[Brief Summary] [Playlist] The Great Escape Ep. 5 & Ep. 6

The Great Escape
The Great Escape

Six members of the cast include Kang Hodong, Kim Donghyun, Kim Jong Min, Shindong, Yoo Byung Jae and P.O. As the name of the show suggests, the members rely on teamwork in order to escape locked rooms, which are completely isolated from the public.
This is a brief summary of each Youtube videos.


Ep. 5

Byung Jae reminds Donghyun about last week zombie’s episode asking if he is scared of zombies or bugs. Donghyun says that he doesn’t like bugs and isn’t scared of zombies. He is from UFC, so he cannot be a coward. He isn’t scared of people either. Hodong expects himself to be leader of today. Shindong is going on a diet. Not-a-leader-material Jong Min arrives.

Hodong’s great contributions for last week escape are the first person to tell them looking at those videos horizontally, discovered Koyote’s song and solved the puzzle. Hodong becomes the leader for today’s escape. He doesn’t care that today is their third escape or anything. He’s done playing his role for the season. He says that he is going to put his team above himself. Shindong wonders how can he change so fast.

The hint is received key, so they search everyone’s body. The key is hidden within Hodong’s Jacrons. The guys accuse Hodong of hiding the key from them, so he tries to explain that he isn’t a spy.

The AI tells them to go to Area A. Jong Min finds Area A’s key from the golf cart. He opens the door to Area A.

They confirm each other personal assessment. P.O is an early 93er, so he’s supposed to attend classes with 92ers. He couldn’t remember Korean alphabets, so he’s held back a year. Byung Jae asks P.O to rank the guys’ visuals. P.O says that he is first ranked obviously. Byung Jae doesn’t write down his descriptions, so P.O helps him with “cute and brilliant”.  Byung Jae says, “To say those with his own mouth is a bit.” Byung Jae thinks that he’s in the middle of visual ranking, so the guys laugh at him for being so shameless.

They check Hodong’s assessment. Hodong considers himself as a cutie and has straight nose. In Hodong’s visual ranking, P.O is first, he is second, Jong Min is third if he doesn’t speak, Shindong’s fourth and Donghyun’s fifth. Jong Min says that Donghyun is just muscle. To Byung Jae, this is his first time getting this kind of ranking. Byung Jae tries to be extra careful to say that Donghyun is really ugly.

Byung Jae crawls through the tiny tunnel to the other room. He opens the door for them. Shindong doubtfully says that it is too easy.

Byung Jae, Shindong and P.O try to solve the numbers. P.O runs in yelling “hyung” and that surprises them. P.O asks, “What is it?” The guys asks, “Why?” P.O repeats, “What is it?” The guys asks, “What?” P.O repeats once more, “What? I’m curious to see what y’all doing. ”

Shindong sees PowerPoint on the laptop, so he inputs all numbers to Excel. Donghyun praises that Shindong is good with the computer. Shindong tells him that he was a boss of the computer room.

Shindong and P.O opens the vault with numbers 3659. Shindong explains that it’s 0000, so just find where are places with 0000. They use the same method to work on 1111, 1001 and 1101 to find pizza, chicken and the key to Area E, respectively.

They praise Donghyun for his discovery. Donghyun thinks Shindong is the MVP today and he is his assistant. Hodong thinks that he hasn’t contribute anything today, so he’s bit upset; however, he gives credit to Donghyun. They all agree that Donghyun has done a great job of figuring out those numbers.


Ep. 6

Jong Min and Byung Jae are jealous of Shindong and P.O for solving the number sequence. Hodong and Byung Jae mentions that they can’t jump in even if they want too. Shindong feels good about when looking at his work. P.O says that he feels refreshed. Hodong realizes that P.O’s confident is strange since he only assists Shindong. P.O explains that his job is to confirm Shindong’s suspicion to give him confidence. Shindong is the one who inputs the numbers. Jong Min says that P.O didn’t do much then. In his interview alone, P.O figures out that his role in this show is to be an assist. Shindong has wondering how Byung Jae is going to solve those numbers by himself alone. Jong Min shows off his job for today by finding the Area A’s key. In his interview, Byung Jae mentions that while feeling upset, he forces himself to be happy since they find a clue to escape.

