[English Video Trans] Amazing Saturday Ep. 27 Guests: GOT7 Mark and JB

Amazing Saturday

Okay, so I said I won’t translate this episode because the fans are going to do it. I lied. But I’m gonna translate just the Youtube video clips of the show.

Theme of this week: Along with the Gods
The great goddess: Haughty Hera (Hyeri)
Dongyup: Honey! Where are you going?
Player King: Zeus (Dongyup)
1st couple: Zeus ❤︎ Hera
Questionable God and Excited Goddess…?
Dongyup: That’s goddess must have a lot of money.
Narae: Honey~ Come here~
Doremi Goddess: Aphrodite (Narae)
Beautiful Wine God: Dionysus (Key)
2nd couple: Naphrodite ❤︎ Kibeonysus
And these guys are…?!
Cupid (Eros): Love Hanhae
Be gone skinny bones: Mun Fatty God
Be gone exercise: Dong Hercules
Dongyup: What are you, Boom?
Boom: I’m Gong Yoo, Kim Shin (Hobgoblin).
Seyun: It’s Boom God.
Boom: The real gods have arrived.
Dongyup: Ah real god (God and Got sound the same)
Boom: Today, the main gods, please come out!
Oh My GOT7?
GOT7: JB X Mark
#cool #sexy #chic #energic
Boom: Dancing Gods, visual Gods, Singing Gods
Present: YOU
The Best Present GOT7
Welcome to Amazing Saturday!
Reasonable and confident Hard Carry Boys GOT7
Comeback after 2 years
Grand Achievements on Music Shows
Amazing Sat Grand Slam Challenge!
JB: Hello~ I’m GOT7’s leader, Park Jaebum. Nice to meet you.
Mark (lead rapper): Hello~ I’m GOT7 Mark.

Boom: JB went on the show “Hello” and said Dongyup made his heart racing. Please talk about it.
JB: He’s really good at put things in order.
Seyun: I was there too. When he made smooth comments [to quickly organize everything], he always looked at his watch.
Dongyup: For me, time is very important.
Boom: JB mentioned that Seyun is different from his usual day.
JB: When you watch the show, comedians usually show you their funny images, but in real life, there are many quiet comedians too. Unlike what I thought, Seyun is very gentle.
Boom: He’s lovely right?
JB: Yes. He’s warm-hearted.
Seyun: Another way to say I’m have no fun
JB: No, no. You were funny then.
Seyun: Should I act up a bit …?
Boom: JB want to challenge something to the gentle Seyun!
JB: I watch a lot of eating show. I want to challenge “1 bite”. (eat in 1 bite) I’ve eaten a big snack in 1 bite.
Boom: You shouldn’t challenge “1 bite” to our god; You should challenge Hyeri first. Hyeri is not a bad contender.
JB: But I think I can win over her.

Boom: Don’t Hyeri and JB know each other?
Hyeri: Me .. I know him!
Seyun: What’s with the smile?
JB: No, it’s nothing.
Dongyup: We shouldn’t butt in idol world.
Key: That’s true!
Dongyup: Starting with trainee’s ear to ear
Hyeri: It’s not ear to ear!
JB: We’re university classmates.
Everyone: Really?
Narae: Then you’re close
JB: When you look at it, we’re born in the same year, but I was born earlier. When we first met, she just started speaking informally to me.
Hyeri: Me?
JB: Yea
Hyeri: There was no way.
JB: You did.
Dongyup: She did the same to me when we first met.
Hyeri (25 yrs)
Hobby: speak informally / Specialty: talk down to everyone
Boom: Mark really loves exercising.
Mark: Yes.
Boom: He’s a big fan of someone here.
Who else loves exercising here?
Mark: I watch UFC regularly.
Dongyup: Donghyun is quite bad. It was definitely him, but he looked around pretending not to know.
Boom: He’s a true entertainer now. Do you like Donghyun?
Mark: Yes, I like him.
Boom: Out of all the UFC athletes in the world, who do you like the most?
Mark: Conor Mcgregor
Everyone: The right person
Donghyun: I’m also his fan.
Seyun: Then the next athlete?
Mark: It’s Kim Donghyun.

