[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 30 Guests: Heo Kyung Hwan and Hwang Jeseong Part 1


Amazing Saturday

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

The theme is the amazing Halloween Day! Dongyup is Shin-cream. Boom is Boom-ky. Seeing Hyeri, Dongyup asks, “You use Halloween to dress up prettily huh?” Hyeri is corpse bride. Hanhae is the astronaut and comments awkwardly, “Ah, it’s hard to breathe on Earth.”  From Street Fighter, Donghyun Ken shouts out, “Hadouken”. Boom comments on Donghyun’s long face. Donghyun asks everyone how does he look with long hair. Hanhae tells him that he looks like a European. Donghyun tells everyone that he’s thinking of competing in a match early next year. Boom asks who is he going to fight against. Donghyun quickly answers, “Weak one. I won’t let him win.” Seyun walks in his Kaonashi costume. Boom asks where are his head and body. Seyun says that in New Journey to the West, they have Kang Honashi, but in AmaSat, they have Mun Fattie-nashi. Super Keyrio walks in. Hyeri asks if he dyed his hair. Key announces that his first solo album is out. Seyun wonders if Key is releasing his first trot music and his performance is good. Boom adds that it’s semi-trot. Everyone is surprised by Park Saw Narae, who rides in a children bike and says, “Let’s start the game right now!” Key tells Narae that she should at least let viewers recognize her real face. Dongyup says that Narae is addicted to cosplay. Narae asks everyone if she’s doing a punishment. Boom says it’s ok since this is a Halloween party. Narae asks everyone to wait for her, so she can park her bike. (pwahahah)

Start at 1:05. Boom introduces guests for today, who are quite huge (?!) in tvN. Since the guests are loyal and connected to tvN station, their intro song is tvN’s. They are Heo Kyung Hwan and Hwang Jeseong. Heo Kyung Hwan is Saturday’s jjajang da ge (jjajang big bro from 4 Wheeled Restaurant, where he assisted chef Lee Yeon Bok to serve/cook black bean noodle). Hwang Jeseong is Sunday’s emperor (from Comedy Big League). Seyun says that the guests are a bit weak for this week. Narae questions if other guests have flat tire, so that’s why these guests are casted quickly (lol but awww). Kyung Hwan confirms that no one caused a puncture, but 1 of them did a blowout (so the real guest couldn’t make it haha). Boom confirms that 1 of them is certainly a guest (while the other might have done something behind the scene lol). Narae says, “It was not a puncture one day before filming. It was a puncture about 2 hours ago.” Jeseong looks at Narae and tells her, “I feel good looking at you working hard.” Narae tells him to look at his other side. Jeseong comments, “[Seyun] does everything Kang Hodong has done.” Seyun imitates Kang Hodong’s voice, “Jeseong, you’re here~?” Boom tells guests to introduce themselves. Jeseong says that he’s grateful to be in tvN’s variety masterpiece. Kyunghwan introduces himself as tvN’s Saturday man bc he’s currently in Salty Tour, 4 Wheeled Restaurant and Amazing Saturday. He advices viewers to skip him when he’s on the screen. Kyung Hwan didn’t know all three shows would be broadcasted after each other, making people sick of seeing his face for a whole day.

This is the first coed group from the 90s to visit doremi team. Key guesses S#arp, but the team’s done their song already. Everyone shouts out names of different coed groups. The group is UP (not up but U.P.). Narae suggests famous songs from the group like Bada, but she thinks they are not it since Boom sings along with her. Dongyup spots Boom’s shaking eyes. Seyun thinks that Boom has just sung out their listening part. Boom checks his cue sheet and realizes he’s in trouble. He chides Narae for singing. They all think that it will be funny if that part is really out. Boom introduces the song is from the 2nd album Puyo Puyo called Bada. They caught Boom.

