[Brief Summary] Weekend Playlist Ep. 3

Weekend Playlist
Weekend Playlist

This show follows Ra Miran, Kim Sook, Jang Yoon Joo and Lee Se Young as they spend their weekends doing something that they have always wanted to try. The concept of the show is to introduce different ways to have fun during weekends. With these four ladies as the main cast members, they will also reveal a bit of their person lives and share their inside tips on trendy destinations.

These ladies know to have fun. A show with only ladies is quite rare in Korean entertainment, so I decide to do a simple translation for these videos.

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

This place is Japanese-style residence in Sujeong-dong, Busan, which is now revitalized as a cafe and guesthouse. This is Kyoto in the middle of Busan. Sook says, “This is like Japanese animation.” Everyone is excited, so Sook says, “Your reactions here are different [than the previous NYC]. Y’all don’t need to see these photos then.” Se Young says, “You don’t need to see these photos.” Sook asks, “You have many filming here right?” Waitress replies, “Yes, IU filmed her MV of Through the Night here.” Sook is mad bc Japanese people built this place for their enjoyment in Korea. It was built during their sad history, but now the modern residence signifies the cultural asset.

Sook says, “This place is good for taking pictures.” Yoon Joo prepares her model pose. Miran and Se Young complain, “No, not for photoshoot.” Sook exclaims, “Yah, this is way too cool.” Top model Yoon Joo gives them advice on poses. Miran amusingly asks, “Why do you raise your butt like that?” Yoon Joo says, “I’m selling used reed organ.” Sook says that she will copy Yoon Joo’s poses. Sook comments, “You look like an ajuma in fatal battle.” Yoon Joo calls Miran as Oh Miran. Miran says, “You look like Jung Jae-hyun here.” Yoon Joo teaches Sook to look taller. Miran says, “Se Young, make a pose like ‘did you call me’.”

Sook exclaims, “This is where the door opening scene in General’s Son.” Miran suggests, “Yoon Joo is the general and I’m his mistress #1.” Yoon Joo says, “I have to tie my hair up like a samurai. Sook, Yoon Joo and Se Young nag, “Why did you laugh?” Miran laughs bc of the 3 cue even though she is the one who asks the staffs to do it. Miran apologies, “Let’s hurry up to film it.” Before the 3rd door is opened, Sook whispers, “Ya Ra Miran..” Miran laughs the moment the door opened, which has infected Se Young and Sook. Only Yoon Joo is in the middle of serious acting (lmao). Yoon Joo complains, “I was really serious. Ra Miran, why did you laugh?” Sook says, “I can’t do it bc of Miran. Let’s get out of here.” Miran runs away and screams, “I can’t do it anymore. Edit this. Edit!”

Sook complains, “I can’t walk. Doesn’t it look scary?” Miran comments, “These cowards….Euakkkkk!!!!!” Sook says, “This is way too high.” Yoon Joo suggests, “Eonni, let’s do a cool walking…” Miran says, “I’m not that brave.” Sook says, “You can’t look away from the sea. Miran, you’re not scared?” Miran says, “It’s not scary~ It’s not like I’m jumping around. This area is different. It’s scarier here. ”

Yoon Joo instructs them to walk the way she wants to, but Miran is like, “Why are you making it too difficult? Just walk! You talk too much! Just do it!!!” Yoon Joo wants them to join her. Sook complains, “Okay, I get it. I’ll do it when you’re here.” Miran says, “Sook, you need to stand on the glass.” Miran yells, “Look at ground, Yoon Joo!” Yoon Joo is like, “I can’t hear you. Just gonna walk.” She looks at Sook’s walking and sighs, “Ah~ seriously!!!” Sook tells here that she’s scared. Sook complains, “It’s way scarier here. You can walk on here?” Miran and Se Young have to wait for Sook to come to them. Miran yells, “[What you’re doing] is even scarier.” Yoon Joo comments, “Ah, too bad. This was supposed to be super fun. Ok, let’s just take pictures.” Sook comments, “She’s definitely a model.” Se Young says, “Eonni, it’s like you’re flying.” Miran says that she also wants to try Yoon Joo’s pose. Yoon Joo yells, “Eonni, tuck in your belly.” Miran advices Sook to spread her legs as long as she can. Sook says, “My dragonflies are making a big deal here.” (lmao) Yoon Joo really likes this place and says that it’s worth seeing.

Yoon Joo comments, “But the long ones are disgusting.” Miran adds, “If these alive, I’ll probably faint. Yoon Joo challenges herself to eat eel. Yoon Joo comments, “It tastes light, savory and crunchy. Yoon Joo likes straw roasted eel. Se Young is scared bc of they’re alive. Miran says, “Yesterday you ate sashimi just fine. Sook gives her vote on the seasoned spicy eel. Yoon Joo comments, “Oh! Smell~ The smell is here~ Oh, it’s delicious.” Sook says, “Didn’t you say that you’re full earlier?”

The owner is to pick a card out of 4 to pay for their meal. The bill is about 100,000won. They are nervous. When the card goes through, the card’s owner will receive a text message about the transaction. Miran apologizes, “Sorry owner, that’s a point card.” Miran handed them a happy point card. Sook is mad, “Catch her. Catch this friend! Give me your card! Hurry up! You thug! Isn’t she a thug, owner? How can she fool us like that?” Sook looks at Se Young and asks, “Why are you praying?” Yoon Joo’s card is picked.

This is Bali of Busan. Sook says, “It’s crazy here.” Miran adds, “It doesn’t feel like our country.” Yoon Joo suggests to take pictures here. Miran comments, “With Jung Jae-hyung.” Yoon Joo adds, “Ah, you’re on a music trip.” Sook sighs, “Ah, she’s doing a high fashion pose again.” Yoon Joo tells Sook that it feels like oversea and she likes it here. Miran tells that that even the view behind them is perfect. Sook asks, “Isn’t this Bali?” Se Young replies, “I like it better than Bali.” Yoon Joo says that she has to bring her family here. Yoon Joo says, “Oh, here is like Europe.” Yoon Joo asks, “When did our country think of this? I really don’t know. Look over here, you two. Look at that Jung Jae-hyung.” Sook comments, “This Jung Jae-hyung likes sunlight.” They says that it’s pretty here. Yoon Joo reminds the bad experience with NYC’s Time Square. Sook nags, “Stop mentioning it. Yoon Joo, let’s just talk about good things.” Miran says, “This is a perfect place to take a rest when you’re tired on the trip.”

I thought they were done with world travel theme. That Busan’s Bali place is really nice…. the view and everything!!!! It feels very relaxing~

Yoon Joo and her high fashion poses are hilarious. Sook doesn’t forget her dragonflies (lol). Miran is a prankster (point card?!!! lmao).  Se Young is the lovely maknae but never hesitates to voice her opinion. Ah these ladies are so interesting to watch~

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