Boom: Do you know martial arts?
Everyone: Of course!
Boom: It’s a form of exercise that looks very cool in ladies’s eyes. He’s a capable person!
Mark: I’ll just show basic skill.
Hyeri: Be careful.
Key: I thought you’re going to fall!
Hyeri: What a surpise!
Boom: He flew in the air!
Hyeri: All of a sudden, he flew.
Boom: Right now, the two ladies here are excited.
Narae: I didn’t know he would do that.
Dongyup: We all stand up, but JB alone, you’re gonna do that again!
JB: When we went on our first tour, he did that 3 or 4 times in the concert. As I kept seeing it, it was just “Yeah, just fly and come back!”

Dongyup: Mun Seyun
Seyun: I know this song!
Key + Donghyun: Nah nah~
Boom: Which part?
Seyun: $@^$#@^&^ stop! I’m sure we’ll hear this part!
Boom: Wait, how do you know this..?
It’s true ❤︎
Let’s fight spoiler.
Seyun: Bring me the chicken!
Seyun: Anyway, how do you sing the rap parts in karaoke? It’s @$#%@ stop!
Narae: Huh?
Seyun: I’m saying I don’t know the before-lyrics. They are $*@$(%) Stop! @$*@%*@ nanana. Let’s go!
Narae: What? That means you don’t know those lyrics?
Seyun: Yea, IDK!
Everyone: Why do you act like you know?
Dongyup: It might not be that part?
Seyun: Not possible. If not, I can hear everything else. Even my kids know those lyrics.
Donghyun: If you’re wrong, what do we do?
Dongyup: Are we betting on something again?
Donghyun: Cone head?
Hyeri: Why do you have to bet?
Seyun: If it’s not that part, I’ll do it.
Dongyup: Blah Blah Stop! If it’s that part, Donghyun will do cone head. If not, Seyun will do.
Hyeri: Really silly.
Key:  If we hear “Stop,” all of us will cheer, and we’ll be done.
No cheering!
Boom: Listen! Write! Each! Eat! Show Style! Solve! Eujja (All rhythm with ja)
1st Round Listening
Boom: Nice. Write them down. Don’t forget!
Key: I was not gonna mind it at all. But in my ears, cone heads keep coming up.
Hyeri: We’re ruined!
Dongyup: Really, all I heard is “Stop”!
Hanhae: I couldn’t hear anything.

Boom: Hyeri, stop picking your nose!
Key: What kinda Goddess is that?
Boom: You’re an actress!
Hyeri: I didn’t realize it was my nose.
Dongyup: You couldn’t see our lower halves. She always sits with her legs up.
Boom: It’s perfectly matched with tvN’s motto, where fun takes off.
Boom: Shall I give you more time for picking?
Hyeri: Nah, I’m good.
Most writes “over”.
JB: I heard “excited pancake”.
Narae: Our last hope… You have to get it!
Seyun: I wrote what I remember during karaoke.
Boom: Finally, karaoke is out.
Hyeri: He must have sing this many times in karaoke.
Seyun shows them that what he feels these lyrics are.
Dongyup: These lyrics make sense.
Narae: This is totally Lee Hyun Do’s style.
Boom: Are you throwing out “excited pancake”?
Narae: This is not Lee Hyun Do’s style.
Key: Then it’ll be mung bean pancake.
Boom: Let’s see one shot of the person who wrote the most correct lyrics.
Hyeri: I’m here for this.
Narae: You think you’ll get it with what you wrote?
Boom: While other has his/her one shot, how about you do your hobby?
Boom: Ok, the person who guessed most correct lyrics, his/her face will be shown on the screen. Please give me one shot!
Mun Seyun: It’ll be fine as long as you put in effort.
Narae: He’s no joke these days.

JB: I have a thought… Add “ie” and take out “ul”
Dongyun: We’re not gonna get it right the 1st time anyway. Let’s listen to JB for now.
Boom: Please rap the lyrics.
Boom: Show us the result! Fail!
Key: Why are you so fast? You’re too much.
Boom: It was out before I even announced the result. It was too fast.
Key: Please eat the bread with chicken and salad!
Hyeri: It looks really delicious.
Narae: I haven’t eaten chicken for awhile.
Hyeri: I ate it yesterday, but still want it
Dongyup: The thigh is my favorite part.
Key: Is it soft?
Narae: Is it salty?
Boom: This is what Key wants. That definitely tastes good.
Dongyup: How is it? How is it?
Narae: Do we get coke too if we succeed?
Dongyup: We shoulda use the chance.
Seyun: Did you just want to eat it now?
Dongyup: Yeah.
Seyun: I told you to use the chance earlier. Why are you like this now? You’re not flexible.