They are surprised by the slippery ramp. Shindong suggests to have each person lie down creating a human bridge. P.O suggests to have two people walking by the wall while holding hands to support each other. Hodong thinks that he can walk on the slippery ramp. The rest is surprised that Hodong is able to do that. Jong Min asks if it’s because of his heavy weight. Hodong turns back because he’s scared. Byung Jae and Shindong says to make room in case Hodong slips. Hodong is upset that no one helps him. Jong Min confesses that he pushed Hodong out of the way.

Shindong lies face down on the floor telling the rest to step on him. Shindong tells Jong Min to step on his shoulders and the rest to step on Jong Min’s. Hodong and P.O attempt to walk on the slippery ramp by themselves.

Now they need Donghyun’s muscle endurance. Donghyun slips, so Jong Min grabs and pushes him down. Hodong points out that Jong Min might be a spy. Jong Min says where else can he have a chance to push down Donghyun. Hodong pulls down Donghyun instead of supporting him. Donghyun asks if it’s honey and why does it so slippery.

Byung Jae suggests to use a fast speed, so they hold and push him while Byung Jae runs up. Hodong asks Byung Jae to save his energy and get down, but Byung Jae says that he can hold on. They count 1 2 3 before sending Byung off again. Hodong runs up to Byung Jae; he grabs and yells at him to hold on. P.O says that they shouldn’t let Hodong gone up.

Shindong thinks that the person who solves this problem is the hero of the day. P.O suggests to think together because it’s an English word. Byung Jae says to put all those letters into a word or a sentence. Donghyun asks for spelling of the word “character”.  Byung Jae says that “I AM” might be right, but if using those, the only 2 vowels there, it may be hard to make another word. Jong Min stutters to explain “miss”. Hodong thinks it’s “CHAMP”, but there is no P. Hodong mistakes R for P. Byung Jae explains that since three colors’ letters all have “ONE” and there is a “-1” card, so he takes all letters that make up “ONE” out, and they are left with “C M R A S H T I S”. When he arranges those letters, the word is “CHRISTMAS”.

The kid (?) smirks at them. Hodong says that he’s laughing at us. Jong Min investigates, “You ate the card key, so where is it now?” The kid says that he doesn’t know. Hodong asks if it in his belly. Suddenly, Shindong remembers that the key must be in his toilet bowl. Shindong says that Hodong, P.O and Jong Min want to achieve something so they run to get the key. Donghyun adds that the people who has done something today are all here. One of them farts and the other accuses each other. Byung Jae admits that it’s his. The toilet bowl is clean. They look at the X-Ray once more to confirm the key’s location.

It’s the start of the new escape. Donghyun laughs at the high ranking of early birds. Byung Jae says that he doesn’t expect anything but it seems like Donghyun does. He agrees shamelessly and mentions that he’s sure of the high ranks and low ranks now. Byung Jae says that there is a high rank’s smell here. Hodong thinks this show is like 1 night 2 days. He couldn’t stay still at home, so he asked Jong Min to join him for room escape.

Shindong, Byung Jae and P.O are in the attic of 3rd floor. Byung Jae prefers zombies over ghosts. In the room with other three guys, Hodong’s still naming girl group. Jong Min feels like someone is staring at him. Hodong says, “Let me think (of girl group’s name)!” Donghyun says that he feels strange. Hodong yells out, “Diva, BLACKPINK,  Wonder Girls.” Hodong, Donghyun and Jong Min are in the other attic room of 3rd floor.

Hodong says, “Ok, this is the room with the leader.” He describes the symbol to check with the other team. Hodong takes a break, “Make some noise!” Byung Jae describes that the 3rd symbol looks like the Korean word hob. Byung Jae says, “Make some noise!” Hodong describes the symbol that his team finds to the other team.

I watched this show when it was broadcasted. As an old fan of The Genius, I really like this show’s concept and the cast members; hence, I decide to do a brief summary of each video. Thankfully, this show has more action, so it’s easy to translate.
I believe tvN Asia has already released episodes 1-5 in English subtitles. Look them up if you are interested. As always, please watch the official video when it gets released!!!

The escape for this week is a bit short but the scale is still impressive. So far, my favorite escape is the zombie one~

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

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