[Brief Summary] Weekend Playlist Ep. 1

Weekend Playlist

This show follows Ra Miran, Kim Sook, Jang Yoon Joo and Lee Se Young as they spend their weekends doing something that they have always wanted to try. The concept of the show is to introduce different ways to have fun during weekends. With these four ladies as the main cast members, they will also reveal a bit of their person lives and share their inside tips on trendy destinations.

I decide to do a brief summary for each of these videos.

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

Sook calls Miran her soulmate. Miran and Sook meet quite often these days. Sook says that Miran looks young. Miran says that she’s in the middle of filming a movie and Se Young will join them later. Sook asks if Miran knows all members and tells her to pretend not to know, so Miran rewinds and answers that she wants to look younger. Sook and Miran show off their friendship on SNS. Sook suggests going to the sauna to rest for their 1st episode. Miran points at her facial procedure(?) and tells Sook that she can’t go to sauna. Sook realizes that it’s the same for her. Miran suggests going to the swimming pool. Miran wants to wear bikinis for “a refreshed greeting” to the show.

Miran asks about Yoon Joo’s age, who answers 39yo and has 21 years of modeling. For Sook, it’s 24 years but she takes off 4 years to be earnest, so it’s been 20 years of working for her. Miran says that Sook was a nameless comedian back then. In conclusion, Sook with her 24y > Miran 22y > Yoon Joo 21y are people with extremely long working experiences. Se Young started as a child actress in Dae Jang Geum, so it’s been 22 years for her. Therefore, Se Young has the same working year as Miran’s and even before Yoon Joo. All have been working for a really long time. Sook tells Miran that Se Young is not from the group with “Ah-Choo” song. But Miran explains that Se Young is known as “Ah-Choo couple” from the drama Wolgyesu. Sook immediately apologizes to Se Young. Se Young and Miran acted in a movie Hot Young Bloods. Yoon Joo says that it’s her first time meeting Se Young. Sook says that she was in the same drama with Se Young, so Yoon Joo asks if Sook also acts. Sook asks, “Is there anyone who hasn’t act in here?” It’s a gathering of actresses here. Yoon Joo was in Veteran and Sook in The Best Hit. They find out that they also sing, so it’s a gathering of actress+singer. Yoon Joo asks if she’s the only model. They figure out that they all have modeled for advertisements. Hence, it’s a gathering of actress+singer+model. Sook asks, “Is there anyone who hasn’t shoot for makeup ads here?” Miran wants to have another makeup ad. (lol funny intro!)

“I’m different, Leader Kim Sook.” “Very cute, youngest Lee Se Young.” “Charismatic and Lovely Ra Miran.” “In charge of visual, Fashion King Jang Yoon Joo.”  Yoon Joo asks where are they going. Sook leads them to the elevator. Yoon Joo and Miran says that Sook’s back resembles a bat. Miran asks if Yoon Joo has ever done a nude photoshoot. They discuss about Yoon Joo’s upper body. Miran can be braless in Yoon Joo’s body. Yoon Joo tells them that being braless is a big deal in Korea. Se Young says, “It’s obvious bc of your body.” Miran chimes in that it’s obvious for hers too. Se Young tells them that it doesn’t show in hers. Miran explains that hers show bc they’re alive (lmao). Yoon Joo and Miran disclose their bra sizes. (pwahaha free spirits!)

Miran yells that it’s her first time seeing underneath the bridge. Sook asks why there’s an echo. Sook informs them that there is a monster living under Wonhyo Bridge. Se Young mishears Sook and asks, “Spoon Worm?” Miran reminds them that she was in the movie The Host. Se Young tells them that she’s a bit silly. Miran says, “Yah, let’s go to Noryangjin [seafood market] to buy some spoon worms!”

They discuss about if they ever feel old. Miran says that she can feel it from her body. Miran starts to cry talking about her age. Sook tells the girls to not talk about age in front of Miran. This is all bc of the smoke! Yoon Joo says that Miran is only 5 years older than her. Se Young is confused, so she asks, “You’re crying bc of the smoke right?” Miran’s acting tip is “Using your laughter for a crying scene.” She says, “First you laugh.”  Se Young starts tearing up as well and she blames on the smoke. Miran informs, “We got the opening scene from [our crying].”

Yoon Joo is very unique, like a weirdo. Yoon Joo thanks Miran’s compliment bc she likes the word “weirdo”. She wants to be more weird (lol). Se Young is also a weirdo but in a different perspective. When Sook first started in comedy, she thought she was a weirdo.  They says that Sook shows her real self on TV. Sook pretends to be strong but she is a softie underneath. Sook says that she is timid. Yoon Joo wants to give Sook a hug. Se Young says, “That is a good point about Yoon Joo eonni.” Yoon Joo asks if Miran is also a weirdo. Miran denies it, but Yoon Joo assures that Miran is a weirdo to her. Sook says, “The real weirdo doesn’t know that he/she is a weirdo.” Miran says that she tries to live as simple as possible. Yoon Joo and Sook say that they do too. They cosplay as normal people. They cheer for craziness. Miran suggests, “Let’s hold hands and receive therapy together.”

They try to decide who to sing first, so Se Young volunteers. Miran complains about her knees hurting. Sook tells Yoon Joo to dance right. Sook says that she can’t do it anymore. Miran yells, “My knees are gone now.”

