Dancing High Review Ep 1-3

Wow! What a show!

I’ve only watched a few clips here and there on Youtube, but finally I’ve jumped on the bandwagon to watch the whole episode from the beginning. These kids are very  talented. They know what dance style they are suitable for and thoroughly express themselves.

I save a tiny space in my heart for Winner, so when I’ve heard that Hoon is gonna be in the show. I have to check it out. I’ve thought it is gonna be cringe and awkward, but these kids know what they are doing. They dance so well despite their young age. Anyway, back to Hoon, he is such an entertainer. The atmosphere feels less tense with him around. His team seems all friendly and close. He also provides great resources for them to practice their dance.

I’m so impressed with the boy Dong Gyo (?!). He’s such a fun person to be around with. Not to mention, his expression when dancing is a big plus. I recommend everyone to watch him.

Oh! The theme, teenager, of the first dancing battle is awesome. Hoon advices them to do their dance around the topic of “bully” and “school violence”. What they’ve came up with is truly a performance. The hidden messages are very well thought. It is such a great topic for teenagers.

I sincerely wish the best for all the teams. Happy watching!

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