[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 46


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Nidi takes Mariko to see Niram. She sees that he’s holding a gun to a group of prisoners and asks him what is he doing. Nidi tells her that those are fake bandits who has attacked Mariko and him. Mariko stops Niram from aiming the gun at a bandit.
Niram mentions that those bandits is going to be his witness of Krishna’s crime. Niram knows that Krishna made them attack Mariko in order to threaten him. Niram tells Mariko that it is forbidden for a Prince to request a Queen’s appearance. Bharat appears and says that this world is all about ranks and statuses after all. Bharat confirms with Niram that Krishna is coming. Bharat asks what Niram is going to do to Krishna. Niram states that he is going to condemn her actions. Bharat advices Niram that Krishna is still the Queen, and even if they have witnesses, Krishna can still overturn the case somehow. Bharat continues to say that Prince Niram doesn’t have the power to order the queen.
Niram says that he is going to exile Krishna out of the palace. Bharat says that is the plan, but they need Padma, a true witness to Krishna’s madness. Niram says that he will think of another plan if Padma doesn’t return. Niram announces, “I’m not going to move without any backup plan. If I have to, I’m ready to endure her until I’m certain that I will win. However, people tend to forget how to make the right move at the right time if they defend for too long. I must say now that even if I have to take some dirty moves, I promise to never lose my sanity.”
Bharat praises Niram but inquires him to achieve a stronger status that not even a queen can rescind. That is to become a king. Most people believe that the first prince is absent due to his illness; however, the people in the middle rank already know the truth of his crime. It’s obvious that Prince Padma can’t take the throne anymore. Currently, Prince Padma only has a daughter and the King knows about Krishna’s crimes. The next King is Prince Niram, no doubt. If Princess Mina gives birth to a prince, Queen Krishna will gain more power through the son of the first Prince. The King is alive now, but he is very weak, so they have to act fast.
Niram says that in the old days he wanted to support Brother Padma as the next king, but he can’t do that now. Niram sadly looks at Mariko and thinks to himself, “If I become a king.” A servant announces that Queen Krishna has arrived.

Nidi leads Mariko to hide behind the divider. He tells Mariko that Prince Niram can’t make up his mind because of her. It was his first time seeing a princess rejecting to be in a harem. Prince Niram and Prince Padma grew up together like friends. The guilty feeling of becoming the next king before Prince Padma might be also holding him back, but it is indeed a king’s duty to have many wives and Prince Niram cares for Mariko’s feeling.

Krishna’s attendant states that Niram is the second Prince, and it’s forbidden for him to request the Queen’s appearance. If he doesn’t have a good reason, he may face punishment from the King.

Nidi asks Mariko what she thinks Prince Niram is going to say; does she think he is going to ignore her will and perform his duty to force himself to be a king? Or does she think he is going to abandon his duty as a member of the royal family and live his life only for his woman?

In the garden, the King is meeting Princess Mina by himself for the first time. The King asks Mina that he has heard she becomes friends with Niram’s guest. Princess Mina replies that because of Mariko, she was able to get Padma’s information. The King says that he comes today to apologize about Padma. The King’s weakness has cornered Padma. He couldn’t realize the Queen’s madness and had caused trauma in his son’s heart. He’s also making Princes Mina uneasy and lonely. He is sorry and promises to keep everyone safe from Krishna. Under the King’s name, Princess Mina, Shanti and her baby will be protected. The King and Niram will punish Krishna. Mina asks the King to spare Padma or have mercy on him when he is punished. That is her only wish and she doesn’t care what happens to her.

Back to confront Krishna, Niram declares that he is going to become the king and exile her from this kingdom. Mariko kneels down hopelessly because Niram has chosen to ignore the feeling of love.
Niram demands Krishna to accept her sin and get punished. Krishna asks who does Niram think he is. Niram retorts, “Shut up, you killer!”
An attendant runs in to announce that just now His Majesty has passed away!


To be continued (Click here for the next chapter)


Sorry, this is the most choppy summary ever. The chapter has way too many conversations and information!!!

Ahhhhhh R.I.P King Father!!!! He passed away after meeting with Mina to ask her to trust his two sons~~~~
Let’s evict the witch Krishna!!! GO GO!!!

Oh What can I say about the love birds? His country needs him. He is an important figure to get rid of evil at the expense of his love.
I know the ending, so I’m not gonna spoil it. However, I do wanna say that Mariko, honey, don’t be too saddened by his choice; you know Niram only loves you right?????

There are 8 more chapters to go. Will it be a happy ending? Stay tuned!

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