[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 18 Guests: Twice Momo and Sana Part 1

Amazing Saturday

This is just English translation of Youtube video clips from the show.

Key’s expression changes a lot if “good” people come out to the show. On the ep with Wanna One members, Hyeri and Narae made such a big deal. Today, the male cast members want to make a big deal too. Twice Momo and Sana come out and dance to Dance the Night Away. Sana stutters to introduce herself. All male cast members applaud and cheer for her while Narae is like, “What’s going on?” Dongyup says that it’s already funny from the start. Seyun and Donghyun ask others, “Aren’t they funny?” Can’t-shake-Twice-off Key is excited today. Boom says that he sees someone hangs on Key’s shoulder. Key denies it saying because Twice Momo and Sana come today, he takes Tzuyu off his shoulder for the day. Boom asks if Momo and Sana has watched the show. Sana answers that even if it’s their song, after a long time haven’t look at the lyrics, they’re also confused of some words. Key bursts out laughing.

Boom heard from the show writers that Twice members did mock practices before coming to the show. Sana says that they have a lot of break times while waiting for music shows, so they’ve played music and guessed those lyrics. However, she thinks it is very hard, so today she will try her best.  During those times, Momo has only observed and questioned what they were doing.
Seyun says that it’s ok since the cast members is going to help them out. Key says that he will work hard to let them eat the food. As long as Sana and Momo cheer for him, they are going to have screen time. Boom tells Sana to say something to Key before they start and suggests her do “Sha sha sha”. Key blushes and takes out his phone, ready to record. Everyone bursts out laughing while Narae complains, “How does a person change that fast?” Sana tells Key, “Sunbaenim, I don’t know if I’ll do well. Please help me.” Boom reminds everyone that Hyeri has been touched by Twice, and he asks her to elaborate. On Hyeri’s birthday, Sana sent her a happy-birthday video. Hyeri says that Sana is so cute. Donghyun realizes that it is not even money but a video. They laugh that it wasn’t a gift, so Hyeri argues that it’s the thought that counts. Hyeri watched that video many times that day because Sana is so cute.

Sana and Momo have many individual talents. Sana has a lot of famous buzzwords. She has an action to describe laughing. Sana explains that during filming, there were times that she really wanted to laugh out loud but could not. Before, Twice’s  members held their laughter but it was very uncomfortable. So Sana came up with the action ㅋㅋㅋ using her hand (laughing sound kkk). Then, Boom asks her about the Super Mario imitation. Sana does her Super Mario imitation, all male members applaud and cheer excitedly. Now Narae realizes that the men’s over-exaggerated  expressions are the same as hers and Hyeri’s during Wanna One’s episode.
Boom says that Momo also has a talent of imitating Tzuyu. Momo says that it’s too common since her members have been doing it, so she wants to do another talent. She can drink water without making sound. Everyone is like, “Don’t we usually make no sound when drinking?” After Momo finishes drinking water without making any sound, all men praise her. Boom asks Narae to challenge it. Narae looks like she is in a horror movie. Dongyup agrees that it is hard drinking water without making any sound.

Momo says that whenever she explains something, she uses circle hands.  Momo asks, “Key sunbaenim, [showing her circle hands] do you know it?” Key answer, “Obviously, I know.” Narae asks, “Then, what is it Key?” Key baffles. Then Momo demonstrates her circle hands again to Dongyup, who agrees immediately. Everyone finally realizes that Momo tries to explain drinking alcohol. Boom asks if all Twice’s members understand Momo’s circle hands. Sana confirms that they communicate using circle hands with each other and their managers.
Spoiler for later: Hyeri says that she sits right in the middle of destruction. Momo says that it is too fast. Key asks if Sana knows and she nods. Sana complains that she has already opened 1 ear while closed the other. Sana cutely says that she believes in her Key sunbaenim.