Narae: Can we have someone to analyze Lee Hyun Do’s rap style?
Seyun: It’s my job..
Hanhae raps the lyrics.
Boom: Hanhae is good.
Seyun: If it’s good, then you guys do it. Why did you ask me?
Narae: We’re sorry.
Seyun: I’m embarrassed alone.
Hyeri: I think this right here is…
Boom: Where do you see a thick wall, everyone?
Hyeri: Oh, so “thick wall” is right?!
Narae: What did he say?
Hyeri: He said something like where do you see thick wall.
Key: I love you.
Hyeri: So I said, “thick wall” is right. His eyes were shaking.
Boom: Hyeri is good at catching these things.

Narae: What should I eat first?
Dongyup: It tastes like chicken back then.
Boom: Key, does it taste…? Oh I was about to ask you for the taste.
Key: It tastes so good.
Boom: Earlier JB said he wants to challenge “1 bite,” do that with the bread. Please watch over him, Seyun.
Hyeri: Challenge accepted!
Seyun: Hyeri challenges because she wanna eat again. She definitely has food in her mouth. This is unfair.
Boom: Just let her be.
Hyeri: I don’t think it goes in.
Narae: What are you doing?

Match the partner of the shown picture.
Boom: Han Sora. Isn’t it a S-broadcasting station drama?
Hanhae: Gu Seongtae!
That’s right!
Seyun: Seems like Key won’t get to eat
Key: Last time, I didn’t get to eat during this game.
Boom: Hyeri is helping GOT7 members.
Key: Why are you over there?
Boom: You can do it this time, Mark!
Hyeri: It’s a manhwa.
On screen: Homer Simpson
Key: Marge Simpson
Boom: Right! Didn’t know Key can get this right
Boom: Look behind you to see how good this is~
Boom: There is no capsaicin but real peppers.
Dongyup: It doesn’t taste like capsaicin sauce. It’s the real thing.
Boom: Zeus, have you done eating?
Dongyup: Not yet. I just wanna say it’s not capsaicin.
On screen: Yeo Jung
JB: Wait …
Mark: Hong Sseol
Boom: Sseol?
Narae: Lightly lightly
Mark: Hong Seol
Boom: Mark found his spot. He’s from LA, that’s why, so classy.
JB: Are you showing off?
Boom: Mark, is it spicy?
Seyun: It must be spicy; his nose is sweating.
Dongyup: It’s just the right spiciness.
Key: I wish we have a soup vending machine, instead of coffee vending machine.

On screen: Go Eunae
Donghyun: Hong Dukkae
Boom: Correct!
Boom: JB is still there.
Boom: Behind you, there a Hollywood cafe.
Boom: This is the last one. Ready?
On screen: Haeng Rang’s Dad
Seyun: Haeng Rang’s Mom
JB: Ham Andaek
Boom: Correct!
Dongyup: Mister Sunshine
JB: I watch the drama these days.
Dongyup: Look at Seyun!
Boom: He said Haeng Rang’s Mom because of Haeng Rang’s Dad.
Dongyup: This is Seyun’s most favorite taste.
JB: Just the soup alone is good, soup and fish cake are also good.

