[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 19 Guests: Jo Seho


This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.
If y’all don’t have much time to spare, I really suggest to watch the last video and read its translation. Pure comedy!!!!!!

Dress code for today is Cinema Heaven. Seyun is Peter Ddong (Fatty Peter). Seyun asks if Hyeri dresses for choir. Hyeri is Juliet. Two Leon’s walk in. Key complains that how is he able to win Narae on the same dress code. Seyun says that Narae is the thief from Home Alone. Seyun mentions that Dongyup looks like someone from a pyramid scheme. Dongyup says that he’s dressed up as Keanu Reeves from John Wick. Donghyun’s is from Friends, a Korean movie. Hyeri says that Donghyun looks like the cartoon character from a Korean animation. Boom imitates Lee Jung Jae from the movie The Face Reader, so he is Boom Jung Jae. Boom mentions that he may get addicted to having a beard. Hanhae also agrees, saying that he’s already addicted to it. He has gotten compliments last time, so he wants to do voice imitation out of nowhere. Key tells him, “Welcome to variety show.” Narae is confused about Hanhae’s concept, so Hanhae whispers, “Asurabalbalta,” which is from the movie Tazza.  Boom introduces the guest Jo Seho, who is dressed up as Ha Jung Woo from the movie Nameless Gangster. Seho introduces himself as Former Cabbage, Now Jo Seho.

Boom asks whether Seho likes music and has released albums. Seho replies, “Welcome to YBC World” (shortened for Yangbaechu, cabbage). Narae requests Seho to sing his song. He introduces his title’s song, That Girl’s Phone Number. Seyun reveals that’s a famous song. “That girl picks up her friend’s phone calls; why doesn’t she pick up my phone call?” (lmao!!!) He also has a follow-up song, called Chubae Chubae that includes raps. Seho drags on to tell everyone about his relationship with Seyun. He takes off his sun glasses, so everyone thinks he’s finally done, but he continues to speak more. Narae complains that Seho is the worst. The staffs speed up his talk about Dongyun and Boom. Boom asks if Seho’s hungry since he has been talking nonstop. Finally, Boom orders him to just answer Yes or No for his questions (lol). Seyun adds that Seho talks way too much. Narae and Key are like, “Please, let’s do that.”

Boom mentions that Narae invites close friends to her Narae’s Bar, and asks why Seho hasn’t been there yet. Seho replies that he’s not brave enough to go there. Bitterly Narae states that she doesn’t want to invited him there. 2 years ago, Narae told Changhee and Seho that she wanted to invite them to her bar. Seho wondered who was going and heard that a hoobae went there on the 27th and got out on the 29th’s evening. Seho said he must have lost track of time in her bar. Last time, Seho didn’t have the courage to go, so he says that if Narae invites him once more, he may go. Boom asks if Seho knows Hyeri. Seho says that he has seen Girl’s Day’s showcase before. Hyeri laughs at his shameless exaggeration. Seho says that his friend Changhee and Hanhae look alike. Hanhae reveals that he’s gone to an event and an article’s been released with a title, ” Hanhae says, ‘I’m not Nam Changhee.'” After that, in SMTM6’s parody, Changhee’s nickname is MC Hanemane.

Seho has imitated Wheesung’s voice many times by singing his songs, so Seho definitely knows Wheesung’s singing style. The song is Insomnia. Narae says, “Hold on.” Seho says that he’s not lying when he hears, “ah lelelelelele.” He wonders if there’s such part in the song. Dongyup says that he mainly focuses on the second part and loses the first part. Narae’s lyrics are similar to Dongyup’s. Boom says that hers sound right since the song is about sickness. Seho reminds them that Wheesung’s the songwriter.

Boom reveals the ace Key’s board. Key asks if they are certain of “byung byung byung byung (sick sick sick sick)” part. Boom tells everyone to prepare for the one-shot, so Key is like, “What shall I write again?” Narae says that Key’s the one-shot fairy. He gets it and on his paper, he’s written, “It’s me ❤︎” Key is really good. Seho says that his head hurts looking that those numbers. Narae says that this show is like Problematic Men. Key and Hyeri are sure there are only 2 “yeong yeong (forever)”. Seho says that at the end it’s “yeong yeong yeong yeong (forever forever forever forever)”. Hyeri and Hanhae remind Seho of 2 “yeong’s”. Seho is sure of “yeong yeong” at the end. They discuss the missing lyrics. Seho ensures them that this show is fun to watch at home, but in reality, it bores him. Boom reminds him that this is only the 1st round. Seho is shocked to know there are more later. Seyun confirms that at home they are all Key’s.

Dongyup asks if Seho already forgets the lyrics since he writes them out of orders. Boom tells Seho to ask the members about the lyrics, but Seho refuses saying that he’s going to write them himself. Dongyup reveals that he dislikes hearing Seho’s vibration. They fail the 1st listening round. Boom yells, “There’s absolutely no way that tastes bad.” Everyone says that it must taste really delicious. Haetnim describes the dish, saying it doesn’t taste fishy. Hyeri stares at the food and says that her heart is beating really fast.

They divide lyrics’ part to each other in 2nd listening round. Everyone makes a big deal, saying that they figure out the lyrics. Seho says that his heart is beating fast because he has the exact lyrics for his part. Everyone agrees with Seho’s lyrics. Seyun also confirms his lyrics with Narae. Key says that they shouldn’t forget this song is a remake of Craig David’s Insomnia. Key explains the similarities of these two songs.

