[Brief Summary] [Playlist] The Great Escape Ep. 7 & Ep. 8

The Great Escape
The Great Escape

Six members of the cast are Kang Hodong, Kim Donghyun, Kim Jong Min, Shindong, Yoo Byung Jae, P.O. As the name of the show suggests, the members rely on teamwork in order to escape locked rooms, which are completely isolated from the public.
This is a brief summary of each Youtube videos.

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

Ep. 7

Donghyun tells Shindong, Byung Jae and P.O that they can find the keys inside the room. Shindong asks if they can get the key from the outside. Hodong asks them whether they have the same door with Chinese symbols with holes for the keys. The three guys outside wonder how to deliver their keys to the guys inside. Shindong asks whether they can find a way to give them the keys. Jongmin reminds them of straw ropes, tying the keys to the ropes. Donghyun wonders if the ropes connect all the way to their room. Hodong thinks that the ropes are not connected to their room. Jongmin radio-calls Byung Jae to pull onto the ropes. Hodong gets stuck in the window, so Jong Min and Donghyun have to pull him out. Hodong finds another room with those straw ropes. P.O says that he sees Hodong’s’ hand. Shindong thinks that it is interesting. They choose 1 rope to pull to let the other three know which one they are choosing. Jong Min tells them that after tying keys to the rope, it’s going to be heavy, so pull the rope when he tells them to.  Hodong praises Jong Min for his straw rope idea. Hodong makes sure to tie the keys tightly to the rope. Donghyun radio-tells the other three to slowly pull the rope. Hodong and Jong Min ask whether they receive the keys. The outside guys are happy that they’ve done something. The inside guys insert the keys to their correct symbols and the door is opened.

The article talks about an interview with Korean’s number 1 exorcist, Cheon Hyemyung. They find out that the house locked in evil spirits. Hodong asks if this is the place to call in the ghosts. Donghyun whimpers that even if it’s a joke, he’s still scared. Hodong mentions that it’s 5 stars in horror. Hodong asks about the bunshinsaba, similar to Ouija Board. Byung Jae reads out loud the instructions for it, which calls out, “Ghost, are you here?” Shindong suggests them to try it. Hodong says the captain needs to do it since he believes in ghosts. There’s a saying that it’s easier to find ghosts when you believe in them. They find who believe in ghosts. Byung Jae, P.O, Jong Min and Hodong say that they don’t believe in them. Byung Jae suggests Donghyun to use both hands since no one else believes in ghosts like he does.

P.O recognizes his group’s song. The radio plays a news. It has been a week that four college students are missing after going out on an horror adventure. The radio switches to another news. Westling champion Kang Hodong together with 5 other celebrities has been missing for 2 months. Because of Kang Hodong’s disappearance, singer Lee Seung Gi has step in to substitute for filming of New Journey to the West. In a recent interview with the PD of the show, PD Na Young Seok, mentions that they don’t feel any gap without Kang Hodong. Byung Jae says that Lee Seung Gi is good. The manager of comedy’s writer Yoo Byung Jae has been doing his schedules for him, like filming an advertisement. Moon Hee Jun has step in to fill in missing space of Super Junior Shindong, and best friend Song Mino for Block B. However, Koyote Kim Jong Min is found though lost his brightness, resting at his home. Jong Min is happy that he’s the only survivor. The news is in the middle of talking about Kim Donghyun but gets cut off. Shindong says that the four college students has been missing for 1 week while they are missing for 2 months, according to the news. They figure out those are future news. Jong Min has survived and the guys are jealous. Hodong suggests to strip Jong Min off his clothes to see if there is anything on his body like last week with Hodong’s. Shindong remembers a tape they’ve found in their room. Jong Min says that they need to find a way out because he doesn’t want to survive alone and he still wants to do the show with them.

They want to play the tap they’ve found in their room. Hodong says that it’s his first time realizing that Byung Jae looks scary. They are shocked too. Byung Jae tells them not to close the door on him. Jong Min tells them that he hears something in the middle of the playing tape. Hodong tells them to stay brave to listen to the tape.

