[English] Soomi’s Side Dishes Ep. 21 Teacher Soomi’s Birthday~

Soomi's Side Dishes
Soomi’s Side Dishes

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

Please watch videos for the exact amount of ingredients. Teacher Soomi sometimes uses her hand for measurement, so it’s hard to put the exact amount in words.

Recipe: Candied Sweet Potato

Dongmin says that it’s been a long time for him to see candied sweet potato. Teacher Soomi tells them that it’s very easy to make.
Fry sweet potato in oil. [Dongmin: Fried sweet potato is already great alone.]
Turn the heat on and put sugar in the pan.
When sugar has melted, put in fried sweet potato chunks and stir them constantly.
Chef Yeo: Back in the day, Chinese restaurant’s food delivery gives out candied sweet potato out for free.

Recipe: Yukgaejang (Hot Spicy Meat Stew)

Dongmin has been craving for yukgaejang these day. Yukgaejang is usually served in funeral halls because the red color of the soup will chase ghosts away.
Chef Choi thinks that yukgaejang is difficult to cook since it will need many cooking steps.
5 main ingredients for yukgaejang:  gosari (bracken/fern), leek, beef brisket, bakgoji (dried gourd shavings) and taro stem
It takes a long to cook beef brisket, so Teacher Soomi has cooked it ahead of time.
Since the portion is big, they are going to share the food with staffs.

Veggies need to be marinated before cooking.
Cut gourd shavings (already soaked in hot water for 30 min) in bite size.
Separately marinate gourd shavings, gosari (fern), taro stem and oyster mushroom with 1.5 tbsp of soy sauce for soup (guk ganjang is not regular soy sauce bc it has lighter taste for cooking soup), 1 tbsp of chopped garlic and 1/5 tbsp of sesame oil.
Teacher Soomi asks them whether they know why she uses only soy sauce for soup?
Dongmin: We have sponsor from soy sauce for soup? (lol)
Teacher Soomi: Yukgaejang doesn’t taste good with regular soy sauce. Use salt to taste.
Let each of them marinate for 30 minutes.
Take beef brisket out when it’s cooked. Shred beef brisket by hand into bite sizes (not too small). You can use knife to shred brisket, but it doesn’t taste as good.
Also marinate brisket with soy sauce for soup, garlic, sesame oil and black pepper.

Chili oil is very important to make yukgaejang for its distinct red color. Chef Yeo is going to make it since it’s his expertise.
Pour cooking oil in the fry pan. Then pour in enough red pepper flakes. Stir constantly. Add leek, whole garlic, ginger, onion. Cook until the veggies are black (not burnt).
Teacher Soomi’s tip: Make a lot of chili oil. so you can save it to a glass bottle for next use.
Let the oil boil until red pepper flakes are black. (Look at the screen for right color at 1:03.) [Warning: Be care of hot oil!]
Teacher Soomi: Let’s just buy chili oil. It’s tedious to make~
Dongmin: Omo, that’s a pretty color!
Teacher Soomi: Pour chili oil to the soup. [Use beef brisket’s boiling water as the soup.]

Cut leek in half and put them in the soup.
Put all of marinated veggies, beef brisket and mushroom in the soup.
Pour enough guk gajang (soy sauce for soup) into the soup.
Add 5 tsp of red pepper flakes and 1 tbsp of chopped garlic.
Let’s it boil. (Since Teacher Soomi’s soup is now combined with all 3 chefs’s, below ingredients may be for big portion!!!)
Finally, add in onion and red/green peppers.
Cook for 1 hour, including 30 minutes with high heat and 30 minutes with low heat.


Recipe: Steamed Young Napa Cabbage and Young Radish with Soy Bean Paste

Teacher Soomi: Young napa cabbage, young radish and soy bean paste are great together.
Parboil young radish and young napa in 20 minutes. (Just to make it crunchy)
Cut young radish’s heads in in half and tear them off.
Cut off the head of young napa.
Put them all in the pot. Use about a handful of soy bean paste. (see video at 1:10) Mix everything together. Use half handful of red pepper paste (half of soy bean paste). Add 1 tbsp of chopped garlic. Add in anchovies (don’t clean guts) and kelp.
Shake water from washing rice and add it to the pot. Turn the heat on.
Cut squash/zucchini and add it the the pot. (Please take out the seeds.)
Cut chungyang peppers, leek and onion.
Dongmin: Teacher Soomi is a treasure to the Korean’s side dishes. She should receive the Presidential Commendation Award.
Teacher Soomi: You should just have enough water. (tastes nutty bc of rice water)
Add in zucchini, onion and peppers. (This is not a soup or stew.)
Then lastly add in leek. Turn off heat when zucchini is cook. (Don’t cook zucchini for long.)


