[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 43



Niram is by his father’s bedside. His father hands him a box that contains letters from Edward Payton. His father says that he doesn’t have much chance to leave from Krishna’s sight, so George Reel has brought him those letters. George’s father is one of the King’s doctors. Except a few private letters, most of the King’s letters are checked by others; hence, Mr. Payton has sent George to the King. From those letters, the King knows all about Niram’s investigation about Padma in Paris. Niram realizes that his father has been knowing all along. His father says that he will find a way to punish Krishna and praises Niram for saving his brother. Niram is touched.

Back to the cave, Mariko fires the gun at the ceiling while blocking one ear. No gunfire is heard. While many people are shocked, Mariko pulls the trigger again to no avail and says this gun doesn’t have a bullet. Captain’s face hardens and one of his man retorts that she is scared and different from “His Highness”. Captain tells the man to shut up and asks her if she knows that there is no bullet. Mariko answers that she doesn’t know and like that man said, she got scared. She continues, “If [Nidi] dies or if I die… Niram will be sad and it’s a bad thing for you too.” Captain asks her to elaborate. Mariko continues, “First, you corrected me to call him Prince. Second, you knew who this ring belongs to. Niram was wearing this ring under his clothes. He told me that this is his lucky charm. I though if you knew about such a thing and respect him, you’re not our enemy…” While taking away the gun from her, Captain asks if she bet on that and gambled with these bandits. He breaks out in laughter and tells his men to take Mariko and Nidi to their hideout.
Bandits lead them around the mountain then taking a boat going into the waterfall. There is a residential area behind the waterfall. Captain mentions that only his clan has the skills to see and determine which part of the waterfall has less water coming down in order to get in.
Children and adults gather around to see Mariko, a rare foreigner there. Captain and Nidi recall the same incident with the 11-year-old Prince Niram, who pulled the trigger at his head without any hesitation in order to save his subordinate Nidi. Captain says that the gun also didn’t have a bullet then. Nidi angrily interjects that the Prince got hurt and the bullet placed onto the ring was from that incident.
Captain explained that Nidi lost his conscious after Prince Niram pulled the trigger, who thinks it was a misfire. Then the Prince instantly took out his own gun from his back and pulled its trigger. It was a good thing that he was still a child and weak, so his arms couldn’t handle the impact and he missed a vital spot.
A surprised Nidi asked Captain his intention. At that moment, Niram walks in and says that Captain does that to eliminate whoever gets into his territory. Mariko and Nidi quickly turn their heads to face Niram. Mariko frantically runs to hug him. Niram praises Mariko for being brave. Niram and Nidi bewilder at the suddenly crying Mariko.

All bandits lower their heads at Prince Niram, so Nidi asks why it seems like the Prince and bandits know each other very well. They arrive at the locked gate, and Captain’s men open the gate. Prince Niram, leaving Nidi outside, holds Mariko’s hand and leads her into the protected area. Niram explains that only a selected people can come here.
Waiting outside, Captain reveals, “Our clan takes an oath of allegiance to not the royal family but to this country’s king and his successor… At least that was what our ancestors had promised. Our clan is the protector of the fort. Deep down in this fort, there are royal family’s treasures.”

To be continued (Click here for the next chapter)

WOW Prince Niram has been such a badass since young. The Prince and Mariko are perfect together!!!!!!!!!! Who would have thought that he pulled his own “working” gun at himself to save his subordinate????
There are 11 more chapters to go. Will it be a happy ending? Stay tuned!

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