[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 44


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(Mariko is surrounded by these neelam color feathers on the cover.)

Mariko asks Niram about the royal family’s treasures in the protected area. Niram confirms that only the king and his successor of Princely State can enter here. He sadly adds that the successor was supposed to be Padma. Mariko touches Niram’s back to console him, who tenderly smiles at her.

Waiting outside, Captain asks what Nidi thinks of Mariko. Captain has heard all about Padma’s incident and guesses that Padma can’t succeed the throne anymore, so that leaves Prince Niram to be the next king. Captain knows Prince Niram and Mariko are lovers just by looking at the Prince’s eyes, but they can’t let a foreigner to become their queen. Still, Captain thinks that Mariko is a perfect supporter to handle their spoiled Prince. She might look young but she has guts, and it is interesting to see them together. Nidi, remembering what happened, agrees with Captain.

Back to Niram and Mariko, Niram uses a key, called king’s key, to open the first door and says that he needs another key, bandits’ key, to open the second door in order to get in the room. Niram praises Mariko again for defeating the bandit leader. Mariko says that her action was a bluff, but his was real. Niram explains that was a formal ceremony to see who qualifies to be king.
As the guards who protect the royal family’s treasures in this country, from ages, the bandit leaders have questioned the prince to see how well-prepared they are to be king. A leader took a prince’s close person as the hostage, then asked which path he’s going to choose. A prince was portrayed as the king and that close person was the people of Princely State. By testing those princes, they tried to see who qualified to be the next king. Niram sacrified himself in order to save his people.
Niram says that he’s not suited to be king according to Captain. Sacrificing his life means that he’s going to throw away all his responsibilities and even abandoning his people. Niram has heard that Padma cried out loud and asked his servant to forgive him. Mariko asks if that is the right answer. Niram states that there is no wrong or right answer. At the end, they were both returned alive However, Padma dismissed his servant who was also his friend and stopped eating for 3 weeks in order to apologize for his weakness. Padma was only 12. By hearing his servant’s words, one would know how qualified Padma was. The servant said he was very honored when Padma told him to die for his sake. An elderly man told Padma and Niram that if the weak minded but noble Padma and the reckless but brave Niram cooperate together, the country will become better. Remembering his fun time with Padma, Niram says that he is against the thought of death equals honor. Then an image of Niram and Mariko holding hands pops up. Niram remembers those words, “If you two are able to hold hands and cooperate together”
Using the second key, Niram opens the door to a splendid room. Mariko astonishes at the magnificent ceiling. She falls down while looking up, so Niram catches her. Back-hugging her, Niram explains that a mirror was placed on the ceiling as a decoration to reflect light and ward off evil. Mariko says that the view is beautiful.
Niram points another door and tells Mariko that a Vadodara’s treasure is sleeping inside, and only its master has the permission to see it. Mariko sneezes because of underground’s cold air. Niram covers Mariko with a shawl and asks if she wants to see inside that door. Mariko happily agrees but notices Niram’s sad expression. Niram leans over and kisses Mariko over and over leaving her breathless. Then Niram proposes, “Let’s get married, Mariko.” Mariko says, “Yes…”

Nidi drives Niram and Mariko back to the palace. On the way, Niram tells Nidi to stop the car at the hill. Niram takes Mariko to see overview of the whole city painted blue. Mariko remembers that Vimar has told her they painted the city blue to celebrate when Niram was born. Niram thinks, “You are a person who’s living in a different world from me. But I already know that I can still fly to your world.” He asks Mariko if she trusts him and Mariko answers of course.

They are back to the palace. Bharat tells them that according to the king’s primary doctor, he is ok for now, but they are not certain if another attack comes. Bharat tells Niram that a visitor has arrived. She is Princess Tara from Jodhpur State and Prince Niram’s fiancee.

To be continued (Click here for the next chapter)


Okay, here we go with the third person in their love story!!!!
But but Niram’s proposal was super dreamy.. Where else do you find a prince who propose to you in a sacred place of king’s successor? That just makes his proposal more irresistible and genuine.
There are 10 more chapters to go. Will it be a happy ending? Stay tuned!

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