Recipe: Grilled Bakdae

This fish is called bakdae. They are going to make grilled and braised bakdae.
Teacher Soomi: This fish is ugly but it doesn’t have a fishy smell. I eat it every other day. Store them in the fridge and grill them when needed.
Drizzle some olive oil in the pan. (Don’t put anything else on the fish bc it tastes good by itself.) Cut the fish the fit the fry pan. You can eat the fish’s head. (Use grill pan if possible.)
Dongmin: I’m very curious of the taste bc I never had it before.
Teacher Soomi: Busan natives like this fish. Just eat them without any seasoning. It looks pretty with grill marks.
Dongmin *tastes the fish*: Wow, daebak!
Chef Choi: The taste is like in the middle of halibut and hairtail. It’s really delicious. This is Soomi’s magic.

Recipe: Braised Semi-dried Bakdae

First put a bit of water to the pot and turn on the heat.
Bakdae’s flavor is good already, so don’t make it too salty.
Add 2 tbsp of yangjo ganjang (naturally brewed soy sauce) to the pot.
Cut radish to about the fish’s thickness. Place radish chunks to  the bottom of the pot.
Cook radish first bc fish is cooked faster. Cover the pot.
Teacher Soomi: We eat bakdae’s heads too.
Cut the fish into chunks.
Making sauce for 3 bakdaes, cutting everything thinly: half onion, green/red pepper, leek, 1/3 tbsp of ginger, 1 tbsp of garlic and 3 tsp of red pepper flakes.
Teacher Soomi: We already use soy sauce, so the radish is a bit seasoned. Ingredients are very important. Bakdae is usually eaten in Gunsan’s and Seosan’s houses.
Chef Mikael: These days, my restaurant has many customers from Gunsan (Teacher Soomi’s hometown). They’ve watched the show and came, so I’m really glad to see them.
Teacher Soomi and Dongmin are doing a skit.
Teacher Soomi: Where is your hometown?
Dongmin: I’m from the countryside.
Teacher Soomi: Where?
Dongmin: Gunsan.
Teacher Soomi: Omo! You’re from Gunsan? I’m from Gunsan too, Dongmin. I’m from Yeonghwa-dong!
Dongmin: Me too, Yeonghwa-dong!

When radish is soft to the touch, add in bakdae’s chunks, 2 tbsp of soy sauce and the prepared sauce. Braised bakdae is done! Add some a bit of soy sauce by looking at the pot’s color.
Dongmin: For other fishes, there is a slight fishy smell, but not for bakdae.
Teacher Soomi: That’s why I didn’t use plum juice bc it doesn’t have fishy smell.
Chef Choi: That’s the first time we didn’t use plum juice when cooking fishes.
Chef Choi *tastes his own food*: Ah, this tastes great again. I’m a copy machine today as well.
Chef Mikael: It tastes totally different from mine.
Chef Choi: It has to be strong taste for braising. Yours is stew.
Teacher Soomi: For braising, you always have to start with high heat then turn it down to low.
Chef Yeo: The taste is strong, so it’s very delicious.
Chef Choi: I’m gonna get compliments today as well.
Time for taste test
Teacher Soomi *tastes from chef Yeo*: Your seasonings are just right. Just have too much water, fish tastes really good.
Teacher Soomi *tastes from chef Choi*: This is delicious. It’s very to take the bones out.
Teacher Soomi *tastes from chef Mikael*: You put in more soy sauce bc it’s bland? It’s tasty.
The salty/strong taste of braised bakdae is perfect to eat with rice.


Chef Choi: Hold on! We need to go get ingredients.
Dongmin: These are the ingredients! Happy Birthday to Teacher Soomi! Teacher Soomi, come over here to blow the candle. This cake is made from rice cake.
Surprise guest is Shin Hyung-joon.
Teacher Soomi: He sends me flowers every year for my birthday. I didn’t receive flowers this year, I thought he forgot about it.
Chef Choi: It was very touching! Teacher didn’t know who he was, but just by touching his nose… Omo!!!
Dongmin: Of course, we know it’s your birthday. We even did a rehearsal. These are presents sent by our viewers.
Teacher Soomi reads a letter by an 80 year old viewer.
Teacher Soomi: Thank you everyone for watching this show!
Chef Choi: We’re going to cook different dishes for Teacher Soomi today! (won’t use today’s ingredients)
Dongmin: We’re making a big birthday party for Teacher Soomi!

