?” Actually, everyone is curious about this. Seyun continues, “Do you have a stenographer certificate? How do you do it?” (lol) Key answers, “Can I just listen and write them down?” All argue, “But those lyrics pass by super fast.”

Dongyup tells them that these lyrics based on children’s song Circle Circle. Together with after-lyrics, the lyrics are borrowed from Circle Circle. Boom’s signs of nervousness include rubbing hands and honest-looking eyes. Dongyup asks Boom if they are really right. Key asks where it is wrong. Hyeri mentions that she’s happy if there’s one word wrong. Dongyup asks whether they should stop filming and have a discussion. Boom denies Dongyup’s offer and coolly tells them to go ahead as long as they are confident, but inside he’s flustered. Hyeri comments that Boom’s hair is really weird now. Narae says, “I thought you said that oppa’s head is weird.” Hyeri gossips, “Since that oppa’s hair is long now, he looks like a fool. [Looking at Hanhae’s hair] did you intentionally stick up your hair?” Hanhae tells her about his antenna hair. Kyung Hwan asks if this is break time. Key tells him that they’re always like this. Kyung Hwan tells them that he wants to use the toilet. When Narae asks why does he like coffee and toilet so much, he replies that he’s a vampire.

Boom asks, “Kyung Hwan, I heard that you prepare an acrostic poem using Daegu?” Kyung Hwan confuses, “Me?” It’s time for making acrostic poems to secure airtime. The words is Daegu. Kyung Hwan recites, “Daebak-ida jinjja. Gugujeoljeol…” (It’s really daebak. Every single thing..) [FAIL!] Seyun informs them that Jeseong has prepared a Busan’s acrostic poem. It’s Jeseong’s turn this time. The word is Busan. Jeseong recites, “I respect my parents (bumonim) but. A man (san saram) has to eat.” [Succeed] Boom realizes, “Omo, Hanhae has also prepared one for Daejeon.” It’s time for the enthusiastic troubadour Hanhae and the word is Daejeon. Hanhae recites, “Daemori (bald head). Jeon… [I can’t use that right?]” Seyun says, “Obviously.” It’s rapper swag. It’s Jung Hanhae’s individual thought. Boom suggests, “Just do Daemori beep; Jeon beep. So everyone can think whatever they want.” Hanhae clarifies, “Cuz bald head naturally…”

Next Week Preview: Jang Dong-min and Park Jae-jung

Jae-jung *screams*: Amazing Saturday
Jae-jung: For major league to slap minor league [himself] is really…
Dongyup: What slap? No! [Looking at Jae-jung, it seems like looking at myself.]
Dong-min: I’m not trying to be funny; that’s what I’ve heard.
Dong-min: Ah, it’s this! Let’s solve this only once!
Donghyun: Ah, definitely from the Genius
An Appearance of Final Round Boss: God Dongmin
Hyeri: Before he has said that it wasn’t interesting, now why does he work so hard?
Dong-min: Starting from next week, I’ll sit by the side to do this along with everyone.

Narae commented on the editing team, “These ppl belittle me.” Narae went to college there and that market was her regular hangouts. She was surprised at first bc they only showed menus ahahahaha. Adding another term of camera shot to Narae’s glossary is stirring shot. The staffs had mixed and stirred tteokbokki, and sundae gukbap got the same treatment, so Narae was so sure of sundae gukbap (not to mention, that food is also famous in the area). Narae vs. editing team is always fun to watch~

The interaction of Key and Hyeri are always amusing. Key stuck out his tongue at Hyeri and she did the same thing back ahhahaa (immature siblings).

I apologize for the confusing translation of snack game. Like I said in part 1, the difficulty level is maxed out. I’ve spent a really long time on those short videos. I’ve tried my very best to understand them but those are hard, so I did what I could to interpret them.

Oh, those acrostic poems are hard to translate too. I need to watch more subtitle shows to see how others translate those poems.

Since it’s the theme of this episode, Happy Early Halloween to those who celebrate it~~~~~

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