[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 23 Guests: Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk

Amazing Saturday Episode 23

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

Dress code is airport fashion. Reporter from NoItopatch is Mun Ddung (Mun Fattie). Starting a new drama is Shin Actor.
Reporter Mun Fattie: I’ve heard the new drama you’re making is also your last one?
Shin Actor: No, that’s not true.
Reporter Mun Fattie: You quit drama bc of its long waiting time?
Shin Actor: That’s not true. I’m going… [Reporter: Oh, it’s Hyeri!]
Waiting for her movie premiere is Famous Hyeri.
Reporter: In Monstrum, did you play the monster? [Famous Hyeri: Yes, that’s right.]
Shin Actor *continues*: That’s why the drama….
Idol airport fashion’s important items are black/white masks.
Reporter: Hanhae’s joined Key’s anti-cafe, is that true?
Key shows off his airport fashion’s sponsor item.
Reporter: What do think about Hanhae? [Key: Heung!]
Shin Actor: I saw that lady somewhere. [Key: That’s Teacher Kim Soomi.]
Narae: Where do I go for check-in?
Reporter: Go that way. Ah, I thought that she’s a celebrity. Oh! It’s a gangster!!! Kim Donghyun, will you accept 30,000 won for your wedding’s gift?
Donghyun: Sure!
Boom is the pilot to lead them on a music trip. He asks Hyeri for her airport’s tips.
Hyeri: Pretend like you’re talking on the phone. Everyone can see your home screen.
Key: You got caught right? [Who is Hyeri on the phone with?]
These people are the first generation of airport fashion. Mun Reporter gets his camera ready. Please come out, world’s star, Super Junior! It’s Super Junior unit D&E!

Welcome to Amazing Saturday!
Eunhyuk: Hello, I’m Eunhyuk from Super Junior, who is in charge of E in the unit. Nice to meet everyone!
Donghae: Hello, I’m Donghae who is in charge of D in the unit of Super Junior.
Boom mentions that Super Junior is famous for their airport fashion. Key says that they are famous for cosplaying.
Eunhyuk: Our team was bored of normal fashion, so we decided on Avengers’ cosplay or movie’s characters.  [Boom: Where did you change your costumes?]
Donghae: We’d get those things ready at the airport! When we get off the plan, we’d be ready.
Eunhyuk: Because the fans are there, I’m proud of my cosplay. But it was really embarrassed to be in costume at the customs. The officer kept looking at me. [Boom: what did you wear then?] I was Marilyn Monroe.

These people has received Presidential Culture and Arts Award. It’s Seo Taeji and Boys. They were very famous in the 90s. Back then, there was no concept of resting after a promotion; singers kept putting out new songs. Seo Taeji and Boys was the first group to put out an album then take a break. That was why other singers/groups started to follow this concept. They also started trends like tag, beanie, sunglasses and Reggae hair.
Boom: Seo Taeji loves to watch AmaSat. [All: eh?] I’m just saying. He might have watched our show. [Dongyup: He doesn’t get out of his house, so he might have watched our show.] That’s right. The song for today was produced in 1995 in the album of Come Back Home. It is Pilseung (Certain Victory). Eunhyuk, do you remember the song’s melody?
Seyun: We’ve this song memorized, especially Donghyun, Narae and me.

1st listening round~ A bolt out of the blue!!! (lol)
Hyeri *screams*: What is this?
Key: Ah, I feel bad. Let’s just write anything down and get to 3rd round. We’ll work hard on 2nd song.
Narae: I can’t write bc my hands are shaking. [Symptom #1: shaking hands]
Eunhyuk: It sounds like a fan’s screaming. [Symptom #2: sure of broadcast accident]
Boom: Ace Key is speechless. [Symptom #3: just menbong (mental breakdown)]
Narae: Look at Key’s blank paper!
Donghae: We need to hear it one more time.
Hyeri: I couldn’t hear anything, not even a word.
Seyun: Everyone! We will get to eat!
Boom: He’s a Seo Taeji’s mania?!
Seyun: Y’all couldn’t hear the lyrics at first right? I remember singing these lyrics in karaoke! [Everyone: Mun Seyun! Mun Seyun!]
Boom: He’s taking the place of Hanhae to beat Key. Is this ace Seyun’s turn?
Seyun *selfie*: It isn’t Hanhae who wins over Key, but me! I can sing those lyrics right now.
Hyeri: I’m so shocked. I was angry then. Ah… was I angry?

