[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 48


Madame Petit 10
Madame Petit 10

Niram lays his head on Mariko’s lap and says that he can hear her stomach growling and it’s cute. Mariko blushes and slaps Niram’s head. Niram tells Mariko if Mina’s child is a boy, Krishna will come after that child and she will have to erase Niram to keep her status. While his hand touches Mariko’s lips tenderly, Niram says that he wants to save Padma’s child, so he asks Mariko to save the child since Mina trusts her. Mariko bites Niram’s thumb and says that obviously they need to save them, no need to ask her. Niram then asks Mariko for the reason of bitting his finger. Mariko thinks there is no way she is going to let Krishna erase Niram and that she is going to protect her loved one. Mariko pulls onto Niram’s collar so much that his and her face almost touch. They are interrupted by Nidi. Niram tells Mariko that someone is in the room next door.

Mariko sees Anila and asks her why they are here at Niram’s palace. Anila tells Mariko that Princess Mina got contractions. Since her villa is prepared by Krishna, Prince Niram has arranged for them to move into his palace.

In the room with Prime Minister, Mr. Dench and Krishna, they are angry that the baby, their last card, got taken away. Prime Minister says that from their men’s report in Paris, they know Padma and Niram reunited and collaborated, so Niram must know everything Krishna has done. They tried to use Padma as their puppet to grab the authority of this princely state, but with Padma acting like that, they had no choice but to erase him. Mr. Dench says that they should have remove him right away after killing the second Queen. No one thought Niram would forgive the brother who killed his mother. Now, Princess Mina found out the truth. Krishna is mad at Mina since she believes in Mariko, trusts Niram but betrays Krishna. Krishna says that they don’t have any evidence. Now that the king is gone, they really need Padma’s child. If the child is a boy, they must do whatever to take him back. A lady-in-waiting runs in to announce that there’s a movement in Prince Niram’s palace.

A baby is born. Mariko asks to see Mina, who is cheerful thanking Anila and Mariko. Niram holds the baby and says that he’s an energetic boy. Kissing his tiny palm, Niram says that baby looks just like Padma. Niram tells Mina to take a rest here, but he needs to hide her soon because the other side has been knocking on his door nonstop. Niram is going to hide Mina and her baby in the bandit’s hideout. Mariko agrees that no one can get near there. Mina says that she’s going to follow Niram’s plan. She asks him to protect her children. Mariko reassures Mina that her children will stay safe.
Niram comments that Mina never rebels and stay obedient. She’s like a good wife that every men dreams of. Mariko hears that and laments if that kind of woman really exists. Mariko asks how will Niram take them to the fort. There’s a gate located near the eastern side of the garden, from where they can leave the palace. It’s hidden underneath the ivy, so one can’t really see it unless he/she pays extra attention. Niram’s father used that gate when he needed some alone time and only Padma and Niram know about it. When the sun goes down, they’ll start moving. They are going different routes. Mina and her children will go to a safer route while Niram to the ivy gate. Niram says they need to bait those people. Mariko asks to join Niram. Anila says that she’ll pretend as Princess Mina.

It’s night time. Mariko and Niram lead a palanquin to the ivy gate. Krishna has her men aiming their guns at them. She yells at them to give her Mina and her children. A small airplane flies over their heads. Niram tells Krishna that Mina and her children are in the sky. Niram aims his gun at Krishna and tells her that with the number of her men, she has no chance going after the royal private plane. Krishna realizes that she is tricked and asks to see who inside the palanquin. Princess Mina steps out of her palanquin to a shocked Niram. Niram asks if Mariko knew about it. In her head, Mariko repeats, “A woman never rebels. I wonder that kind of woman exist.” Mina says, “As Padma’s wife, I must tell you this. If you really cornered Padma, I’m also guilty like you. But I’ll never let you touch my children. Never!” Krishna returns angrily, “Keep your mouth shut. If the baby isn’t here, there’s no reason for me to hold back. Kill them all.” A voice says, “Hold it!” Padma appears!!!!!!

To be continued (Click here for the next chapter)

Dun-dun-dun-dun whatchu gonna do, evil witch????? Your “death” son is back!!!!!! No evidence my butt!!! Can’t wait to see Padma to drag you down!!!!

This chapter is so exciting and refreshing…. After a sad chapter, we really deserve it~~~~

Mariko even tricked Niram, and he thought, “Mina never rebels and stay obedient”??!!! So wrong dude!!! ahahahaha

There are 6 more chapters to go. How will the ending turn out? Stay tuned!

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