Boom mentions that Sana listens to all Bolbalgan4’s songs and wishes to have their songs on the show. Boom says that they are in good hands and asks if she really likes their songs. Sana explains that she always listens to Bolbalgan4’s songs but not sure if she can get their lyrics correctly. Boom says that she is humble now but is going to write like crazy afterwards. Boom introduces the Bolbalgan4’s song Blue. Key asks Sana if she knows the song and Sana nods. Sana explains that she usually listens to the song in the shower but she does not know its lyrics. Key and Boom say that Sana will get it after listening to the song. Narae questions why they are so optimistic today, and Hyeri adds that it’s tiring her out. Boom explains that it is because of Momo and Sana, and he is going to give Hanhae a chance [to impress] later on. They start listening to the song, and Key says that they are lucky that it is not the part to guess lyrics. Seyun and Donghyun complain that they cannot even hear the lyrics of starting part.
Momo confuses, “Eh, that’s is? It’s too fast. I don’t think we’ll get it. What I wrote is … just.. a few words..” Sana says, “Wait a moment, I miss [those lyrics].” Key tells Sana that if she misses them, she can’t go back to relisten. Boom says, “Let’s see Sana’s board to see how well she does.” Donghyun consoles, “That’s good enough for a first timer.” Seyun continues, “Very good.” Key adds, “That’s definitely the right lyrics.” Most male members console her saying that she’s done better than them and Hanhae timidly applauds. Hyeri sees that and asks Hanhae what is up with the claps. Narae annoyingly expresses that the men make such a big deal. Dongyup confesses that Hyeri almost slaps Hanhae because of his claps. The men praise Momo’s board. Key says that the kkk is definitely right, so a confused Boom questions it. Key sings out Momo’s lyrics, including kkk and eh.

Key sings out his own lyrics including kkk and eh. Key gets the one-shot for writing out the most correct lyrics. Key says, “I love JYP.” Hanhae looks at Key with envy. Key realizes that he has to take kkk out because it does not fit the numbers of 1st line. Hyeri thinks that “nan” and “ne ga” are right, but Key argues that they are “neon” and “nae ga”.  Sana agrees with Hyeri, so Key says that he is going to change his lyrics. Boom tells them that an English word is used in lyrics. Hanhae quickly shouts out “Yoga”. Hyeri realizes that the English word is “blue”. Narae asks for before-lyrics, so Boom says that she is clever today. They realize lyrics are rhymed of blue and true. Boom asks Sana what she thinks of 3 words before blue blue. Sana thinks it is parahke (blue). Everyone applauds and says that Sana is smart.

They praise Sana for her pretty handwriting. Key wonders if they should use the relistening chance. Narae lists out all the food in the introduction, everyone except Haetnim discusses the next possible food, forgetting Sana. Boom reminds everyone that Sana is waiting. Sana sings out the lyrics and Key says that those are right lyrics. Boom states that it’s his job to decide, so Key argues that to him those are the correct lyrics. Narae and Key apologize for making Sana surprised. Dongyup adds that they should have told her before hand about the popping. Boom says that they have no manner, so they blame each other for it. Seyun points at Donghyun who points at Hanhae who is about to accuse Narae but seeing her face, he hides his head. Narae is like, “Whatchu looking at?”

They argue about what they have heard. They says that Momo is right about “neon”. Sana argues that she has heard “nan”. Sana says while listening with 1 ear while closing the other, she has heard “nan”. Momo counter-argues that if one focuses on that part, he/she can hear “neon”. Sana raises her hand to say that she also pays attention thoroughly. Everyone hears “neon” but only Sana “nan”. Dongyup regrets asking Momo and Sana to take care of that part. Momo says that they should vote, Momo party for “neon” vs. Sana party for “nan”. Boom asks Sana once more if she is certain. Sana wants to change her word of choice; she agrees with “neon” but wants to switch the latter part to “nae ga”. Everyone says that she is smart. Boom asks Momo to write the right lyrics and Momo cutely complies. They praise Momo’s handwriting. Hyeri says, “Smartie”. Key says that those lyrics must be right. Everyone prays, “Please! Please!” Hugging Sana, Hyeri says, “Why did you say “nan” all of a sudden?”

To be continued (click here for part 2)

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

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