Hanhae thinks that he is the dark horse. He writes, “Firstly, I’m sure of dolphin voice.” Boom tells everyone to get ready to see this person’s answers. After 23 episodes, finally our Professor Mun has done something great. His favorite artist finally appears in this show.
Narae and Key: What’s going on? Are we gonna get to eat the hagfish?
Hyeri: I’m gonna see it while kneeling.
Seyun: I’m waiting for this time after 23 episodes.
Let’s see his board! Seyun says that he’s going to sing them out.
Donghae: He really did sing this song in karaoke!
Seyun: I’ve really liked this song. I’ve sung it with my friends all the time! It’s a must song to sing for us! [He points out the words that he isn’t sure of. He’s definitely certain of 2nd and 3rd lines.]
Who is the one to get the one-shot?
It’s Mun Seyun with his paper, “Key ah, I’m here too. 5th rank in look~”
Dongyup tells them that the staffs must not have thought of this bc the members have never been asked about these songs. Staffs will never know that it’s Seyun’s favorite song in karaoke.

They use the chance to relisten to the song. Some hear “da” while others hear “oh”. It’s a chaos with people shouting out what they’ve heard. Boom tells them to calm down. Key, Dongyup, Donghae and Seyun hear “da”. Narae, Eunhyuk, Hanhae, and Donghyun hear “so”. It’s a tie with only Hyeri’s vote left. Hyeri tells them that she didn’t hear the word. They jokes what Hyeri is doing here.
Hyeri: It’s 4:4 and I didn’t hear the word, but I think it’s “da”. Why? Raise your hand if you choose “da”! Raise your hand for “oh”! Who do we trust more? [“Oh” group is offended!]
Let’s have Seyun to write them.
Donghae: I really heard “da”. [Eunhyuk: Nah, it’s “oh”.]
Boom says that D&E’s opinions are different.
Key: It’s obvious “da”!
Eunhyuk: Definitely “oh”. We’re Super Juni-OR!  [Hyeri: all of sudden?] *high-fives and tells Donghae* You, switch to “oh”! [Donghae: If you say it like that…]
Boom: Don’t use your group’s name here. Just use the lyrics you heard!

Narae: Why are you wiping your hands already? [Key: We’re ready to eat.] After choosing “oh”, she started to wipe her hands.
Hyeri: Narae eonni didn’t wipe her hands, so she won’t eat if we get them right?
Dongyup: Nah, she doesn’t cleans her hands before eating.
Narae: I like my food salty.
Boom: He’s really a fan! INCORRECT!!!!
Hyeri: It’s ok, we can eat in round 2.

Key suggests to see word #1. Seyun confirms if the word is “neon”, word #5 must be “oh”. Hyeri and Narae suggest to see word #5. Donghyun proposes to see how many wrong word(s) they get. Dongyup tells them that they can just listen to confirm whether it’s “oh” or “da”.
Eunhyuk *hears all arguments*: It sounds like we have too many cooks. (Too many cooks spoil the broth.) [Hyeri: true] Shouldn’t you reduce the panel members?
Dongyup: Have like around 4 main members? [Narae: Like a reading room?] OK, let’s see #1!
Everyone: It’s Super Juni-OR!
Eunhyuk: It’s Super Juni-OR! It’s a “kkomjang-EO” (hagfish)!
They should have listened to Eunhyuk in the beginning.
Boom asks why all are clapping when they haven’t succeed yet.
Hanhae: It can only be “oh” bc the before-lyrics are all “oh” rhyme.
Boom asks Eunhyuk to write those lyrics out. Seyun mentions that his hard work is taken away from him [bc of “da”]. Everyone else consoles him saying that he figures out 90% of those lyrics.
Narae feels something strange. [INCORRECT!!]

The game is figure out a celebrity’s face with just looking at his/her eyes, nose and lips. Hanhae, Narae, Hyeri and Dongyup are wrong with Cho Seungwoo, Daesung, Kim Junhyun and Lee Seojin, respectively. Boom gives them some hints about this person. Key is right with Chae Taehyun. Key says the octopus skewer tastes sweet and spicy. Boom reminds Eunhyuk that “as long as it’s not [him]”. Narae is correct with Ma Dongseok.

Donghyun is wrong with Lee Chun-soo. Boom tells them that it’s young image of that person. Eunhyun is wrong with Yoon Hoo (13yo). Hyeri timidly answer, “Teacher Lee Soo Man (SM CEO).” The artists from SM ent. doesn’t get their CEO’s picture but Hyeri from DreamT ent. does. Key is like, “What is she saying? But that is Teacher’s picture?” Eunhyuk asks if Teacher had touched up his face and that was his face back then. Eunhyuk imitates Teacher’s voice, “You guys let a different company’s child get this answer?” Key warns Hyeri about staining her clothes with the sauce. Eunhyuk says it’s his turn next. Seyun asks if this is a complete picture of that person. Boom reassures that these are separate pictures of eyes, nose and lips. Hanhae is correct with Seo Jang-hoon.

