[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 42


Madame Petit


Near the stream in the forest, Mariko wakes up to find a passed-out Nidi next to her. She remembers that they were attacked by Krishna’s subordinates. She drags Nidi along with her to the cave. Nidi wakes up and tells Mariko to leave him and run. Tired Mariko shakes her head.
A blushing Mariko helps dressing Nidi’s wound with some cloth. Nidi thinks that she is too terrified to run by herself and that an average girl like her cannot handle being a partner of the king of this country. He questions Prince Niram’s choice. Mariko hears voices from outside the cave.
Nidi says that he wishes real scary bandits living in this mountain to show up after hearing those gunshots. He explains Krishna’s plan of using her subordinates to blame the real bandits for killing them. Those bandits are currently reside in the old forts at the very top of the mountains.
Nidi recalls a bad incident at that place when he went out with young Prince Niram. He painfully recalls a person handing young Niram a gun. When Mariko asks him to elaborate, he refuses but mentions Prince Niram became his lifesaver since that day. He struggles to pick up his gun, and Mariko takes the gun away. With her determined face, Mariko says that they will survive and go home to Niram.  A surprised Nidi feels some air from the back to the cave and realizes there is an exit.
Nidi teaches Mariko to pull the trigger while he does the aiming, telling her to run afterwards.
While they run away, Nidi turns back to see Krishna’s subordinate being held down my strange men and realizes they are real bandits. Bandits catch and bring Mariko and Nidi to their captain. The captain grabs Mariko’s necklace violently and asks where did she get it. A suppressed Nidi screams out not to touch her or there will be consequences and also mentions they are from the palace. Nidi reveals the whole incident to those bandits. The captain twitches when he hears Krishna’s name and tells his men to take those subordinates away.
Still holding onto Mariko’s necklace, the captain explains bandits’ way of life, stripping and killing. He states that there is nothing valuable in them. If one is a woman from the kingdom, he would have sold her for a high price. He could not do anything if it is just a man and a foreign child. Therefore, he proposes a game to Mariko while putting a bullet in a gun and hands it to her. With her own hands, she has to shoot Nidi or her own heart, and the survived one will be saved.

Niram asks his servant whereabouts of Mariko and Nidi and is told about the situation. He is shocked to hear that they are lost near the old fort. While he rushes to take a horse, he notices Krishna from the window and frowns. Niram stops going when hearing the news about his father’s attack. He stays by his father’s side and mutters Mariko’s name.

Back to the cave, Nidi tells Mariko to shoot him, which the captain tells his men to cover his mouth. Standing behind her, the captain notices her necklace again and wonder if she stole it from the Prince. Nidi, again, thinks Mariko as an average girl who can’t move because she is terrified. The captain hurries Mariko to shoot.
The captain and Nidi startle at Mariko’s smirk, who points the fun to her head and says, “Isn’t it obvious?”
Nidi recalls his similar incident with the young Niram, and that Niram also chose to shoot himself when the bandit asked the same question. With a straight face, young Niram asked, “Isn’t it obvious?” Nidi realizes that Mariko is not an average girl. Bang, the gun is fired.

To be continued (Click here for the next chapter)

This is nothing compared to what Mariko has been through. The girl is a tough cookie. I just love this girl so so much!!!!
There are 12 more chapters to go. Will it be a happy ending? Stay tuned!

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