Shindong finds out to hear it in reverse. Byung Jae explains to Hodong about reverse words. They wonder how they did in the past to reverse hearing the tape. Hodong tells them that there’s someone watching the four students in the picture.

Hodong tells them that it feels humid inside. Jong Min says that ghosts like cold environment. Hodong mentions that there were many murder cases in the water tank back then. Donghyun says that ghosts hate bright place, so they stay in the dark; they also like the fact that human beings dislike them. After hearing that, Hodong tries to escape but is blocked. Donghyun asks if anyone else wants to go in, if not they should close the door. Byung Jae suggests to take pictures of the inside. Donghyun asks Hodong to take those pictures. Everyone thinks that only Hodong can do it. Hodong says that he may hit the ghosts if any appears before him. They ask Hodong to go further inside. Hodong screams bc he hears a voice. Hodong shouts, “I found [the key].” Hodong asks them, “Do you approve or not? Scream!” The rest screams, “Yeah~”

They are in the second floor. They open the safe to find newspaper clipping and some photos. It’s a family photo. The clippings talks about a car accident that caused the death of 3 members of a family and the culprit is this house owner, aka shaman. At the site, a witness reported seeing a shaman wearing hanbok in the car causing the accident. The witness suddenly got sick and denied his/her statement. A PD of a ghost finding program confirmed the shaman’s alibi. The guys think that the shaman is death because he has been haunted by the family’s ghosts. The shaman made a doll room for the 7yo ghost child. Byung Jae thinks that the shaman is faking his own death. Hodong points out that the shaman cooked abalone porridge.  There’s a voice of a child, calling out for his mom. They suggest who doesn’t believe in ghosts should check out the room. Suddenly, almost all say that they believe in ghosts (lol). Hodong is the only one who doesn’t believe in ghosts. Shindong suggests that since it’s a child ghost, a dad needs to go. Everyone, except Hodong, doesn’t have a child (lmao). Hodong says that Donghyun may have one (hahahaha since he’s engaged). Donghyun is certain that he doesn’t have a child.

Hodong says, “Child, I’ll help you. What should I help you with?” Byung Jae asks if it’s possible to leave a person outside. They reprimand Jong Min to open everything together. They say the child’s voice comes from the right cabinet. The child’s name is Kim Juon.

They try to reread the articles to see if they’re missing something. Hodong yell, “Hold on. The child was holding onto the doll and his remains is in the cabinet.” They need to find the doll. Donghyun congratulates Hodong for being their next leader. There’s nothing on the doll, so Byung Jae suggests them to leave the doll by Juon’s remains.

They found clothes, so Byung Jae wears those clothes to perform an exorcise to the child. Byung Jae asks the guys if he looks stupid just then. They tell him to keep on jumping. Donghyun tells him to sing a children song. Byung Jae sings Love Scenario. (lmao)

Ep. 8

They can tear the wall off. That’s the secret room for the evil ghosts. There’s something hiding in there. The floor isn’t slippery. Byung Jae shouts, “It’s a face! Face!” The face says something. It seems like they are in a movie.

The face says four numbers. Everyone argues what they’ve heard. However, there isn’t any place to input numbers. Shindong suggests them to listen to the cassette in reverse. A woman says, “Please remember my name.” They have yet to know the parents’ names. Their names don’t show on newspaper.

The mother’s maiden name is Park. Byung Jae asks, “Is Park Gokseong the mother’s name?” That’s where they got the cell phone. Hodong says that the father’s name is Kim Kidam, which he finds out in the PD’s alibi letter. Byung Jae agrees with Hodong since the 3 family members’ names are kidam (epitaph), Juon (the grudge), gokseong (the wailing) [Names of horror movies]. Hodong is proud of his finding. He whispers to Jong Min that he can do it too.