Yoon Joo requests Miran to sing a song from Wanna One. Miran has told them that she likes Kang Daniel. Sook had to tell Miran about this program’s casting, but it didn’t match with Miran’s schedules. When Miran asked about the cast members, Sook replied with Kang Daniel; Miran texted back that she would clear out her schedules. In an interview, Miran mentioned that Daniel is like a sect leader, who has the charm to lure her in.

Miran says, “Look at [Yoon Joo’s] winged eyeliners. I used to draw them like that, like the back headlight of a car. Old people will know what I’m saying.” Yoon Joo complains about her rotten face (lol). Sook says, “With your face like that, you’ve been acting pretty, so it’s a bit…” Yoon Joo asks, “Have I been acting pretty up until now?” Sook says, “And your dark eye circles are really obvious.” Yoon Joo complains, “You should have told me early. I didn’t know I was like that.” Sook asks, “Isn’t Yoon Joo funny?” Se Young checks on her teeth to see if gim (seaweed) is there, but Yoon Joo hears kimi (freckles) instead. Yoon Joo says, “You don’t have freckles.”

Yoon Joo gives Sook a hand massage and says, “I know just by touching it~” Miran says that it sounds like a movie’s script. Yoon Joo continues, “I know just by touching it. I’ll touch all of your body tonight.” Sook complains that her fingers hurt. Sook feels like her thumb is being pulled out and continues to complain, “I can sue you if it hurts this much.” Yoon Joo ignores Sook and keeps on massaging. Sook whines, “But Yoon Joo, that’s my bone.” Yoon Joo asks how Sook feels. Sook replies, “Sorry, I think I can’t use this hand anymore.” Miran advices Sook to start practicing with left hand. Yoon Joo moves to Miran’s hand and says, “Your body is less healthy comparing to Sook eonni’s.” Miran says, “Yes, just not good. I can’t sleep and my digestion is bad. Touch my shoulders, they’re so bad!” Yoon Joo says, “Let’s take a shower tonight and just wear your panties [so I can give everyone a whole body massage].” Sook reminds them that they are being film. It’s 8pm. Yoon Joo says that she will touch Sook’s body today. Sook says that they probably don’t have time for that.

Miran spots Chinatown. Yoon Joo spots Texas Street. Sook tells them that they will arrive in 10 minutes. Se Young asks, “That’s fast?” Miran comments, “Are we really going to do Brazilian waxing?” Yoon Joo adds, “I’ll do that for everyone.” Sook says that Yoon Joo strips all the time. Yoon Joo will take care of everyone waxing tonight. Can they really find Brazil? Sook asks the cab driver if Busan changes a lot. Yoon Joo says that Sook’s Busan accent is sexy. Sook says that Busan natives know their people from the accent. Sook asks Yoon Joo to speak in Busan’s accent. Cab drives approves of Yoon Joo’s accent. Yoon Joo and Se Young pass the accent test. Miran fails the test. Yoon Joo wonders why she didn’t hear Sook’s Busan accent on TV. Sook says that she does use accent. Yoon Joo asks them all to use accent on this world trip.

Sook leads them to see Brazil. Yoon Joo yells, “It’s really Brazil here!” They find Brazil in Busan. Miran compliments the pretty night view. Miran tells them that the person who found this view is really awesome. Miran tells them to do a jump shot, but only Sook doesn’t do it. Se Young suggests, “Since it took us a long time to walk here, let’s take a moment to think.” Miran comments, “You need to get therapy. Why do you think so much?” Sook says, “Just pray.”

Miran asks if they are in Namcheon-dong, where the famous line of the movie Nameless Gangster is from. The backseat ladies start to imitate the famous line. Sook apologizes to the driver for the chaos at the back. Sook asks, “We come all the way to Busan. Shouldn’t we eat raw seafood?” Miran isn’t okay with the choice. Yoon Joo loves that idea, saying she loves seafood. Se Young says that she’s craving for mulhoe (cold raw fish soup). Sook asks if they want to order raw seafood delivering to their lodging. Sook says that their lodging is in Hong Kong, where they will also eat raw seafood.

Se Young and Yoon Joo wonder what happen in the bathroom for the eonnis to laugh out loud. Miran asks what’s the use of the robe and Sook says that it’s comfy and snug. They are ready for their pajama party. Yoon Joo asks, “Eonni, how do I look?” Sook says, “Oh, you look good.”

Yoon Joo says, “If we’re going to the rooftop, I’m going to wear earrings.” Miran complains that she has already erased her makeup. Yoon Joo says that it doesn’t matter bc she’s just gonna wear her earrings. She asks them how she looks. Sook says that Yoon Joo is pretty and asks for red earrings. Miran also asks for different earrings. It’s has been awhile for Miran to wear earrings, so her ear hurts. Sook asks, “Do I look like Buddha? How did you walk with these earrings? They are quite heavy.” Miran says, “Ah, I have to show the earring.” Yoon Joo suggests to wear lipsticks. Sook asks for a red one. Sook informs Se Young that they decide to be edgy without makeup. Miran is worried for Yoon Joo, who is wearing sunglasses at night (lol).

OMG pwahahhaahahaha so funny~~~~
Please be patient since I’m slowly working my way up to the most recent episode!!!!!!

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