Boom says that this person is finally here. Donghyun is wrong with Narsha. Eunhyuk is wrong with actress Kim Min-jung. Key tells the show’s staff that Taeyeon wants to come to this show. Dongyup is wrong with Kim Tae-hee, Kim Tae-ri (so close thou). Dongyup is wrong again with Sana and Momo. Seyun is right with Taeyeon. Eunhyuk and Donghae are supposed to guess Taeyeon right since they’re from the same company. Dongyup is right with Jeon Hyun Moo.

1st listening round… The song is Girlfriend from Jay Park. Eunhyuk asks, “What was that?” Hanhae says that he forgets those lyrics already. Key asks, “Why did I hear a specific brand?” Boom asks, “Donghyun, you didn’t write much right? Ok, let’s see his board.” Donghyun, Hyeri, Narae and Eunhyuk are sure of “sikyeojulge” (take care/order for you). Dongyup is the only one hearing “gogitjib” (meat restaurant). Seyun confirms it is indeed “meat restaurant” and adds “ansim” (assurance but can also mean tenderloin, so it matches with meat restaurant). Seyun tells them that he even hears “sangchu” (lettuce). Boom asks if this is a whole meal set. Eunhyuk agrees with Seyun about “meat restaurant” and “order assurance/tenderloin”.

Dongyup: Ok, who heard of “meat restaurant” in the 1st line? [Seyun and Dongyup] So the lyrics are about tenderloin and sirloin if we’re talking about a meat restaurant?
Donghae: So we really decided on “meat restaurant”? Really?
Eunhyuk: Jay Park’s used lyrics to express a girl’s voluptuous figure like a cab driver.
Hanhae: Ah, it’s “like a meat restaurant, when you’re scared, I’ll take care of you [by ordering some assurance/tenderloin (pun)],” or something similar.
Seyun: Then we’re missing the 1st word, how about “I’m a meat restaurant”?
Dongyup: It’s a cute expression to take care of someone.
They suggest words to fill in for #14 and #15. Donghyun thinks that the 3rd line contains an English word, a drug’s name. Since we’re lacking words, choose something that have long words.
Seyun: I heard “sangchu ssiseojulge” (I will wash lettuce for you) (hahaha)
Narae: Isn’t it “sangcheoreul chiryohaejugge” (I will fix your wounds)???
“Lettuce” and “wound” sound similar in Korean. They decide on “I’ll fix your wounds”. Donghyun mentions a brand name for missing lyrics and get yellow card by Boom. They won’t get it right in the 1st listening round anyway, so Donghyun wants to fill in any possible words.

2nd listening round~
Boom: Key, what’s wrong? Suddenly? [Dongyup: See mine first] Ok, let’s see Dongyup’s board!
Dongyup: There is “itgo” in the 1st line, and “sangcheoreul eobsaejulge” (I will make your scars vanish).
Donghae & Eunhyuk: It’s “ittgo” instead of “itgo”.
Narae: There’s also “masulcheoreom” (like magic).
They start to suggest the 4 words before “like magic”. They wonder why they can’t hear those words.
Narae: That’s why our Key will answer for us. I was shocked at his words.
Key: I’m not joking, but when listening to that part again, I figured out why I kept hearing drugs’ name. [Narae: It’s different from Donghyun’s famous brand.] It’s Houdini. [Dongyup: No way, you even heard of Madeca?] Before I’d definitely heard “Houdini”, so I had to think of another drug name. That was why I came up with “Madeca” [which sounds alike to “masulcheoreom” (like magic)].
Eunhyuk: Only Houdini is used or?
Key: No, it’s just “Like Houdini’s magic”.
Donghyun: That’s right~

For the hint Boom’s car, Boom demands to see the guests’ individual talents.
Donghae: Eunhyuk will show you a very short sound of USB.
Narae: Oh, [Boom] laughs!
Boom: I’ll start my Boom’s car. Pay attention. This is going [like Lombard Street] from San Francisco. [Dongyup: You’ve been there?] Not even once, but I’ve seen it [on picture]. [CORRECT!!]
“I’m a meat restaurant. When you’re scared, I’ll order some assurance. When you can’t take on hardships, like houdini’s magic, I will make yours scars vanish.”
Eunhyuk tries to do the ending comment, but Key tells him that they don’t do it here.

They’re really lucky to have Seyun on the 1st song!!!! If it wasn’t for him, they would never guess those lyrics right. It feels good that an underdog finally gets the spotlight!!! (though not as perfect as our ace Key)

I’m already bad with English puns, but these Korean puns just add the difficulty level to the max. However, I have to admit, Jay Park’s lyrics have a lot of metaphors, and they are pretty fun to translate.

There’s other ‘interesting’ meanings behind Houdini. Search for it if you’re interested!!! I learned something new~

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