1st listening round~
They sigh and say that it’s hard. Dongyup complains that the group must have used cheap equipment to record this song, and the sound is bad. Kyung Hwan tries to make excuses of his fail listening, but Hyeri cuts him off mid-sentence telling him to write his lyrics down. He tells her that he’s trying to say he doesn’t know. Jeseong says that it’s worse here than at home. While everyone has menboong (mental breakdown), Seyun smiles and tells them, “Let’s eat.” Boom asks to see the answer of the person who doesn’t know the most lyrics from the 90s first. Hyeri quickly points at Dongyup. Boom comments that he has only written down Narae’s singing part earlier. Hyeri corrects Boom, “No, those are Boom’s singing lyrics earlier.” Dongyup’s lyrics are “Why are you keep getting big?” (lol) Boom questions if it is about a person’s heart. Dongyup answers that he doesn’t know.  It can be about height like Jang Doyeon. Boom advices Hyeri that this part of her lyrics is supposed to be cute, so she should sing it cutely, which she does. However, he savagely says, “Incorrect!”

Let’s see Professor Mun’s lyrics. Seyun says that they will get to eat soupy tteobokki even before its chewy. Hanhae, Jeseong and Hyeri agree on different lyrics of Seyun’s. Jeseong swears on his lyrics, so Seyun laments that it sounds like crap. The members advice Jeseong not to mention his swear here since he needs to trade off something if he’s wrong. Jeseong tells them that he doesn’t have anything but walnuts. He is so sure of “dulkkin geolkka” and willing to give up on eating if he’s wrong. Hyeri advices him not to do that. Jeseong asks if he’s right, Seyun has to bet on something too. Seyun grins and says, “I’ll quit [this show] man.” Everyone is excited and the screen caption is “Getcha popcorn ready.” Narae says, “Mun Seyun, a fixed member of this show, is willing to quit for his bet, but your refusing to eat is weak. I think you need to quit tvN for your bet.” Jeseong tells them that he only works in this station. Jeseong shouts, “Is everyone crazy? I won’t quit tvN. [After calming down,] can I apologize? I’m sorry for my behavior.” Seyun also apologizes, “I said that I’ll quit, but it’s a lie.” Seyun gets the one-shot. His paper is “Auntie from the shop of fish-shaped bread, it’s getting cold. Please open your business~” On Narae’s paper, it’s “Editing team, Byeongcheon-style sundaeguk (blood sausage soup) is for later, right? I’m the girl who went to CheonanU.”

Seyun needs to erase “man”. Dongyup comments that Seyun doesn’t listen well, but he just knows many songs from back then. After a while, he will lose all of his bullets. After getting off work, he needs to reload his bullets. Boom tells them before-lyrics and after-lyrics, but Seyun is one step a head of Boom. Narae asks to see Jeseong’s lyrics. Then she exclaims that those are crap. Dongyup still believes “getting big” for lyrics and asks them to repeat after-lyrics, which include “getting big”.

Key suggests to let 1st and 2nd sentences match their pronouns, “neon” (you) vs.”nan” (me). The rest thinks that it doesn’t make sense to match pronoun. Key explains that they shouldn’t over-think about the words from the 90s since back then songwriters used to write many simple lyrics. Narae agrees with Key and explains her reasoning. Seyun asks, “Do you also feel funny while looking at my face? [Cuz] I feel crazy looking at your face.” Narae says, “Hyeri told me I’m funny just by drinking water.” Boom asks Seyun if he’s eaten black bean bc his hair keeps showing up. They praise Jeseong for his good rhythm. Seyun reveals that Jeseong was dropped from the 1st round of Mask Singer. Jeseong retorts how was he able to beat Jay Park. They fail the 1st listening round.

2nd listening round~
Hanhae says that Dongyup was right about “getting bigger”. Dongyup stands up and shouts, “I keep telling these ppl about ‘getting bigger’.” They ask him where are those words from. Seyun tells them, “The hint shows that 5 words are wrong. These fit perfectly. Hold on, they’re not. Oh, they are. Oh? Are they? They are!” They’re glad that Hanhae spots those lyrics out, or else Dongyup will sulk for a long time. Hyeri writes out those lyrics, and Key suggests everyone to clean their hands. They are correct this time.
Everyone celebrates by chanting, “Getting bigger man. Getting bigger man.”

To be continued (Click here for Part 2)

This episode is way to hard for me!!!!! The snack game has a difficulty level of ★★★★★★★★

Nevertheless, it’s still a fun episode!!

Since it’s the theme of this episode, Happy Early Halloween to those who celebrate it~~~~~

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