Boom: Dean’s Instagram
JB: I can guess those lyrics right just hearing once.
Boom: Who said that? Oh, it’s JB.
Boom: Then it will be like you’re buying for everyone.
JB and Hyeri can both guess those correct lyrics!
Boom: Let’s hear 1 round~ #Dean #Followme #Please
1st Round Listening
Boom: Just follow the groove~
Dongyup *points at JB*: He knows all.
Donghyun: He’s singing along.
Boom: It feels like JB is singing the song.
Looking at JB, Key smiles.
Boom: Oh, Key is… Feels like JB’s good.
Key *gives his crown to JB*: I’m proud of you!
JB: Can I just get these lyrics right the first round?
Everyone: Yes! Please~
Seyun: Don’t ask! Really!
Boom: And Hyeri?
Hyeri: I’m wrong!
Boom: For now, write your own interpretation of theses lyrics.
JB: Can I really get these right just once..?
Everyone gathers to see JB’s writings.
JB: I like this song. I listen to it many times.
Hyeri: What is this? Why…? Omo omo
Boom: How much did he write?
Is it this long?
Seyun: Let’s eat first then talk about it!
Hanhae: He even wrote the after lyrics.
Boom: He wrote everything?
JB: Because it’s a very famous song nowadays.. I listen many times.
Boom: Finally, an ace is here today.
Boom: In case we don’t have much screen time, let’s get the guys do a God Contest. We’re gonna fight here! Dong Hercules is a likely winning candidate.
Boom: Donghyun, have you ever fighted 1 vs 6?
Donghyun: Never but with these men, I’m confident!

Boom: Now, all the channels are tuning in for JB.
Mark: You know them right?
JB: Uhm, I know all. It might be hard to guess lyrics right the first round.
Mark: First, just write those lyrics down
Donghyun: Seriously?
Relaxed JB
Boom: OK GOT7’s JB
Dongyup: Before we see his writings, we need to do something else. Once you see it, we’re finished. The program is done.
JB: I think… we’ll be done?
Boom: You say it’s the same with [what on my cue sheet]?
JB: Yes!
Boom: Open!
Everyone: Wow, that’s daebak!
Donghyun: You sing so well ❤︎
Key: Mom, I’m going home early today.
Dongyup: Ah, I have to stretch the time.
JB: Can I do this…?
Boom: Give us some time.
Hyeri: Let’s do what we have to do: one shot and song’s explanation.
Boom: One shot, the one with  most correct lyrics is…
Everyone: Wow, that was fast. We were still talking.
Boom: There are… 37 words.
Seyun: Your lyrics only have 36 words. We need 1 more.
Key: Isn’t it “mame neun”?
Boom: Please erase the lyrics that we didn’t listen. Please erase your showing off.
JB: Yes, yes. I’m sorry!
Boom: It’s ok. It’s ok.
Key: Instead of “mame neun,” how about “maeum en”?
Donghyun: Oh, that’s right too.
Key: The song doesn’t have “neun” right?
JB: It pronounces “mam en”.
Everyone agree with “maeum en”.
Donghyun: What’s “dong mi”?
Dongyup and Narae: Dong ne
Narae: It’s not “dong mi”!!
Donghyun: Ah I see.

Boom: Wearing a crown, please go and write these correct lyrics. While on the way, can you dance something?
If you ask for it
Hyeri: Oh, he’s excited~
Haetnim: But I’m not excited
Narae: What do we do about haetnim?
Boom: Do you want change the word?
Key: No we don’t.
Boom: Let’s watch ad now!
Boom *drags time*: …Ok, thanks JB for singing. Then, on Amazing Saturday, doremi market, Mun Seyun, Kim Donghyun, GOT7, Shin Dongyup, Lee Hyeri, Park Narae, Key, Hanhae… Do they get it right? Show us the result!
Boom: The result is …. failed!
JB: But it’s right…?
Boom: Incorrect!
Key and Hyeri *let’s go*: I knew it when I saw you dancing. I’m really .. ah

Next week preview:

Hyeri and her members Soojin X Yura
Soojin: I heard everything of the 1st line!
Yura: I heard everything of the 2nd line!
Seyun: Ah…This team is like this normally?
Narae: Hyeri isn’t the weird one.
Boom: Let’s me tell you about the song’s meaning. Blah blah blah
Soojin: Truth is idk…
Soojin, Yura and Hyeri imitate someone or something.
Soojin: What was the hint of Boom’s car?

This episode was funnier than I thought. Mark was too quiet, but he made everyone lol with his LA style Hollywood cafe. Jaebum and Hyeri had such a good friend-classmate relationship. Hyeri could easily joke with him. That was good to see the rarely interaction of idol.
I’ll gonna translate just the show’s youtube clips from now on.

Disclaimer: I’m not Korean or fluent at the language; I can only translate the parts that I understand. There are probably many mistranslations here, but the idea is roughly the same.

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