Narae reports that Hyeri is wiping her hands and is ready to eat. Boom tells Donghyun to look at the members, who are all wiping their hands. They get those lyrics correct. Boom says that the pumpkin’s leaf on Seho’s hand is a mask sheet. Everyone exclaims this tastes really delicious.

These are about foreign movies. Donghyun raises his hand to say that he’s watched Hong Kong and Hollywood movies many times since little. His favorite is Les Misérables. They laugh bc it’s not a Hong Kong movie. Donghyun quickly adds that he watches many movies from Stephen Chow, but doesn’t know much about OST. Seho mentions Indiana Jones. Hanhae gets correct with 8 Mile. Dongyup says that Donghyun’s mentioned 50 cent, so Hanhae corrects him to say Eminem. Seho says that they are similar. Hanhae wishes his last-placed-hyung group (Seyun, Seho and Donghyun) gets to eat too. Seho is right with Kung Fu Panda 3. They make fun of Donghyun’s answer Chinatown (aka Coin Locker Girl), a Korean movie starring Kim Hye Soo. Seho says, “[The taste] is alive.”

Dongyup is correct with Laboum. Hanhae asks if Sophie Marceau is a porn actress. The show’s staffs show that Hanhae is quite interested in “that topic”. Boom mentions that the ace group is weak with foreign movies’ OST. Key flip-flops the movie’s title. Donghyun is correct with Music and Lyrics.

The lyrics for La Song written by Bi/Rain are mostly “lalalala”. Seho is confident this time. Narae says that the lyrics are long. Donghyun says that the lyrics are hard. Dongyup mentions that he’s heard the exact lyrics for a small part. Donghyun states everyone’s written that exact part down. Seho says that he doesn’t write all but some of the lyrics.

Hyeri writes some lyrics similar to the guys. Hyeri gets the most correct lyrics, hence the one-shot. Everyone praises her beauty. Seyun thinks it’s like a commercial. Boom asks Hyeri to redo her pose. Seyun whispers, “Anchovy rice wrap (the food they had in round 1).”  Hyeri asks whether the song was released around the 20th of January in 2014. Boom confirms that it is the correct release date. That was the time Girl’s Day promoted Something. They were the 1st place candidate with Bi’s La Song, so Girl’s Day had seen Bi’s performances quite often. Hyeri is sure of 1st and 2nd lines, and Bi has danced cutely for the 4th line. They just need to figure out 3rd line and first 2 words of 4th line. Seho mentions that Boom is shaking, so the lyrics they’ve suggested must be right. Donghyun excitedly says that he’s heard those missing lyrics.

Dongyup suggests “malsseong” (trouble) and everyone agrees. He continues to say that “malsseong manhjiman” (I make a lot of trouble) can’t be “sokeukjeokin” (a timid person). Narae thinks that it may fit bc “I make a lot of trouble” but I’m actually a timid cutie. All approve of “trouble”, but not sure about “a timid person”. Hanhae suggests “sokeun yeorin” (softie). Hearing that, Hyeri suddenly remembers the word. Boom asks Hanhae to show the dance of that lyric. They fail second listening round of La Song!

Seho writes “meoseum katjima” (I’m like a farmhand), which makes everyone laughed. Donghyun and Seyun agrees with Seho’s lyrics. Together, they make a farmhand-approval group (lol). Seho sadly says that he can’t hear the latter part. Key hears “sokeukjeokin” (a timid person). Seho combines his lyrics and Key’s to “I’m like a farmhand, but I’m a timid cutie. Please love me.” (pwahahahaa dying) Donghyun says that he only listens to that part and agrees with Seho’s lyrics. Boom says that Donghyun and Seho are always on the same side, agreeing with each other, so Boom asks if it’s because they’ve been in the same show before. Donghyun realizes that they’ve role-played as “farmhands” together in that show. Key tells them that Bi wrote this song, so “farmhand” is not applicable to him. Boom reads out the song’s meaning. Narae asks for before-lyrics. Boom beatbox, “Du-dung-dda.” Narae realizes that there is no before-lyrics. Dongyup asks for after-lyrics. Boom recites, “La lalalala.” Narae asks if it’s real. Boom continues, “laalalala.” (lmao) Hyeri says that “I’m cool (meoseun), but I’m a timid cutie.” “Meoseun” and “meoseum” sound alike. Key suggests “I’m awkward”. They hesitantly agree since those lyrics fit with the next part “but I’m a timid cutie.” Seho says that if it’s “farmhand,” Bi may have to dance like cutting firewoods (lmao). Therefore, “farmhand” is out. Key says that Bi always dances based on his lyrics. Hyeri thinks that “I’m awkward” is a good choice. Seyun points out, “I’m awkward, but I’m a timid cutie. Please love me. Please help me… lalalalala.” Hyeri says that this song is swag, not in that tone. Seyun switches to a more powerful voice yet still ends with a cute “lalalala” melody. He’s sure of “awkward”!!!

OMG this episode is priceless from the beginning to the end!!!!!!!! Jo Seho is so funny. He makes me laugh like a lunatic, which occasionally halted me from typing and finishing this episode. I had to take breaks in between just to calm down!!!

It was nostalgic to hear Wheesung’s Insomnia, which had been my favorite song back then. I’d replayed this song so many times that even my sister had those lyrics memorized.

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

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