Byung Jae finds a key and asks everyone did they see it. He tells them that there’s a key in the hole. They pretend to not care for the hole, so it may give out the key again. Jong Min thinks that they need to offer something to it.

Jong Min sees something from the hole and tells P.O to get it. However, that is the picture they placed there earlier. They tell P.O to be brave and use his hand to take the key. P.O asks for someone to hold his hand. P.O says that he touches a person’s hand. Donghyun asks if there’s hair. They ask him why. He tells them that it’s to determine animal’s hand. It has 5 fingers. P.O asks, “Who are you?” Byung Jae asks the person behind the hole in a formal tone about his/her name. They found 2 keys.

Donghyun thinks there’s something behind the divider. Hodong asks if that ghost will come into them. Donghyun recruits people to look at the back of divider. Donghyun says that he’s seen someone wearing a hat.  A string touches Donghyun’s face and he thinks of spider. Hodong asks the guys if there’s no other place to input numbers in this room. Donghyun asks people to lift up the death bird.

Donghyun asks Byung Jae if he’s scared of bird and tells him to touch the bird with his hands. Byung Jae is mad bc Donghyun keeps asking him to do things. Byung Jae finds a locked door before the divider. They will try numbers they’ve gotten from the face. They all leave Byung Jae by himself, so he’s scared of being alone. The face only appears when Jong Min goes inside the secret room.

Hodong asks everyone to focus on the abalone porridge.  They can’t find the symbols to open the door. There may be something underneath the pot. They think of eating the whole abalone porridge to see the bottom of the pot. They finally see the symbols on the bottom of the pot. No one thinks of it except Hodong.

The paper says, “Don’t ever open this door.” They remember their past encounters with these kinds of paper, which has been either bad or good. They tell P.O to open it himself.

P.O asks them to open the door together. They tells him to open the door bravely like a man. P.O makes excuses to plead the guys letting him off, but they refuse. That is flour. They ask if P.O is alright. P.O tells the guy his own experience. Byung Jae asks P.O, “Now that you’re done something. You feel good, right?” P.O answers, “I don’t feel bad now.” Hodong tells P.O that this is a variety show.

They try to find something different from a bunch of similar talismans. Donghyun keeps repeating that those talismans all look the same. Then Donghyun figures out those talismans are different. Some have Korean alphabets in them. They try to arrange those alphabets to make up a word. Hodong figures out that the word is “jihasil” (basement). Everyone is surprised at Hodong’s game today. Hodong tells them to say the word aloud rather than thinking about it. Shindong asks if there’s a way to go down to the basement.

P.O finds a movable ornament. Pulling it out, P.O finds a button. They celebrate because P.O has done a great finding. Shindong says that today is PiHodong’s day (P.O + Hodong). P.O comments that even luck is a skill.

Shindong asks if this is where evil ghosts are. It’s probably in here that the name of missing person is asked. The light is off. P.O tells them to stay together. Hodong tells them that the ghost is on their side. The mother ghost whimpers, “Please call my name.” They call out “Park Gokseong”. The father ghost whimpers, “Please call my name.” They call out “Kim Kidam”. The child ghost asks, “Please call my name.” They call out Kim Juon”.

They need 3 symbols for the 3 keys, but there are 12 hints. Shindong thinks to form 1 symbol from 4 hints. He traces out the symbols of 4 hints. 4-hint symbols intersect at the symbol for the key. They escape the house of horror. They need to take off the 2 talismans at the entrance to free the family ghosts.

I watched this show when it was broadcasted. As an old fan of The Genius, I really like this show’s concept and the cast members; hence, I decide to do a brief summary of each video. Thankfully, this show has more action, so it’s easy to translate.
I believe tvN Asia has already released episodes 1-7 in English subtitles. Look them up if you are interested. As always, please watch the official video when it gets released!!!

Zombie episode is a thriller while this one is a horror. It’s interesting to see how 2 different genres play out. I personally prefer the zombie one for its scary zombies’ involvement. This episode is scarier mentally but not physically, but is still a good watch.


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