Recipe: Tirami-Soomi

Chef Choi will make a pretty dessert for Teacher Soomi.
Cut castella thinly and fill the bottom of mold with them. Ladle espresso syrup on top of castella. Mix mascarpone, 5 tsp of sugar and 2 egg yolks. Whip heavy cream (200mL) with 8 tsp of sugar.
Chef Choi: Even if my arm is hurt, I can still continue until it breaks to make Teacher Soomi happy!!
Chef Mikael: Use this if you wanna look cool.
Chef Choi: Go away!
Combine whipped cream and mascarpone-egg-yolk mixture together.
Spread them on top of castella.
Chef Choi: I have a pastry chef at my restaurant, so I don’t need to make dessert. I only make it once in 10 years for a very special day.
Chef Mikael: If you haven’t made it for 10 years, how is the taste gonna be?
Chef Choi: You wanna die?!!!
Sprinkle with cocoa powder.
Chef Choi: The cake is done, but I’m not finished!
Teacher Soomi: Oh! It’s really delicious!
Hyung-joon: Wow! It’s super delicious!!!
Teacher Soomi: It’s my first time receiving such a beautiful present.
Chef Choi: Teacher is more beautiful.

Recipe: Jeon Ga Bok (jeonbok is abalone)
(Wishes Teacher Soomi to Be Happy and Have Good Luck)

Slice abalone into bite sizes. Score the cuttle fish and also slice them into bite sizes.
Cut shiitake mushrooms into bite-sized pieces.
Chef Yeo: Instead of sea cucumber since I couldn’t get it.
Dongmin:  It’s Teacher Soomi’s birthday and you couldn’t get it?
Chef Yeo: I got snow fungus (or silver ear fungus) instead.
Cut bamboo shoots, leek, bok choy, matsutake, shrimp, broccoli, asparagus, ginger and garlic. Divide all ingredients into 2 parts. Parboil them before stir frying.
Stir fry leek. Add a bit of soy sauce. Pour in 1 part of ingredients. Add water and oyster sauce. Save liquid for later. Add in cornstarch water. Place them on a plate.
Pour liquid saved earlier to the pan. Put the other ingredients. Stir them then add sesame oil.
Teacher Soomi: It’s really delicious!
Dongmin: Teacher, do you feel the bok (luck) when eating this?
Teacher Soomi *starts tearing up*: I though of my mother, who didn’t get to eat these dishes after giving birth to me. I feel sorry that I get to eat many delicious dishes.
Hyung-joon: Your mother in heaven must be happy to see you succeed and eat well.

Recipe: Mansubo-gan
(mansubogang means longevity, but he changes it gan, liver)

Today Chef Mikael is cooking chicken’s liver, which has lots of iron.
Hyung-joon: I like its name.
Stir fry livers in the pan. Add a bit of salt and black pepper.
In a separate pan, add in slices of onion, oyster mushrooms
Hyung-joon: It’s too far away. I can’t see anything. [Dongmin: Come over here~]
Drain liquid out of livers. Add them back to the pan with onion/mushrooms.
Add paprika, tomato, and thyme. Add white wine, parsley and chicken stock.
Add garlic slices and paprika powder (from Bulgaria).
Teacher Soomi: It’s really delicious!
Hyung-joon: Liver melts in your mouth. It’s very addictive.
Teacher Soomi: Oh! It’s delicious!
Teacher Soomi: Thanks for the three chefs’ dishes today. They cook just for my 70th birthday. Except for my mother’s cooking, it’s my first time having someone else cooked for my birthday. Thank you so much everyone. Thanks Hyung-joon for coming today.

Awwwwwww it was Teacher Soomi’s birthday!!!! I usually don’t translate 3 chefs’ cooking, but I had to for this episode bc they cook for Teacher Soomi!!!! It was very hard to do since the video are in super speed (same reason of my skipping). I suggest everyone to just view those translation for fun rather a real recipe. I feel like I’ve missed many cooking steps, so please don’t rely on my translation.

I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to find most of ingredients of this episode!!!
However, I love eating livers, so I may try chef Mikael’s recipe. I’ve also made tiramisu for my dad’s birthday before, not from chef Choi’s recipe though!!! It’s super easy while looking like a masterpiece (is it just me?) I totally recommend everyone to try it! It’s worth it! Trust me~


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