[Spoiler Alert] [Summary] Madame Petit Chapter 38

Madame Petit


Mariko is sleeping and is awaken by a peacock. She exclaims that she never expects to sleep in a zoo (haha). The servant Vimar tells her that it is rude to say against the royal palace. Mariko is told that Niram is busy all day, and Vimar shows her around the palace. Vimar reminds Mariko that as the Prince’s guest, she is allowed to walk freely in the palace, but she must be accompanied by a servant and not to be alone and not allowed to enter women’s room. There is a guard-protected area that only women can enter, and most women only show their faces to their relatives. Vimar is distracted by fellow servants, so Mariko is left alone. Mariko overhears a girl practicing French and tries to help, but is pull away by that same person.

Niram attends his official work and recalls meeting with Queen Krishna the night earlier. The Queen warned Niram and Mariko that Niram’s father was sleeping and he had been sick, so big surprises were not good for his health. Before leaving the Queen noticed Mariko hiding behind Niram.

Niram is worried for his father and tells Bharat to guard him. Niram tells Bharat that the Queen has warned Niram to not saying anything unnecessary and using his father as a shield.

Niram greets his Uncle Kuvera, who is also a Prime Minister, and an English diplomat, Mister Dench. Then Kuvera and Dench meet up with Krishna. Bharat mentions that Krishna has abandon Padma and does anything to keep her status, so Prince Niram should be cautious. Bharat wonders if Padma is alive because Padma is the living proof of Krishna’s crime. They need Padma’s wife as a witness to reassure what Queen Krishna has done to Padma. They think getting to her is going to be hard.

The girl, Anila, pulls Mariko to a detached palace. Anila announces to her princess that she finds someone who speaks French. However, after hearing that Mariko is the Chinese that Prince Niram brought, Anila shoves Mariko away. Mariko meets 1st crown prince’s princess, Princess Mina, who is pregnant. Princess Mina apologizes for the rude behavior of her servant. Mariko asks why do they need a French speaking person. Anila explains that Princes Mina has been attended by a French doctor with an interpreter, who has fallen sick and couldn’t come today. Anila just tries to get the meaning behind the doctor’s note. Mariko takes a look and says that everything is well. Mariko offers to write doctor’s warnings in English for them. Princess Mina asks Mariko if she hears anything about Prince Padma, her husband. Mina asks if Prince Niram knows anything about Padma’s situation and that she awaits for his return. Anila reminds Princess Mina that Queen Krishna will get mad if she knows they are in contact with Prince Padma. Mariko realizes Mina doesn’t know anything about Krishna’s plan, and Mina is being used. They all hears the bell ringing as an indicate Krishna coming. Princess Mina tells Anila to take Mariko to escape using the back door. Krishna comes in and smells something foreign. Mina explains that must be from the French doctor.

To be continued (Click here for next chapter)

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