[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 18 Guests: Twice Momo and Sana Part 2


Amazing Saturday

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.
Click here for Part 1


Pointing at the left side, Hyeri says, “Since those oppa and eonni won’t be able to answer, [Sana and Momo] can finally get [to eat]!” Hyeri helps Momo while Key helps Sana. Key calls out Sana’s name for her. Sana answers Kimura Takuya. Donghyun timidly asks, “Does [eating] it make you gain weight? Isn’t it fattening? Is it ok?” After tasting the drink, Sana says, “Now I understand what Hyeri eonni has said about it. It’s really delicious.” Boom reminds that only Momo is left, so Momo replies that she can do it.
Donghyun says that he has given Dongyup his bean soup earlier. Seyun reminds him that broadcast is for next week. Everyone laughs. The show reveals that they have filmed 2 episodes that day. Before Twice’s filming in second episode, bean soup is the earlier snack. Donghyun doesn’t eat the soup, so he has given it away to Dongyup and Jo Seho. Donghyun confuses further by mentioning of last week broadcast. Everyone laughs again. Dongyup reminds him that the episode with Twice is broadcasted before that episode. Donghyun fixes his words and predicts that he’s going to give bean soup to Dongyup next week. While everyone rolls out laughing, Donghyun reassures, “I will give you the soup next week! Definitely, I will give it to you! Just give me a bite!” Narae asks, “How do you know that bean soup will be served next week?” Donghyun says that he knows the future. Dongyup clarifies that the episode with Jo Seho is going to be out way later than Twice’s. He asks Donghyun if he is going to give the soup away next week. A shameless Donghyun assures that he is absolutely going to that because he foresees the future. Boom asks him how is he going to give the soup away. Donghyun explains, “I will get the right answer, but I won’t like the soup. Because it’ll be good to relieve a hangover, so [Dongyup] will come over to take my soup, and I will give it to him. I can foresee it.”

Boom asks, “Who is the first person to get it? Is it an actor? Who is it?” Momo raises her hand and answers, “Bong sungbeunnim.” Boom asks her to repeat. Momo says, “Bo om!” Seyun asks if it is bbong (sound of fart). Boom asks her if it is fart’s sound. Momo corrects herself and says, “Boom seonbaenim!” Boom says that his picture is like a mug shot. Momo says that Boom is right in front of her but she has no clue. Boom lists out his idol activities from early days. Momo struggles to say that the taste is way better than she has expected. Donghyun tells Seyun that he really wants to eat it, asking Seyun to concede. Seyun confesses to everyone that he cannot play anymore because Donghyun holds down his shoulder and keeps pressuring him that he wants to eat.
A new picture of a person’s eyes, nose, lips is shown. Key looks at it and smirks. Seyun yells, “Park Hyo Shin.” Hyeri, Momo and Sana gather to discuss and Momo blurts, “Isn’t it BtoB Yook Sungjae?” Seyun yells, “Yook Sungjae.” Dongyup walks over to Key and whispers, “Is it you? Right?” Seyun and Donghyun compete to answer the wrong person. Donghyun asks, “Is that a man or a woman?” Seyun answer, “Hyeri.” Key’s caption is, “It’s not Hyeri but me.” Dongyup hints that it is a person that they are close with. Seyun asks, “We’re close to this person?” Boom hints, “From a dance group.” Donghyun answers, “Key.” Hyeri reveals, “Key oppa came over and was like ‘Is that me?'”

