[Brief Summary] Weekend Playlist Ep. 2

Weekend Playlist
Weekend Playlist

This show follows Ra Miran, Kim Sook, Jang Yoon Joo and Lee Se Young as they spend their weekends doing something that they have always wanted to try. The concept of the show is to introduce different ways to have fun during weekends. With these four ladies as the main cast members, they will also reveal a bit of their person lives and share their inside tips on trendy destinations.

These ladies know to have fun. A show with only ladies is quite rare in Korean entertainment, so I’m keeping my eyes on this show.

I decide to do a simple translation for these videos since they are fun to watch.

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

Se Young tells them that it really feels like Hong Kong. It looks like Hong Kong but actually Haeundae Beach. Left screen is Hong Kong and right is Haeundae Beach. That is Gwangan Bridge. Yoon Joo comments, “It’s really like Hong Kong. It’s perfect with everyone wears an earring each.” Miran asks, “Shouldn’t we use [Yoon Joo’s] hand to take our pic?” Yoon Joo tells them to show their earrings. Sook shows them the special self-served chobap. Miran tells them to bring out the beers. Suddenly Miran starts singing, “You are born to be loved. And you are receiving that love in your life now.” We love hoe (sashimi).

In her Busan accent, Sook tells them to eat. Sook teaches them how to do a sashimi wrap. Sook asks, “Do you like drinking beer in Hong Kong?” Yoon Joo replies, “I really love it.” They yells, “Omo, you need to do this!” Yoon Joo adds, “Weekend~Playlist.” Sook tells them to take a sip and eat right after. Miran says, “For mulhoe, it has noodle instead of veggies.” Se Young asks, “Isn’t it chewy?” Sook says, “It cleans up my inside.” Yoon Joo asks, “Doesn’t it feel like food bless you?” Sook says, “It’s really… wait!” Miran says, “Don’t evaluate the food so serious.”

They cheer with “Omo, you need to do…this!” Miran asks worriedly, “How many times do we need to mention it?” Sook asks, “How did we kill everything?” Yoon Joo says, “Let’s do the last cheer. Omo! You need to do this! Really!” Sook asks Miran to say something. Miran comments, “I’m really embarrassed right now! It’s embarrassing to keep saying that line.” Yoon Joo says that she’s not embarrassed. Sook asks if Yoon Joo is drunk. Se Young reminds that they still have maeuntang (spicy fish stew). Yoon Joo asks them to raise their glasses and cheer the same line. Sook tries to send Yoon Joo back since she seems drunk. Sook says, “Let’s do Omo! Omo! Omo! Omo! You need to do this!” Miran asks, “Do we really need to do this?” Miran complains, “I’ll kill y’all~ We need to change our show’s title. It’s frightening with just a sashimi. They don’t keep saying their lines in 1n2d or Infinity Challenge.” Sook ignores, “It’s really good with rice. Who put rice in there?” They shout Miran.

The differences of Miran and Yoon Joo are 1. outfits for tomorrow, 2. skin cares, 3. body cares. Sook says that she’ll buy them good food tomorrow. Se Young says that her waist hurst so she can’t sleep on the bed. Yoon Joo asks if she is sleeping alone. Miran says that she will join Yoon Joo. Yoon asks, “Eonni had never heard of my album?” Miran replies, “Should we listen to it? It’s Jang Yoon Joo after all.” Yoon Joo sighs, “I worked really hard for it, but people don’t know.” Yoon Joo asks about Miran’s son. Miran answers, “He’s in grade 8. I miss him.”

Se Young wakes up first. Miran asks why Se Young wakes up early. Se Young replies that her alarm wakes her up. Se Young says, “Miran eonni can wash up first.” Miran says that she doesn’t have to wash up. Se Young says, “At least brush your teeth..” Miran says, “I can just chew gum.” (lol) Miran asks, “You should also help her brushing her teeth~~~” Captions on Sook and Yoon Joo are, “Who are you…?” Sook mentions, “Se Young is a light sleeper.” Se Young says, “I do the same with my cat at home..But Sook eonni stays still unlike my cat.”

Top model walks out with her ootd. It’s Se Young’s 3rd time fixing her eyebrows. Sook uses glasses instead of applying makeup. Sook whispers, “Help Se Young with her eyebrows. They’re thick.” Yoon Joo asks, “Omo eonni, your clothes…” Miran adds, “What’s with those dragonflies???” Sook says, “I need to wear a mosquito net for summer.” Yoon Joo comments, “I’m embarrassed to be with you.”

This place is Jangnim Harbor in Busan. Miran says, “It’s a place that looks pretty on picture~” Yoon Joo says, “I like these boats more, and the smell is good.” Sook asks, “Isn’t it like oversea?” Sook sees Yoon Joo and asks, “Do you want me to take your pic or what? I don’t really understand Yoon Joo’s mind.” Sook sees Miran and comments, “What with these people? Do you want me to take your pic or what?” Yoon Joo says that Miran just took a pose. Sook asks if Se Young likes this place. Se Young replies, “I like it here, but it’ll be more pretty at dusk. These colors contrast with the sunlight, so..” Sook whispers, “Shut up. Just say that it’s pretty.” Se Young says, “It’s pretty now. It’s perfect to see with your sunnies.” Soo exclaims, “Yah, doesn’t it look like Venice? It is right? Look at it.” They cheer with “Omo! Omo! Omo! Omo! You need to do this!”

Yoon Joo asks, “Where is New York?” Yook says, “It doesn’t feel like New York now. Y’all are gonna be surprised.” Miran says that she has never been to NYC. Sook asks, “You have never been to NYC? You come to the right place today! Y’all are walking toward Time Square.” Miran asks, “Is this NY traditional market?” Sook tells them to stop and turn around. Yoon Joo complains, “Nah, this is pushing it. You’re fraud.” Se Young says, “I’m not usually like this, but it took us 1 hour to get here.” This is a mini size Time Square. Sook says, “Let’s take a pic. Y’all be surprised by this Time Square.” Miran asks to photoshop them. Sook says, “Ok, good.” Se Young angrily says, “Not good. I’m not good.” Yoon Joo says, “This place isn’t right.” Sook asks, “This is not NYC?” Se Young definitely denies it. (lmao)

This show is so light and fun. The theme for the 1st and 2nd episodes is world travel, so they go to see Brazil, Hong Kong, Venice and NYC’s Time Square(?) though it is a bit lacking for the later two.

I’ve been to Time Square many times and Sook eonni, that really is a fraud!!!!! hahahaha Maybe on SNS, it looks similar bc of camera angles and all. Though it’s still a good opening to introduce viewers about places that are getting popular on SNS.

Oh, Se Young might be right. Harbor at dusk is a pretty sight!!!!! I think their photos come out really pretty bc of the sunlight though~

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