Hanhae says that he knows all of the 1st verse. Dongyup reminds everyone that they’ve heard this from Hanhae before. Hanhae mentions a sentence of the lyrics. Boom surprises and checks his script. Everyone reprimands him that he should pretend to not know. They ask Boom not to change the listening part. Boom heaves a sigh of relief and declares, “It’s not that part.” Hanhae confirms that the second part is harder. Hyeri says, “It’s obvious that they will get the harder part!”
Sana angrily says, “How do we get them right?” Donghyun asks how many times do they need to get “huhoe” (regret). Sana says that she hears a lot of “miss/lose” in that part and like the word’s meaning, she misses every other lyrics. Key sighs that they don’t have the relistening chance. Hanhae thinks that lyrics are easier than he has expected. He says that he is going to write them down or else it’s another humiliation. Boom asks Hanhae if rappers acknowledge Bobby. Hanhae agrees and says that Bobby is a SMTM’s winner after all. Hyeri curiously asks Hanhae what season he was in. Hanhae proudly proclaims that he has gone up to semi-final of SMTM season 6. Hyeri is surprised about his attendance in semi-final of SMTM 6. Narae clarifies, “He might look stupid in this show, but he’s alright when he raps.”

Everyone praises Key. Boom says that Hanhae must feel nervous. Boom says to open the best rapper’s board. Hanhae explains the rap writing style. Hyeri says that it feels like math. Boom tells them that it is embarrassing for someone (implying Hanhae) who cannot get the one-shot [in a rap song]. Hyeri tells the girls to get ready for camera in case they get chosen. Narae wonders who is getting that one-shot. Key gets the one-shot and in his paper, he has written, “I did well right?” Sana replies, “You did well~” Boom questions what Hanhae has written when he is the most embarrassed person right now. Narae takes his paper and reads, “You’re gonna regret giving me this [song].” Boom shouts, “Ah, that’s embarrassing!” Boom continues to say that Hanhae is going to regret (huhoe) writing it. Hanhae thinks that he is going to get those lyrics right. Boom says that Hanhae makes everybody laughing out loud.

After listen to Rhythm Ta, everyone exclaims that they’ve heard everything. Sana and Momo are in charge of the second line. Momo confirms that the lyrics has been correct earlier. Donghyun mentions that he definitely knows those first 6 words of the third line and fourth line. Boom asks if he was busy [paying attention to specific words]. Donghyun doesn’t get it, so he repeats Boom’s question. Seyun steps in to clarify, “He asked if you were busy.” Then Boom declares that Donghyun cannot even hear the host’s words so how should they believe in him. Hyeri and Narae agree with Donghyun’s lyrics. There is a competition between Key and Hanhae to see who gets the most correct lyrics. Key says that his lyrics are right. Narae says that Hanhae tells her his lyrics are 100 percent correct. Hyeri suggests to get another paper bragging scene. Hanhae mentions that he is going to be embarrassed again. Boom asks Hanhae to be ready writing for his one-shot. It is pointless because Key’s lyrics are the same as Hanhae’s. Hyeri sighs in disappointment, “Ehhh no fun…”

Dongyup analyzes the construction of sentences and their meanings. He states that the context of those sentences doesn’t make sense. Hanhae explains that those lyrics are matched by rhythm and speech. Key adds that rather than the context, it’s the writer’s pattern. Key shows them how a writer does when writing and thinking about lyrics. Boom asks Momo to write out correct lyrics in the answer seat. Momo struggles and writes “huehoe” and “huhue” instead of “huhoe”, so she says that she cannot do it anymore. They console her saying that she is doing great. Key spells out each word for Momo.


It is good to see that they cast members really take a good care of Momo and Sana. When Momo and Sana filmed this episode, they were promoting Dance the Night Away. They were tired but they didn’t show it at all!!!
Key and Hyeri are so kind. Hyeri treats the girls like real sisters. I like how they are having fun gossiping and giggling during the snack game. Key accepts everything from the girls and patiently helps them many times.
I laughed so hard when Key’s eyes nose lips showed up. Key realized himself instantly and just kept quiet and straight face. hahaha
Ohh the part about Donghyun’s bean soup and his future predictions are super hilarious!!!! Who would have guessed that a spoiler could be this entertaining?!!!
This main cast has great chemistry together.

This episode is also the start of petty rivalry between Key and Hanhae, mostly Hanhae, since Key doesn’t really care. Key obviously has the superior hands.

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

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